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Hilary Duff: I Send Mike Steamy Pics -- But Discreetly!

Hilary Duff: I Send Mike Steamy Pics -- But Discreetly!

Hilary Duff isn’t afraid to send hubby Mike Comrie intimate cell phone pictures because she’s figured out a way to not get caught!

“Never with my face in it!” she revealed on a recent interview with The Billy Bush Show. “We got to be fun. We got to keep [our marriage] interesting, you know?”

Asked if Mike doesn’t forward them to other people, Hil quickly replied. “No, no, no, no. He better know better!”

As for starting a family, the 23-year-old singer-actress-author says the two have talked about it, but they’re not rushing.

“I think when you get married it’s exciting to talk about having babies and family and that stuff, but we’re not trying to do it right away. We definitely are wanting to take our time with that,” she shared.

Hilary Duff on The Billy Bush Show
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  • Maria

    What a refreshing comment! From a wife to her darling husband. Not some brief romance like Paris, yuck. (How many guys has bimbo been with?) It’s completely appropriate and a sexy way to flirt. Hilary is an awesome girl. I’m happy for her and for her marriage!

  • Cristobal

    I mean she’s a smart girl. -haha- Don’t show your face.

  • jake

    I like Hilary but somethings should be kept private.
    People overshare nowadays.

  • Ko

    Didn’t Christina Aguilera say the same thing about how she spiced up her marriage with her former husband? I remember she called it ‘Naked Sundays’. Did you see how that turned out Hil? NOT GOOD.
    That’s why I respect couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z. They keep their relationship on the DL… as it should be. The public doesen’t need to know what you and your husband do with each other. That is strictly between you two. If she values her marriage, she will stop talking about it in public.

  • boston61

    Of what Hillary your dentures? Your old woman teeth?

  • Stephanie

    I use to absolutely love Hilary and still admire she has stayed in Hollywood drug and scandal free, she was such a positive role model for young girls. However, some things should be kept private sending those type of messages is one of them.

  • sanjaya

    omg lizzie mcguire is sending nudie pictures. naughty naughty

  • Natalie

    wow.. lol I would never expect that from her. Whatever keeps their marriage going strong I guess..

  • ModestMouse

    This girl is desperate. Her acting career (or lack thereof) has plummeted. Remember when she sold her honeymoon pictures to a magazine? It’s one thing to sell your wedding pictures, but it’s another to sell your honeymoon pictures.

  • Louisa

    oh myy gosh it looked like she regretted it the sec she didn’t say no lol its gonna end up everywhere. they’re newlyweds though so she’s probably talking about coping with the distance must have made the 4 weeks apart they had just go faster and funner. I’d do the same but I don’t get to miss my husband heeh

  • marq

    We be trend-spotters.
    She be trendsetter.

  • Jane

    She not too smart. Why did she have to share that.

  • viv

    Watching the interview, WTH was Bush saying that her hubby would NOT send it since she is his wife? I’d hope he wouldn’t let other guys see even if they were dating!
    I like the idea of teasing, in provoc clothes and its safer if its a husband. I wouldn’t trust a bf.

  • Leh Duff

    D-I-V-A <3

  • william

    lol, so refreshing to hear her interview!!

  • Anonymous

    TMI!!!!! Defiantly would not want to see those!

  • fat GAY queenie

    Who cares? Is she trying to show she’s edgy because Lindsay and Demi are in rehab and she is feeling left out? FAIL.

  • sara

    Isn’t too early to be in need of spicing up the marriage?

  • ashley6

    dayumm Hilary!!!Way to go to spice things up with ur man :D

  • jonathan


    You are so right Sara. Didn’t they just get married. They are newly weds, they are not some old couple. They really shouldn’t be worrying about spicing up the marriage. If they are now, then they are in for a long road of trying to find new ways to spice up this marriage, as things get pretty old. They are newlyweds they should be all over each other now, not worrying about spicing up anything at this stage in their relationship.

  • moni_9

    everyone over reacts! yes, i know it’s not the best idea to send out provocative pictures, but they are married! it’s not like it’s anything he hasn’t seen! and they’re apart for long periods of time.
    it’s not like she’s sending it out to some guy she just met or doing it to get him to like her, they are already married!
    if you think that what she shared was “T.M.I.” don’t watch the interview! no one is forcing anyone on here to watch! or to read! so don’t complain! you don’t have to pay attention to it!
    its normal for couples to use technology to keep things fun.
    this isn’t the 40′s where ppl communicated through letters, come on people!
    i think its completely appropriate and understandable of hilary to do so. and it’s not like she brought it up! billy did.

    love yo hilary! <3

  • sammy

    OMG people!
    everyone on here is probably single or unmarried!
    so shhh! and stop judging other peoples marriage! ;p

  • marq

    I recently watched H.D.’s former Lizzy McGuire side-kick, Lalaine, in a 2009 movie role where she is kidnapped and thrust into being a Royal princess who has a wicked-bad split-personality assassin on her pretty tail. She even acts in “Easy A”, more recently. Lalaine is a contemporary cutie.

    I have Hilary Duff’s music DVD and I love her music videos. Haters are you for real? This is hardly the Curmudgeon Times. Hilary Duff is alluring, seductive, attractive, enticing, entrancing, fiery and bewitching. I mean you saw the size of that rock, right? Lucky guy. TMI? Huh? Au contraire, details, please!

  • Jen

    How long until they get divorced? She got married way too young, especially in Hollywood.

  • hali

    people gotta relax, everyone sends pics to their boyfriend or husband, literally everyonedoes it! shes a cute girl too!

  • Miguel Karam

    I just love her!

  • go sox

    I have NO problem with how she has fun in her marriage. All us married people have fun in many ways and it’s fabulous to have that ONE person to have no inhibitions with. I have to agree, though, with the person who said it was a little early to have to be “spicing up” a marriage. AND, I don’t think she should have shared that info with us……there are sickos out there who can now try and get the photos now that they know they are out there. I don’t trust ANYONE with nude online photos. Too many people have been burned and betrayed. It’s just not safe, no matter how discreet you are.

  • Danica

    Does anyone really give a sht about what this D-list non talent does? Honestly why don’t you tell us how many times does she wipes her
    a ss?

    Her publicist put out that story to generate hits dummies………..and you know what…………. its working.

    You do realize that the PR team of all of these C and D-listers is on every forum like this one don’t you? The kids that intern at these firms are assigned tasks like this on a daily basis.

  • laverdadduele

    WHO CARES????? These two are headed for divorce anyway.