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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Donate $150,000 for National Adoption Day

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Donate $150,000 for National Adoption Day

The Jolie-Pitt Foundation has announced that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have donated $150,000 to the charity SOS Children’s Villages in recognition of National Adoption Day, which celebrates adoptive families and highlights the needs of children without parental care.

“I am truly thankful that Angelina and Brad understand the power of family – the kind of stable family that SOS holds as an essential part of healthy child development,” said Dr. Heather Paul, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages USA. “Together, Angelina and Brad have been eye-witnesses to the great work of SOS Children’s Villages in Ethiopia, Jordan, a Darfur refugee camp in Chad, and Haiti. Angelina and Brad know that children’s need for a family is universal.”

The Jolie-Pitt Foundation donation will provide the supplemental long-term financial support needed for a family of four foster children in an SOS Children’s Village in the US. Amazing!

FYI: Brad and Angie have three adopted children from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia — Maddox, 9, Pax, 6, and Zahara, 5.

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  • Jin

    Really good people! And they do not have to wear a T-shirt to show it to the world.

  • anustin

    lovin the generosity.

  • marta

    They’re doing good job and both are perfect people, talented, intelligent and beautiful not only outside but inside too

  • sandra

    Brad does whatever Angelina wants. So lovable. I love to see them so in love.

  • zzzz

    Great people and a great cause…it saddens me that most people prefer making their own babies when there are thousands, probably millions of lovable babies and kids who have no one to call mom or dad.

  • dani



  • applause!

    Perfect people? Nope, but who is perfect anyway? Very good people, these two, flaws and all.

  • Supernova

    There no other thing that charity and adoption to help these children! Thank you Angelina and Brad!

  • Alison

    amazing gesture, but why do they have to announce it?

  • supremeIntel


  • haha She is really beautiful in all ways.

  • Jordy

    That’s it? Maybe they should take away the $17 mill they just spent on a house and give half of that to this charity.

  • Happy holiday

    Very cool.
    Bravo to the Jolie-Pitts.
    Wish they would get hitched.
    All children should be treated with love, care and respect.
    Child Trafficking is a huge problem in the US right now.
    Awareness is important.

  • luvangie4ever

    Heartwarming news. Love what they do, be it charity, professional or personal.

  • mervyn

    Or they could have just worn a t.shirt that they didn’t have to buy to try and get ordinary folk to put up the money and keep all their money to themselves. I guess that would be better.

  • Anilec

    Good for Angie and Brad, that’s why I love this couple so much, they are the exceptional Americans who represent us all over the world. i wish there were more kind souls in the world, evolved creatures of the human species.



  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love them. Great people.

  • Lara

    Alison, SOS announced the donation, not Brad and Angie. These two always put their money where their mouth is.

  • future

    @Anilec: I wish that too, from US to Asia, Oceania and Europe.

  • a fan

    Thay are do gooding couple they walk the talk to help in USA and worldwide.

  • joanna

    it is all about publicity

  • gracie

    Amazing couple, always thinking of others in pain and giving from their own pockets. Good things happen to those who give. God bless this family.

  • lovejoliepitt

    joanna: Why don’t you put your money and see if its phony?????
    Shut-the F**K up when you don’t give cause you are more pathetic and stupid!

  • Angie is luminous


    And maybe you should not believe TABLOID LIES. They did not buy a house in Italy, they only lease the house in France. No proof by any verifiable source as to the Italy house, never. No sighting of them in the area in Italy by anyone other than an unidentified realtor, nothing in official Italian records. Just like the lie re a purchase of a house on a Greek island or a place in Berlin, just LIES.

    2 good people doing the right thing re the SOS donation. They did not announce the gift, the SOS official did.

    Such stupid nuts here as usual showing their ignorance.

  • Blessing

    Let there be golden shower of blessing on the Jolie Pitts!

  • snotty

    off curse they did she got a new movie out soon

  • Blessing

    Peace on the Jolies Pitts!

  • mediaclass

    If only there were more people with more resources or opportunities to travel to undevelopped countries and meet their circumstances. The necessity of helping others would grow up notoriously.

  • Orchid

    5 zzzz @ 11/22/2010 at 4:41 pm +1

    Great people and a great cause…it saddens me that most people prefer making their own babies when there are thousands, probably millions of lovable babies and kids who have no one to call mom or dad.
    Yes, but it’s normal for people to want and make their own children, and only look at adoption when that isn’t possible. This fact makes couples who have both bios and adopted children, great people!
    Another sad thing is that millions of children go to bed hungry in many parts of the world, while in other parts there is an oversupply of food.

  • eva

    BA are citizens of the world.

  • Angie is luminous


    Really? You know this for a fact when they did not announce this much appreciated gift themselves? When they have been supporting SOS for like 6-7 years, Angie the one in Jordan for that long herself, and Angie and Brad for 5years?

    What have you done for kids in foster care to help make their lives better? Kids who have no family thru no fault of their own.

    Stupio foolo jealousite who assists none in need. Cause if you did you would applaud this gift. SOS certainly did.

  • teri

    Angelina and Brads heart are in the right place.

  • first and last post

    Bringing over from the previous thread which refers to some posts from the previous thread to that one.

