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Malin Akerman Replaces Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace

Malin Akerman Replaces Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace

Watchmen babe Malin Akerman will replace Lindsay Lohan in the upcoming biopic Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.

The 32-year-old Swedish actress will portray porno queen Linda Lovelace, who starred in 1972′s infamous Deep Throat.

Yesterday, the movie’s director or Matthew Wilder confirmed that Lindsay was no longer attached to the movie: “We have stuck by Lindsay very patiently for a long time with a lot of love and support. Ultimately, the impossibility of insuring her – and some other issues – have made it impossible for us to go forward.”

DO YOU THINK Malin Akerman is a good replacement as Linda Lovelace?

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  • Jordy

    No Malin! This will be a horrible movie. Malin needs better roles, this film will be awful no matter who is in it. And Malin needs to pick roles where she isn’t always showing off her boobs. People aren’t going to take her as seriously if she flashes her stuff for bad movies.

  • http://@MMBris Megz B

    I’m sure Lovelace had bigger tits? I guess they can fake that though, digital enhancement and such but still…meh. Don’t know who should play her..just NOT Lohan.

  • http://haha haha

    both actresses suck…it doesn’t matter anyways no one is seeing this p0rn0 masked as an art film

  • Bella

    who is this girl i don´t know her… sorry

  • MKhay

    bad career move for Malin. Who wants to be backup to Lindsay Lohan?

  • marq

    It’s a very juicy role. It is sad that all of the planets didn’t line up in syzygy for Lindsay Lohan. She would have been brilliant.

    Linda Lovelace swept in a tectonic cultural shift in America. As the social climes then once again later changed, more and more of the public turned against her and scapegoated on her so much so she eventually renounced and repudiated that era of her life during her forerunner explicit acting and she found refuge in redefining her choices as having resulted from being a victim. So it was not all glamour, but in part also tragedy.

    Lindsay Lohan is a household name. That is much of what the project has lost. It had a real potential of being a truly great film. That prospect now may be no longer so clear. Lets see how the planets line up for Malin Akerman.

  • GoodiePop

    ANYONE is better than Lohan. She’s just one skank that everyone is fed up with having to look at and read about.

    She had it made. She blew it. If she had a mother that wasn’t an even bigger skank than herself, she might have been steered in the right direction.

  • GoodiePop

    ANYONE is better than Lohan. She’s just one sk ank that everyone is fed up with having to look at and read about.

    She had it made. She blew it. If she had a mother that wasn’t an even bigger s kank than herself, she might have been steered in the right direction.

  • Catchy

    ehh linds can’t even play a ho now, what a shame!

  • Chris Motte


    Your right, Malin doesn’t need to do this sic movie either, that’s why God was able to do his work so that Lindsay is not doing it either….

    God doesn’t like it when evil people are exploiting his beautiful creations and yes there will be HELL to pay for the one’s that are doing it !!!


  • Gab

    With Lindsay in it, I was under the impression it was going to be a very risque role. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who want to see Malin having a Brown Bunny moment and then some, but I agree that this role may be beneath her. Then again, it’s possible that the script is good, that it’s more focused on Linda Lovelace as a person and not just her career “highlights” so this could actually be a good, possibly award-bait movie for Malin to do.

  • LastWord

    I get it, now that Lindsay doesn’t look like a 35 year old they went out and got 1.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I find it strange that everyone is trashing the film based on its story, when the script is considered one of the best currently unproduced scripts by people in the industry (that’s what being on the “Black List” means). As for the casting change, well sorry Lindsay, but you blew this one up all by yourself…as usual.

  • XYZ

    Knowing that most of the porn industry is owned by Jews, why they dont pick up a Jewish actress to be dragged into mud by “playing” Lovelace? Anyway I hope the movie will never be made and if so, I hope it will be a failure.

  • George W

    That would be a great role for Blake Lively,she’s not plenty of experience from all those ‘under the table’ negotiations.

