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Clay Aiken Backs Anti-Bullying Legislation

Clay Aiken Backs Anti-Bullying Legislation

Clay Aiken is showing his support for anti-bullying legislation brought up in the House and Senate!

The 31-year-old singer teamed up with GLSEN to back the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

“I never had someone who told me that it was okay to be different…that it was okay to be me. What I did hear was that it would get better once I was out of high school…that things would get better. But from where I sat, I could not possibly believe that to be true,” Clay said.

“We need federal leadership from Congress to encourage all states and districts and each and every school to create safe learning environments where all students can learn and succeed,” Clay concluded.

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  • Thai

    Plastic gay.

  • Shanna

    I love him! I don’t care how awful and mean the bully people are to him. He is the nicest guy with the most beautiful voice I ever heard.

  • lilpup

    Standing up for what you believe in is admirable. Kudos to Clay. His being an advocate despite the crap he has been through is amazing.

  • john

    It took what, 4 mins for some jerk to show up and spew his crap. Leave the guy alone. He is speaking for for your kids idiot. Here’s hoping that everyone of you who spit hate and filth have a child who grows up to be gay.. Then maybe you will see the pain and suffering. IDIOTS


    Not only does Clay Aiken have a beautiful voice, the man also has a beautiful heart and the courage to speak up for others. He really is one of the good guys. Bless you, Clay.

  • etme

    No student should have to dread going to school because they fear being bullied, It doesn’t matter if they are gay or not When your children are in school they should not be subjected to bullying. They are there to learn.
    Way to go Clay. Thank you for taking a stand for our kids.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I don’t care , not a fan of Clay. I don’t dislike the guy or care that he is gay.
    Thing is, he is gay so why have a gay guy ,another gay person address this subject.
    Bullying is not getting out there about kids who are not gay.

  • gaymarie

    Thanks for the article about Clay. He’s been bullied all his life, still is, and all because he’s gay.

    Silly people. Just listen to what he says. And oh yeah, pick up any one of his wonderful albums. You will be amazed.

  • Lynnie

    As I read it Clay Aiken’s comment is about being bullied because you are different. Not specifically gay, but deemed by the bully as being different. It is just unacceptable that any child or teenager should dread going to school because, gay or straight, some individual or group of individuals thinks that abusing someone makes them seem cool. I am thankful for people like Clay Aiken, who use their celebrity in a positive way to do something to right these wrongs.

  • Madeleine

    There is nobody better to speak up on bullying than Clay Aiken. Aside from the fact that he was bullied all thru school, long before he came out as gay, but whenever there is an article of any sort about him, even now, the pathetic bulllies show up and find something ugly and hateful to say in the comment areas. Do these comment bulliles who roam the internet looking for a celeb to trash feel this makes them important??? They trash the innocent children of celebs as well as ANYONE who is in the public eye for whatever reason. The new breed of bully, spawned by the internet….bitter, unfulfilled bullies who think that posting their sour, ugly little comments about people who are more successful than they are, give them l5 minutes of fame. Actually it just gives them 15 more minutes of looking like the bitter failures that they are.

  • Pat

    Kudos to Clay Aiken. These bills are about bullying. Period. Not specifically gay bullying, although that certainly is of major concern, but BULLYING IN ANY FORM.

    GLSEN could not have asked for a better spokesman. Who better to know what bullying is all about, as even now he’s being bullied by uninformed and petty minded people – especially all over the internet.

    I give him credit for standing up for what is right despsite all the hatefulness he has to endure himself. He’s a great advocate for this cause.

  • Isabelle

    Kudos to Clay Aiken for using his voice again.

  • Nate

    @Shanna: NICE? He’s the cattiest bitter person ever. Bi**hy old man! LMFAO!!!

  • :/

    omg he is so ugly o___o

  • Llana

    Use your voice Mr. Aiken, we are proud of you!

  • JOJO

    Thank you for this article, bullying is rampant in our schools and specially on the net, just look at some of the comments above…. I hope none of these people will ave children that are different and will be bullied in school.
    Kudos to Clay Aiken for speaking up against bullying.

  • jim

    It is time that the world woke up and realized bullying is effecting our children dramatically ever single day. Good for Mr. Aiken and all the others for taking a stand. Time for the children and people in the world to fight back against these spineless, weak, ignorant people who like to push others around.

    Bullying is not only beating the crap out of someone or threatening to do so, it is also deliberately leaving out someone.
    One day you will feel this utter loneliness as karma will seek its sweet revenge as what goes around comes around.

    All of you that think you need to add an ignorant comment here take a look in the mirror. Someday your ignorance will come back to haunt you. Karma can be a bitch

  • Jack

    Godamn he looks like someone’s grandmother! Who told him it was a good idea to get botox, cheek implants, fake teeth and evething else he had done? Yikes.

