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Jennifer Garner To Senate: Save The Children!

Jennifer Garner To Senate: Save The Children!

Jennifer Garner addresses the Senate Health Subcommittee on Children and Families at The Dirksen Senate Office Building on Thursday (November 18) in Washington, DC.

The 38-year-old actress is an ambassador for Save The Children and implored the Senate Subcommittee to help provide impoverished children with quality early childhood and literacy education, as well as physical activity and nutrition programs.

Jen said, “For me, reading to my daughters, singing with them, playing with them is as elemental to my child-rearing as feeding them, but if you’re one of the millions of American parents struggling with the recession and poverty crisis, you’re thinking about just keeping them fed and clothed.”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner speaking to the Senate Subcommittee…

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jennifer garner to senate save the children 02
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Credit: Carrie Devorah; Photos: WENN
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  • mcarthy

    Another famewhore celebrity trying to be a Mother Teresa for PR upkeep. Jolie, Clooney, now Garner. Self-serving hypocrits when they could give of their wealth and solve many family’s financial problems for years to come instead of trying to make more of a name for themselves.

  • annab

    I know she means well…but how would she know the feeling of being poor? My family struggles from paycheck to paycheck here. If she can accomplish something….then more power to her. Famous people need to live a day in the life of a poor and struggling person. I do like her in general though.

  • From Paris with Love

    o_O i give her kudos for not pinning back those ears coz with her kind of money, i sure would!

  • louis

    —topchanelshop-com–.love this show for chanel

  • Again??

    she used to be pretty BA is sucking the life out of her
    Jen stop blocking Michael vartan from working!!

  • titanfan

    @annab: We live paycheck to paycheck too. I don’t need some phony-ass celebrity asking congress to fund their vanity cause just so my taxes will go up. She can give money for the things she’s asking congress to do. Most Americans can’t afford it like she can. I don’t see her sacrificing celebrity luxury to save the children.

  • boston61

    I don’t know why buy I hate her. I think she is a phony. Like the minute the camera is gone so will her smile be. Greedy person. Uncool person.

  • MJ

    I think all these Hollywood types need to give ALL their money to support their so called “causes”. Our country is broke….so if they want all these new programs they need to fund them privately. I am sick and tired of my tax dollars going to liberal causes

  • i like salmon

    I have an idea. Stop paying to see their films and instead give the money to their charities. I wonder how long it’d take for them to stop their PR schemes since they wouldn’t have a career.

  • Maya

    I would gladly give my tax dollars to help improve the lives of impovished children in our country. Let’s face it, we as americans are going to pay taxes and if someone (celebrity or otherwise) can lobby congress to spend the money to educate the children (they are our future) rather than give it to the fat cat polilticians so they can take luxury vacations, eat lavish board room lunches, fly private jets and etc, I think this is a more worthy cause. Kudos to her for putting in the effort. She did leave her own small children to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

    Instead of b!tching about celebrities trying to bring about positive change, why not think of things we as private citizens can do to improve the lot of those less fortunate than us. Isn’t that the honorable thing to do?

  • Maya

    @MJ: How would you prefer your tax dollars be spent?

  • rhonda


  • boston61


    No, because thanks the Republicans almost ALL of the money in this country is in the bank accounts of 2% of the population. This rapidly aging movie star is one of those special people with ALL of the money.

  • e

    she nearly lost all her beauty…. Sad.


    Where is LEXIE HATES BILSON?? WHERE IS SHE?? She is not giving her Jennifer Garner the love?! God!! Jennifer looks incredibly average here.Talk about Plain Jane. She does not look pretty at all. LOL!

  • shamrock

    We all need to unite to help our country fight the times we currently live in peeps. Any effort we set forward to help another in dire straits makes this world a BETTER place for everyone.

    Also, noticed a typo with Jennifer’s name-Ms. Garner. Last time I checked, she was married.

    Good Luck to her on raising awareness and to Ben on the Feeding America charity~

  • sara

    Didn’t she cheat on her ex husband? That guy from Felicity?

  • Maya

    @sara: According to him,(Scott Foley) she did not. Who are you gonna believe, him or the haters?

  • Aldis Walt

    I deeply respect her for doing this noble work. She is really an angel for the children.

  • Trish

    Good for her, for doing this. She’s an amazing woman.

    I had no idea that so many of you were so involved in Jennifer’s personal finances. Seriously, you no nothing about what this woman does, and how dare some of you claim that she doesn’t give to charity.

  • oh

    If she really cares then why doesn’t she donate her millions to a good cause and live in a modest house with modest amenities?

    Oh wait! She can’t because she’s a movie star!

    That hairstyle and no makeup “look” works for 17 year olds not 38 year old women. It’s way too severe, but in her head she’s still 17. I’d be hard pressed to see Ben with her once she hits the wall of 40. They’re all super vain in that industry and it’s all about keeping up appearances and keeping it fresh.

  • i like salmon

    @Maya: I don’t need a celebrity to tell me how to support my community and I don’t need a celebrity asking congress to put money here or there because in the end our taxes get raised, because do you really think congress is going to give up their perks and give it to the poor? No, they’ll take from those of us who are just a little less poor, thus making us poorer. Get real. I help out my community, I start with what’s right outside my own front door. Garner can give her millions, too.

  • i like salmon

    I’m getting sick of working 2 jobs just to make ends meet and keep a very modest roof over my family’s head and car in my driveway. What starts out being a pretty nice wage turns into almost barely-making-it after 25% is taken out before it even reaches my hands. On top of that, I get insurance taken out. So this is it, I work my asss off to provide assistance to drug addicts and slackers and line the pockets of dirty politicians. Is nobody else tired of this? It doesn’t matter what administration it is, it’s always going to be the same. Those who work and those who don’t and those of us who do supporting those who don’t.

  • Jokergurl

    At least Jennifer Garner is not trying to help kids in the US. There’s 24 MILLION children who go to sleep hungry in this country every night! There’s 14 million children living in poverty. 1% of this country owns 90% of it’s wealth, it’s been that way for DECADES. People think America is a free country it’s NOT by any means but people came here from all over the world wanting a FREE ride, namely Mexico and they strangely get it because they’re not US citizens and they don’t have to pay taxes, which costs the US 30 BILLION dollars a YEAR. Rant over for now.

  • Tilda

    @Aldis Walt: Jennifer Garner is no angel. She’s a celebrity padding her good PR accounty. I’ll tell you about a real angel: It’s a woman who lived in a nearby rural, impoverished Appalachian community that gave her life and finances to get clean water, education, child care, jobs, and health care into that community. She operated a daycare center where kids came to at least get 2 hot meals a day that they wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. She owned very little clothing and lived in a small house. She died penniless but SHE is a true angel. She did what Jennifer is doing, but she didn’t get famous for it.

  • ellie’

    Just love Jennifer.. Shes just Mother Theresa always giving a helping hand this family..

  • kelly

    This triple cheating B-list actress needs to stfu. Doesn’t she live in a $20 million dollar home in the richest area in So. Cal? Ben’s net worth is $80 million too. She needs to learn that maybe she grew up in a middle class family but she’s NOTHING near normal. Sorry Jen, time to wake up. You mock us working class folks who don’t have a whole team to make you look good. Just stick to acting.