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Beyonce: Thanksgiving TV Special Preview!

Beyonce: Thanksgiving TV Special Preview!

Beyonce sits down with Nightline anchor Cynthia McFadden for an in-depth interview airing on Monday (November 22).

The 29-year-old entertainer addresses pregnancy rumors and discusses her career and new DVD, which she directed and chronicles her international tour.

Also on Monday, Bey will be hosting the launch party for Lorraine Schwartz‘s “2BHAPPY” jewelry collection in NYC.

Later in the week, ABC will also air a 90-minute special, Beyonce’s I Am… World Tour, on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 25) at 9:30 p.m.

Viewers will get to see Bey on the road and some exclusive behind-the-scenes and home videos. Check out the preview for her Thanksgiving special!

Beyonce – I Am…World Tour Preview
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Photos: Ida Mae Astute/ABC
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  • Dede

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!
    And she called Jay-Z her baby :)
    So cute

  • Koree

    I love you Beyonce!!!!!

  • laverdadduele

    Talk about over-exposure. I wish she would take some time off and disappear for a while.

  • Um

    I’m buying the DVD for sure!

  • Bryan

    I’m excited for her new album.

  • Grace


  • Kevin


    Haven’t been on national TV since the Grammy, so go somewhere else with dat shit.

  • Kevin


    Last time I checked, Beyoncé went on break for the last 9 months. Last time she was on national TV … hum yep Grammy 2010.

    Go somewhere else with dat shit.

  • BKYW


    she is on break.. and if u are so tired of her why post? this post is about her

  • rhonda

    she is more like singing porn star!

  • marie

    Im surprised she didnt put a book out like so many other celebs just in time for Oprah’s ‘farewell seaon’. It seems every other celeb’s memoir or other book is being marketed/ pushed on Oprah this season before it’s too late. It’s so obvious.

  • brooke

    Love her hair like that!

  • louis

    —topchanelshop-com–.love this show for chanel

  • Weber from Brazil

    She looks too much like her mom…
    plus I like her curly hair :)

  • mervyn

    When I first saw the photo of the woman on the right I thought Jennifer Aniston had gone back to a version of the Rachel cut LOL! She looks just like her.

  • mervyn

    When I first saw the photo I thought the woman on the right was JAniston and she had gone back to a variation of the Rachel cut. She looks just like her.

  • mervyn

    oooooops……..Sorry for the double post

  • boston61

    Beyonce is so ashamed of being African American. She tries so damn hard with every fiber of her body (and hair) to be white.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand how she’s trying to be so white because she has blonde hair sometimes. So when white people get a tan or lip injections are they trying to be something other than white, with every fiber of their body. Blonde hair happens in black people. I’m completely black, and I’ve what people consider “dirty blonde” hair naturally. A lot of black Islanders in the Pacific have blonde hair naturally as well. So I guess when Beyonce wears her hair in braids and an afro she’s trying to be white. Beyonce has been a blonde, brunette and a redhead.

  • Karen

    Another thing, Beyonce has had curly hair for about the last year. I don’t know many white people that try to wear their hair curly. They’re normally trying to flat iron any curl out.

  • Karen

    Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone but I get a little tired of the prejudiced comments sometimes.

  • boston61


    I have never scene Beyonce without the caucasian/asian hair glued on. I have never scene her look the way god made her. She make her skin look as light as possible. What is she ashamed of? White girls don’t walk around with African hair glued on their heads. Why does she glue hair from other ethnic groups? You only know she is black when you hear her getto speaking voice.

  • blah


    STFU b/c you have no idea what you’re talking about. She MADE her skin as light as possible? It’ clear you don’t know a damn thing about her b/c if you did, you’d know that she’s WAY lighter than she is in that picture. She uses a ton of bronzers and tans a whole lot in the summer. Does someone who continues to wear bronzers sound like somone who is lightening their skin? Do you think every black person is super dark or something. She appears lighter at times b/c her tan and bronzer has worn off..DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second, you’ve never seen her without glue in her head? Do you think she’s bald or something? You see her hair way more than you think. Two, white people also wear LOTS of extensions. You sound so ignorant right now. Are white people trying to be black when they tan or dye their blonde hair brunett? I can’t stand simple minded idiots like you!

