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Harry Potter Falls Short of Twilight's Midnight Record

Harry Potter Falls Short of Twilight's Midnight Record

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 brought in $24 million domestically from its midnight showings, which falls short of the midnight grosses for both The Twilight Saga‘s New Moon and Eclipse.

According to Deadline, Deathly Hallows has set the third highest midnight gross of any movie ever and also the highest for a Harry Potter movie.

Eclipse set the record earlier this year with $30 million at midnight, which broke the previous Twilight film New Moon‘s record of $26.3 million.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince brought in $22 million at midnight in 2009.

Warner Bros. is expecting that Deathly Hallows – Part 1 could open to a massive $135 million this weekend, which would shatter the opening weekend record for a Potter film!

DID YOU SEE Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 yet?

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  • mark

    Harry Potter is awesome, twilight is crap. f*ck records!

  • emmas

    Team Twilight! loved the HP movie though, I thought it was the best HP movie by far.. still, a die-hard twilight fan.

  • second that

    i saw the film, it was brilliant. as for twilight, sorry but that doesn’t even come close

  • alauren


  • Tia

    Ugh that SUCKS that it didnt surpass Twilgith considering the quality of films doesnt even compare. Those kids in Harry Potter have turned into amazing actors.

  • MAry

    i love twilight! it’s great and i’m happy it had that record!

  • gaeljet

    @second that:
    (obviously :) and i m not even a fan of HP ;))

  • Sue

    Umm think of the Simpsons when you here me say this….

    “HA HA”

  • Lisa


  • The Truth

    HP and the Twilight Saga aren’t comparable!!! TS doesn’t deserve too be mentioned along HP, it’s waaaaaaay out of HP’s league! It’s just….so…..wrong!!

  • M

    well, that’s because unlike Twihards Harry Potter fans have retained the remains of their sanity

  • s

    um Twihards probably fall asleep cause the movies are soooo boring but Harry potter fans actually want to watch and comprehend the story …plus HP fans are still sain!

  • sheabne

    harrry potter is too big of a deal that everyone thought the movie theatre will be pack n no one cud get in jusy see the last release of the book peopple were lining up for hours….

  • toni

    So just because they didn’t break the midnight record means nothing. They’re still gonna do well and break more records. At least they will have the record for the highest grossing franchise. Twilight fans show up for first week, but potter fans stay past the first week which is why at the end Harry Potter always out gross Twilight every year even though Twilight has the most hype and the midnight records.

  • e

    Maybe you should mention that this was only in the US, I’m curies to see what this movie will play in across the globe, because HP while popular in the US, it’s not the most popular film franchise there, it is always more popular in other countries. Oh well, I still think it was great, I saw the movie this past wednesday and it was just amazing, it really was epic and those 2+ hours just flew by and every minute of it was great, unlike the Twilight film which more than once made my mind wander to other things when minutes went by when nothing happened. No, HP is and always will be better than Twilight, I read a blog entry of sort over at popeater and I really liked one thing she wrote, that Twilight is loved by especially girls that like the idea of having guys do the fighting for them, while HP fans (mostly girls/women) like HP because they have characters like Hermione, Ginny and Luna that encourage girls to not be afraid to go up and fight alongside the guys, so take that and think of what kind of girl you want to be, the warrior or the constant damsel in distress.

  • Marieme

    Yates sucks! Newell & Cuaron were the best directors of Harry Potter films. Can’t believe this guys has made millions dumbing down this franchise.

  • Chrissy

    AHA hahahahahahaha Eat that Twilight bashers/HP fans.

  • Rainy

    I saw the Harry Potter film earlier and it was amazing. It was incomparable. The books are obviously better but the movie put mainly everything into it. I actually cried when Dobby died.
    Twilight’s just a teenage story with little meaning or intellect therefore it’ll reach out to more of the movie-going audience (teenagers).
    Harry Potter will still end up setting records though.
    The last film will be crazy.

  • aara

    Whatever, Pt is going to break those records! Anyway loved Pt. 1 and I agree HP and Twilight are incomparable. Not only the HP books are superior, full of charm and great characters, but also the movies stand on their own with their amazing production values, artistry and amazing cast.

  • natalie

    it really sucks that nowadays its not enough for a movie to be well made or truly delightful, but it must also ‘set records’. stupid.

  • Kirreii

    I agree with everyone: why is HP and Twilight even being compared? The Harry Potter franchise has remained extremely popular over the last ten years, its cast is amazing and have really great acting skills, the concept and plot are exciting and unpredictable, and the films are beautifully filmed with great care to detail. Meanwhile…Twilight has no substance whatsoever, the acting is crap, the storyline is highly predictable and full of awkward moments and the movie itself is clearly cheaply made and some scenes are not even realistic (like when Bella gets a paper cut, there’s is like a pool of blood on the floor…wtf?).

