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Rachel Bilson: Daily Grill Girl

Rachel Bilson: Daily Grill Girl

Rachel Bilson and a pal grab a bite to eat at Daily Grill on Thursday (November 18) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier this week, the 29-year-old actress ran some errands at CVS with another friend.

Rachel also recently finished filming her comedy BFF & Baby with Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter.

The flick had its wrap party on Wednesday night but Rachel and Kate appeared to have skipped it, though Krysten attend the bash.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a pair of James Jeans “Twiggy” leggings and a C&C California Striped Crop Sweater.

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  • melissa

    She didn’t skip the wrap party. She just didn’t walk the carpet. Neither did Kate.

  • http://haha haha

    Where is Hayden?

  • Kenny

    She uh, looks like she’s had a few too many, lol.

  • Winter


    Honestly, I’m starting to believe they’re not even really back together. I guess we’ll have to continue playing the wait and see game. Just like we have been for the past 2 weeks, eyeroll. Just because “her friend” said they’re dating again, doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely true.

  • Kathy

    Screaming where is her backhoe, where is her backhoe. IWANT TO SEE THAT DAM BACKHOE.

  • @ Where is Hayden?

    Just another part of her “everyday delusions”… just like that she’s a professional actress and is that famous!

  • Kathy

    I want to see that backhoe. Show us the dam backhoe.

  • Kathy

    Who wants to lick Rachel Bilson’s and Kate Bosworth’s cakeholes and then use their backhoe?

  • Bridie

    She looks deathly pale…and then that hair again… HORRIBLE!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why wouldn’t she go to the wrap party? It’s the only job she’s had in years!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why wouldn’t she go to the cast party? This is the only job she’s had in years!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why wouldn’t she go to the cast party? This is the only job she’s had in years!!

  • NE


    Will Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson make it down the aisle after all? He was spotted leaving her Los Feliz, Calif., home on Nov. 2. And the Jumper co-stars, both 29, are working out their differences, after officially breaking off their nearly two-year engagement in August. “Hayden never wanted to end it with Rachel,” a source says of the duo, who reportedly split earlier in the summer following a trial separation. “She felt their romance had grown stale, however, and finally told him she was too young to marry. But she started missing him badly.” Rachel texted Hayden exactly that sentiment several weeks ago and has continued to reach out to him, urged on my her mom, Janice. “She told Rachel not to let him go again. He’s a good, stable guy,” says a source. “They are feeling things out now, only seeing each other sporadically. But their relationship has a new spark.”

  • Brightside

    And the point of this post is…
    A gossip site post devoid of gossip, news, or anything that is even remotely interesting. And guess what…it’s about (DA DA DAHHH!) Rachel Bilson! Now there’s a big surprise…..NOT!

  • Thai

    Oh, yeah, keep it like that, completely boring annoying nonsense news!

  • jacinth

    @BFF & Baby
    Its so NOT her movie; she’s just plays a 2nd-fiddle on that plus she just shoot it just A WEEK – such a “stress” for a damn “serious” actress like her -lmao!
    HER friend is/are HER pr peeps; most likely its coming from HER dead braincells – what a LOSER!

  • tabitha

    Oh goodie look she is playing hide the ring finger again are we to guess she has it back on or is this just another way of getting the pre-paid paps to follow her?

    If anyone can look like a hangover from hell it’s this one straggly hair, slept in her clothing look, No makeup she looks like she crawled out from under the barstool. I see why she can’t get work anyone who has to stoop to a level of prearranging media attention is desperate.

  • lol


  • Yeah Right

    So we’re back to hiding the ring finger again to keep the speculation that she and Hayden are back together and now getting married– engagement back on. She did this for like 6 or 8 months last in 2009 and then when she announced their engagement to the press in an airport (pre-arranged- InStyle had a reporter following her on the flight waiting for her to tell it to someone so he could ‘overhear’ it.) and then when a couple weeks later the ring finally appeared, she had photo ops every single day with it. For almost all of 2010 she wore the ring off and on and would basically stick it in front of the cameras every chance she got and then hide it with her sleeve for a few days to keep people guessing. The desperate talentless aging starlet with the mostly vacant resume has only done one thing for 3 years: papparazzi and gossip column bait and exploit her personal life. Of course the comic figure is famously wooden and emotionless Hayden who showed so little interest or affection for his girlfriend (flatly denied he was dating her for most of a year) that no one believed he was really involved with her. Then she got him to get with the program and he arranged two photo ops at LaCoste’s expense in one of the crassest examples of corporate sponsored romance in 50 years. No one bought the BS and were completely sick of them. Now she’s starting the publicity machine again with exploiting her now-boring overexposed relationship with also career-challenged Hayden to see if they can get the last bits of work possible out of another gossip press blitz. They deserve each other completely. Neither can act, both not young and cute anymore, and both making ‘careers’ out of presswh07ing. Hayden is more subtle about it but all he can get are pity parts in small low budget films now.

