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Kate Bosworth: 'Warrior's Way' in Seoul!

Kate Bosworth: 'Warrior's Way' in Seoul!

Kate Bosworth is all smiles in a beautiful Chloe dress at the press screening for hew new movie, The Warrior’s Way, on Monday (November 22) at Coex CGV Cinemas in Seoul, South Korea.

The 27-year-old actress, who accessorized with a JewelMint necklace and Isabel Marant shoes, joined by her co-star, Jang Dong-gun!

Later on in the day, Kate premiered her movie wearing a Jonathan Saunders chiffon top with white beads, brown belt, and short brown skirt. She topped off her look with a super cute pair of turquoise shoes from Aperlai.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth premiering The Warrior’s Way in Seoul…

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Credit: Chung Sung-Jun ; Photos: Getty
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  • Zey

    I mean who’s actually planning to see this movie..?.?.?
    I’ll pass..

  • Angel

    I like how you avoid the one where she’s turned around and her dress is half unzipped. She’s a freaking disaster. So plastic

  • kitx

    1st pic = waxwork

  • TrueBlade

    Beiigeho’s pupils are huge! Somebody’s still in flight. I guess she needs some chemical romance to help her deal with her tall bf who refuses to acknowledge their relationship after a year.But then as she told the Swedish press she has never been happier. I guess her happy comes in brown vial.

    WTF? She looks like she’s wearing a macaroni necklace. Does she not know that Asia is really the wrong place to try to hawk cheap, Tackymint joolree? They make the stuff there, not wear it. They want designers not discounts.

    Btw, if you want a see a great Asian western, rent SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO released in 2007. As usual, KB is 2000 and late.

  • nicole

    Somehow I feel you just might be right sad that it seems for Alex though. We all thought he would be a better man than what he is turning out to be. Like I said before. If you want to see a great Swedish actor who is tough as nails and smart as sh*t to boot then look no further than Joel Kinnaman. Funny how I mentioned him over and over and over here and now Bosworth mentions him in her stupid interview. She knows who has the real talent and wants to make sure she is associated with that as well. Alex is pathetic compared to him. He would NEVER date someone like a Bosworth. ERW was right ALEX’S SH*T is WEAK. He is too weak to get and keep someone worthwhile. I think he could not handle a woman who is more talented and successful. And he is so insecure with himself that he would let Kate lead him astray into the sickening vices of hwood when he had so much opportunity to make more of himself. Instead of being a douche he could be taking acting classes or something to be the level of Joel or someone fantastic. He could be out there really focusing on jobs and development but instead he seems to have pursued hopping around the globe to go to the opening of an envelope like KB.
    And to make matters worse KB has the worst reputation in hwood. She is seen as a homewrecker(Chris Martin), anorexic, bulimic, coked out, famewh*re, pap-calling, dumb, stalking, clinging, twit who just about drove Orlando Bloom insane with her sh*t. Now he is with a real woman and about to have a beautiful child. Alex has the chance to make something better out of this situation but something tells me he is too weak to get out this. He will get trapped and ruin his prospects and existing career. He already did not make the GQ Men of the Year list or the People’s 100 Sexiest Men list(which he made last year) which is just more proof that she has completely ***** wrecked him!!! Wake up Alex!!! She is ruining your sexiest to People mag and that is saying something since some really big jerks make that list every year!!!!! People Mag has already forgotten about you and no doubt the disgust over KB had something to do with it.

  • Funny1732

    Ahahah Alex is still missing! I feell break up in the air…

  • Marty


    Don’t say has a way of kicking us in the teeth….!!!

  • Marty

    all that travel and staying up and jet lag..I wonder how Kate manages to keep looking so awake and energetic?

  • Marty

    when do cher and kate plan to pick out the engagement ring? will alex actually be there or will his or kate’s people let him know he is off the market?

  • TrueBlade


    I’m sure they’ve picked out the Tackymint ring based on Boswasted’s lack of style survey.

  • Amy

    I got to wonder what AS sees in her?! She is a two bit actress and is a total media whore

  • Millie

    Dude! seriously, one day you are literally going to O.D. on haterade.

  • Bunnyk

    The necklace!! is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.
    Hehehe, is it made of painted cannellonis?

  • brneyes22

    This chick wears too much beige.

  • brneyes22

    She wears too much beige.

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    Kate looks stoned.

  • ozangel

    I’m finding it hard to even see her…which can only be a good thing! She is just so washed out. What colour would make her look less like a pasty crack wh***?

    BTW who wears such s*** to a premiere/screening? One would think to compensate for ones extremely poor so called acting, that one would want to wear something fab, so the critics and such would have at least one complimentary thing to say!

  • prisma

    I guess her makeup artist didn’t go to Seoul with her. She looks really washed out.

  • Jenny

    I’m not trying to bash her but she looks terrible – disheveled, her dress is even undone in the back in some of the pics on other sites and she has a glassy smile.

    Is she sick?

  • gemini

    Something tells me that ugly Easter Egg pink lipstick probably isn’t Chanel.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • WTF
  • fashion 911

    KB looks a mess. Did she pick out those outfits herself? Her stylist, Cher Coulter, usually has better taste than this. The bad makeup job doesn’t help the look.

