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Hayden Christensen: Canadian with Cravings

Hayden Christensen: Canadian with Cravings

Hayden Christensen keeps a low profile in sunglasses and a Canada cap while dropping by Cravings on Monday (November 22) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actor drove his on-again girlfriend Rachel Bilson‘s Prius to the restaurant.

Earlier this month, sources confirmed that Hayden and Rachel, also 29, have started dating again after calling off their engagement in August.

Last week, Rachel was spotted grabbing some food at Daily Grill in Studio City.

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  • Leslie


  • phatss

    Same sh*ts as his media cr@ap gff-fiance – jobless as well!

  • Jessie

    Yum! – I’m glad him and Rachel are back together.

  • jag

    Sell out wh@re. They deserve each other.

  • jag

    Sell out wh@re. They deserve each other.

  • fitzroy

    The whole (scripted) content of the thread REEKS exclusively for the haters if not for the gullible imbeciles – Good luck there J_MONEY!


    I’m LMAO right now at the haters bashing on Rachel when they split up. Looks like they never did. Anyway…They are back together. Love how this is going to make the haters blood boil. That is like a b*tch slap to the haters. Take that B*tches! =^_^=

  • JJ, why are you so sure that they are back together? Just because he “drove her car”?
    Seriously, unless I see both of them together in same pictures, I am still not going to buy that they are back together.

  • where’s-the-prius

    And you know it FIRST-HAND Jared huh?!?! – a very thoughtful PAID blogger of you…

  • larkine

    HC’s really an epitome of a loser who begets / deserves another (born) loser.
    Btw, Thanks & MORE of the no-hype, much younger, really talented , more humble plus genuinely private “Gareth Hendlund”.

  • lindaso

    it is so nice lol

  • lindaso

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  • nicali

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  • pxy

    i was deeply attracted by his good-looing and smart style when i saw him for this photo .i really like him ,and his films

  • sham-duo

    Whoa and he’s still bumming in LA up till now huh – totally looks un-employed & begging for work. So yah there could be a time for some another media-hype if not a part-time “bootycall” on the side.

  • @15

    I agree with you here my guess is he is learning how to pimp himself out along with the so called relationship. Guess RB got her way and he is now willing to live in LA to please her. Guess his life now will be how to do for Rachel. He is bumping car’s and seems he lunches now off of Sunset Blvd more or less what his g/f does to get remembered in the pages of the tabloids. They just as well be seen together b/c this are they or are they not dating is crap along with the worlds biggest joke he isn’t working, she isn’t working why play pretend.

  • http://twitter annie

    hayden has lived in la for years it never was about the canada thing rb doesnot want to get married too bad hc is still dumb.

  • lexy hates bilson

    He’d better get back to work if he wants Rachel to stick around! Everyone in the house can’t be unemployed with Rachel’s spending habits.

  • gilmorie

    So it’s the ‘gruesome-twosome part 2 (or there’s never-been really a break-up thing but more like a hyping-up thingl)?!
    Who dementedly feels & thinks that w/ thru these guessing games; they’re some kind of the Brangelinas or the Robsten fame… but just only thru “patronized tabloid edition” & nothing or never be anything much else.

  • comrade

    His microscopic gff’s poster-for-job-rejection-disease is really that on-high-alert “contagious” to anyone all the time.

  • @17

    Actually his brother has lived in LA for years the only thing HC had done is visit on occasion and worked here when he can get it. In the past he would stay for a month and go back to Canada now he just stays here let it be the idea to remain here or not depends one would guess on if he can score anything. Maybe be can do the walk on’s of How I met your mother as it stands right now with his own admission he isn’t working on anything.

    Funny how one so called source of her’s claims they are trying it again and his sources says they always talked but he wouldn’t call it dating. Guess one should say it’s a Bootie call when he feels up to it. Or maybe he bought her the car and he has visitation with it now.

  • Holly

    I don’t see Rachel’s car anywhere. She paid you to say that, huh Jared?

  • not surprising

    @21 Hayden’s friend did not say they were “not dating”, he said he would not say they were “back together, exactly”. He said they “talk to and see each other”. Seeing each other, dating each other, its the same thing. They are dating again, but not back together the way they were before they broke their engagement. Seems simple enough, they are taking things slow. No reason to dissect everything they say or do, let them work out their own relationship would make the most sense. Many couples get back together after breaking up, these two were together 3 1/2 years, not surprising they are “working things out”, or whatever you want to call it. And why would he be driving her car on a Monday morning, if he had not been visiting her? You don’t see Tove’s car either, maybe he walked there,lol! The pap probably did not know he had to show the car to “prove” Hayden drove it, lol!

