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Gabriel Aubry: Kim Kardashian's New Guy!

Gabriel Aubry: Kim Kardashian's New Guy!

Kim Kardashian spends some quality time with Halle Berry‘s ex, model Gabriel Aubry, during a basketball game held at Staples Center on Sunday night (November 21) in Los Angeles.

Gabriel, 34, and Kim, 30, watched the Los Angeles Lakers beat out the Golden State Warriors, 117-89.

Back in April, Halle and Gabriel split after four years together. They have a 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gabriel Aubry and Kim Kardashian together? Do they make a cute couple?

10+ pictures inside of basketball game duo Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry

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kim kardashian gabriel aubry 01
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 02
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 03
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 04
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 05
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 06
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 07
kim kardashian gabriel aubry 08
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Credit: RHS, Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Howie


  • nakedoldjennifer

    The perfect PR couple, kim is there to scout fresh meat Aubry does not make enough money for this gold digger

  • Why saw it too/JJ chged photo

    @WHY: Why I saw it earlier too. Totally agree. Doubt Momma KJ is going to chaperon KK and Aubry.

    Jared you sneaky bastard, you changed the photo.
    Here’s a photo from Getty: Kim’s mother on her left (image cutoff):

    If they are dating great, if not…so be it.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan

    jaye He’s into black people?
    He has a daughter that has black blood so of course he is “into” black people. He has to be to respect his daughter. You Dimwit.

  • jenny

    From the lady to the wh*re.. MAJOR downgrade dear sir!

  • hmm…

    @jaye: and she’s half white!!

  • laverdadduele

    STD delivered.

  • Whatever

    …it is, dating or friendship, it tells a lot about Gabriel’s level of intelligence and/or taste as a friend or more.
    Not that Halle is intelligent, she often talks like a juvenile and not a woman er age. Not that she is as classy as people may her look like(hello the stunt with Jamie Fox and the hit and run fellony) but her level of class and intelligence though low is still WAY MORE SUPERIOR than the Kardashian chick’s who is ultimately pure trash, through and through !
    I mean this is the bimbo who played with Ray j’s own piss and poo in a s*xual orgy ! This is the woman who nastily distorted her body giving it a humongous over the top bootey. This is the woman who keep on changing her face and often gives that ‘cat woman’ vibe.
    She is empty and can be describe in only thre words : extensions+nails+clothes. That’s it !
    The fact tha Aubry is even ‘pal’ to THAT speaks volume about HIS kind as a pal or more ! Definitely not very bright man per se.

  • kurious kitty

    he’s attractive, but very feminine looking…i dont get why they dont stick w the more manly looking models on billboards. he’s not selling makeup or plastic surgery. she looks better w out so much makeup…doesnt she realize that much makeup makes her look like plastic? or jLo? i believe ppl will start respecting these famewhores more if they just kept it real and loved themselves, not what they think ppl will love about them. just saying…

  • Anonymous

    to # 8 smh: Are you serious? Aubry has been in ads for Gap, Louis Vuitton, True Religion, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss..and that’s just in 2010 alone. You obvious don’t know much about the world of fashion.

  • HN

    This couple is too pretty. It doesn’t look right.

  • Lessab

    Attention seeking individuals

  • oy

    Yes, when watching Monster’s Ball, all I could think of was how “classy” Halle Berry is. The woman Oscared in faux shagging.

    The man has poor taste in women.

  • Me

    Aubry is dating to type. kim isnt..too vanila and too broke and wussy profession!..this is a friends with benefits thing

  • Jime

    Im gonna cry!!! He’s so hot for the kardashian fameho
    hope the are just friends. I miss him and halle

  • sunny

    This couple is not going to go further than a few dates. They are pretty together though but I agree with others, Kim likes a specific kind of man and pocket book.

  • Stephanie

    Uuhhh this woman is so tacky and the biggest attention seeker ever. From Oscar winner Halle to a reality star Gabriel that’s low!!! Don’t surround that beautiful daughter Nahla of yours with such trash!!! I just lost my appetite for breakfast

  • not totally true

    @Anonymous: Gap, Hugo, Boss, Ck are old accts. for Gabe. 2010-LV, True Religion, that sheet/towel ad and few others.

  • cammie

    How can anyone think Kim’s plastic, implanted orange mask face is pretty …She looks bad next to Gab. He looks natural, she looks like alien wearing a weave

  • tsc

    Think about it. If you were on a date with a man like this would you bring your mother? Doubt its a date..

  • Susie

    He’s so sexy! If he’s dating KK, he better lookout, her mom will try to manage his career as well. On second thought, if she could get him to pose for Playgirl…

  • Ladyb

    I think they are dating. But I don’t see it going over a week.

  • Gorgeous

    YES Kim Kardashian is no doubt a slut.
    But I still think she is gorgeous. Stunning actually. I wish she never got that botox though…and honestly it barely made a difference.
    And Gabriel…ugh he is oozing sexiness.
    If they were to have a baby together…that child would be drop dead gorgeous.
    I had to click on the link when it said Gabriel is Kim’s new guy.
    Whoot! I would cheer this couple on!
    Finally Kim has good taste!
    But one thing is kind of annoying…if you look through all the pictures, in almost all of them Kim is smiling. The only one smiling. It looks like she’s the one having a good time and he doesn’t care. He looks practically expressionless in most of his pictures and you would think it would be the other way around (Kim’s botox) haha joking.
    I hope they date (if they’re not already) and last.