    I’m so tired of her and him I could just puke.

  • Nina

    Dear Rachel Bilson,
    You are a desperate, pathetic famewhore and everyone is noticing now. Your “reunion” with Hayden was obviously a set up that he wanted no part of.
    Please go away.

  • Brightside

    LOL – I did laugh at your comment, which, I assume, is from that font of all celebrity wisdom the National Enquirer, hence the NE. Still if the good old National Enquirer, who have been predicting Brad & Angie’s break-up for years now, is truthful on this score then it does raise a few amusing points.
    1) Rachel Bilson is 29 years old and to say that she is too young to get married is indicative of her level of maturity rather than her actual age. I don’t know many women, and she should be considered a woman because she is far too old now to be considered a girl, who would think of themselves as too young for marriage at 29. So what is she doing? Waiting for her ovaries to dry
    2) The line about only seeing each other sporadically….big LOLZ…as that’s exactly what they were doing before. They have always seen each other sporadically, their entire relationship was one of sporadic interaction.
    3) According to the source she was the instigator of the split but missed him so kept texting him till they met up again. This sounds more like a LA airhead suddenly missing an easy source of ready cash than anything I can think of.

    So, from your post, I assume that, if they are back together, it will be more of the same. Seeing each other sporadically, looking uncomfortable in each other’s presence and looking as fake as it did the last time around.

    Sheesh…why the fcuk bother if all it is going to be is so many years of the same.
    They would both be better off with other people rather than a repeat run of the last three years of fakery.

    She’s split from him once so he’s a fool if he gets back with her and allows the same thing to happen three years down the line. Which it will. This being Hollywood and her being an immature airhead.

  • Lisa


  • j

    @Brightside The article was in Star magazine. The pic that accompanied it was from Jumper promo.

    Agree with everything you said.

  • tabitha


    Add to it that both look like unwashed bed lines each and every time we see them in public together or alone. One would love to see what source is leaking this turkey dump to the ragbag magazines. Seems that these so called BFF’s of Bilson’s have diarrhea mouth if the so said actress keeps her personal life on the down low from the media (cough,cough) as she has us believe. Then why allow your Bff’s to run the bass mouth to the media if you are only sporadically seeing someone why bother say anything at all. Oh I forgot she is unemployed and needs the name recognition so the paparazzi will follow her asking when the wedding is. ok now I got it..cough, cough..oops hairball or is that bilson’s latest look.

    The funny thing I find is these so called BFF’s said the reason for there split was the location neither would come to terms with where to live. Why would this change now unless she pussywhipped this man into submission to live in LA reason he hasn’t left yet. If he does think to return to this woman it sure as hell doesn’t say a lot for this man really if he buckled under and allows her to run his life. I would like to believe he has more smarts then this to keep running back to some potato sack for brains woman who likes to media press his entire life out to the public. Yea good luck HC in having a private life.

  • Brightside

    I have always suspected, and always will, that these friends with the loose lips are under the said direction of a pap-wh0re. Any true friend would keep their mouths shut and most would not be interested in saying anything anyway. Rachel Bilson isn’t interested in keeping a relationship private if it can get her even a sniff of a headline in the gossip rags.

  • Vanessa


  • lillybell05

    I was watching E! news on Tuesday and they were on the set of BFF and Baby and they described the movie as two friends ( Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter) dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Towards the end they were like “and Rachel Bilson is also in the movie” . So while she is in the movie, but she is definitely in a supporting role and not one of the leads. Rachel said her character was a Christian virgin who isn’t as good as she says she is.

    If you look at the thrid pic where she is with her friend you can see her left hand and it looks like there is no ring on. But who knows, but if she didn’t want to get married before that is never a good sign.

  • Roach

    HC loves her and he will get her.

  • http://hel Tabitha


    question is why would he get her and why would he want to. She is clearing holding out for a Cartier or something else then the man was willing to give her. She is said to be a self proclaimed spoiled rotten woman. Yes the man is a fool that is already known but, really he could do better he just has no options or allows himself to have them.

  • Roach

    Well, if the reports are true and looks like they are, than he wants her and will get her.

  • Lake

    @Roach-Reports? What reports? Two planted rumors? Whatever. Until I see pics of them together looking like a couple instead of two people condemned to hang, I don’t buy it. She’s too much of an attention wh*re.

  • Winter

    I always question the intelligence of people who believe anything that Star Magazine says. Truth is, that since the “announcement”, no one has seen Hayden anywhere near Rachel. We’ve seen NOTHING. And it’s not like tabloids don’t lie. “Gasp!” And it’s not like publicists don’t lie either. “Gasp again!” Until we actually see them together, the truth is, there really is absolutely nothing that really proves they’re dating again. All you have is a pic of him leaving her house, and he could have been there for any number of things, and you’ve seen no more of him near her. And you have a quote from “a friend”, but that’s it. So is that what passes for concrete proof now?