  • Celia

    So? What does twilight have to do with anything?

    This movie was AMAZING!!! OMG!! I was hooked from beginning to end!! I can’t even choose a favorite scene, because it all SO GOOD!! The acting was brilliant and I was especially impressed by Emma Watson. WOW! That girl has got skills!

  • Celia


    The midnight release doesn’t matter…because the HP films always make more money overall. The lowest grossing Harry Potter film has still made more than the highest grossing twilight film. So yeah…who cares what they make at midnight.

  • higwarts13

    I am more of an HP fan but I still do love the Twilight!
    I’m expecting DH to have big numbers for the opening weekend.

    Let’s keep in mind that Eclipse was a summer release and there was no school the next day! Also another reason New Moon had bigger numbers is because some of the midnight shows were at 10 pm and not midnight…
    I’m expecting DH part 2 to have a the biggest midnight numbers since it will be in summer!

    And I really hate the comparison of the two…. you cannot compare them! But this news is just comparing midnight numbers so i’m not talking about that, just when people compare which book/ movie is better… argh!

  • jaye

    ‘m surprised people are still interested in this series. Ten years and the d*amn thing still isn’t over. The first two were good, after that, for me, it was down hill. I’ve seen the first five, but frankly, I’m done with it. I don’t care who gets killed, when or how.
    Who cares about breaking records, none of that money is going into anyone’s pocket here. The actors have made their money and are living well with it. I congratulate them, but they are probably happy to see the end of the series. Well, Radcliffe already has said that; he doesn’t want to see anymore HP books because he doesn’t want to do the part anymore. As interesting as it was for their fans, they probably were bored to death doing the same part for 10 years.
    As for the kids in HP being great actors, based on what? They should be good in HP since that’s what they’ve been doing for 10 years, if they weren’t THAT would be something to talk about. They’re good, as anyone doing the same thing over and over should be, but they haven’t done anything to be elevated to greatness yet.
    There can’t be any comparison to Twilight, I don’t know why some of you persist in doing that. It’s an entirely different type of movie in content, look and feel. I agree that the Potter books are much better written, but it’s silly to compare them. People arguing about which franchise is better is silly. Most of you haven’t seen the movies or read the books in BOTH franchises, so your ability to compare the movies is suspect. If you like Twilight, good for you. If you like HP, good for you too. You’re not better or smarter than someone else for liking one or the other.
    Oh, I’m sure most people would like it if those of you who have seen the movie will reframe from giving SPOILERS. At least give them the opportunity to see the movie for themselves.

  • cyn

    Yay! That’s just the way it should be! The Twilight Saga is great!

  • Just Interested

    LOLLLL i’m pretty sure teenage girls payed more to see edward sparkle or to see jacob shirtless PATHETICCCC

  • jenny

    in the end of the day, HP will make over 900million worldwide, per usual, while the twifilms barely made 700million;

  • niki

    Harry Potter don’t need to break any record, everyone knows that HP is so much better!

  • Sahina

    so? the film is going to end up topping Twilight in the box office anyways. it always does. the past 3 Twilight films haven’t even managed to top Half-Blood Prince, and that’s when Twilight came out!!


    and it’s a good thing because that’ll mean that more people will watch it over and over again. why else did Eclipse not manage to beat New Moon in worldwide box office gross? because too many people watched it at midnight.

  • Lo

    I like Twilight and they might hold higher gross but Harry Potter will always top them in quality! HP FTW!

  • Haley

    Just because it didn’t top it at midnight, doesn’t mean it won’t top it overall. Everyone go see it!!! Beat Twilight!!

  • mary

    I HATE TWILIGHT…. stupid story! It’s soooo boring and lame!

    Harry Potter is so much better. I hate the hype of twilight….

  • Francois

    It just a RECORD for MIDNIGHT SHOWING not the for the entire gross of the film, anyways Harry Potter films makes MORE MONEY the most it almost hit a billion (or it hit a billion already) and twilight doesn’t even come close.

  • Dani

    You got to keep in mind that when Eclipse premiered it was summer, unlike now for Deathly Hallows, so going to the midnight showing would have been more possible for people.

  • AJ

    Who actually cares about how much money a movie makes? It doesn’t really matter if Twilight surpasses Harry Potter. I practically grew up with the Harry Potter franchise. Through reading, through imagining myself in the halls of Hogwarts…making new friends along the way. Harry Potter has been one of the biggest parts of my childhood.

    Twilight however, is absolutely terrible. It’s basically a wet dream for teenage girls. And I’m angry on why the last movie is even split into two parts?! It’s not necessary! They’re just doing it for the money! I cannot stand how when the last Twilight film comes, there won’t be another Harry Potter film to be released. But that doesn’t matter. Harry Potter is a classic. It will continue to be in our hearts. Heck it even inspired it’s very own amusement park!

