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Glee: 'The Time of My Life' -- First Listen!

Glee: 'The Time of My Life' -- First Listen!

Check out a sneak peek of the Glee cast covering one of Dirty Dancing‘s most famous tunes!

The gang takes on the ’80s hit “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” in their upcoming album, Glee: The Music, Volume 4, out on Tuesday (November 30).

Earlier this week, Glee‘s Christmas album was released!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Glee’s version of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”?

Glee Covers “(I’ve Had The) Time of My Life”

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  • dayana

    sorry but didn’t like this version, it didn’t sound good with diana agron and chord.
    very flat, not emotion at all.

  • is it for real?

    ok, if this is the music number that they will compete in sectionals they will lose.
    amber riley, lea michele or naya rivera could do a better job.

  • Laurie

    It’s not very good. I can’t believe they expect to win Sectionals with this.

  • kate

    I was scared that their voices wouldn’t be strong enough but they actually work perfectly! Can’t wait to see this moment!

  • christy

    you have to be truly gay to like this show

  • Ko

    Is this all that this show is about? Remaking songs to classic hits? I never got why this show is so popular in the first place. To each his own I guess…

  • Mitch

    Agreed. Sam is pretty good. Dianna… Wow… Umm… Yea someone else should’ve sang this.

  • Iffy Miffy

    They are using this one for the Sectionals. It is bad but if you think this is bad, you should hear Sway which is also for the Sectionals, it is over on YT. Very, very bad overall, major fail.

  • Realist

    Can’t wait…

  • JC

    What do I think? I think I’m tired of Glee, and hearing about Glee. I’ve never watched it and can’t wait until this pop culture phenom dies it’s death. I don’t care what cheesy song these cheesy Glee people are cheesing up next. I wish the overexposure would just kill this show already.

  • Jo

    It’s pretty bad, especially if it’s for competition. The voices are weak and there’s no emotion. Why didn’t they use the good singers.

  • debora

    this is pretty bad.
    last year at sectionals ryan murph presented lea michele singing “don’t rain on my parade”, this year he put this, REALLY?!
    they should had pick someone with a stronger voice, like mark salling and naya ryviera or amber riley, or lea michele and cory.

  • Clarice

    Good, Diana’s voice is pretty,but surpass the original singers and escence and climate of the music is impossible, I believe that even if up to be sung by other actors in the series would never get through.
    A good example for me, Groff sang Queen’s Bohemian Rhapasodie last season and did very well and i liked, but failed to overcome the interpretation of the epic Fredy Mercury and Queen.

  • cbaby

    kind of sucks! dont do DROMP last year then expect this crappy remake to win this year.. auto tuned voices suck

  • chelli

    this is awful, why they didn’t pick someoneelse to sing sam and quinn parts is beyond me.
    is not strong and too much autone to sound better, and that only make their choice (diana agron and chord) on the singer parts worst.

  • lene

    SO FLAT! Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff would have made this song EPIC!!!!!! Bring back ST.BERRY!

  • Amy

    I don’t like it. Is this really for the competition, because they won’t win with this. The lead singers aren’t good.

  • carol

    is this the real version? because they killed, and not in a good way.
    the duet is not strong, lacking emotion, is just flat.

  • Louise

    Bloody awful!…No passion or creative meaning in the voices at all. It sucks!! It would possibly have been better as a duet and not had the background messed up with everyones distracting harmonies!

  • yse

    awful is a word that came to mind while listening this, the leads are really bad.
    i think that answer why quinn doesn’t sing often, the sam (chord) is just ok, but didn’t help on this case.

  • Jenny

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz damn, boring!

  • anna

    that is really really bad, where was their heads when they put that on the cd. it is awful, the leads are painfuly bad.

  • emmm

    There voices dont fit with this song.

  • stef

    not very good

  • Ana Carolina

    Diana is a very pretty girl, but I really hate her voice. This song is beautiful and I think they could’ve done a better job.

  • casey

    i don’t hear lea at all in this? any clue as to why she isn’t in it?

  • Quinnisabadsinger

    This is unbelievably weak, but it kinda goes along with my prediction that they’ll lose sectionals. There has to be a reason behind them choosing the weakest singers (Chord’s ok but generic) as a male singer Mark and Artie are the best (behind Matt Morrison and J. Groff, but ther not really options!) and the best female are obviously Amber and Lea, no question, Dianna, unfortunately, is dead last on the show, sorry but its true.

