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Nicole Kidman: 'Rabbit Hole' Q&A Session with Aaron Eckhart!

Nicole Kidman: 'Rabbit Hole' Q&A Session with Aaron Eckhart!

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart arrive at a question and answer session after a screening of their new film, Rabbit Hole, held at Harmony Gold on Friday (November 19) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, Nicole, 43, stepped out with her adorable daughter, Sunday, on a windy day in NYC!

Rabbit Hole, in limited release beginning December 17, is about a couple learning to deal with the death of their young son.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress, a L’Wren Scott cardigan, and Jimmy Choo shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart at a Rabbit Hole Q&A session…

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nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 01
nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 02
nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 03
nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 04
nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 05
nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 06
nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 07
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nicole kidman rabbit hole q and a 15

Credit: Toby Canham; Photos: Getty
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  • ———–

    what an ugly woman. yuck

  • camilla

    nicole looks like a freak these days. look below at halle berry. same age and girl looks stunning. stop the botox and lip implants nicole. she calls herself an actress, but she can’t even move her fcae. so much insecurity. sad really

  • perplexed

    Nicole, why did you ruin your face? You used to be a beautiful woman and now you look like a monster…

  • hopeso

    Looking gorgeous as always….Good to see you Nicole…

  • Glee

    These are all nice pictures, she looks radiant and she is glowing.

  • Sweetness

    Her face is a reason why women should avoid platstic surgery, once you start botoxing and plastic surgery your skin and the look will never age normally and begind to age distortedly…so in order NOT to look odd you need to keep returning for touch ups and the cycle repeats.

  • busted

    I’m looking at her hair and it looks so damaged. She use to have the most beautiful hair.. Before she went blonde which was a big mistake..

    But her hair looks bad..

  • what

    the thing that bothers me the most is those co*k sucking lips.

  • Hoopla

    shes so damn good in that movie. it’s an art film but i hope she wins the oscar. she so deserves it.

  • Jim

    Nicole looks so pretty here with less makeup, great movie and great actor & actress, it seems oscar nomination for director, actor, actress and supporting actress, great move for Nicole.

  • Iffy Miffy

    She doesn’t look to good here but heck, happens to us all.

  • marq

    The comprehension of down the rabbit hole, as we currently know it, originally sprang from the genius of Lewis Carroll. It is a staggeringly brilliant term. It has found its way into cinema not a few times:

    Nicole kidman was near her finest in “Moulin Rouge! “. She has acted along such luminaries as Antony Hopkins in “A Human Stain”. She has done near countless films. My favorite is still her performance for Stanley Kubrick in “Eyes Wide Shut”, which begs a sequel..

    She’s working with many irons in the fire, perhaps her reaching her zenith is still yet to come. I cannot wait to see her projects currently in progress.

  • shawna

    She took plastic surgery too far…typical hollywood…and her hair….she use to have such beautiful curly hair….her lip job seems to be permanent….to bad

  • Jordyn

    Great actress. Her hunky husband loves her just the way she is.
    Lucky Nicole.

  • SEM

    She looks terrible….look at Halle the same age and looks FAB.

  • SEM

    She looks terrible….look at Halle the same age and looks FAB.

  • melissa

    I love nic

  • Patricia

    I wonder what the haters will say after she gets an Oscar Nom ,because all critics agreed to praised her strong performance full of emotions

    Show emotion does not comply with Botox don’t you all think

    This woman prooved not just that she’s a terrific actress but that she can also be a terrific producer and she’s one of the best actress a life

    BTW,Nicole is to receive the Santa Barbara’s Cinema Vanguard
    Award next Feb 5, 2011 at the historic Arlington Theater.

    while Nicole fans are over joy right now ,haters still here complaining about the ugliness of her face which is much prettier than their hideous uglier faces

  • brr

    nicole, please, no more plastic surgery. she looked better before all that

  • Maya

    Love Nicole she is an amazing and talented woman. Her beauty is just the icing on the cake.

  • terry

    Haters, it’s over.

    Nicole is going to get her 3rd nominations. Her movie is a huge success and you with your nasty comments can’t do anything,

    Bye bye

  • dfdf

    she’s a very talented actress, but she needs to lay off the plastic surgery, botox or whatever else she’s doing to her face.

    facial expressions are a huge part of an actor’s craft but if she keeps doing what she’s doing she’ll lose them permanently.

