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Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Date Night in NYC!

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Date Night in NYC!

Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson leave the Ritz-Carlton hotel for a night out on the town on Tuesday (November 23) in New York.

Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old entertainer left her hotel to tape an episode of Live with Regis and Kelly to promote her latest record, Happy Christmas, which is in stores now!

Check out this television spot for Macy’s Thanksgiving Sale in which Jessica sings Christmas music in a couple’s bedroom!

Watch the video below…

Jessica Simpson: Macy’s Holiday Spot

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38 Responses to “Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Date Night in NYC!”

  1. 1
    RJ Says:

    She looks pregnant?

  2. 2
    meee Says:

    soooooo fat…….

  3. 3
    she is pregnant Says:

    She is so overexpose. she used her personal life for attrention. she is famous for that and she is so pregnant. Her sister was pregnat before she got married.

  4. 4
    nyob Says:

    I hope she is pregnant, because if not . . . whoa.

  5. 5
    sillyme Says:

    Okay, at least the guy is not wearing sneakers. But, good grief, who dresses him?

  6. 6
    LadyB Says:

    Look at the pictures and zoom on this guy’s face. You can tell he’s out of place and seem lost. I wish someone talk some sense into Jessica. This is not a real relationship.

  7. 7
    hotbitch Says:

    This silly ***** is pregnant as hell. Never mind that he’s fresh out of a marriage and she is the rebound chick. Way to go, Jess. He looks like a TOOL. He is not cute, has no job and no decent clothes. WTF?!?!?!!?? Ladies, this is the result of low self-esteem. Don’t be like her. It’s not cute. She’s pathetic and desperate. You know she is soooo satisfied with herself for getting knocked up before Nick has a baby w/ Vanessa. No worries, she’ll figure out her mistakes soon enough……

  8. 8
    sunny Says:

    Holy Pregnancy Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Pregnant.Yep. Look at theothersection here of herand herboobs look like a G cup.Being short and big boobed, sheis carrying all inher boobs and midriff.
    All girls carry differently.
    A good friend of mine, taller,lean,loked like there were 2 basketball balls by her mid section.

    Sorry, but EricJohnsonis in now way even a little cute. Whats up the hair?
    Cann’t he brush that mess down? Can’t Ken Paves cut that mess and gel it ?

    His clothes? Untidy.YouJessica is lowballing with him. Look at Nick.Handsomeand dressy.
    John Mayer had tens of millions to go with his look so it passed.
    TonyRomo is cute.

  10. 10
    BaBy Perfume Says:

    Seems this engagement is proving to be the best career move so far..she is being photographed non-stop going to events..i think she has always made more money married..

  11. 11
    tubby Says:

    I guess a talentless ugly cow has to stay in the news however they can when they have a terrible album to promote. Ever think this tranny overeats cause its so miserable over its fake life?

  12. 12
    Soul Fly Says:

    Wow, she’s so pregnant….

  13. 13
    Lucky Biotch and I mean Eric Says:

    Yep. She is pregnant.
    they probably wont’ announce it until after Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and into way next month.Maybe not until after Christmas , really.
    It would be better announced after the Holidays.
    Eric is a lucky biotch in that he , a nobody with no job, gets some money from Jessica.
    Thing is , her family LOATHES Nick Lachey.
    They loved Tony Romo .They are nuts crazy about this Eric ugly thing.

    All Nick did was fight for his fair share of profits from their business projects and he did not lay down and die ,disappear , as they had hoped.

  14. 14
    Australia Says:

    Why is everyone so mean to Jessica? This is crazy, you are all judging her, calling her fat & being so rude. Its terrible that some people are so nasty and have it in them to be so bloody rude!
    Australians would never speak of people like this.
    You should all go and look in the mirror and have a long hard think about the way you treat her and who knows else, this way. I dont think that any of you would appreciate it.

  15. 15
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    She does look preggers! If she’s not she needs to go on “Date Night” at the gym!! And yes she NEEDS to look good and keep in shape – just like the other talentless fame whores! If she had some talent she wouldn’t have to worry!!
    Maybe Papa Joe is hoping she’ll get a deal for a plus-size clothing line.

  16. 16
    Lucky Biotch and I mean Eric Says:

    Ha,yeah,plus-size clothing will be coming up and don’t forget the wedding pics sale to a mag and the maternity clothing line.

  17. 17
    LittleJ Says:

    @Australia: It is hard to respect someone with no self respect. She has sold her soul for a silver dollar. Rest in Peace.

  18. 18
    lisali Says:

    Either Jess is pregnant or really letting herself go……………..yikes.

  19. 19
    FRISCO Says:

    Yes, there are rumours out there she has a bun in the oven. Why else do you think there’s a shotgun wedding happening so soon. BTW, this guy is fugly. A big downgrade from Nick.