  • lol

    I bet Halle is steaming! lol He’s gotten more responses than she ever has.

  • Kelly

    They sure make a better looking couple than Halle and Olivier.

  • correction

    @not totally true: correction:

    LV, TR, the sheet/towel ads and a few others are Gabe’s new accts for 2010, sorry for the typo.

  • joke

    he is her hottest bf yet. all her others made me want to puke. they actually make a cute couple and both have pretty faces. although I miss Kims old face. she has gotten uglier. looks like her mom more and more everyday when she didnt have to lol. why did she mess with her once perfect models face?????????!!!! ugh. vain much??? She used to be so stunning. money and fame got to her and made her uglier just like lindsay and britney lol.

  • iumm

    ummm honeys Gabe is no broke joke. he is just as good as her old bf’s aka athletes…he is a VERY successful model. um they get paid tons. Gabe has some major A list model work too. He is anything but lower than her! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! in fact he may be richer, he has modeled since the 90s during the Cindy Crawford days!

  • slow


    Halle Berry and Gabe have been broken up since January, so I don’t understand why people have a problem when they broke up.

  • cj

    media whore ……worst than any common street walker…….i would have more respect for the girls who stand on the corner than this phony fake fraud……….without all the cat eye makeup she’s just ordinary but she would perform at the lowest level for pubilcity yuck….

  • Marin

    I think they seem like a beautiful couple. He is hot but seems decent – not a jerk. They look really sweet.

  • OMG


  • christina richardson

    nooooo…. kim is a plastic cheap b*****, and halle is a real Lady….. i come On Gabriel… you can select better

  • C

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought Kim Kardashian was linked to The Dream who sat on her other side at the same Laker’s game. I wonder how she managed to go on two dates at the same time..

  • Really!


    That is not The Dream on the other side of her. It’s Polow da don….not all black people look alike.

  • Ckayed

    This would be very laughable however, there must be something seriously wrong with Gabriel’s brain to be within 500 feet of Kim the OINK-OINK HOG. It is totally gross. No, they do not make a cute couple – KIM IS CLASSLESS and GROSS.

  • Soni

    I think they are great together. She looks like she may have found the good one.

  • Kate

    He is too much for her, she looks like a travesti!!! have you seen her face when she is talking on her show, she is man, can´t be dating with someone from the same sex!

  • cute

    I think they look good together… go Kim!!

  • Ginger

    Well, at least he’s dating someone who’s not ugly. I don’t like Halle after she broke up with Gabriel… =0( So I’m happy for him whoever he dates. kekkekee

  • sven

    Lucky b*tch

    Seriously, doesn’t it look like their PR people helped them coordinate their outfits so nicely.

  • wrong-April

    @slow: Where did you get January. It was announced in April even though I think it was before then.

  • pato

    gee, what people do to get photographed.

  • KCV


    You clearly don’t read magazines, see billboards or go to the mall…his face is everywhere the last 2-3 years. Don’t know much about him, just that he dated Halle. I wish Kim K. would chill on the public relationships…wondering why she’s called a slut so much and Paris isn’t? I know of Ray J (yeah, the video was bad) which she dated for a few years, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and now Gabriel. Paris on the other hand has dated at least 10 guys and make an even nastier sex tape. Kim is a fame whore, but to call her a slut and not half the men of Hollywood is crazy!?! Especially all the women here calling her a slut….be aware of double standards that you use to judge others to make yourself feel good.
    Pushing 40, Tyson Beckford just came out of retirement to be the face of Phat Farm.

  • KCV


    I wish Kim K. would chill on the public relationships…wondering why she’s called a slut so much and Paris isn’t? I know of Ray J (yeah, the video was bad) which she dated for a few years, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and now Gabriel. Paris on the other hand has dated at least 10 guys and make an even nastier sex tape in the last 5 years….plus it’s known she has herpes! What about all the nasty men in Hollywood? Not a huge Kim fan, but damn, where is all this hate coming from? Did I miss something? Kim is a fame whore, but to label her a slut and not half the men of Hollywood is crazy!?! Especially all the women here calling her a slut….be aware of double standards that you use to judge others to make yourself feel good.

  • KCV


    Pushing 40, Tyson Beckford just came out of retirement to be the face of Phat Farm.

  • KCV

    @Serena Dou:
    Is Halle making a big deal or is it the media….just saying!

  • Paul

    I think you’re way to wrapped up into celeberties if u stop liking one because they broke up with the other…how about not liking them based on their personality/actions and not by dumb superficial reasons. I bet you vote based on the same idiotic observations…hence the tea party ; )

  • Helen

    Finally a real cute guy for Kim! They look great together, and at least we know she is not after his sperm only like Halle

  • ya never know

    @Helen: Ya never know. She may be in for a big surprise like Halle. Just kidding. Don’t think it’s any serious-even though Kimmie K was quoted awhile back when out with her sister’s kid that she wanted to be married again and/or have a kid.