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Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler: Holding Hands!

Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler: Holding Hands!

Christina Aguilera and her new beau Matthew Rutler hold hands as they step out of their hotel on Sunday (November 21) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer was on her way to the American Music Awards, where she performed “Express,” from her movie Burlesque.

Earlier this month, Christina and Matt had a double date with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

“She met [Matthew, an assistant] on [the Burlesque] set and, during a difficult time, leaned on as a friend. After she and Jordan separated, the friendship turned romantic,” a source previously told People.

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  • vinha


  • BaBy Perfume

    If the guy knows and admits he’s a rebound, I’m o.k with it

  • kat

    anyone else notice she’s wearing a britney spears t-shirt?

  • Genie

    Its a Heidi Klum T-Shirt.

    And he is just a friend.

  • Janeth

    Not bri it’s Heidi Klum! And I want to know where she bought it… Just Jared let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessie

    @kat: thats not of britney spears, it’s kate moss i think. i’m not sure, i just know it’s not britney.

  • Jessie

    or it’s heidi klum

  • uju

    wh00r333!!!!!!!!! what a cunt!! I feel bad for her husband. He should take custody of the kid and run… didn’t she say it was too hard to get out of bed…i guess i kno what u mean now…sl^%T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheater!!

    Let’s call it what it really was Christina! You were cheating on me while WE WERE STILL MARRIED! Lying self centered bitch.

  • liza_isaeva


  • What a sad story

    I feel for her poor Husband. She cheated on him with this dude not she is sleeping with him. The ink on her divorce is not even dry yet. She will get her karma just like Britney and Jessica. Both of them cheated on good guys now they can’t find a decent man and they are desprate.

  • cece

    Well this shows how much she loved and respected her husband. If i was a celebrity i would never get married!!!! and we both would live in our own separate homes. This guy better watch out and enjoy it while it last. His days are numbered too!!

  • xxx

    That shirt has Heidi Klum on it (just to clarify for people who think it’s Britney).

  • lisa

    wow as a Christina fan I’m surprise she is moving on so fast. She is doing exactly like how she met jordan. Friends first, then lovers. But I find it easy to believe she did cheat and the marriage just fill apart after that. I feel sorry for Jordan.

  • Lorna

    Wow, this is really soon! I wonder how her husband feels about it?

  • David

    It’s HEIDI KLUM tshirt and Matt is her new boyfriend! hihihi

  • facts

    It’s pretty safe to say her career ended last night.

  • sarah

    i smell an affair. come on girls, lets be SINGLE before we start dating other people.

  • Danny


  • laverdadduele

    Scum of this earth. She likes to talk about how important her son is, but what message is she sending when she’s a shameless cheater? This is why we see so many screw ups today, it all starts at home. She’s a hypocrite and I hope her movie fails big time. BTW, anyone trying to justify this behavior is even worse than her!

  • LastWord

    What has it been a month….what a hoe

  • shitney

    Wow….so many jobless persons here. U must have so much time to talk shhhit abt the ones u don’t love. Don’t tell anybody how to live. First live ur life . Coz it’s ur business. Idiots all around. If u don’t like it .FVCK U

  • SJ

    Wow, she sure didn’t waste any time, did she?

  • http://N/A artisticguy99

    leave her alone people. whatever she does is none of our business. let her live her life if she cheated that’s her problem.

  • sunny

    The writing was on the wall when the marriage certificate was mailed, anyone could see this coming.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Seriously NONE OF YOU know if she banged this guy while still with her husband so keep the rude comments to yourself. The divorce was a long time coming, so let her cope in whatever ways make her happy. If she’s happy, then it will reflect well with her son. A sad mom isn’t a good mom.

  • jj22

    She clearly cheated on her husband with this loser!

  • laverdadduele

    @Listen to mayday parade: So based on your logic, if a woman is happy because she’s sleeping around that makes her a good mom? WTF is wrong with you? Stop defending her, cheating is WRONG.

  • commonsense

    Why do celebrities keep shoveling their bulls*it at us? We’re supposed to believe that they only started doing sexy times AFTER she separated?

  • jj22

    That is pretty stupid commonsense! Way more “normal” people do stupid stuff than famous people do!

  • Lalalove

    New man already!??! WOW, she bounces back fast. smh

  • http://@72 ella

    i dont know if anyone has already corrected the other comments yet…but its actually sienna miller on christina’s shirt not heidi or britney….

  • dommy

    She obviously cheated or this is what people will believe. Its careless of her to parade this guy in front of the papz so soon after the divorce filing. Makes her look very unsympathic.

  • Chris

    She know exactly what she is doing here. Its no coincidence she is holding hands with this dude in front of the paparazzi.

  • Liza

    Why does she alway screw the help? This guy was her assistant and has no job and is a wanna be musician. Can’t she find someone on her own level? Or does she pick people she can boss around that have nothing else to do than follow her around?

  • http://HOTMAIL XTINA IS AN ICON!!!!!


  • Marieme


  • lindsay

    i just wanna know where she got that shirt. i want it!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan

    that was quick. is she preggers? would explain the weight gain.

  • jenny

    Oh puh-lease People magazine!!! He was a friend&only became boyfriend AFTER she separated? How convinient!!! Yeah, right! She was probably cheating on her husband!

  • Xtian

    Why is she with a man when we all know she is a DY KE! And no, she never dates HIspanic men she isn’t a trashy Hispanic in the least. Her father was Spain although she was a wife abusing drunk, he was only born in Ecuador and her mother is German American. That explains why Xtina only dates white guys and rips off Black culture and ignores anything that smells of the Hispanic. She is European on both sides of her family so don’t get mad that she rejects all things Hispanic unless, of course, she is putting out a new c.d and wants all of the gullible Hispanics to but it.

  • ll

    who cares?

  • Thai

    A new “beard” or what? Not that I would care.

  • WhiteLatina

    Why r you commenting on who she dates then? She’s not Hispanic and she isn’t obligated to acknowledge, date or marry them. They are the ones cheering for her while she blantantly ignores their existence. She is American and she is white and that is what she responds to best. Not to Puerto Ricans or anything like that for goodness sakes. She obviously doesn’t want anything to do with them so leave her alone.

  • christinalover

    I wish christina all the best for her film,her career and her new relationship to matthew, luv you girl!!!
    You don’t know what happened between christina and jordan, so stop callling her a cheater because you all know nothing.

  • slambang

    She looks fat and miserable. LOL @ the Britney shirt.

  • slambang

    Oops, not Britney, Heidi Klum. WTFE

  • In The Know

    I do know this….she must always surround herself with a ss kissers. She couldn’t date a smart successful man because she has very serious head problems…just like she doesn’t listen to her manager Irving Azoff………….and this pathology is why her career is in the s hitter when she should be the biggest solo female star in music.

    So much for her being an independent woman!

  • Cloe

    She gets off on dating the help. It makes her feel superior because they kiss her large ass.
    And the writing is on the wall what she did to Jordan. Her career is over. I too feel sorry for Jordan with putting up with this egotistical slut.