  • Maybe

    Don’t know if this film will be good or bad – hard to tell at this point. And yes, Lohan blew it – for better or worse. I wish her luck. If she REALLY manages to put her life back on track, there could be better things in store for her in the future. Comebacks are always possible.

  • Cherry pie

    @marq: Have you ever read Lovelace’s story? Glamour had nothing to do with it.

  • JC

    @Megz B:

    I was thinking the same thing. It won’t very authentic with Akerman’s mosquito bite boobs.

  • nata

    People, you just hate the project because LL was in it. Overall, it is an entertaining story to tell. I’m happy for Malin Åkerman.

  • From Paris with Love

    “Inferno” huh I wonder if the movie will show Linda’s husband introducing her into prostitution and 0rgies with his pals, raping her in every possible way and her having sax with dogs. Now what an ambitious role Malin! LOL

  • sammi

    i wont see it!

  • marq

    @Cherry pie: That study is well within my field and discipline, and mybad, I haven’t already established my bona If by glamour we’re talking about all the searchlights shining up in the sky around the theaters and lines around the block of audiences waiting to get in and celebrities unabashedly attending and millions of dollars in box office revenue pouring in and Linda Lovelace being a household name and constant table talk, yeah, glamour. The “taint” came later, after politicians chose to push back against counter culture.

    I know she changed her story from her first several biographies to that of being a victim after becoming a tool of anti-porn crusader Andrea Dworkin and that her subsequent screed became, “Virtually every time someone watches that movie, they’re watching me being raped.”, became the hue and cry of the Meese Commission and their rationale for reversing the previous pornography commission’s finding of no harm in pornography and the assertion became the basis for laws prohibiting minors from making such films, today.

  • retrobanana6

    a very good case of good news bad news:

    linds got fired. she deserved it. her career should be over. nobody wants to see her. i sure as hell don’t she cannot act…she is a liability to directors. who would want to work with her? serves her right. Case Closed.

    Bad News:
    i love Malin Ackerman. But this movie sounds liek a straight to dvd release flick nobody is going to see…another megan fox type movie (now she would be a good choice)…that totally flops. Bad career move. I totally agree with the above poster why is ackerman taking lohan’s sloppy seconds? she is better than that. Besides this movie just all around seems liek a bad idea for anyone.

  • licaro

    Beaultiful replace, this is gonna be a huge movie!

  • meg

    This is NOT going to be a huge movie. Straight to DVD at best.
    As for Lohan, I think she is a long, long way from having a film career, and that should not even be in her sights right now. She is in need of a lot of soul-searching to get to the root of her problems, one of those being, bet the helll away from that batshit family of hers! Somebody please adopt Lindsey!

  • meg

    Sorry, the above should read “get the helll away from that batshit family of hers!”

  • nunyabusiness

    While she’s of Swedish descent, she’s more Canadian.

    And beautiful, too.

  • nunyabusiness

    While she’s of Swedish descent, she’s more Canadian.

    And beautiful, too.

  • Kate B is the One????

    Straight to DVD and Malin’s career OVER like Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls, remember that??
    Trash! But Malin was and is a nobody ANYWAY so who cares?? No one else would take on this part, its trashy playing a porn star?? Seriously. Career ender.

  • Cherie

    Lindsay is probably freaking out like you would not believe. She lost her last chance.
    DWTS here Lilo comes!

  • Jaded

    Why didn’t he just say, “In the end we milked every bit of PR (good and bad) from the Lindsey situation and now we are just finally going to make the movie. We think that ultimately people will see it because we came off as nice guys who were waiting around to exploit a completely messed up girl, who we would have let stay on as the lead actress if getting clean and her life back on track wasn’t taking so long, and if her counselors at Bewtty Ford weren’t telling her that she needs to be healthy before she starts working again. After a we can’t take advantage of a sober Lindsey.”

  • ****

    Okay, can everyone now please forget about that crazy hor and never talk about her again? She seriously needs to fade into obscurity.

  • billy joel

    billy joel has aids the piano man

  • Sabina

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