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Jennifer Lopez: Gucci Children's Collection Launch with Max!

Jennifer Lopez: Gucci Children's Collection Launch with Max!

Jennifer Lopez carries her adorable 2-year-old son Max at the launch of Gucci’s Children’s Collection on Saturday (November 20) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old American Idol judge wore two different outfits, both head to toe in Gucci.

Last month, Jennifer‘s Gucci ad campaign with Max and his twin sister Emme was unveiled.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Max at the Gucci Children’s Collection launch…

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • elaine

    I wish she would just go away….so obnoxious–Gucci for kids when there’s millions of kids that are starving?

  • lexy hates bilson

    I thought she shopped at Kohls?? Oh no wait she wants us to buy HER crap at Kohls – to help HER and HER kids wear Gucci!!

  • busted

    I thought Marc said they didn’t like their kids in the spotlight. Could you imagine the hate if this was Tom/Katie or Brad/Angie.. hmmm

    I don’t think either of those couples would do this.. regardless of where the money is suppose to to. JLO sold baby pics and she never gets ragged on. She kept the money by the way.

  • LTFB

    Yeah every kid needs to wear Gucci. NOT.
    Screw her.

  • BB

    She looks gorgeous and Max is a cutie!

  • e

    her face looks so different now. anybody know what she had done? she reminds me of Latoya Jackson. By the way cute kid.

  • funnymunny

    Her eyebrows are a lot different – they are much fuller now. I guess she wanted a change from the pencil thin ones but I am used to that look, personally. She still looks good – i don’t think she’s gotten botox b/c her smile doesn’t lead to the weird facial contortions as it does for some other actress :)

  • funnymunny

    other actresses – forgot the ‘es’ at the end :)

  • Janet

    I wish she would stop with that open mouth pose of hers. It’s not a sexy look for her but instead makes her look more ridiculous and trying hard.

  • yep

    jennifer is so pretty and her son is a cutie.

  • d

    Oh gimmie a break JLO!

  • Jane

    She’s got her kids in the mix already. Shameless heifer.

  • denise

    Money grubbing attention wh*re. And her kids will be just like that.

    Marc’s other children will probably be much better in character.

  • Jenn

    She looks weird. The cosmetic surgery has started already.

  • Not no much beautiful Emme

    Where is her daughter Emme? Is Emme not beautiful enough to be worn by JLo at this Gucci Children’s Collection Event … ?

  • fishmouth

    omg. she is doing her streched and sexual thrilled face again … what the hell is riding this woman to look ridiculous that … can somebody wake her up please ?!!

  • Mia

    Jennifer Lopez really thinks she is all that. But she is nothing now anymore..
    Ofcourse she wants you to buy her Kohl’s stuff so she can by Gucci for her own haha.
    And yes she has done something to her face, because her face didn’t look like this a few years ago.. it really didn’t.
    Maybe she got some advice from Kim Kardashian, who is her biggest fan, maybe they did ” a stroll around the botox office ” lately hahaha
    I mean come on, isn’t her fame over now? Why is she SO obsessed with being in the spotlighs?
    Everyone know she can’t sing, she is a bad judge, so what is she doing?
    And her husband hates this kind of stuff, maybe he is just getting sick of her..

  • Gab

    She looks great. I want the number of her plastic surgeon.

  • jackie

    She’s parading her kids around in the spotlight to make money for herself, and catering to rich parents who can afford to buy Gucci for their children. She’s such a hypocrite! How DARE SHE promote an expensive line of clothing for children, which the average mother CANNOT afford to buy, yet announces her and Skeletor’s crap will be sold at Khol’s, and expects consumers to spend money and make them even richer.

    If JLO was in touch with the real world, her children would be promoting children’s clothing sold at Khol’s. But she’s too good for that. Gucci is her thing. Just go to Khol’s and spend money on the JLO and Skeletor line so JLO, Skeletor and those kids can forever continue to live their rich and lavish lifestyle and wear Gucci.