  • Judy

    I think it’s wonderful that Clay is standing up for ALL children in regards to bullying. He says that NO child should have to endure this, and that schools should be a safe place to go. He is addressing not only gays, but ALL children. Clay is trying to make a difference, unlike some people that comment, that do the human race no good at all, and feel it is their job to put people down. What a sad pathetic bunch they are.

  • Sooze

    Reading comments on the internet should give people some sort of indication of how prevalent bullying is in our society. The unfortunate thing is that the media, comics and the entertainment industry have now made it acceptable to pick on others for their looks or their sexuality or for just being different.

    I think it is important for people like Clay Aiken, someone who has a voice that can reach the “masses” to stand up and be heard. Unfortunately, the bullying will only stop when there is a shift in our society and it becomes “uncool” to bash anyone for superficial reasons. Also, parents need to be sending a stronger message to their children. Unfortunately, a lot of those parents are also bullies.

    NO CHILD should ever have to fear going to school. Whether it’s because of their height or their weight or the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation. We are a country made up of differences which should be celebrated, not taunted.

    Thank you Jared.

  • joanie

    Clay Aiken is the perfect spokesman for anti-bullying. He speaks from experience, as he was bullied as a child and young man, and even to this day.

    I hope and pray that with people like Clay who care enough to go to Washington for the cause, kids will be able to go to school without being bullied.

    Kudos to you, Clay.

  • What a joke ha ha ha.

    Clay Aiken still has fans? LOL. As if him speaking up will do anything. His career faded right after it started — who’s going to pay attention aside from his fans ? Kids either hate him or have no idea who he is.

  • Judy

    Jack…before you spew your hatred…perhaps you should know that Clay had surgery done last year for tmj. Had his jaws broken and reset. See…here is a prime example of a bully. Clay had a medical condition that he had to get treatment for, and Jack makes fun of Clay for that.

    Hey Jack…you are part of the problem…..

  • Hillary

    I love Clay’s statement “nobody told me it was ok to be different.” It’s all about the kid who is different in some way – body type, handicapped, thought to be gay, etc. I’m glad Clay is jumping into the fray. I’m glad he is speaking out on this unacceptable behavior.

  • Hillary

    Clay, thanks for telling people it “ok to be different.”

  • http://yahoo donna

    Bullying is alive and running rampid..from cyberspace, the school yard, the late night comedians and even day time interviews. I have seen this over the yrs with how the press has treated Clay Aiken. What I don’t understand is why anyone thought it was anyones business if Clay was gay. Sexuality does not define a person, but rather what the person does to help society. Everyone knows Clay is gay but how many know about all the things he is involved protect children? This is why Clay was asked to speak because he has been a strong avocant for children since he worked at the YMCA AS A TEENAGER. Before someone comments on anyone, they should know all the facts about that person, not the pick and choose segments that the media chooses to print or talk about. I’m afraid our whole media is going tabloid instead of being unbiased journalist like the media of bye-gone days.

  • Kara

    lolll he is so irrelevant he only pops up when its good for his name
    go away cheesy plastic statute with your horrible cheesy voice

  • susan

    Good to see Clay Aiken speak out about something he has endured

  • docb

    It’s about time the public realized this is a problem. Thanks to those, including Clay, Cyndi Lauper, and others, for speaking out.

  • Aikenlady4

    Kudos to Clay for standing up for children who are being bullied!!

  • trimax

    After being bullied all his young life, I’m so glad he’s using his voice.

  • LovesClaysVoice

    Clay, I’m sorry your message of bullying went right over a lot of people’s heads, right here in this thread! Your voice is used in so many ways and the people who don’t want to listen are the ones who are missing out. Good for you for speaking out on a subject that is present everywhere in our society today. Keep making a difference! You are a light in this sometimes dark world!

  • Jeff

    Looks like the bullies have hit the internet this morning. :sigh:

    GLSEN made a wise choice in asking Clay to help them with their efforts in DC. Clay is the voice of experience. Not only is he a wonderful singer with an amazing voice, he uses that voice for ALL children.

    There needs to be a law passed for bullies on the internet. These people that spew their hate for one person trying to make the world better for children that are being tormented, need to have their computers taken away. They feel all so powerful sitting behind their monitors. It is just disgusting.

  • katy

    Clay is the perfect person to speak out against bullying. He has been its victim and is even today with some of these comments. He is not deserving of the hate nor are the many others who have no national voice. Thanks, Clay, for speaking eloquently against bullying and gay bashing.

  • Mike

    Thank f you for the interesting information about Clay Aiken. If anyone would understand about bullying it would be Clay Aiken…….just look at the bullies in this thread.