  • zoe

    I never thought I’d say this. I have a better appreciation for Cory Monteith’s singing after hearing this shitfest.

  • elly

    They sound bland and boring. You can’t fault the song choice, I enjoyed Faithfully last season and that song as cheesy as this one. At least Finn and Rachel brings the drama to the performance.

  • Matt

    Haters gonna hate.

    I LOVE Quinn’s voice. So velvety, smooth. If I had it my way she’d sing every song! <3

  • evie

    It’s not Quinn’s voice that matters. She has a lovely voice, and sounds good on jazzy tunes. It just doesn’t suit the competition format of this song. This is supposed to be sung in Sectionals, right? And Chord sounds emotionless in this song. Just hitting the right notes does not make it right. Did they autotune the life out of him?

  • jj1234

    This sounds like a Jonas Bro and Hillary Duff singing the duet. And that’s not a compliment.

  • Huh

    What are they thinking having the worst singers sing lead in competition? This is bad.

  • j. ryan

    why does everyone keep saying this song is for sectionals? i don’t believe it is… and lea michele singing don’t rain on my parade was for regionals, not sectionals.

  • Huh

    @j. ryan:

    Don’t Rain On My Parade was Sections, Faithfully and the Journey mashup was Regionals. Multiple sites say this is for Sectionals. If it is they should lose.

  • katie

    Glee has done fantastic covers before – this is by far the worst song that they have done at sectionals. I hope people don’t judge the show based on this poor cover by mediocre singers. Glee has far better singers who could’ve done a better job.

  • Patty

    I think Dianna and Chord has a good voice, but not the strongest among the others. And this version of Time Of My Life is not good enough for Sectional (if they want to win it), lack of emotion. I can hear Amber better in this song, even though she only belt one phrase.

  • r

    All I can hear is Dianna, and I have no problem with that at all :D


    seriously this show reminds me of that 90″s show popular the only diff is they do cover *yawn*

  • ale

    I like it!
    Maybe Dianna doesn’t have a great voice like Lea or Amber, but Chord is good and until I on’t see this on the screen with all of them singing and dancing I can’t really say if it makes me shiver or not – but enough with the same singers. This show is called Glee not Rachel Berry Show…

  • what h is this?

    diana is a pretty girl, but her acting and her siging is only ok, no big deal.
    chord is awful on this cover and diana agron is even worse.
    i don’t know what is going on on the head of the producers, kurt drama show is boring but at least we have good music numbers, now even the music is going down.

  • marcy

    this is awful, diana agron is a beautiful girl but her acting is not something remarkable (cry now and then, tons of girls in hollywood can do it) and her singing is great in background.
    last year she sang “it is a men’s world” it was the a weak and weird, chord guy look good, sing ok and on this is not helping too, emotionless.
    lea michele and cory, or amber and mark, kevin and naya, anyone else could made this epic.

  • silvana

    ok this is embarrassing, ehy they didn’t pick stronger leads?

  • sunday

    diana agron is a ok girl, i don’t know why thay are pushing her on all news around, but she is not outstanding talent.
    this song just prove it, is terrible.

  • TJ

    This is pretty bad. I’ve seen Glee and they have some good singers, but not the ones on this song.

  • David

    Awww… Sam & Quinn FOREVER!

  • Kelly


    This is cute, Quinn and her man Sammy. Sweet! Why should Finchel alway get all the epically romantic musical moments? I’m glad that Quam got this song and their moment. I was getting tired of always having to watch Finchel serenade eachother. Now it’s Quam’s turn to serenade eachother with an ultra cheesy song and make crazy eye sex with eachother as they twirl around eachother. And guess what it damn right refeshing that Ryan Murphy is deciding to let another romantic couple shine aside from Finchel. I like that he is giving Quam just as much focus as he does Finchel. Good for you Ryan, trying new things. Yay!

  • Laurie


    I’m glad it’s not Finchel, but the singing sucks. That’s the problem. This is for Sectionals and Quinn isn’t a good enough singer for them to deserve to win.

  • Ana

    i love diana but her voice is not strong enough for this song…this would be perfect for lea, or someone with a higher voice….

  • leo

    diana is cute, but can not sing to save her life (her acting skill is only ok, nothing to critics pay atention) and chord didn’t help the case too.
    and that is why ryan murph always put lea michele and cory to sing, well anyone else would do a better job.