  • Disgusted

    What a horrible mother this woman is! Never wants to bring her unattractive daughter Emme out with her but she will bring the boy twin because he is a tad cuter than his sister. Emme Muniz is going to have such bad feelings about her neglectful mother. JLO should take a lesson from the woman who upgraded her, Jennifer Garner. Garner never shows favoritism between her girls. This is shameful but par for the course for JLO.

  • Ortiz

    Even with all of the white skin bleaching, fake blond lace front weaves and nose jobs to narrow her nose to look more European, JLO should remember she is still a Puerto Rican. She should stop being ashamed of her children and her group and should do more to help her community. Hollywood threw her under the bus as soon as Ben dumped her because she wasn’t worthy enough in their eyes to be a star they could continue to support all because she is a Puerto Rican. Yet they throw millions at Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Salma Hayak because they are white Latinas not Puerto Ricans. Jennifer’s career ended well before other women her age because the racist whites in Hollywood did not want a Puerto Rican woman making movies for them.

  • Darlene

    JLO has to remember she is Puerto Rican and there simply aren’t very many Puerto Ricans who are successful in the entertainment industry. Quite a few Mexicans are, and they will take precedent over a Puerto Rican any day of the week in the eyes of the big shots in Hollywood. Always remember that JLO.

  • Me321

    Jennifer Lopez has always been ashamed of her much darker, bushy haired,daughter. I saw the nanny pushing Emme in a stroller the other day and I overheard the nanny telling another nanny that Emme has special needs, that she is Autistic and if you look at Emme’s pictures she does seem to have Mongolism or is mentally retarded or something. I think that’s why Jennifer never brings her out because Emme is difficult to control.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She remembers she’s Puerto Rican – when she wants to ride the float at the Puerto Rican parade or when she wants a Latina magazine cover. She’s suddenly a Puerto Rican from the Bronx who wants you to buy her crap from Kohl’s so she and Lauren Conrad can wear Gucci!

  • Juelz

    Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Salma Hayak are all half white, none of them are full Hispanics. Which is the way Hollywood likes it.

  • AMA Tonight

    Ugly wig.

  • Callis

    Not a cute kid at all. Look at the side of his face it is a darker color than the front of his face so crazy, self-hating Jennifer is bleaching him like she did herself. I can not stand this phoney baloney woman, she is a total fake in every aspect of her life. A daughter should be accompanying her to fashion events not a son. By ignoring Emme it makes me hate her even more.

  • tobie

    @ortiz. It has nothing to do with being Puerto Rican. JLO hasn’t gotten Hollywood roles because she always has to be cast as the “star”., and high-profiled movie producers generally don’t cast someone in great roles when they are still pursuing a “popstar” career. She wants it ALL! She wants to be a movie star, singing popstar, etc., instead of perfecting her craft in one area.

    NOW her and Marc Anthony want to be another Martha Stewart. Coming out with a clothing and home accessories at Khol’s. Greed for money and self-centeredness, along with being egomaniacs prompts those two to believe that this will make them billionaires, like an article stated, but they better hope this latest venture at Khols’s will be a success, and all the stuff they hope to sell doesn’t end up on the clearance racks just like her JLO clothing line.

  • Felix

    Maxx still looks like he has Progeria and Emme looks mentally disabled, both of these children are ugly so face the facts. JLO did not want PuertoRican children she only ran back to Marc after Affleck dumped her and she had nowhere else to go and she wanted to save face. JLO always wanted white children, Ben’s children so having Puerto Rican babies serves her right. Her self-delusions went up in smoke and it could not have happened to a more deserving person as herself.

  • efr

    her twins look nothing like her
    just her ugly little husband

  • Susana

    A bad timing for a show off with nothing worthy to show. Gucci can´t change that, only lay out the fact how darn stupid it is to have your kids wearing Gucci clothing. No world crisis in that bubble, huh



  • Anna

    I’m not a fan of JLO but if you go to other sites you will see that she did bring Emme with her, popsugar and celebritybabyscoop have the photos.