  • Bella

    I agree with “Patricia, terry and other” that Nicole has a huge success career as Producer or Actress, as well as Keith music career, God Bless Nicole and her family.
    BTW I love her green dress and Jacket – she is so classy, Nicole has a great fashion sense.

  • tksfan

    @perplexed: she looks good now because she wasn’t beautiful before the surgeries so I understand why she’s doing something with her face constantly

  • Galey

    She is beautiful gracious and a superb actress. I wish her all the happiness she so deserves.

  • belou48

    She’s not wearing much makeup and she still looks gorgeous. Everybody that sees her in person says she’s stunning so you haters need to just shut up. She will no doubt be nominated for an Oscar for her new film.

  • Sweetness

    what’s the big deal about an Oscar nod or that chunk of medal..look at how meaningless it is. Just weeks after Sandra Bullock won her Oscar the news broke about her cheating husband…An Oscar is just that, an award. It does not feed hungry children, it doesn’t cure cancer and it doesn’t guarantee the future..this woman’s face is posted here and not an Oscar. And her face looks messed up because of vanity = plastic surgery.

  • http://haha haha

    Her face is so scary :(

  • irene olson

    Nicole has such a peaceful, content look upon her face. I think she has found eternal happiness with Keith Urban. She looks gorgeous —minimal makeup and sophisticated, yet casual apparel. She is a great actress — so daring in the roles she takes on. Not conventional. I, too, hope she receives and academy nomination for her role in “Rabbit Hole”.

  • FYI

    It’s so nice to see Aaron smile. Makes one realize that his problem during the press campaign for “Love Happens” was probably down to his co-star more than anything else.

  • eliza

    Great movie reviews, super-talented husband who adores her, sweet little girl – so happy to see things going well for Nicole.

  • Boston61

    She is an old grandma. Weird, she is still so young.

  • Lar

    ***Nicole is to receive the Santa Barbara’s Cinema Vanguard
    Award next Feb 5, 2011 at the historic Arlington Theater.

    How apt this award is for Kidman. A truly risk-taking actress – we don’t see enough of this sort in Hollywood.

  • Kate B is the One????

    Nicoel;s face looks re-arranged terrible, she is so fugly. You know Keith is cheating!!
    Tom Cruise is so happy he ran from that monster!

  • TN

    Looking forward to Rabbit Hole!!!

  • LoriLori

    Kidman is a great actress, and she was Beautiful before she altered her face, how sad
    I hope the movie is a hit for her

  • to busted

    the reason nicole went blonde is because she DID NOT LIKE her previous hair color. she made no secret of the fact that growing up she wanted to get rid of the red hair.

  • Theresa

    i saw Rabbit Hole on broadway; it was brilliant. i can’t wait to see this on film

  • Leena

    Oh love this couple and sweet Sunday Rose, God Bless this family forever, love them so much, We want to see the Rabbit Hole, they really love each other, That’s why we love them too,

  • Mia

    I think she’s nice and very pretty but I DON’T LIKE the RESULTof the INJECTIONS in her LIPS….it changed her features a little bit. It seems that those women that have injections in their lips and cheeks all tend to LOOK ALIKE after a while…almost like sisters’s wierd..don’t you think so?

  • Mia

    I’ve always seen her as a very strong woman…so it really suprised me that she hasn’t been able to resist the temptation of plastic surgery. ….but I respect her choice.

  • Victoria

    What in God’s name has she done to her mouth??

    Talk about looking plastic.

    No wonder she’s box office poison.

  • sara

    WTH did she do to her face??????

    She use to be soooo pretty, now she looks like a wax figure.

  • sara

    BTW/pointing out the obvious about someone’s overuse of plastic surgery and botox doesn’t make you a hater. Are some of you people blind? Look at her “laughing” photos, her face doesn’t move. Some of us just appreciate natural looks and not plastic ones.

    As for her acting talent, she is superb! One of the best females actresses in Hollywood and no doubt deserves another oscar. Doesn’t mean that her face doesn’t look like crap right now.

  • KNut

    Her hair, face, clothes – everything is just bad here! She obviously got herself ready that day!

  • ii

    If nicole kidman can get an oscar with her tiny talent anyone can

  • http://dolgoley Dolores

    Nicole Kidman is a real movie star. She carries herself as a star, she is beautiful and the greatest actress in Hollywood. I would love to see pictures pf these Nicole haters I”ll bet they are real beautys ha ha!!!!”/2010/11/21/nicole-kidman-rabbit-hole-qa-session-with-aaron-eckhart/comment-page-1/#comment-17303067″>Galey: