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Wesley Snipes Finally Headed to Prison

Wesley Snipes Finally Headed to Prison

Wesley Snipes has been ordered to start serving a three-year prison sentence for not filing his tax returns.

Wesley was initially convicted and sentenced back in 2008.

A federal judge rejected the 48-year-old actor’s wish for a new trial on Friday (November 19), saying he “had a fair trial” and that “the time has come for the judgment to be enforced.”

Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive,” his lawyer Daniel Meachum told the Orlando Sentinel.

It’s unclear when or where Wesley will start serving the sentence.

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  • jesse

    You should have paid up! You’re not special!

  • Lein On Me

    He turned all of his financial affairs over to a team of accountants who were anti-government and anti-tax, unfortunately for Snipes he trusted them to pay his taxes but they had other ideals.

  • Kates a Unt



  • pably

    Thousands of celebs dont pay their taxes..but he gets 3 years? What he did is definately wrong but it goes to show…

  • David

    too bad you are balck brother otherwise you wouldn’t had a problerm…

  • David

    just not right but it’s alright serve your time and they will still be the same just pay them and they will be happy remember you are black the hate you and that’s the end of it be happy you are still rich ,but be carefull they hate you and they want your fortune just make better decitions next time remenber you will always be black…

  • David

    all I am trying to say is this society is nothing but racist I am a latino not black but have learn the hard way that no matter how hard you try you won’t succeed it’s the way it is.

  • fat GAY queenie


  • David

    I am so disappointed at the system and the people in general pay your way out and be free…

  • David

    gay that’s what matters now at days better then morale go figure.

  • David

    but you know what I am happy that at the end we will all die..

  • David

    regardless of race color and ethnicity…

  • David

    I am Latino and you know what I hate everyone that hates me specially the whites…

  • David

    in the end we will all die…

  • David

    that’s the onlt thong that gives me comfort.

  • jaye

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Wesley, it tolls for thee.
    I’m not saying Snipes shouldn’t go to jail, but so should a slew of other celebrities like Nicholas Cage who owed 14 million in back taxes at one time. They seize some of his property, but I haven’t heard that he’s paid the total amount yet. . I guess he convinced them that he could work to make the money, ergo some of the crappy movies he’s made.
    Sinbad owed over 8 million, but filed for bankruptcy the day before they were to seize his home; claimed the house is his brothers. His debt goes back to the 90′s..
    Oj owed 1.5 million in 2008, good luck with collecting that.
    Pam Anderson owed almost a half million to the state of California in 2009, she’ll be an old crone before she makes that much money.
    Prince owed almost 700,000 in Minnesota. I don’t hear that he’s in jail either or that he’s paid it.
    Dionne Warrick owed over 2 millions. Blamed it on her financial team( they always do).. she’s ‘working with the state of California”. uh, huh.
    Burt Reynolds owed 225,00 to California as of last year. Is he even working? Do you get the idea that California might not be bankrupt if the celebrities paid their taxes?
    Marc Anthony earned more than $15 million from 2000 and 2004, but failed to file tax returns those years. The debt piled up to $2.5 million. Two of his associates were charged with crimes over this, but Marc himself never was. Wonder if Jennifer paid it off for him.
    Ruben Studdard failed to pay taxes between 2003-2005 and owes $200,000.
    Sheesh! These people are just plain crooks, stupid or both. You do not just hand your money over to people and say ‘handle’ it.You keep track of your money on a regular basis and make sure that your taxes are being paid. Hear that Toni Braxton. She’s just stupid, she owes people like the electric company.

  • YouBetYa

    So where is Wesley? Is he sick or something?

  • miz j

    it’s not just that he didn’t pay…he perpetuated a common scam where people are convinced they dont owe anything. lots of people fall for this every year but it’s usually poorer people who cant afford the penalties when they get caught. and the fact that he kept avoiding jail by doing legal crap with his lawyers is only making it worse.

  • iPod

    Miz j hit the nail on the head. I don’t think race had anything to do with it. Wesley tried to flaunt the law. Regardless of what color you are they will burn that a… If you try to flaunt the law!!

  • will

    it’s funny JustJared is such a racist website. they post everytime a black man go to jail.
    they never post when a black man give back to the community, when a black men break record in album sales etc…


  • John J. Pecchio

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    John J. Pecchio, Author

  • brando

    Look I think 3 years is harsh, I think taxes are bs anyways were going to send him to prison and we the people who do pay taxes have to pay for him and thousends more in prison every year with our tax money think of that, goverment dissent get money unless they lock up everyone they can

  • Marcus

    There is no law ANYWHERE that says u have to pay taxes. This is the biggest scam in the history of America. Had this decision been appealed, the supreme court would have tossed it out as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This entire fraud is a result of a corrupt government who has sold out the entire country. Citizens should be enraged but we are so asleep we actually have people rooting for injustice vs screaming for true justice. Wake up people!!!



  • Go Ask Alice

    I don’t like snipes,but3 yrs. is odd,wrong,and useless.
    He was wrong not to pay his taxes.
    The govt. needs to confiscate his property,funds, etc. leins, future earnings and collect.
    If he is hiding anything,then,say hello for 3 sleeping on a cot in that little cold, bland room right by his toilet.

  • hurt


    why is h going to jail?

  • dupe

    Idot. It ain’t rocket science. Pay Your Taxes!

  • becca

    The use of the word “finally” in the title of this post is cracking me up. It’s like you were waiting for his sentencing with bated breath.

  • Hugh Hawkins

    Marcus has got it right. You good people think you are doing the right thing by paying your “TAXES”. Who cashes the check you send to the IRS ? Next April 15th, ask your bank to return your check to you. No branch of the government cashes your check. The “FEDERAL RESERVE” cashes your check and the FED is a private banking cartel . Not one cent of your tax dollar goes directly to the government ! Why did congress give $850 billion to the bankers and they don’t have to pay it back and the won’t tell congress where the money went. Mr. Guitner , the Treasury Guy did not pay his taxes but he is not in JAIL ! Do the research and see if this is not the TRUTH !

  • Nassar

    I think the best thing to do in a case like this, is to let him pay the tax with some penalty. This person is not a danger to society, why then put him in jail. I think people should be put away like this if they are a threat to some individuals or the society.

  • joe

    If you hire someone to do a job for you, you trust them and let them do their job. He trusted they were handeling his financial affairs and they weren’t . So he now has to suffer the consequences, its not fair but thats the way things go sometimes. These individuals or this organization that is responsible will suffer also. Karma will ensure this.