  • Holly

    I’m sorry, but when it comes to Rachel Bilson I do have to see proof that he drove her car. She will say anything and do anything to get her face in the blogs, because that’s all she has. Sure, she’s made some movies lately. Waiting For Forever….apt title, when will that ever hit theaters or go straight to DVD? This BFF & Baby sounds just as wonderful. She has small parts in a couple TV shows, but her 15 minutes was up about 4 years ago, maybe longer. She knows she’s done, so she stirs up trouble. Here we have a picture of Hayden, a picture of a windshield, and that’s it. Rachel is nowhere to be seen, her car isn’t pictured, there is no proof whatsoever that she has anything to do with this picture. Yet Jared mentions her. She pays him $$$$$$$$ to do so or she wouldn’t be featured on here almost daily walking around doing nothing of interest or shopping at Gelson’s AGAIN. She’s a sham.
    When I see a picture of them, TOGETHER, then I’ll believe it.

  • the truth

    @Holly: Iagree i don’t see the can either. And they are not back together. Thye can talk as friends like the guy said.They are just friends.He can also can rent him a car too.@not surprising: Also the friend said that they don’t see each other that much at all. just every now and then. That’s not seeing each other all the time. He come there for businss only.JJ you do not see rachel with him do you.? And no one has confirmed anything yet.

  • Chelly

    I agree. Who cares about him driving her car (plenty of my friends have driven mine), but I do have to see him with her and holding her hand or giving her a kiss to believe they are “back together”. It’s true she probably dumped him (she once said she was more ready for a baby than marriage while they were engaged) and she hardly ever went to see him in Canada (he came here more often than not). Love is blind and I think that’s his issue to sort out. When I see it, then I’ll believe it.

  • not surprising

    @ Holly I can understand your point of view, but I just don’t think it matters that much if they are together again. Really, who cares? It is their life, let them worry about it.

    @ the truth Hayden’s friend did not say “they don’t see each other that much”, he said “yeah they still talk to each other. They still see each other”. He said something else as well, but nothing about how often they see each other. Why do you care how often they see each other? You don’t know them, why get upset if they are together again, or not? lol!

  • shadowy

    Shush you all… Just a hype or not; they don’t really care as long as they see/hear themselves on the tabloid headlines, they would pushing it thru & they would play up this break-up thing again early next year; an apt time when Haydamn’s small Vanishing movie is about to be shown just like what he did during his (self) promos for Takers.
    Remember announcing that “taking a break” news & at the same time attending numerous charity events – how deliberately timely for the incoming Takers showing at that time.
    But Haydamn should be much, much more credible & pitiful this time around (to please again his credulous fans) as Takers somehow gets to scored coz its an smorgasboard movie after all; cast along some co-stars who are more popular than him… compared to Vanishing w/c totally all got was a “small budgeted C-Listed cast”. This latter one seriously needs a lot of hype… errr… help to at least find its place in the box-office just to show off that his HW radar is still not blinking w/ disaster.

  • Holly

    Obviously you care, as you are here posting just as I am!

  • not surprising

    @ Holly Ha, ha, I care enough to post on Hayden’s thread, do not care if they are together or not. If they are I wish them well, if not, hope they find happiness with other people. Bye!

  • Chloe

    Low profile? No, the cap and sunglasses didn’t keep the paps from being tipped that it was Hayden. In fact, it made him more conspicuous.
    But really, I can’t believe anybody really cares if their together or not together. That’s amazing.

  • Holly

    Bye, not surprising!

  • Tabitha

    I’m sure it’s her car reason it’s mentioned guessing we don’t see all the pics the pap took he only sold these few to JJ and told JJ it was Bilson’s ride. Pretty sure if you look at his fan sites who do buy all the pics you will see it’s her car. I’m sure he drove Tove’s car enough so now he needs the princess’s vehicle. I agree with who said he is turning into RB seems now his life is eating out, I’m sure RB will have him holiday shopping and pushing her carts and bags around. Same song different day is all we have now. If he wants his career back on track then he best aspire to find a someone who will help his career not hurt it. Since being with Bilson he can’t seem to score any real good movies all the ones he has done flop in one form or another. Besides the fact he is doing less and less of them now he’s attached to many but very few are in production. As for what the friends say seems these so called friends have loose lips enough to spill out personal shyt when these two so say they are private yea NOTTT. Then tell the friends to STFU and not talk to the press, honestly I think it’s just a plant by either one’s PR team hoping that the idea of them as couple has change so it will turn their careers around. Yea hope they think of plan B if that is the case.

  • Jessie

    Jeez people, it’s none of your business if they are together or just dating or just friends. Why do you really care anyway? You don’t know there relationship, alls you have is pictures based on what you know of them. So what if there back together, it’s not going to affect you any so get over it and stop making assumptions. I don’t know for sure, but it’s pretty obviously they are back together, maybe not back together right now but there as least seeing each other again, first he’s seen leaving her house, then it goes out there dating again, now he’s STILL in LA driving around in her car. Yeah, you can drive in a friends car, but why would he just be doing that if they weren’t back together? I wouldn’t go and drive around in my ex-fiance’s car and be at there house if we were just friends again.

  • jeezzum

    All together now – oh my… my awfully favorite CLOWNY looking coup-let strikes again!
    They just deserves to be made fun of… same as the case when they’re acting (even if it just happens once in a blue moon) on their cr@ppy/shitty film/s.