  • Justin

    My God, she’s amazing. does anybody knw wen will the dvd be released in Malaysia? she cancelled her concert twice here, so i neeeed to get that dvd!

  • Brenda

    @Boston61 I’ve seen white women glue in hair extensions from East Indian women because that’s where most hair extensions come from. As Teri Hatcher said on Oprah, almost all women in the entertainment use fake hair. It has been that way since the dawn of the entertainment industry. They don’t call it “Hollywood Hair” for nothing. And I also see plenty of white women darkening their skin and getting lip injections. Maybe you don’t see Beyonce enough because she shows her real hair a lot in her Behind the Scenes footage and sometimes she rocks only her real hair in public, too. For example, she showed her real hair when she had a ponytail on her last Thanksgivings special and that was nationally televised. Also, when did a Southern accent equate to be ghetto or trailer, for that matter. Beyonce is from an upper-middle class background. Why look down on poor people to begin with? It says a lot about your character.

  • Brenda

    That’s true Beyonce darkens her skin with tanning and bronzers. Because she’s lighter than what we see most of the time. If you’ve ever seen baby pictures, she is a very fair-skinned black person.

  • Iris

    I can’t wait to see the special coming on ABC. Beyonce is underexposed if you ask me, based on her talent. The only thing she does is promote her stuff like other celebrities. I think people are jealous of her when they complain about her doing what all the other celebrities do. The thing is she’s not attention seeking away from the stage. She lives a normal, low profile life. I really like her approach to superstardom.

  • Mallory

    I’ve seen Beyonce show her real hair while rehearsing on MTV and BET. She did show her real hair on her Thanksgiving special last year also and when she went to campaign for President Obama at some college. She has went to a few events and only rocked her real hair. She just did it last week when she went to a Roc Nation event. As it has been stated about every female in entertainment wears a ton of fake hair most of the time. Beyonce probably shows her real hair more than most really, except for the people that have short haircuts. My question is when are all these other celebrities going to show their real hair? Because I bet you can’t name more than 5 female celebrities with long hair that is theirs. Because everybody from Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez is rocking fake hair. Anyway, I really want to see the concert on tv and get the DVD.

  • Mallory

    I forgot to mention Beyonce’s real hair is long, just not as long as she wears it most of the time. Her real hair is about two inches above the center of her back. If you watch her special this year, she’ll probably show her real hair on that because she normally does anytime she has behind the scenes footage.

  • yo sista

    Isn’t she taking a break?

  • white beyonce fan

    i hate americans always so racial the black and white people. thank god i live in europe when they see pictures of celebs most of them dont react first on the color of someone skin.

  • yas

    ergh i wont be able to watch it as im in the uk but it looks soo amazing!!

  • Is-Gollum-in-Harry-Potter-7th?

    So now all of a sudden beyonce is is changing her policy on privacy that she has preached forever ; starting to call Jay-Z her babey on national tv and wh*ring her relationship?..I wonder why this desperate measure now? Wolrld domination slipping away in a tough world of Riri that her own husband Jay-Z spends massive resources on to keep a hit producing highly marketable ‘product’??..It’s so very unlike Beyonce to expose her life and that ‘babey moment’ felt ‘kinda awkward’ ..Each time there are pap pics of them, it’s like Jay-z is running 10 steps ahead while she follows behind..they kiss each other on the cheeks at award shows when either one of them is nominated..they look terrified to touch each other that I wish I was a fly on the wall in their home..But I give props to Jay-Z as a black rapper for respecting his woman and keeping away from the black-stereotyping babymamma drama and serial cheating..clean record so far or maybe Beyonce’s camp is buying everyone’s silence coz the Knowles has to be ‘perfect’ always….

  • Dani

    The Queen is back to save Music <3333

  • blah


    You are another idiot. She does not whore out her relationship. She’s has called in baby before, all the way back to 03 when they were performing. She talks about him quite a bit and calls him her husband a lot too. If everytime you see pics, they are far apart, then I suggest you google them b/c there’re PLENTY of pics of them cuddling and being affectionate. You act like she’s on some crusade talking about their sex life and everything. If you saw last year’s special, you’d know she talked about him too. Who exactly are the Knowles paying off? Beyonce NEVER EVER

  • Joshua