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Anne Hathaway: I've Already Cast Myself on Glee!

Anne Hathaway: I've Already Cast Myself on Glee!

Anne Hathaway is gunning for a guest spot on Glee — and she’s already thought of a character to play!

“In my head I’ve cast myself on Glee,” the 28-year-old Love and Other Drugs star said on Thursday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

“I would want to play Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) long lost aunt, his mother’s sister, who is also gay, who comes back to help him deal with sexuality,” Anne revealed. “And I would sing ‘No One Is Alone’ from Stephen Sondheim‘s epic show Into the Woods.”

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Anne on Glee?

Anne Hathaway on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
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  • Reba

    Yes, I would like to see her on Glee. I love her and she is a brilliant actress with a stunning voice.

  • Sonia

    As much as I love Anne and would love to see her on Glee, we really do not need more of Kurt and his sexuality storylines. Enough is enough, he’s had so much focus on him being gay, give some other characters time to shine. Its really getting ridiculous now.

  • WOW

    @Sonia: For whatever reason, Kurt’s story is really the only interesting thing they’ve done. It is the only actual ‘storyline’ they’ve had this season. I do agree that the show needs to get into the other characters situations, but they have to give them some-what heavy stuff to deal with. Kurt’s story is the most interesting because it is the most relevant and not just another story set up for a reason to sing a certain song.

    On the topic of this post, yes Anne Hathaway on Glee would be great. She is a fantastic actor singer. Love her.

  • Rawr

    I would LOVE to see her own glee but hopefully that episode would be the last pretty much centered around Kurt… I’d like to see an episode without the whole struggle :\

  • Sarah

    That would be so great!!! Chris actually said something on twitter about it!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why not? Go Anne!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Ugh. No more guest stars. And lay off with the Kurt storyline. People are sick of it. It should be done but not at the expense of all other characters and it should not be the only thing going on for eps and eps. Ugh. I want the comedy from season one – they dealt with a serious topic of teen pregnancy in a very nice way, why can’t this be the same?

  • kraken

    so beautiful
    i love her

  • pissyknickers

    Ugh why do all these a lister celeberties scramble to be on this crappy show-its so awful-so sad i guess good programs are not what they used to be

  • Shelly

    Why is she begging to be on the show?

  • Julie

    Of course she wants to be part of Kurt’s storyline. I’m so sick of Ryan Murphy and the other writers making every other character suffer so that Kurt can get his storyline. While gay bullying is important to address, this season has already been all about Kurt and he’s gone from my favorite character in season one to the character I’m sick of seeing and want to go away for four or five episodes.

    If she came on the show, I’d love her to be in someone else’s story. NO MORE KURT. Except the writers don’t really know how to write anyone else at this point, do they? So it’d probably be another episode about how Kurt has no friends and is right about everything. Ugh, no thanks.

  • Amanda

    I’ll take Anne on ANY show where she can sing. She’s a fabulous actress, a great role model, and has a terrific voice.

  • anna

    glee was a comedy show that deal with teen pregnancy in a good way, but now is kurt drama show.
    it is boring, kurt is not the only one that is bullied on that school, and he is mean and selfish and manipulative.
    i can’t feel sorry for him.

  • Jessica

    They did say from the beginning though that just like first season dealt with teen pregnancy, season two was gonna be about gay bullying. Kurt is gonna be the main plot of season two, just like Quinn was of season 1. And so far, the show’s been amazing (especially the last 2 episodes!)

  • sillyme

    Come on, not just gay teens are bulled or picked on. Enough already. But, that just shows you where Hollywood’s head is. Anything gay and they have to make a big issue out of it. Maybe that’s part of the reason gay kids are getting picked on more, because the public is so tired of hearing about their stories and issues and how we MUST accept their in your face lifestyle. There are many people in my office, and I have no idea if they’re into boys or girls..l prefer that. The one gay guy we know of, he feels he has to talk about his gayness every chance he gets.

  • Jessica

    She would do a great guest spot on Glee! I don’t care what she plays, but her voice is AMAZING! I first heard her sing at the Academy Awards when Hugh Jackman hosted! Such a great opening number!

    As for Glee, Kurt deserves someone to support him. I think the creators are touching more on his story this season to let the audiences know that bullying is not okay and being different (ie. gay) is okay. I like the fact that we are seeing all sides of Kurt like his vulnerable side and I hope he gains the strength to know that people are rooting for him!

  • Jim

    Her mouth is too big for her head. Co-stars need to worry about being eaten up. Ya hear, Jake?!?

  • http://http Daniela

    I would love to see on glee! she’s fantastic & perfect for the show :)

  • too much kurt

    please, kurt is not the only one that is bullied on that school, he is so manipulative, now he is nice and the victim.
    i would like that they develop the characters without forgetting what they did to built them in the first season, also a story works with support parts, but the others characters don’t have any plot this season.
    i would like that they work with what they already have (what they are not doing well) and stop bringing guests (what they are doing all the time).

  • Louise

    I think that would be a great idea, I think she looks a lot like Lea though, wouldnt she be great as her long lost aunt?? Just something to think about, her mother may not be in the picture but it would be cool to see her mothers sister turn up!

  • becca

    Endearing and adorably presumptuous. People REALLY love this show. Maybe I should have stuck around for more episodes.

  • Jolla

    She could only cast herself: nobody wants her. As Shelly put it correctly: she’s begging to be on Glee. Oh, God…