    Harry Potter will be unforgettable. It’s an instant classic. I remember second grade when I started becoming a fan. And now, I’m 16, and entering my final year of high school next year, ready to graduate. This franchise has been part of my life. I’m surely going to pass the novels and movies down generation to generation.

  • Part 2 will dominate!

    There’s no question about it.

  • ozzie

    keep in mind little people are still in school and have trouble cutting to see HP

  • Yellow

    I agree with you BUT only to this extend: Harry Potter is of a completely different caliber to the Twilight franchise. There is absolutely NO comparison between the two because the former is far more superior. Hands down.

    To the rest of what you said, I have this to say. Yes they’re different types of fantasies – but based on the fact that both are (a) fantasies, (b) both are based on a novel series and (c) both are now movie franchises – YES, there are grounds on which to compare the two, there are commonalities.

    HP has by far a better and more intelligent plot than Twilight – thus it is conceptually more rich than Twilight. It is definitely written better. As for the actors – HP actors are of a completely different caliber to Twilighters. For one – they can ALL act, unlike Kstew who has one or two repetitive facial expressions – hardly an actress. So yes – HP actors are indeed real actors who can in fact all act. An accomplishment elevated to “greatness” by many because it is obviously difficult to find quality actors – the lack of quality and seamless acting in Twilight is emphatic of this.

    HP vs Twilight = HP hands down.

  • andrea

    I think it’s because of the rating, it’s PG13 so it cuts down the audience that can see the films, I mean I can totally see the 10 year olds wanting to watch this movie but can’t because of that, and it’s sad because I think that while I like twilight, it doesn’t has all of the teaching HP has, and definitely it does not has the good acting either.

  • velcrodots

    HP > Twilight. The box office doesn’t lie, HP always earns more in the long run, and to studio exec’s that’s the real number that counts. Besides, everyone knows it’s Pt2 that will be the one to dominate in every way.

  • Diana Davis

    It would help to consider that Eclipse premiered during the summer while Harry Potter premiered during the school year so some people couldn’t make it to the midnight release. however, i do think by the end of the weekend harry potter will topple eclipse:)

  • Diana Davis

    It would help to consider that Eclipse premiered during the summer while Harry Potter premiered during the school year so some people couldn’t make it to the midnight release. however, i do think by the end of the weekend harry potter will topple eclipse:)

  • Diana Davis

    It would help to consider that Eclipse premiered during the summer while Harry Potter premiered during the school year so some people couldn’t make it to the midnight release. however, i do think by the end of the weekend harry potter will topple eclipse:)

  • justice

    The Twilight actors are not as good in Twilight as they are in other projects. I think the pace with which the films were released made it difficult for the actors to relate to their characters. The first movie only came out in November 2008, so just two years ago. Now, they are already filming films 4 and 5 of the series.

    AS for the acting, Kristen won a BAFTA rising star award which meant she had support for her acting from the BAFTA nominating committee as well as the movie going audience (just in the UK). Kristen was also chosen to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood issue. She appeared with a group of young and talented actresses like Carey Mulligan, Abbie Cornish, Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, Mia Wasikowsa, and Evan Rachel Wood. She is at the top of her game. I can’t believe that people are saying she can’t act. Maybe people just don’t like the characters that she plays?

  • justice

    One more thing, Kristen has appeared in 29 films according to her imdb page. I hope that by the fifth or sixth film, if she really couldn’t act, some casting director would have told her about it. The fact that she has done 29 films is a credit to her acting skills.

  • Jessica

    I think Twilight is more popular domestically because it was written by an American author, but I don’t doubt in my mind that Harry Potter WON the Opening Day box office for World Wide release. It will no doubt top the Twilight series for opening weekend as well. Harry Potter is by far a better movie, with better actors, and a better storyline. In the end, the Harry Potter franchise will top the entire Twilight series and will probably be more famous and legendary in the future than Twilight. I just don’t see myself looking back in 20 someodd years and re-reading Twilight things, but even to this day, I still re-read over and over again Harry Potter and that has been around for more than 10 years!! Thank you JK Rowling for writing such a wonderful series!! It will always be better than Twilight. Hands Down.

  • Anonymous

    Twilight cannot be compared to Harry Potter!
    The fact of the matter is Harry Potter has been loved by many worldwide for over a decade while Twilight may consume 4 years of an idiot’s life and then they’ll move on to a new franchise.

  • Koree

    I hate how Twilight and Harry Potter are always compared. They are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT franchises!!! I have read and seen both and I am a fan of both but when it comes to the films, HP has Twilight beat hands down becuase the acting sucks in Twilight!!!!!!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Potter fans can kiss Stephanie Meyer’s ass! LOL! Twilight is a bigger sensation than Potter. DEAL WITH IT