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Gabriel Aubry: Kim Kardashian's New Guy!

Gabriel Aubry: Kim Kardashian's New Guy!

Kim Kardashian spends some quality time with Halle Berry‘s ex, model Gabriel Aubry, during a basketball game held at Staples Center on Sunday night (November 21) in Los Angeles.

Gabriel, 34, and Kim, 30, watched the Los Angeles Lakers beat out the Golden State Warriors, 117-89.

Back in April, Halle and Gabriel split after four years together. They have a 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gabriel Aubry and Kim Kardashian together? Do they make a cute couple?

10+ pictures inside of basketball game duo Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry

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Credit: RHS, Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • SaadGkhan

    Seriously? :-O How Could Gabriel fall from Classy like Halle Barry to Fame Who*e Kim Kardashian… Maybe everyone wants to taste her Dirt .. I m about to Puke now

  • oh

    She looks like she’s wearing a plastic Halloween mask next to him 24/7. She better quit it with all the surgeries. She’s going to look like the cat woman soon.

  • LJ

    They’re both into black people. I’d be surprised if they’re dating.

  • DarkEmpress

    @LJ: that is hilarious! you made me literally LOL!

  • So

    They look like an odd couple. I thought she didn’t like w.h.i.t.e. boys! He’s too normal for her. Maybe she’ll get him to pinch and squeeze his face under the knife like Bruce Jenner..

  • DarkEmpress

    Truly though, I think that Gabe does not make enough money to please Kim. She may like black guys but she likes cash more!

  • sara

    I still love the Kardashians show… entertaining

  • smh


    @ LJ um i don’t know aubrey’s past relationships so i can’t say that. He only dated Halle Berry from what i know. Besides, they are both socialites they are NOT celebrities. Aubrey says he is a model but he is not seen on countless ad’s like Tyson Beckford.

    Kim K is a maneater.

    Aubrey is a nobody who cruises around town with no job. I never see this guy working he is always walkign his daughter and being at the park. Is he featured on any new ad campaigns??

  • Nora


    Me three!

  • KNut

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gabriel!! Not skanky Kim!

  • france


  • france


  • Serena Dou


    Actually he is the 2nd most famous Male Icon in the Fashion Industry, currently modeling for Gap, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, True Religion, CK Label, and many more. So yeah, I think he has a job. So before you go running your mouth to anyone I suggest you do a little research. You look like an ignorant fool.

  • Angelina

    There is no way he is dating that slu-t she is a media whor-e! She will do anything for fame!
    She is like sickening she needs to go away already.

  • James

    KimK needs to go away.. shes a no talent fool who just knows how to ride d**k

  • MsIrene

    Well, just because he is sitting next to her at a Laker’s game doesn’t really mean that they are an “item.” I don’t see any hint that they are a date; just sitting next to each other. I believe that Kim’s mother was sitting next to her on the other side, in one of the photos.

    As far as Gabe and Kim together, and what kind of couple they would make, my feelings are Halle is making a spectacle of herself with Olivier Martinez, and all over the place with him; if Gabe wants to go out with Kim or anyone else, I am happy that he has decided to not sit around and let Halle have all of the fun!

    Go Gabe!

  • Gar

    This is gross. I thought Gabriel would have better taste.

  • From Paris with Love

    Ok didn’t see that one coming. Not i thought he was some sort of genious but now if that is true he is officially a dumb superficial airhead.

  • Maria

    @SMH, Are you serious with Tyson Beckford ??? TB hasn’t done squat since Polo Ralph Lauren which was like, 10 years ago !!!!!!!! GA has been doing campaigns since you first got your first computer. He’s been doing Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, GAP, True Religion, Charisma and who knows what else only in the past year or so. Maybe because you only look at Diet magazine and Essence and Ebony which obviously you wouldn’t see any of his AD. So nobody or not, I’m happy to see that he is at least going out there enjoying himself a little. And I think this guy could be good for Kim, he looks like a normal centered guy and that may be what Kim need.

  • blair

    No way…he is much too good for her!

  • MsIrene


    perhaps he too, wants to go slumming! Oh, well, at least he’s getting out more!

  • jaye

    He’s into black people? Other than Berry, what other black women has he dated? Just asking.

  • Butter_Fly

    Ughh, I can’t stand this girl.

  • Serena Dou

    I think they are just going out to a game as friends. He’s a model for Louis Vuitton, one of Kim’s favorite labels, she probally met him through that and are just hanging out. And I agree Halle is making such a huge deal out of having a new guy, she may be classy but that’s making me so annoyed. It’s like Hate Hudson, and then she’s going to introduce him to Nala and he’sd going to be gone weeks later.