  • http://hel Tabitha

    Agree with @32 these reports your reading roach are all plants be it true or not (better chance fabricated with some minimal truth to it) by Rb’s press team. I’m sure he was willing to date her on and off without obligations as a way to pass whatever time he has there. I’m sure she is more then willing to allow the conjugal visits. HC always looks like a man on death row when around this woman I don’t buy it’s bc of the press he never looks happy unless at a premier or function HC or his brother arranged for. I see that RB brings out the worse in this man and vice versa.

  • lexy hates bilson

    You know I could see them back together and that “story” in Star sounds legit.
    He seems kind of lazy so as long as she wasn’t getting on his nerves too much – he could put up with her bankrupting him as long as he could go hang with his friends and family without her pestering him.
    We all know HER career isn’t going to support all that shopping and there’s only so many tax write-offs & freebies she can take to live the life she wants to live without working. So it makes sense she’s want to get back with him. Being with him means money, a slight bump in her D-list status and more freebies!!

  • Really?

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Rachel’s family has money. So she more than likely has a trust fund. her great grandfather founded RKO pictures.


    I agree with you. I’m going to wait until they’re spotted together as well. Because all you have right now are tabloid rumors and no real proof. So, I’m skeptical right now. And I get more skeptical with each outing of hers with him nowhere in sight. I hate to say it because I like her, but she would have “flaunted” or shown us the proof by now. So, we’ll see.

  • Lisa

    Didn’t Star magazine also claim that she was dating Andy Samberg in August? Not too mention all the other stories they run that are proven to be false on a weekly basis. SMH at anyone who believes anything coming from Star. Some of you people are so gullible it’s ridiculous.

  • RL

    ^Yeah, that was Star Magazine. They also had a “source” lol. I find it funny how her people came out and denied the Andy Samberg rumor. But when she was linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, they didn’t say a word. Jake’s people had to come out and deny it. So much for the “she always denies things when they’re not true,” angle some people were going for. I guess you have to be a “bigger” name. Whether it’s true or not, she’ll keep quiet as long as you’re an international star.

  • Roach

    Look, I don’t like her anymore than you do, she is cute, but dumb and talentless, and is a fame whoore, BUT he gave her the fn ring, he did, remember, and now he was seen leaving her house. Yes, the reports were untrue about Samberg and Jake, but it is more likely that the reports about HC are true bc he did ask her to marry him once before… what he was deaf and blind and now he saw the light?. He is most likely an idiot who loves her, or simply does not think that he can do better.

  • Ariel

    @Roach–And you were there? You saw him propose to her and put that ring on her hand? Mmm hmm. I didn’t think so. Funny that she didn’t even have a ring to show off when she opened her big mouth about being engaged, it was at least an entire week before she had one to show. And she and Hayden were no where near each other when that happened. I just don’t buy any of it. IF they ever were really engaged, I think it was probably all her idea, and I agree with whoever said he’s lazy, he let her get away with it. Whatever the case, I agree with everyone else, until there are actual photos, and not cut and paste splice jobs, I’m doubting.

  • Brightside

    Unfortunately had to sit through a dozen clips of the OC, fortunately it was a hilarious program on TV mistakes and actor errors. This is the closest I have got to the OC bar a few random mistakes on my RC programming.
    1) Rachel looks no better then than she does now, except a few more zits around her chin and one of the worst cases of panda eyes I have ever seen. Mischa Barton collasped in the alley drunk looked a whole lot prettier.
    2) Rachel Bilson’s acting was in the diabolical category! Who signed up this idiot to act? They did the entire cast a grave diservice. She could not act to save her life….just stand around with chin zits and panda eyes looking lost.
    3) Now I know that her horrible acting in Jumper was no fluke. She is genuinely a disaster.
    4) The program included a few mistakes from an English classic. The mistakes were hilarious, the acting superb.
    5) Americans really have to shape up on their TV acting. Just because you’re on TV there is no need to put in a crap performance. And, yes, I am talking the the Sex In The City cast here, and Desperate Housewives! Learn to act! Watch a few English classics and you’ll see how it’s done. And, for God’s sake, don’t employ Rachel Bilson. She can’t act.
    6) Rachel Bilson is definitely second string in BBF & Baby, and, believe me that’s not saying a lot.

    If I were a bloke I would just string her along for bit, after all a fcuk is fcuk and then dump her. She’s a nightmare. Someone believing she is something but she is nothing. I would say that her best bet is to stick to fashion but she’s not much good at that.

