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Susan Sarandon & Jane Fonda: Who Cares about Age!

Susan Sarandon & Jane Fonda: Who Cares about Age!

A topless Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda strike a pose for V Magazine‘s “Who Cares about Age Issue.”

Also included in the mag, which it newsstands on Friday (November 19): Sigourney Weaver.

Here’s what the three legendary female actresses had to share about aging:

Jane, 72: “There’s fabulous things about being older. The older people get, the less scared they are. All the studies show you’re not as anxious. People have less hostility, they have less negative emotions. They tend to see things from both sides. Very few things stress me out.”

Susan, 64: “I think growing older is tough for everybody … I think it’s really important to be in your life and surround yourself with things that get you excited, so you don’t feel like life is passing you by.”

Sigourney, 61: “I never worry when they say ‘there are no roles’ or whatever. As long sa people are telling stories, there will be great roles for all shapes, sizes, and sexes. You just keep moving and things come.”

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Credit: George Cortina (styling); Photos: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
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  • lols

    lol at the oldies talking about how comfortable they feel about getting older.
    like we havent heard that before.

  • tanya

    WOW they both look absolutely stunning! Love SS

  • Jessie

    I agree that no one should care about age, they are gorgeous, but why the hell do they have to photoshop them within an inch of their lives. Kind of defeating the purpose, no?

  • N.

    Seriously, Jane Fonda? “Who cares about age?” So why the ridiculous amount of facelifts and whatever the hell else you’ve done to your mug?

    Sigourney Weaver is still looking great, and without looking like she’s had work done.

  • Suzy

    LMAO..Fonda had a full facelift & other crap done
    They are aging naturally like Velvetta cheese.


  • From Paris with Love

    How hypocrite to say such things when you’ve had as much plastic surgery as Jane Fonda (the others i don’t know – Susan probably had a subtle lift or fillers) and you allow so much photoshop on your pictures, in that very interview on top of that! Look at those necks and faces, less wrinkles than a thirty year old!
    These woman are victims of the system but they are also responsible for it. Them pretending they have no probem growing old and at the same time looking forever young is what makes real women feel low in the first place. They do look great but they should have the decency to shut up.

  • Sweetness

    I agree with those who point out the hypocrisy : You have no problem with aging but your photos are ALL photoshopped to remove the wrinkles.
    Plus people in Hollywood who age have a nice cushion to fall back on …their millions. The average person as they age face a multitude of problems, housing, medical costs, being laid off of work before their pensions kick in and forced to find work in a jobless market. These rich old women need to fall on their knees and thank the heavens the least of their problems is not finding roles .

  • rhonda

    kudos to their surgeons

  • Br1tch

    Looking stunning!!!! I bet they make out with many guys!

  • Kirsten

    I hate how they photo shop them. It defeats the purpose. Susan Sarandon is beautiful and she has many wrinkles. She still looks gorgeous.

  • Catchy

    who cares about age when you can use a photoshop!

  • 60′s

    Have you ever thought about make up and not photoshop???? The pictures are in black and white. Pictures in black and white hide faults. And why not removing Jane Fonda’s wrinkles in the eyes??

  • Fiona

    It’s a bit sad how they are so photoshopped because they are all so beautiful and gorgeous without it.
    I saw scream awards the other day and Sigourney Weaver was insanely cool.

  • Kate

    Those photos are so overly photoshopped!!!! Why? And why did those women agree with that? It just contradicts the premise of the article.

  • marq

    Would that we could all have Tony Robbins do a number on everyone to remove our visual conditioning like he did on Jack Black’s character in “Shallow Hal”.

    Would that we could all see the beauty in one another.

    Thanks for the shows, ladies, you’re a pleasure to behold.

  • zzzz

    The comments above sum it up. This article should be called “We Care Very Much About Age”, and cover the truth about these wonderful ladies. That would be more meaningful to the rest of us.

  • big sigh

    Susan’s wig is ridiculous, Jane has morphed into someting unrecognizeable,and Sigourney’s neck looks like a 15 year old’s! Sad, sad, sad.

  • 60′s

    @big sigh: Click on images in Google and type Sigourney Weaver. It’s her neck!!!

  • lil-r

    I’m not so much offended by the fact that they photoshopped them, or the fact that Jane Fonda has clearly had plastic surgery, maybe because it’s to be expected, these magazine spreads that claim to celebrate aging and different types of beauty are always rife with hypocrisy…I’m more offended at the TERRIBLE photoshop job they did on Jane Fonda’s face…it’s like they wanted to leave the wrinkles beside her eyes to show they are celebrating aging, but then they touch up every bit underneath her eye…it looks totally inconsistent and doesn’t really make much aesthetic sense. If you have crows feet, the rest of your face is not going to be glass smooth. They should have touched up her whole face, than brought down the transparency so she looks “magazine ready”, but also realistic.

  • big sigh

    Okay 60′s, I Googled images of Sig. and, sorry, but this confirmed that her neck was very photoshopped here. Look for yourself!

  • reba

    Rock on, ladies!

  • Kevin

    That is ridiculous how photoshopped they are. Makes them all look like hypocrites. Not to mention the surgeries they have had. Susan Sarandon hasn’t looked like that since the 80′s!

  • jane

    @Kate: how do you know they agreed to it? the magazines will do the photoshop, they might nolt even see how the end result will look like..and@N.: she was talking about how she’s more pacient with age, that has nothing to do with plastic surgery. It’s so common to do that today, I definetly will, it doesn’t mean saying that there are still perks to aging is hypocritical..

  • fardous

    susan is 1

    she looking good

    fonda she is too skinny

    weaver look good tooo

  • laverdadduele

    Right…who cares about age? when we have the wonderful Photoshop! What a bunch of fake and hypocritical old hags!

  • itstrueagain

    Aging is normal. Their business is to look good. Having said that .. just saw a recent pic of Jane Fonda, and she looked like plastic surgery gone wrong. She looked ancient and unrecognizable. So these pics are a joke.

  • jjgg5

    Feminists for Facelifts.

  • Erin

    They look their age or older. It is a fact and no amount of denying it with photoshop is going to change it. Aging is tough and these hypocrits would have you to believe they never use fillers, botox, or plastic surgery. They just happen to be “genetic gifted”. Maybe they don’t use any of the above–maybe that is why they look old.