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Joe Biden Laughs at Sarah Palin's Presidential Chances

Joe Biden Laughs at Sarah Palin's Presidential Chances

Sarah Palin believes she can beat President Obama in 2012, but Joe Biden made it clear he doesn’t think so!

The vice president recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and reacted to Sarah saying she’s considering a run for the White House.

After laughing, Joe said, “I don’t think she could beat President Obama but you know she’s always underestimated so I think, I think I shouldn’t say anymore.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Sarah Palin’s presidential chances?

Joe Biden Laughs at Sarah Palin’s Presidential Chances
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  • Jordan

    I agree Joe, get this hillbilly off the tv, she embarrasses her party, herself and her family constantly GO AWAY YOU TROLL!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    OBAMA 2012

  • http://j ivanka

    LOL that was exactly my reaction

  • cat,

    in 2 yrs things do change constantly.and its happen all the just never know! people change their mind alot in this country!!…they flip flopping…from left to right!!..look of what happend to “Obama”…people wants so much “change”…and now????…LOL..

  • gosarah

    Go sarah, go republicans!
    It’s been sub par these past few years with the dems

  • cat,

    the country hasn’t change if anything it got worse!!..look at the unemployments..and the economy…it got worse!!..if the people doesn’t think otherwise..they got to be kidding themselves…just look around…and you’ll see!!

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    Joe Biden, the most empty, idiotic buffoon ever to sit in the U.S. Senate, would laugh at an old woman getting hit by a garbage truck. You know the kind of laugh: A-hunh, a-hunh, a-hunh…drool.

  • Halli

    That’s was all of our first reactions, lets be honest. Other reactions included, “is she on drugs”?

    That said, please RUN Sarah! It would be so much fun to see her fail so hard at life again.

  • Halli

    LOL. Gotta love Contessa Brewer (the anchorwoman) she can’t hide her disgust for Sarah. ha!

  • Lisa


  • Lisa


  • Ko


  • we all

    know how sick Republicans like Sarah Palin are. They will destroy America and everyone in it out of pure spite and hatefulness.


    Sarah Palin is a joke…she can’t even control her kids! This county will never elect a woman to the presidency. I hope she does run…it will guarantee Obamas second term. She needs to stay on television in her little reality show….SARAHS NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME

  • MrMarleyFAN


    Haven’t you been listening? The last time she was a Republican she quit her job halfway through as Gov because she heard she could make more moola hijacking the Tea Party and pretending like she started it. You’re her perfect idiot. You are her constituent (look it up).

  • okay

    mamma grizzly for president…….can we say hell to the naw! how about presiding over your household and rein those bad azz kids in

  • Lexi

    Hopefully I’ll be old enough to vote by 2012 haha …Her family is trash pure trash and bunch of pea brain hypocrites. She is as dumb as the idiots who takes her serious. I hate politics but her stupidity is too much to ignore..

  • christy

    joe biden is the real joke!

  • darla


    Oh yeahhh all hail to dumbassery all hail to ignorant un warranted lies and rhetoric. And by the way just one question. Did you see people being carted in a train going to a concentration camp Did you see some soldierwith swastikas on the street of United State right now rounding up people to be shipped out.. Because if you read history For a Fuerer you claim Obama to be he’s a slow turtle Hitler had his henchmen already carted the first batch off to his concentration camp the first year of power.

  • Bellas

    Laughing is the best response to that idiot Palin. She needs to go away.
    But, then again, she’s a dream candidate for Obama.

  • darla


    you mean like Sarah Palin. Because right now I’m still trying to find in his speech archive something to equals Sarah’s dumb comment of :”I see Russia from my kitchen window” answer to Katy Couric’s question on how she will handle her international policy.

  • Jordan

    Nice to see some Liberals and Democrats on here, it’s always been such a tea party

  • Josie

    I dont care if your a republican democrat liberal or consevative, THIS WOMAN IS SO STUPID!!! She is a shame, she lacks any amount if intelligence. I hope she runs so its a guaranteed win for the democrats dear god she shouldnt even be allowed in the media!

  • Jim

    Given all the morons loose in the USA, I think she might have a chance. She’s dumb enough to appeal to other dumb people and there are more of those around than you can count.

  • trish

    Anyone whose daughter uses the word “babydaddy” in everyday conversation is not fit for the White House…

  • Ash

    Her IQ is her shoe size lol not even.

  • Gab

    Hey even Barbara Bush is laughing. And hoping Palin stays in Alaska:

  • Cali Dream


  • suzy

    Palin is a proud member of the American Taliban

  • Marc

    yes – American Taliban is the perfect way to describe Palin.

  • tia

    She just doesn’t know enough about politics or economy to be trusted to run the most powerful country in the world. Being President is about more than motivational speeches and fancy hairdos… I’d trust Obama to run my country over her any day. The Republicans should not elect her as the nominee if they want to win.

  • Dave

    ahhhhhhh someone should “refudiate” b¡tch!!!

  • Mil

    The same could be said about Obama….

  • 100mph

    Well!!!! if she runs…. she should pull Elizabeth’s head (The View)
    out of her ass to be her running mate… Dumb and Dumber.. hiccup!!

  • kelli

    she can’t win – women are jealous of her hotness and won’t vote for her and men can’t stand that a woman that pretty could be smart(er) than them, so they won’t vote for her either

  • G

    I laugh at the thought of tht fool becoming the president. GO BARACK OBAMA! The things she said in her book are so stupid, who gives a dam, shes just really strange and i dont get her…i think she may be a rasict deep down.


    @gosarah: go sarah, how ignorant can you be? go get an education and then maybe you’ll be able to think back a few years to see who sank our country into the whole it’s in…THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION, YOU MORON.

  • SEM

    The entire country is laughing at Sarah Palin and her trashy family, she’s just too ignorant to realize it.

  • Kate

    Sarah Palin is the only reason I didn’t vote for McCain. She has zero chance of being elected as POTUS because she is too divisive, much like Hillary Clinton. The right woman to lead the US hasn’t come along yet, and until she does, we women are not going to vote for just any chick who wants the job.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife


  • SoulFly


    Wow, seriously, why don’t you try reading at least one of Karl Marx’s MANY works before you start labeling people “MARXIST” without even knowing what Marxism means.

    No wonder foreign countries think Americans are so dumb. We have people like you who don’t know how to think for themselves..

  • shelly

    How is she smart ?? She is an insult to all women and to the political process.

  • No to Sarah

    I am a republican and I don’t think she should run, she’s not Presidential. But she has goverened a state, unlike the rookie we have in the WH now who is so over his head, with Pelosi and Reid , two radial liberals in charge. I for one, am so happy Nancy is back in charge (not speaker thank god, we saw to that) but back running things so in 2012, these louses will ALL be gone, it’s business as ususal, they saw this last election and saw **** you , the people.
    in 2012, we’ll repeat this Nov election but with him out too. can’t come soon enough. Liberals won’t EVER be charge again. As for Biden, all this jerk does is laugh and smile with his newly fixed and scary eyes. He’s another one who can’t run anything, but his mouth.

  • who said

    American Taliban?! Perfect description! Palin compains about a nanny state while forcing her backwards extremist fascist views down everyone’s throat.

  • Jenn


  • Jenn

    @cat,: It is a lot worse and the idiot in chief needs to be stopped. Go GOP!!!! Stop drinking the kool aid or whatever it is you kids are doing these days and wake up. There are three kinds of people in this world those who know what happened, those who know something happened and all of you Obummer supporters fall into the third catagory Those who wonder what happened! Think about it.

  • Jenn

    @darla: @ Darla you must be looking for the comment “We have been to 57 states so far and we have a few more to go”. I would believe seeing Russia from Alaska before there are 60 some states in the United States. A true American knows that there are only 50. He can’t d0 anything without a teleprompter. He is a bafoon. No matter how you slice it Obummer and Biden are Dumb and Dumber!!!

  • Jenn

    @tia: @ Tia Obama will leave it a country that my 3 year old could run during nap time. USA is now the laughing stock of the world thanks to your almighty idiot Obama Bin Laden. I hope you people stop drinking the kool aid and wake up!!!

  • soooo true!


    Unfortunately, America has been dumbed down for while and seems to be getting worse. First dumb recent mistake was to vote anyone named Bush back into office, second dumb mistake was to go vote for his royal dumbness for a second term, and lastly they voted all the goons back in that helped Bush nearly bankrupt this country back in again in NOVEMBER!! So yes, there seems to be a large number of dummies/ignorance or whatever you want to call it that if Palin (Bush the 3rd) runs she may have a chance if enough of them come out and vote. It will be a very, very sad day in America if this happens. We will officially become a laughing stock (somewhat already was with Bush), it would be worse if Palin gets voted in.

  • babs

    I think Biden is so stupid does he even think before he talks. I feel sorry for Obama. I don’t like Sarah Palin for president either.