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Kesha: Studded Eyebrows at AMAs 2010!

Kesha: Studded Eyebrows at AMAs 2010!

Ke$ha rocks a pair of studded eyebrows at the 2010 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (November 21) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old pop star continued to rock her mohawk look and a custom-made black dress. “It was made out of VHS-tape innards,” K$ told Spin. “When Nashville flooded earlier this year, all my favorite VHS tapes from when I was little – Wayne’s World, The Lost Boys – were in my basement and got destroyed. I was watching Lost Boys recently and thought, ‘I should wear the insides of this tape as my dress at the AMAs.’ All my dancers had Kiefer Sutherland mullet-mohawks, too. The idea was to create a very dark world of hot vampire people – some of whom are boys wearing high heels and fishnets. It’s a celebration of being yourself. The point is: f–k hate, f–k cynicism. It’s about time that society accepts people for who they are.”

Ke$ha is nominated for three AMAs: Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist, and Artist of the Year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ke$ha’s studded eyebrows — HOT or NOT?

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  • caro

    boring hair! boring eyebrows!



  • hello1

    trying way too hard Kesha, your not Lady Gaga where it just works for her. You and all the other talentless singers (Rihanna and Katy Perry) just look like idiots when trying to wow us on the red carpet. YOU GUYS AREN’T LADY GAGA!!!

  • toty

    what ?? is she trying to be the new lady gaga?

  • Frida

    Looking ridiculous as always.

  • asha

    Trashy as always. I totally know what she used to keep her hair up like that. Something that only a dude could provide.

  • http://N/A artisticguy99

    gaga fans stop comparing every artist to lady gaga. that ***** is not the center of the universe. lady gaga has been ripping off many artist like madonna, grace jones, roisin murphy, cher, dale bozzio and bjork check this video out lady gaga is nothing original

  • JC

    Circus is missing a clown. Can’t sing, looks like garbage, and has an idiotic style. Triple threat loser.

  • ashley

    lady gaga would never wear something like this. and in no way shape or form is this me sticking up for gags.

  • Lauren

    Fail. Homeless man’s Gaga. Get a new schtick, wannabe.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …you’re not gaga, stop it.

  • Lalalove

    I threw up on my mouth a little.

  • Lalalove


  • laverdadduele

    Talentless POS.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Keisha,bless her heart, tried and overtried. She is too one-trick pony gimicky.
    Ilike Keisha, I mean, Kei$ha’s, radio songs, but she has a short shelf life. Yeah, I like Gaga who is gimicky, but she has substance.
    Also, Kei$ha ‘s act was too simliair to The Blackeyed Peas.
    Not a good choice to follow another act ,are do and then an act like the BEP.

  • Lisa2

    Why cant she just look “normal”??? I just don’t get it???

  • Lisa2

    I like her music, but I hate to look at her.


    WTF!!! People with no real talent try too hard to make up for it.

  • Salman

    always dirty

  • Ana

    Ke$ha loves to be ugly.

  • ColdChicken

    I agree, Ke$ha loves to be ugly…that’s all I can manage to say on this one.

  • smh

    Kesha’s a really nice cool honest girl
    So shame on people bashing her just cos she doesn’t dress how you want to see her or shes not the best looking person
    And to call her talentless? PLEASE. She can write! She was HANDPICKED to write for other artists as well as herself after all

  • http://http Daniela

    WTF :| another “freaky”

  • http://exclusivedevon devon

    WHYYYY does every person have to think if you do something original your acting like lady gaga?! NO… There was people who did things differently before gaga, and there will be people after her, too! I love gaga, but shes not the only one allowed to do ‘different’ things.. I like Keshas studded eyebrows, ive never seen them before (NOT EVEN ON LADY GAGA) and i think they are original and look great :D

  • Vix

    I like Ke$ha’s songs, she’s fun to listen to. Live? … can’t sing. Sorry, I don’t think so. Looks? … Eh, not the most attractive. I don’t think she should be as popular as she is, honestly. That hair isn’t good on her. Studded eyebrows- niiiice xD I like the crazy random things Gaga and others do. It’s entertaining to see what they come up with.
    Why doesn’t anyone like Adam Lambert for a change? He’s not a wannabe, he’s amazing and has some real talent unlike many people today. >___> I do support her guitar that had HATE on it crossed out. Great message. But other than that, didn’t care much for her performance.

  • Nyc101

    Everyone has his own style and a style they believe it s an edge….well I used to hate ke$ha but she didn’t Lsn to anyone continued to wear stuff that really described her style…,.it’s not close to gaga….cuz ke$ha style as she said it’s garbage cheec.
    The style it’s not nice to me and many others but that’s how she likes to express her sense of her style….so I dunno why people hate although I don’t know what u people wear if others will like or talk to u as u guys talk about her ;)
    So go ke$ha!!

  • Ellaaaaaa

    I agree with Devon. Lady GaGa has broken a lot of boundaries with her fashion but just because Ke$ha does things differently too, doesn’t mean she’s copying her. Lady GaGa takes herself and her music very seriously, while Ke$ha is the fun DGAF party girl. If you take Ke$ha for what she is then I don’t see why you should have any beef with her. Her look is ridiculous but it’s fun. You don’t have to copy her so let her have fun with HER look. And I love her black lipstick.

  • http://Setnakt Setnakt

    I like Ke$ha & Lady Gaga, but not because I find them at all similar. Both are unique personalitys. I love reading the loser comments from the hatters, they crack me up. All unoriginal phoneys with no talent, no future. Total wastes of space. Keep it up, no one’s listening except to laugh at you idiots. Meanwhile the winners keep winning (and making $ big time) regardless of your whining, HA!

  • Thai


    BTW, u know how else is Rihanna nickanmed? The non-singing singer, lol. Tell m they’re not right about her, ha!

  • katherin !

    @Go Ask Alice:
    uhmm first of all her name is Ke$ha . dumb bitch. second of all your just trying to sound smart with little big words here and there . yeah people can critisis you too. this is Ke$ha being Ke$ha. the one i know and love everything about. so go somewhere else, if you don’t like Ke$ha then why are you even on this page?

  • mjizz

    I don’t think she’s trying to be Gaga to be honest. If you actually read the blurb that came with the photo, she’s trying to make a statement.
    “The point is: f–k hate, f–k cynicism. It’s about time that society accepts people for who they are.”
    That’s why she’s doing what she’s doing, but I guess its much easier to criticize than to understand by seeing things from her perspective.

  • Mel

    “little big words” Um what? Anyway, Ke$ha looks like a man, she needs to stop trying so hard. Hopefully she won’t last long.