  20. 20
    Mello Yello Says:

    It’s a shomance and it won’t last. Taking bets they don’t even make it to the alter.

  21. 21
    Indara Says:

    I think she’s beautiful.

  22. 22
    Annie Says:

    So sad, that she has to expose her private life to get some recognition, and to keep her name up there.

  23. 23
    Fashion, baby! Says:

    She’s preggers.

  24. 24
    Me Says:

    Hey @Australia – don’t use our country as your user name when you want to yap on about ridiculous **** like that. People have their own opinions – get over it. This is a celebrity site after all. Do you really think people will be all sweetness and light here?
    Also, did you guys see her perform “My Only Wish” on Regis and Kelly? HOLY CRAP, FATMAN. It was friggin’ appalling. Her voice has certainly been “corrected” on the CD.

  25. 25
    You're kidding Says:

    @Australia: DO NOT use Australians in general to make your point. You do not speak for all of us. Peace.

  26. 26
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Saw her last night on Jimmy Fallon.
    EricJohnson is a vegan. His whole family is.
    They are having tufourkey-tufo turkey—-UCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    A vegan is one who does not eat meat, meat by products, or wear materials from animals.

    She did not say if she is going Vegan, only that she is fromTexas where everything is fried.

    Hmmm,how does that work with her being a Vuiton handbag and lug fan.
    Jessica conforms to every man she is with.
    Who is Jessica and waht does she like?

  27. 27
    itstrueagain Says:

    Her voice WAS appalling. Who would buy that CD?? I thought it interesting that on Regis she wore a very busy black dress, and sang against a black background where you could only see her face and her enormous chest. Everything else was camouflaged well. The most interesting thing she said during the interview was that her boyfriend/fiance was very ZEN….not sure what that means…but to look at him, he’s just plain ‘icky’. I can’t think of any other word to describe him. She’s his meal ticket. Apparently she doesn’t care that she’s marrying a divorcee, jobless, not particularly attractive, and actually kind of sloppy. Wait…maybe THAT’s what ‘zen’ means. Hope she’s happy.

  28. 28
    Lillianne Says:

    Out on the town in NYC and he wears a polo shirt? What a rube.

  29. 29
    Lillianne Says:

    Not polo – sports shirt. But still, not tucked in and she’s wearing a cocktail type dress.

  30. 30
    uhhhhh Says:

    Someone looks out of there element & its’ not Jessica. Smile ERIC.

  31. 31
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    itstrueagain,she has been wearing black on every show . Hmmm….pregnant.

    I am not a Jessica hater. I feel sort of sorry.
    THis Eric guy is bad news. It won’t last.

    Nick and Vanessa are more equals.
    Nick has more money than Vanessa, but they are both D-list right now.

    Jessica is worth about 75-100 million.
    No lying, her shoe line at Dillards/Macy’s and handbags are good.Trenedy.
    She has ,with her parents ,expanded that licensing line way beyond that.

  32. 32
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Tomorrow,Macy’s Parade.dyalight, sunny,yep, she will be dressed in busy, busy,pattern laoded, folded black or maybe a Santa type outfit.

  33. 33
    Shurly Says:

    Ok, she is so pregnant !! If she’s not, then she has a really huge stomach and she needs to dress differently…

  34. 34
    Vale Says:

    she looks nice but a few fat :/ not her face her other

  35. 35
    call a stylist jess! Says:

    at least in these pic’s her hair was washed. Usually it’s flat & greasy on top, you can always tell when someones hair isn’t clean and she did state she lets DAYS pass without washing it on “kens advice’..Yuck. And she can’t carry a middle part, it makes her look pumpkin faced. if this woman had a stylist who dressed her, maybe she wouldn’t look as she does. She’s always, ALWAYS dressed wrong for her built. and why always carry a 2 ton purse (not here, and she looks so much better too, a clutch, yea!!!)…she needs a makeover and a new hair style (that’s shampooed) and I bet no one would think she’s as heavy as she appears when she’s dressed as she usually s which is usually all wrong! she does look preg. sideways here though, who knows..

  36. 36
    jamey Says:

    At one time, at least Jessica had her voice going for her. Judging from this clip, it sounds like that’s not even true any more. I’ve never understood Macy’s infatuation with her, unless they are just making fun of her dimwittedness?! That was cute on the Newlyweds, not so much for a 30 year old woman.

    Eric seems so creepy.

  37. 37
    Bun in the oven Says:

    Saw her interview on a show and she says Ericis a Life Caoch.
    A Life Coach.

    Hmmm, in other words,unemploed.

    LifeCaoch is god though cos’he has coached his way to dropping a bun in her oven and getting a million dollar life style for hismself.

  38. 38
    Hayden Says:

    Wow, looks like Nick Lachey dogged a bullet! I bet he’s glad she divorced him now. Jessica vs. Vanessa Minillio equals NO comparison!!

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