    86 first and last post @ 11/22/2010 at 4:15 pm
    re: 29dianad1968 @ 11/22/2010 at 1:33 pm
    some people are just too dense or enjoy being made fun of…our pleasure to please LOL.

    from previous-previous thread:
    re: QQQQ thanks for the excellent Hungarian article interviewing AJ as a full fledged Director.

    re: 580an oldie @ 11/19/2010 at 11:51 pm
    “I am sure those celebrities didn’t pay for the T-shirts”
    if you buy T-shirts in bulk even as low as 100 with printing you can purchase for less than $10.00, as low as $2.99 a shirt for more. I’ve done it. The profit margin of what was paid and what was charged in the name of charity is sheer profit and apparently in this case never reached it stated charity per PT.
    QQQQ is absolute correct and had an excellent post, these women are rich enough to just donate money but they want the quasi-publicity associated with “saving the world” and don’t really have their heart into it…cheap at heart as well as in the pocketbook…manipulators like to like…they are not fooling the savvy, only the gullible and unfortunately there are many “gullibles.”

    re: 585 cook @ 11/20/2010 at 12:46 am re: Longoria and Parker
    “…senora eva ain’t gonna be getting more than the pre-nup allows…her cali. lawyer ain’t no match for a texan lawyer…”
    not necessarily true champ. California is a 50/50 state where the law dictates during the marriage all assets are divided equally in a divorce. Moreover Calif lawyers are experts at overturning pre-nups…Lee Marvin vs Michelle Triola Marvin 1981, Barry Bonds vs Sun Bonds, 1999, Steven Spielberg vs Amy Irving, Victoria Principle vs Glassman MD to name big cases. In most cases the 50/50 California State law applies. In high money profile divorces, the highest earner wants to divorce outside of Calif, the lower earner prefers in Calif since automatically they will get half of all assets accumulated during the marriage… Prenups in California are very specific, lots of loopholes aka both parties have to be represented by an attorney at signing. That’s not always the case…the passion of the “I love you’s” of the moment often supercedes the reasoning of “oh btw honey, sign here.” LOL
    Thanks to bdj and Neer for all the articles. Cogan’s Trade will be one to watch out for.
    Hi to Neleh, hope you are feeling better, we need our sunshine and happy thoughts on the JP threads.

  • future

    Stupid people take this as hilarous but it’s the truth and Angelina is right. Kid’s need stable families with education. Many of us should start by adopting kids. And I’m not against having biological children if you love someone so much.


    I love this couple! Always doing good to benefit the less fortunate.

  • cj

    very very nice of them ……true human beings who are really true loving people

  • busted


    they have been doing this for years.. seriously do you think because someone donates money to a charity (ONE I might add they have been supporting for years) that this makes people go to the movies.

    YOU know you don’t have to like, but they have been supporting this and other charities for year. This particular organization announced this donation. NOT BRAD OR ANGIE.. This was announced with the hope that others would follow suit. And usually these organizations see an upswing in donations after celebrities like Brad/Angie donate.

    they have 3 adoptive children, It is understandable that they support children staying together as a family. Stop the silly hate and childish comments.

    Dr. Paul is making the statement not Brad/Angie. I wonder if you ran to make similar comments on the celebs that run to charity events to just be seen then they never say a word about the cause. hmmm

    And please check your grammar.. it is “of course”…. not “off curse”..(this makes no sense at all). I had to abandon all my grammar knowledge to make myself understand your dig; which would have had more of an punch if you had stated it properly.

  • gracie

    Why shouldn’t they announce it? Anuston never donates her own money, she only asks for other people’s money and then takes credit for it and you haters applaud. Brad and Angie gives their own money, they talk and walk. They can scream it from the roof top if they want. Bravo to them!!

  • Anonymous


  • emily

    Bid deal. Loose change found in their couch. Can;t they just keep quiet about their tax deductable donations?

  • mervyn

    @Snotty # 27

    You’re right off course, maybe AJ should take some tips and instead of doing something as silly and frivilous as donating a lot of money to a charity she could instead strip off and pose naked on top of some very young boys. Much better way to do it don’t you think?

  • # Emily

    Why should they keep quiet ? Didn’t YOUR idol directly invited the press to her place abroad just to tell them and tell the world that she, jennifer sainthood Aniston was doing her humaniatarian act by vacationing there in Mehiccooo, doing to THOSE people a great favour to help their economy ?
    So why would SOS children keep quiet abut the Brange donation when you have no problems when your idole HERSELF invite the press to speak about her tax deduction consisiting in spending moneyo n lavish resort where she tans, smokes weeds and drinks margaraittas to help those poor third world countries economy ?
    Are you THAT thick ? yes you are. You are a moron struck by severe manistonite desease which is an illness, an affliction affecting the brains leading to not thinking though properly.

  • sera

    I can not believe that AH just did a promo of CC/JA Omnipeace charity. They are so owned by Huvane and are really transparent about it.


    emily will buy the D-star and bongs for Mrs.Norman !

  • theresa


  • mervyn

    oppppps should read ‘frivolous’

  • sparrow


  • w o w

    yippie!! all the gruel one can eat and goodwill rejects for 1,000 orphans for a whole year..bless them


    emily(X) thinking thoughts !
    Charity is not my thang !
    Opened my Legs + Mouth R my Things !