  • Weeds

    Wow, she looks wasted. Is she on drugs?

  • Vixen

    I liked the dress she wore to the LA premiere of Warrior’s Way. That was gorgeous. This stuff looks ill-fitted and off the rack. Not her best style and the makeup is very underwhelming. I’m all for a minimal look but she needs some color to not look embalmed.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife


  • Annie

    Check out those HUGE pupils. Clear sign of someone on some kind of upper.

  • Marty

    you notice she has to travel to KOPREA before Stella McCartney lets her done one of her ready to wear cast offs!!!!

  • hello :)

    i dislike this woman. Alot. But i think even she could have looked better at this premiere. she’s been wearing such dull colours lately and its getting really boring. Personally, i think she does have her moments when she dresses well, but this is not one of those moments.
    PS: i still think ASkars could seriously do soooooo much better.

    @nicole Joel is very hot and a freaking brilliant actor. i like him and ASkars :)

  • Marty

    sorry meant Korea

  • Mike

    All of you who are hating on poor Kate just because she does beard duty, give it up. So many relationships in Hollywood aren’t real. I mean, is it just the Orlando Bloom thing that bothers you? Yes, Kate was his beard but at least she had the class to bow out when her contract was up instead of digging her claws in and getting knocked up to trap him in a fake marriage to ensure she has his name and his money. If you want to hate on someone, go to a Miranda Kerr post and spew venom on her naked, gold digging ass. At least you can see from Kate’s bearding history that when it is over with Alex she will just smile and move on and say how wonderful he was and that will be that.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    ^LOL At least she can get pregnant .Kate is that you girl? I understand your pain I thought that restraining order made you realize Orlando wants nothing to do with you so stop bashing HIS WIFE AND MOTHER OF HIS CHILD it’s not her fault he wants nothing to do with you.

  • Tanter

    She looks downright frightening in the first photo :O Something is NOT right with her. Plain and simple.

  • Anna

    Mr and Mrs Bosworth- why aren’t you doing something about your daughter?….She’s way overdue for an intervention. Also, Cher, you’re fired!

  • LisaM

    I hate her with a passion!! She disgusts me with how she ‘works’ in Hollywood. Do some mediocre film that no one will see, milk it for all it’s worth, date an a-lister, get jobs from the attention, then spit the guy out when you see another more popular guy coming around the corner.
    She makes me sick!! And what’s with the wax figure posing?!?

  • slanted view

    @Anna: Hey, Cher has to work with what she’s got. She doesn’t get a whole lot of good material there (no pun intended). Maybe Cher’s like us and really hates KB because these outfits look like it. And you can’t expect Cher to pin instructions on the dress that say “zip up the zipper in the back”. Or maybe she did – in Korean.

  • kv

    @slanted view: LOL!!

  • kata

    she doesnt look healthy

  • FAB

    OMG, she looks fantastic and those turquoise shoes are the best! You silly girls can hate on her all you want but she’s got it all going for her!

  • muppet show

    hahahaha its very funny that she seems to be thinking that all the press and photographers came to see her!!hahahhaha!!
    she thinks she has already conquer America and now she must expand her ”carrier” in Asia!hahahaha

  • fashionista

    @FAB: I agree. The Fashion Spot today singled her out as a fashion icon.

  • muppet show
    Kate Bosworth has a supporting part in the film (which looks pretty bad), and Kate is beyond thrilled that she has a reason to get all dressed up and walk on a red carpet.

  • TrueBlade

    It’s funny that the only places that feature her are websites that sell clothes. Nothing real or worthwhile.

    Does anyone find it odd that they’re still not using her name on the tv promos for Warrior’s Way? After all, she is the Blue Crush babe and star of Superman Returns. Yet, somehow the studio doesn’t think she’s bankable enough to mention her name or face in the tv commercials.But, hey! The Fashion Spot says she ‘s a fashion icon. Now if only Vogue would agree.

  • haha

    It will be big hit like Salt for sure :-D :-D :-D she is now everywhere.. big star from hollywood :-D

  • herpes is incurable

    OMG, now it is in korea save your children.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    She looks sick her weight is not normal her face is tragic and her hair is falling what happened to Blue Crush Kate?Hell where is Beyond the Sea Kate?Where did it all go so wrong?

  • Apparently….

    @Mike:Mike , you hit that pipe a little too hard this morning. Just becuase we dislike her dresses does not mean we hate her. Asakrs is no where near, so why bring him into the fray? Obviously you have more of a a problem with her boning OB and Aksars than we do. Who gives a rats azz about Miranda.. Get a clue, KB dresses still look horrible ,and if it was Miranda Kerr looking this bad I would say so as well. Personally I wish they all would go away.

  • Apparently….

    @slanted view: LOLLOLOLOLOL…or else Cher is just as untalented as her best friend, because she also dresses Malin Akerman and Sienna Miller, well she prob hates them too. LOL

  • R&M

    I keep expecting her microchip to short circuit and then she’ll keep repeating the same lines over and over. Oh, wait…

  • i look better

    Too much Beige, she definately looks like a wax figurine in pic #1, she is ugly!. It absolutely sickens me that she is dating Askars, what the hell does he see in her? Depressing….is all i can say.