  • hyoid


    Her career ended early because she wasn’t that talented to begin with: she’s neither a good actress or singer and her previous line failed, so I wonder why she thinks this one will work…

  • hyoid

    and btw, she should really take some red carpet posing lessons – that but out, bust up, leg forward and mouth open pose makes her look like a ‘ho

  • dupe

    What’s happened to JLO lately? She’s always at some launch or party. Is it because her music and movie career have stalled? She is everywhere. She goes to the opening of an envelope. And just like Jennifer Aniston, ‘Jack of All Trade, Master of NONE’. These people love money too much. At least, JLO is clever enough not to sacrifice family for career!

  • Lauren

    And if she wants to dress her kids in Gucci, what’s the matter?
    She worked for this! If you guys don’t have money enough to do that,
    just keep your mouth shut and don’t judge the ones who have…

    Jennifer Lopez is still one of the hottest women in the game,
    looking better than Beyoncés, Rihannas, Britneys and Ke$has half her age.
    That’s why all the haters!



  • Jokergurl

    @ Juelz Salma Hayek is half Lebanese quarter Spanish and half Mexican, she’s not half white at all, she’s absolutely gorgeous though. That kid looks just like his father.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Excuse me but Jen Aniston is filming movie roles. She’s not pretending she’s a pop star or nor does she endorse anything for money!

  • mikee25

    Some of the people that post on here are soooo ignorant. Why do you talk about things that you truly don’t have clue about. I know people have the right to their opinion, but must you be so negative towards someone you dont even know. And to go as far as insult little children, have you no CLASS. Jlo has done very well for herself!!! Whether you like her or not she has made her millions and deserves her success!!! Stop hating!! She is beautiful and the kids are beautiful. Hate is why this world is the way it is. If you don’t like someone, STOP LOOKING At THEIR PICS!!! I dont look up and read about people I dont like!!

  • om

    You guys are mean , period. PR are very nice and fun to be around. Love Jen and leave her kids alone. Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Salma Hayak, yes, please she has more talent than these bimbos. I guess you are more in favor of mix Latino or mix Black, shame, because these mix race people do not deliver good performances. Those three are always showing body parts, especially that Salma. Don’t forget Salma mom is part Black from New Orleans….

  • Sara

    Jennifer Lopez looks like an old tranny. Her face is cracking all over now. She always had dents in her face. All that fake hair looks ridiculous on her. Why can’t she just wear her curly, bushy hair like she did in the past. Those chicken legs are hilarious, and I’m so tired of the orgasm face. The reason her career was over after about 5 years is because Hollywood woke up and saw that she has no talent.

  • Yolanda

    Salma Hayek doesn’t look better than Jennifer Lopez. Salma has a wide man-shaped face and she’s a midget. Selena Gomez is ugly and Jessica Alba looks like a mouse.

  • Lena

    #23 you are totally crazy. But bitch is such a hypocrite. Remember when she went on that View rip-off show with her friend Leah and said that “we don’t like to parade our kids around”. What the hell is this then if not parading your kids around?

  • becca

    Cute kid!

  • She Stinks!

    Here she goes again…sneering and snarling for the camera, thinking she’s hot – its pathetic and quite funny. I’m enjoying the decline of this self absorbed no talent egomaniac.

    Now, she continues to stoop lower, trotting out her progeria ridden kid to get press. She’s pimping out her kids for a buck. So tacky, but it is to be expected from this low rent b*tch. No talent or class. She has made a mockery of the Puerto Rican community.

  • Get ovet it

    WOW! All this hate! Jlo looks beautiful period. Does it make you feel better to put someone down??? Sounds like jealousy!! Stop hating and talking bad about people you don’t know and specially about little kids!! Jlo looks amazing, much better than all those cracked out other celebritites half her age….By the way all cultures have beautiful people and she is a beautiful Puerto Rican/American WOMAN!!

  • you haters are so retarded

    All of you who left negative comments are soooo jealous! Jennifer Lopez sings better than any of you ever will. She’s prettier than all of you ever will be. She’s nicer than any of you ever will be and she’s FAR richer than any of you will ever be. Why don’t y’all just stop complaining and go do something better with your lives! You’d proabbly be JUST like the (actually) bad celebrities and sell pictures of your va*inas and d1cks just to get a thousand dollars… Dayum.

  • esther

    Her son is a cutie