  • zoia

    double the hotness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    THIS MUST BE LIES! He clearly is not dating her. Just sitting next to her during a game because gorgeous Gabriel would never lose his mind long enough to consider dating Kim. Though she’s beautiful as ever-she’s way to shallow for him it seems.

  • smh

    @Serena Dou:

    male icon??…are u serious?…he came on the market when he started dating Halle Berry just a few years ago. How is he an icon??…he is a struggling model. Hugo Boss dropped him like a hotr potatoe and that actor from “Tudors” took his place and Ryan Reynolds!

    What are u talking about??

  • Rosy

    OMG disaster yes. Beurk

  • Go Ask Alice

    @Serena Dou:

  • kim fan

    I think they look good together!

  • Ken

    Ok. So you hear all the comments how Gabriel Downgraded from HB which would be pretty much every woman in this whole continent anyway and that HB downgraded with Olivier which that would not be hard to do over Gabriel. I have to say one thing and to me everybody trash Gabriel has far as him being a nobody although very successful in his own field (actually the top male model out there, even before HB) and now seen with Kim K. which let’s all face it, the woman does love attention but is a beautiful woman nonetheless and all of you out there who says otherwise is out of pure jealousy ! Either way, have any of you ever wonder what are 2 of the most beautiful woman in the world see in a guy like Gabriel ? So you may want to trash the guy all you want out of jealousy but to me, this guy is a stud ! We couldn’t even get as much as a glimpse from any of these 2 ladies and this guy had a kid with one of the most beautiful woman in the world and now is seeing with KK ?!. I think he may be packing some serious heat (if you know what I mean) and that’s one thing that only HB and KK would know at this point and we all know he is a great Father ! So the guy may be a better catch than we all think. Food for thoughts ladies and gents, food for thoughts…

  • Go Ask Alice

    KimKis ok. She will have to live with her porn vid she put out there. It always goes back to that. She has done in the millions . Whatever.

    Gabriel Aubrydid not ned Halle’s money.He has a career and money.
    Halle let a good,decent guy go and will never be at due to her daddy issues and the ole Hollywood thing of never being normal,healhty there.

    GabrielandKim,don’t see it. Hehardly went out,didHollywood with Halle. The guy is private.

    Kim ‘s pr trip is way too big.

    Halle and Oliver Martinez, nuff said.
    Gabriel is a young manand will find some gorgeous White Canadian or American in the know and settle down with.

  • prince

    In the dreams of Kim… Poor girl, she’s dreaming awake

  • retrobanana6

    kim’s face is looking weirder and weirder….why is she messing with it…..she really must be insecure or something because she was once very beautiful now she looks a tad creepy…the same could be said about megan fox

    as for this i really hope they are not a couple…imo it just doesnt work.

  • I asked Her

    I hope he knows that Kim goes through money like water through a sieve this is too funny. But whatever floats your boat guys.

  • I asked Her

    oops, I meant to type that Kim “goes through men” like a sieve, she goes through money just as fast though.

  • xio pio

    Ohmigosh! Love it. They are both HOT and make an adorable couple. Kim is made tons of money (believe it or not), and I don’t think she needs a guy for his money, although if he had some, it wouldn’t hurt. She’s been looking for someone to love her and I think that Gabriel is low key enough, not to mention hot, to be right for her……

  • lily

    they’re NOT dating people!
    i feel sorry for celebs, they can’t even sit next to eachother at a basketball game without people thinking they’re an item.

  • Zey

    If he is dating her then maybe “crazy Halle” isn’t soo crazy after all.. She would be redeemed 100% in my book.. It seemed shady looking in the way they portrayed Halle leaving him but sh was probably right to if he’s into kimmys type..

  • xio pio

    @retrobanana6: I think you’re right her and Megan Fox keeping messing with something that already looked good and now they are starting to look freakish, it’s sad….

  • lesb

    I dont know why Kim keeps hiding the fact that she’s lesbian

  • WHY

    Did anybody notice Kris Jenner sitting next to Kim in pic #5?? If this was some hot date, I don’t think her mom would be tagging along.. Also, if they dated, who would get first dibs on the mirrors?? Two self-absorbed, talentless nothings..

  • Danielle

    Me too, I like Gabriel so I hope the best for him, hope she realize how cool he is.

  • Danielle

    I agree with u!!

  • Whistle Stop


  • Marie

    From Halle to Kim? Downgrade!

  • skeptical

    This is not the body language of a dating couple. Just sayin’.

  • Anastasia

    is this for real??
    if yes,i think Gabriel has lost all his taste in women!
    but just because there are sitting with each other that doesn’t mean there an item…
    If it is true it would be really akward,i don’t think theu look good together…

  • slanted view

    But will they make a sex tape? Because this one, I might look at…

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan