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Miley Cyrus & Avan Jogia: Kissing Couple

Miley Cyrus & Avan Jogia: Kissing Couple

Miley Cyrus makes out with fellow teen star Avan Jogia while celebrating her 18th Birthday Party around 2AM at Trousdale on Sunday night (November 21) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the evening, Miley performed “Love and Forgiveness” during the 2010 American Music Awards.

Miley, who officially turns 18 tomorrow, stars on Disney’s Hannah Montana Forever while Avan, 18, stars on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. The uniting of the teen networks!

Pictured below: Miley with mom Tish and Miley‘s LOL co-star Demi Moore (with daughter Rumer Willis).

You can follow Avan and Just Jared on Twitter @ATJogia and @JustJared!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus and Avan Jogia as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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Credit: Jeff Vespa/MC; Photos: Wireimage, SplashNewsOnline
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  • yajaira

    damn, girl slow down, ure not 18 yet!!

  • Solange

    keepin it classy as always…

  • Jordy

    Wow. Slutting it up again. One that outfit is horrible. And that’s very unclassy to make out with someone in a public place. I had hopes that Miley would turn out good but she failed everyone.

  • love?

    I think the boy is desperate for…. you know

  • ModestMouse

    I thought people stopped dressing like this in the mid noughties?

  • dholmas

    Such slutty behavior. She has wonderful parents. NOT

  • Nicole M

    Oh no, it’s her birthday? Will she be celebrating it for another six months again?

  • commonsense

    Why can’t these kids do their hoe sh*t undercover. Discretion people!

  • marq

    That is one HOT picture of Miley about to be kissed. If it was higher resolution that would definitely serve as my desktop wallpaper. Happy Birthday Miley, I love you at your sexiest! You were the best act at the AMAs and your song was one of the most beautiful I have heard.

  • C

    OMG, she’s kissing her boyfriend in a private party. SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE. Seriously people, get over yourselves.

  • Anil

    He’s half East Indian.

  • xio pio

    I guess it didn’t even matter that her Mom was there…Looks like such a little $lut.

  • Idc

    She looks like she’s having the pleasure of ‘HA! LOOK AT ME. THE BOY IS KISSING ME’ stupidest thing of society ever

  • france

    she had sex with the jonas bro kiddo, the aussie guy, the underwear model guy, this one!!!! wow wayyy to go miley! teen-age pregnancy is on the way!!!

  • MileyFan

    @commonsense: why was people talking the picture of this anyway?!

  • kaiah

    Wow, people need to get a grip. She’s kissing her boyfriend in a club? !! that sinner. LAst time I checked that doesn’t make you a slut. Leave Miley alone. Let her grow up! It seems that all some of you want to do is for her to remain a child forever. Not gonna happen. Also why dont you go see what the 18 year olds are doing in your neighbourhood. Im sure it aint pretty.

  • Face

    Wow … she’s posing with Demi Moore and her mom dressed like that?

  • ginger

    @Face: Who cares, her mother has pretty much taught her how to be a sluttt.

  • ColdChicken

    Wow, seriously!? Bad parenting all around. Britney didn’t even do that ish..well until she was on her 4 year break down streak.

  • mosphere


  • zzzz

    What’s up with the bikini in November? And what is that fleece on the boy’s head-very strange.

  • worldsapart

    Miley was born $lut and spoilt which is worse. And is taking it to the extremes because she’s retarded and not strong enough to deal with her mental problems. She’s kind of frustrated because she barely has excitement or heart feelings and that’s why she’s trying with different men. Poor poor Miley, poor genes. As I said before the girl is retarded and cant change. Poor Miley lololololove you Miley.

  • Shan

    this is so scandalous, a girl with her boyfriend at her birthday party, shes gone off the deep end

  • molly

    if this is a scandal i will forever lol
    this has to be the dumbest one

  • natalie

    oh my god. people said that when she turned eighteen we’d have something to watch, but I thought she’d wait a little…

  • not 21, hello!!!!

    No gaiah it’s not okay for a 17 year old to dry-hump her boyfriend at 2AM in a bikini at a nightclub. She at least neets to be 21 for that. Oh, I forgot. She’s MIIILEEEEEY.

  • not 21, hello!!!!

    I meant kaiah.

  • jen

    wow she just gets sluttier by the minute and I can see where she gets it from, her mom doesn’t look any better. I know she is 18 or about to be 18 but why must she insist on dressing like a skank, its quite sad, she doesn’t need to. Especially since she has soo many fans that look up to her that are extremely young.

  • lm

    what are you talking about? he isn’t even her boyfriend

  • gross, what a ho

    Doing this with some random guy in front of your mom and all your friends is really gross, at any age. B*tch is going off the deep end.

  • From Paris with Love

    o_O the size of that cake just for a 18yo birthday?!!!
    those people who throw huge parties after leaving their 5 million dollar houses in their huge SUVs wearing $1000 shoes and $800 bags will tell us not to waste, not to pollute, how to vote and basically how to live… while generously ‘designing’ shitty charity tshirts and plush stuff for US morons to buy.