  • Pest

    RB is like a telemarketer who keeps calling your phone number and trying to sell you a cheap crap that you can’t use. The only reason she is in the media is b/c of HC and her old OC show which died a long time ago. If they want to work it out then hell folks do it without calling the press, having PR release the garbage to the media to publish and disappear to work it out. Only thing is RB can’t be out of LA for longer then a few weeks and can’t be MIA just as long. If you want to work on a relationship it takes two and for all purposes it seems this man working her over more then working with her. RB seems more into herself then him.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    It’s simply goes something like this… “we are fading into oblivion all over again so we need to get our names back out there. And we are using this boring & predictable sitcom story because we are boring & predictable creatures and this cr@p is all we could come up with…” But whatever & nevertheless, it’s nothing really new & no big deal at all as… w/ or w/o the sitcom going on – they would still be “”tear & burn down into pieces”" just like old times – trust on that!

  • Brightside

    I have no faith in the abilities of celebrities (d-list or otherwise) to form mature and lasting relationships. It just doesn’t happen! This will probably last longer than Jessica Simpson’s relationship…but, even if they tie the knot, you can practically guarantee that they’ll be seeing the inside of a divorce court in time. Either because she’s having an affair or because he’s having a affair. That’s the way it is with these people. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much…most engagements and marriages in today’s culture are doomed to fail anyway. Perhaps it’s about time we abolished marriage as an obsolete and out-grown institution. I like the idea of five-yearly contracts with an option to renewal…it gets rid of all that repulsive saccharin-sweet, fluffy-headed romanticism that so irritates me and no churches or wedding (bleuch!) dresses…so, big bonus!

  • Kelly

    That is her car, so why haven’t her reps been contacted to confirm or deny this like last time???

  • Deborah

    I saw a picture the other day, I can’t remember where, of Rachel in an airport at the same time Hayden was at this restaurant. I will not believe they are still a couple because of that reason. Hayden has come out to L.A. a few times over the years, and i mostly have seen him the last few weeks by himself and not with her. So don’t believe this. I also do not see her car and I do not see her in this picture and the other day he was with his manager or something and she was no where to be seen. Don’t believe it if it’s not proven.

  • Pest

    He more or less dropped her off at the airport and took the car, staying in her home etc. Guess she scored some fashion freebies or charity she wants her name recognition too. Most of these dating, engagement, or marriages don’t last long b/c they compete against each other for the fame. If one makes it the other doesn’t causes stress in the relationship. Many will try most will fail. The only way these two have a chance is if one or both drop out or do something not in the public eye anymore. IN RB’s case ain’t happening. I think I saw a thumbnail of that picture of him in her car or a car in some black shirt, looking as if he was hung over. will try to locate it.

  • Amanda

    People, get over it, there back together. Stop making little excuses to show there not, they obviously are.

  • Trish

    @42 How is it obvious? Because you say so? I think I need a little more proof than your word.

  • TPL

    I hope she is ‘okay’ with an open relationship because he made a date with me and some friends in LA tonight….

  • chelly

    I think TPL is tripping on some good stuff.

  • TPL

    Yeah, it’s called “reality”. The truth is that RB gave him an ultimatum six months ago to marry her or loose her. He did not comply so she broke up with him *hoping* he would rather marry her than loose her. But, according to HC, he knew she was bluffing and would take him back in a few months time and she has.

    He has no intention of letting Gina go. His words, not mine. And he’s said he wants to elope with me but I’ve accepted that he’s not going to do that so I don’t kid myself.

  • TPL

    Yeah, it’s called “reality”. The truth is that RB gave him an ultimatum six months ago to marry her or loose her. He did not comply so she broke up with him *hoping* he would rather marry her than loose her. But, according to HC, he knew she was bluffing and would take him back in a few months time once she had cooled off, and she has.

    He has no intention of letting Gina go. His words, not mine. And he’s said he wants to elope with me but I’ve accepted that he’s not going to do that so I don’t kid myself.

  • eyeroll

    @Jessie: @Amanda:

    You should probably learn how to use the correct form of “there”, “their” and “they’re” if you don’t want to get caught as being the same person posting multiple times under different names. Also, you’re that one chick from IMDB. The one that runs the Rachel fan site. Your use of the word “there” when it refers to people just got you caught up. You’ve also been posting on every gossip blog that runs a story about them, using the word “there” to refer to them. I lurk over at IMDB, and you believe anything and everything gossip blogs tell you, but try to act like you don’t. So, why am I not surprised you’re here?

    So, basically what we have here is something that would be considered a money shot. But the pap dropped the ball? Everyone is looking for pics of them together, or something that proves without a shadow of a doubt that they’re at least dating again. The paps know this. But you have this guy who claims he has it, yet has no pics to show for it. No pics of him walking from the car or anything. So, we’re just supposed to take his word for it. Yeah, OK. That may work for Jessie/Amanda/girl that runs a rachel fan site. But it doesn’t work for people who realize how things work.

  • eyeroll

    @not surprising:

    LOL. You actually need to go back and read that article. Because Hayden’s “friend” basically said Rachel was a booty call. And I doubt that was any friend of Hayden’s. Ugh, gullible people. lol irl

  • TPL

    Booty call, back together, it’s the same thing.