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Beyonce Wears Four Pairs Of Stockings While Performing

Beyonce Wears Four Pairs Of Stockings While Performing

Beyonce drops by The View on Monday (November 22) with her mama, Tina Knowles!

The 29-year-old entertainer shared that while on stage, she wears four pairs of stockings underneath her costumes. “You have to keep it supported!” she laughed while tapping her thighs.

Bey also revealed that she and her crew rehearsed for four months before going on tour – comprised of 100 shows in 32 countries!

Be sure to catch Beyonce on her ABC special, airing Thursday (November 25) at 9:30 p.m.

Beyonce on The View
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23 Responses to “Beyonce Wears Four Pairs Of Stockings While Performing”

  1. 1

    Is that suppose to explain her “curvy” thighs

    well that poster of the DVD would explain the photoshop

  2. 2
    annie Says:

    Wow 4, wouldnt have guessed. Thought it was just thick pairs but no wonder her legs always look reinforced

  3. 3
    suze Says:

    that has got to be one rip roaring yeast infection

  4. 4
    Myra Says:

    I used to dance on Broadway, and it’s an old trick that all dancers use. It helps you from getting varicose veins from always being on your feet dancing and keeps you looking very uniform in your costumes. Beyonce is so beautiful, gracious and down-to-earth.

  5. 5
    Bree Says:

    I saw Beyonce last night with a mini on and bare legs, and her legs looked fabulous. If it works to keep you legx in shape, I might’ve to try it. I know that it’s also her touring and exercise regimen. I know I read that all women should wear pantyhose on a daily basis for that exact reason to prevent spider and varicose veins from just the everyday wear and tear we put on our legs. Beyonce sure is pretty and has a great body.

  6. 6
    thunder Says:

    lol that’s how she holds those thunder thighs in.

  7. 7
    Zoe Moon Says:

    Beyonce and her mother are both incredible talents and beauties. They are both living the dream. To bad we all can’t be like that, lol!! These two women are fabulous.

  8. 8
    rhonda Says:

    that explains alot!

  9. 9

    Tina should hit the breaks on the plastic surgery

  10. 10
    Boston61 Says:

    She always looks like she has BO. That’s why. It’s the huge thighs.

  11. 11
    to thunder Says:

    don’t behave like a child. dancers on broadway have been wearing multiple pairs of stockings for years. it’s protects their legs from varicose veins. everyone who knows anything about dancing is aware of this. but i forgot, you don’t know anything.

  12. 12
    to Boston61 Says:

    has no one every sat you down and explained to you that your continued fanatical jealously of people who have financially successful careers is evidence of a disturbed mind.

  13. 13
    Tasha Says:

    Bony thighs are particularly attrractive. As long as your thighs are toned and smooth, that’s what is attractive. Beyonce’s thighs and legs look great, even when she is barelegged.

  14. 14
    Tasha Says:

    I’m sorry I meant to say bony thighs *aren’t* particularly attractive.

  15. 15
    Kylie Says:

    I’m just amazed at how beautiful Beyonce is. When Barbara asked to stand up her figure is incredible.

  16. 16
    Boston61 Says:

    @to Boston61:

    Why is Beyonce embarrassed to be African American? Why can’t she look the way god made her. Why the caucasian blond hair?

  17. 17
    Ginger Says:

    Some black people have blond hair naturally, and they’ve 2 black parents. Beyonce is a brunette sometimes, too. White people tan and get lip injections are you concerned about that Boston61. Anyway, Beyonce is just gorgeous and her body is to die for. She’s so curvy and petite.

  18. 18
    Ms Barleo Gaga Fan Says:

    Sherri Shepherd is one of the most annoying human beings ever. Tina Knowles=lots of surgery. Beyonce looks lovely. Great body.

  19. 19
    Jokergurl Says:

    @ Myra, that’s interesting about the stocking thing, I didn’t know that. Beyonce’s lovely, always a classy lady.

  20. 20
    ll Says:

    her mom is weird?!?!

  21. 21
    DarkEmpress Says:

    Beyonce should try support hose, but maybe they dont have the best colours. WTF is wrong with Barbara? She really thinks that Beyonce wouldnt know if Jay-Z was coming on stage? That was a ridiculous question. Sherri sounded so dumb saying that Beyonce and Tina look like sisters! OK, its really too much how they try to shower celebs with outrageous compliments. If they are true fine but dont make them up.

  22. 22
    Pantyhose Says:

    Just got to love hearing her with all those pantyhose. :D

  23. 23
    becca Says:

    That must be why her legs always look so shiny and shimmery on stage. Beyonce is great.

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