    Clay speaks intelligently and people listen.

    It is sad that some people don’t understand, but I see a change. Most people care.

    Would love to see the adults (?) here tell me why its OK to say the things they do.. No, you can’t do that can you.

  • KIT

    KUDOS to Clay Aiken for being a stand-up citizen, giving his all to aide bullied children. And KUDOS to Just Jared for informing us of Clay’s continuing humanitarian efforts. I wish the internet bullies would just GO AWAY! It’s disturbing to know that there are crazies out there that think it’s fine to bully a wonderful guy like Clay for doing his best to stop the bullying of children.

  • joanie

    It’s just so sad that trolls have to post nasty things about Clay’s looks. Did the message go right over their heads?

  • musicfan

    Thank you, JustJared for writing about Clay and GLSEN. This is not just gossip…it is an important topic.

    Clay has said that he has been bullied his entire life. That is one of the many reasons that Clay is a great advocate for the two congressional bills being discussed.

    There are over 30 comments here so this is obviously an important topic to most people. Pretty ironic that some people think its OK to bully in this thread. What a pathetic thing to do and most people are laughing at them.

    JustJared……I applaud you for posting this info. We all need to work together to make changes!

  • Allisanna

    Once again Clay Aiken is using his voice to help the children of the world who are in need. I admire Clay for being a celebrity who strives to make a difference in this world.

  • Jan2683

    Thank you so much for posting a “news worthy” article about Clay Aiken.
    Once a teacher always a teacher. He just continues to amaze me.
    Good job Clay and thank you Jared!

  • Jocelyne

    Not only is he using his voice for the children around the world such as UNICEF, his foundation the National Inclusion Project and now with GLSEN, he also has a fantastic voice. Much better than most performers I watch at last night’s AMA.

    Perhaps an oldie but you can’t deny the fact that this man can sing.

  • MzJ

    I don’t like his music. It’s pretty bad, if you ask me and his Claymates are way OTT, a little frightening even.

    BUT I love what he said and I love that he’s making a difference. As a humanitarian he doesn’t get enough credit. He’s got a great voice. It’s good to see him use it constructively. (Now if he would only pick descent music to sing)

  • MzJ


    Oh, boy. I don’t think you did the man a favor just now. His voice is great – always, the song is really dated and shows why he has no place on AMA with the kind of material he picks. And on top of that his facial tics towards the end are really distracting. He looks like he has some serious bowel problems. Please, please let him fight his own battles. With this article he was just about to get the respect he deserves, but that video is a serious set back.

  • laverdadduele

    Is this the new celebrity fad? Is the environment craze over? No legislation or celebrity will stop bullying. Kids are cruel and evil, it’s always been like that and it’s not going to change. Kids need to develop a thick skin and a strong mind.

  • MzJ


    Watching the video just now I was wondering what happened to his face. It looks so different now. His chin is really prominent. And the lower part of his face looks really big compared to a few years ago. Maybe it’s still swollen from the surgery?

  • barb

    MzJ…… are spending a lot of time on someone you say you don’t like. This is about bullying and you are trying really hard to bully.

    I find it amusing…….Gee…….I guess you want some attention!

  • MzJ

    @barb: I just gave you a thumbs up. I really like what you had to say. You seem to mean it. :)

  • Marty

    Congrats to Clay Aiken for doing the right thing. As a teacher, I have seen kids bullied and I have seen it get better when bullies are confronted with what they are doing. We can make a difference…but only if adults lead the way!

    Thank you for posting about Clay and his advocacy. Let’s all make a difference!

  • Becky

    Good for you Clay! Fight the good fight and stand up for what you believe in!! bullying is pathetic period!! As a mom whose daughter was bullied in Junior high school I saw first hand what it did to her self esteem..It shattered her where she almost took her own life! Whether gay or straight no one deserves to be abused physically or emotionally!! My heart goes out to those daily who are at the other end of this disgusting travesty!! It’s really sad how some have to slither over here writing stupid comments that don’t even fit the theme of this discussion..

  • Leslie

    Hi, I’m glad he is speaking out on bullying but he needs to work on his fan club on the cyber bullying to find ways to stop it over in that club. Cyber bullying is a bigger problem than just regular bullying. I got cyber bullying over his fan club just because I was talking about me getting tease and pick on during my high school days just about Clay Aiken was during his high school days in his book he wrote a few years ago too. I got cyber bullying pretty badly in his fan club left mostly over that and the drama too. I still love Clay Aiken to this day but I won’t come back to his fan club until I find out he doing something to stop the cyber bullying over there its not worth to me getting hurt of people putting me down and they don’t even know me.