    I am warming to Mischa Barton. She obviously has her problems but she is the better actress and, I’m assuming because she doesn’t have the family connections, she has to rely on her own talent/body. If she acts like the who7e it’s because she has no family connections to hide it unlike Rachel Bilson who can pretend to pi$$ rose water and sh1t diamonds when she is absolute pants at being an actress.

  • Roach

    Yep, you are right, still, HC was engaged to her, gave her the ring, called her his fiance. He is either an idiot, or does not think he can do better. Say what you want, but it is what it is.

  • Kathy

    Roach go and lick your own cakehole you stupid bastard. Like Rachel would ever date you loser. Go and eat your turds.

  • louis

    —topchanelshop-com–.love this show for chanel


    BRIGHTSIDE stop writing stories nobody cares what you have to say here… so go away RB fans ignore her stupid ignorant jealous posts she has nothing to do in her life but sit at her computer all day and all night and post shes busy now bashing bar r. on her thread and now shes on LEO D. thread shes very busy for awhile sick jealous pathetic person no life!

  • searlus

    @ JJ’s “Rachel also recently finished filming “her” comedy BFF & Baby”
    Its “her” movie?! Yeah right, Kate & Kristen were already filming it for more than 2 weeks right before this oc-gremlin was called on to report on the set. Then on the following week, the news released was, said movie were about to “wrap up” already.

    @36 – Rachel’s family has money…?!
    I dont think her family is that “richie & influential” in HW. If they really are… they’re already bought this oc-gremlin a “career” like just looked at the likes of Gwyneth Palthrow, Blake Lively or Kristen Stewart (both have immediate famillies in HW) but since her so-called HW career is “purely comical & fantasy”; they could even produce her a reality show just like what Paris Hilton & Kardashians are doing/having right now…

  • taking their time

    @ Roach What you say about Hayden makes sense, he did call Rachel his fiance on video, whether his fans like it or not. I read something on another thread, somebody noted that Rachel is not alone letting this rumor run it’s course. Hayden was asked by a pap if he was back with Rachel, and he said he did not want to talk about it. This is on the XOnline video he was filmed in with his manager a couple days after the rumor came out. The other poster pointed out that Hayden could have stopped the rumor then by saying it was false, but he did not. So Hayden is letting the rumor run, as well as Rachel. If they are dating “sporadically”, that could be why he did not want to talk about it, but did not deny it. I know he does not like to talk about his personal life, but come on, if he was not involved with her, why not say so? Unless they are taking their time with seeing each other again, it is a possibility. Hayden is a better source for the truth than his rep or “friend” Ted Casablanca found.

  • http://hel Tabitha

    He could answered the question and then what he has done this before only made a liar out of him. Best not to say anything then to say yes or no he needs ppl to assume reason he didn’t answer the question. I’m sure her PR told him what to say and what not to admit to. He pushed questions over to his agent who looks like a slim bag if you ask me. As for the truth you won’t get it from him, her, agents or friends but those who are in the industry see and know more then these two fools will admit. And yes by all means trust every word that coming out of their mouths most will find it to be fabricated just like the tabloid fodder that prints it. RB knows how to milk the perverbal cow of the paparazzi and reporters to do her bidding they print what she says in hopes ppl will believe her. I don’t buy he proposed I feel it was orchestrated by Bilson and her PR team the only thing was HC went along for the wild ride maybe he was promised something out of it if he agreed who knows.They don’t mesh as a real true couple by all means let them reunite again in hopes of changing who Him in the end neither of them would be happy especially HC. First rule of thumb never try to change a person except them for themselves RB I can’t see doing that she wants things her way reason it didn’t work the first time out.

  • blairite

    Hay-deign’s “shame-alert & no-backbone-syndrome” must have been attacking him once again (but who really wants to “show-off” this mini inbred/pathological h0 not unless they have they belong in the same category of HW fools huh?!). He probably not as media-thick-faced as Rashchel is but just as the same; “repulsive”.
    Y’ all know, he’s always been like that for almost all the time; per press engagement or press dis-engagement – “just & always-missing-in-action” & trying hard to save face as a “conniving tool” from all the media-play that his little INsignificant other always instigates that get leak then failed predictably.

  • Deborah

    Hayden is the one that likes to keep his private life private. She is the one that has not. He has every right to privacy and she just has never understood that. I believe that they are not back together. I have not seen any iota of proof. We have no pictures and he won’t say a word, so she uses that to her advantage. Hayden is really the victim in all of this. They are spreading lies about him in the tabloids and not checking credible sources. Hayden has been on a roll since two years ago because he has not stopped working. Whereas, Rachel can’t even find a part in a movie that is big. The media would have us believe that he was at her house, but how does anyone know it’s her house. And if it is her house maybe he was asking for the ring back. That same day he was supposedly at her house, she was seen with another guy, big surprise! The press needs to stop lying to the public because we are smarter than they think we are.

  • Deborah

    By the way, HAYDEN IS HOT!!!