  • Richie

    ew! I wouldnt like to be Miley’s kid in my life!!

  • Kelly

    That outfit is tragically tacky, at a any standard. If you’re going with the 18th birthday slutty image it’s best to do at a house party, not at a public place when there’s papparazzi. I’d never let my daughter out of the house dressed so common. It’s not even the amount of skin she’s showing- there’s no class in the wet look (which went out several seasons ago I believe…). Sexuality in clothing can be said with understated effort, elegance, better use of fabrics. Even fur can be used tastefully. This is just tacky and trashy.

  • Haters Suck!

    Y’all are so full of yourselves it’s unreal. Yeah like when you all were 18 you were perfect little angles who never stepped so much as a toe out of line. I’m 22 now and I’ll admit when I was 18 I was no saint, heck I’m still not but I have turned it down a lot.

  • j

    She is like Rihanna, Taylor Momsen and Megan Fox all trying desperately hard to be edgy but its pathetic and we can see right through it so stop. they all want to be viewed as controversial, provocative, rebellious but they are a joke


    HAAAAY y’all! Ahm Maaaleey Caayrus and ays uv tuhdaay ah kin VOTE! Wooohhoooh! Bristol Paylin fer preys’dint , woohoo!

  • laverdadduele

    Why is everybody so surprised by these pics? She’s always been a spoiled brat and a s.l.u.t. Wonder why? just take a look at her self-absorbed parents, it explains everything.

  • KNut

    IMO, she doesn’t seem to be really into him and/or enjoying it.

  • marissa

    first of all i feel bad for liam he went home to take care of business and his girlfriend gets a new boyfreind in about 2 weeks after he leaves, shes all over the place and it is quite disgusting. liam was a nice guy, paparrazi are trying to make it a big deal that he is photoed with some blonde girl but if you found the real story that is his best mates girlfriend. the three of them are photoed together at x17online. way to go miley youre your mother cheating on your father.

  • Rainy

    If this was in the nineties, nobody would care. But the twenty-first century brought along a whole new meaning to the word ‘controsversy’. It’s her eighteenth birthday, for christ sake! Are you going to expect her to be a twelve year old on Hannah Montana forever or can you just let her be like every other girl her age?

  • Sina

    jesus, she looks horrible oO who in the world would walk around like that? looks shitty.. ansd the makeout looks like shes the biggest whore out there.. jesusu christ, grow up miley! in every way!

  • http://_Babsii_ _Babsii_

    miley head looks weard…maybe its a fake…:D

  • faith

    when lindsay lohan started off going to clubs, hooking up with people(remember her infamous relationship with wilmer valderamma when she was 17 and he was 24), everyone said oh she’s young she’s just living her life. and now, the same with miley. it’s clear she has never had any parental supervision. i hate to judge a book by its cover, but seriously look at her mom. she was a rock groupie back in the day and its obvious she still thinks she’s 20. look at britney spears. when her mother was guiding her career, then she went crazy. stability reentered her life when her father took control. i don’t think billy ray is very involved in her life, and that’s probably because he doesn’t approve of the decisions her mom has made for her as her momager.

    i really believe at heart this kid(just because you’re barely 18 doesn’t mean you’re really an adult) is just a simple country girl with infectious energy and a good heart. hate to see another child star go off the deep end, but its inevitable with her infrastructure and the enablers that surround her. and for those of you saying that all 18 year olds do this, um no. dunno how involved you are in your kids’ lives but, for those of us that were raised right…at 18 we were working minimum wage jobs, learning responsibility and thinking about how to pay for college and what to major in.

  • I wasn’t like this at 17

    #34: Nope, I wasn’t and “angle” at 17, and yup, I did a toe out of line. That was rare. My mom was a woman with a serious career and reputation to uphold, and expected me to behave with some dignity. I was not anything like the trashy girl pictured here. I would have come to a party like this one in a dress, and it would have been in an appropriate venue at a much earlier time of night, without the dry humping!. Sorry, not all of us were sl8ts. There are lots of classy girls out there and that clearly doesn’t include you!

  • eternalozzie

    i can’t believe all the morons posting and complaining about her behavior … which is quite normal for a 18 y/o. It’s her life and she can dress how ever she wants and make out with whoever she wants. Sexuality is important to the mental development of teenagers and parents that discourage it are only harming their kids that won’t be equipped to deal with sexuality when their kids are out on their own as adults.

    Get over yourselves

  • Ko

    Lord have mercy!!!!!!!!!! This girl needs Jesus!!!!!!!!

  • Ko

    She makes Vanessa Hudgens look like a saint…and that’s saying alot!!!

  • Veronique

    Wow, look at how big Miley’s head and face look in comparison to Demi.

  • Marie

    And she’s telling everywhere that she wants to remain virgin until her marriage.
    Come on Miley, we’re not as stupid as you!

  • sunny

    She wore that out with her mother present!!!!! Class act… that entire family. This is why America is in the sinking hole it is, thanks to poor family values and lack of guidance. Hats off to the Cyrus family for bringing the Trailer to not only Mid-America but the whole world.