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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Flight from Fort Lauderdale!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Flight from Fort Lauderdale!

Suri Cruise says goodbye to a friend as she and mom Katie Holmes take a private jet out of town on Tuesday (November 23) from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The 4-year-old held hands with Katie as they left Allure of the Seas cruise ship and headed home.

Yesterday, Katie was spotted taking a walk around the boat after filming scenes for her new comedy with Adam Sandler, Jack and Jill.

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katie holmes suri cruise private jet 04
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katie holmes suri cruise private jet 08
katie holmes suri cruise private jet 09

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  • marq

    Suri already boasts a repertoire of subtle nuance she’s gleamed from her thespian parents.

  • Rainy Day

    Ohmigod. She is dressed like a kid! Of course, Katie has dirty, messy hair, a bra strap showing, and her shoes don’t fit, but that is normal for her.

  • missy

    Katie’s hair isn’t messy, it’s wet. Hello, they were on a cruise. And it’s probably a swimsuit not a bra strap.

    Suri looks so adorable and happy. Nice to see.

  • missy

    meant to say her hair isn’t dirty, it’s wet.

  • naomi

    beautiful girls

  • Maylee

    Were Tom is he steal filming the movie or is he off doing something else.

  • Adorable Suri!

    Nice to see a little girl dressed as a little GIRL, isn’t it JP Fans? Or isn’t it? Would you not love to see Shiloh in a top and shorts and cute silver shoes like Suri here? She would look adorable. Even those boys, all gray/black. Well, after reading the new Vogue, I know why. AJ states she wears all black all the time because then she doesn’t have to ‘match’ everything, just dress and go. Oohhhh I see. and the same for the kids who are always in like combat clothes shades..all of them. Sometimes she allows some white for Z.
    Suri looked better with her short bob, this hides her face too much. And she’s adorable! Love katie too!
    Maybe one day AJ will stop dressing Shi as a boy, and don’t give me she demands this, yeah sure..she was dressed in a skull tee shirt on People in her very first photo to the public. enough said.

  • sunflower

    Every time I see Katie with Suri, I can’t help thinking about Tom’s other children. Particularly Isabella. I don’t ever see them with Nicole, who is their mother. And it’s rare to see Katie with Isabella. Sad. I know Tom and Conor are seen together now and then.

  • why, #8?

    The pictures here are of the Cruises, not the Pitts. Why do you comment on the wrong people? OOOOH, you HATE the PItts and just can’t quit obsessing like a sicko. Sorry, my bad.

  • and #2 HATES Nicole

    Are you the same person? Probably. Get some help.

    As for Suri, she looks happier lately, nice to see her smiling, walking, running.

  • and #2 HATES Nicole

    I meant #9.

  • Rainy Day

    @Adorable Suri!:

    Why do you always feel compelled to bring up the JP’s on the TomKat threads?

    Each child is an individual and beautiful in their own ways.

    I suppose tho you are just an incredibly wonderful parent and never do anything wrong, your kids are always dressed appropriately in cleaned and pressed clothes and they show no curiosity about their surroundings so therefore they don’t need to wear clothes to play on a playground or to play rough and tumble games with their brothers???

  • why, #8?

    Don’t worry, Rainy Day, Adorable’s comments will be voted out in no time and made to disappear!

  • sillyme

    Suri has friends? And, about Isabella and Nicole, Sunflower, from what I understand, Nicole does see her. Just because they’re not photographed publicly, doesn’t mean there’s no relationship. I kinda feel sad for Isabella, though; unlike Connor, who you see smiling a lot, Isabella never really looks happy in pictures.

  • Chloe

    So hundreds of gallons of fuel is expended into the atmosphere so that these two can be transported on a private jet, instead of a commercial flight? That’s irresponsible. I can’t believe people still do this type of thing, it’s worse than the high-end gas guzzlers.

  • marq

    I notice I get negative comment ratings, even for the most innocuous observations. I almost feel honored. It almost approximates the hate heaped on celebrities here, (were it multiplied a million-fold).

    How do celebrities manage to take it? How do they continue to martyr themselves so, for such an ungrateful public? Damn, I admire celebrities.

  • Suritard

    Well picture #9 is scary!
    You can see Kaka’s ankle is as thick as her tree trunk thigh!
    As for the brat, stimming with painted nails is really impressive.

  • so judgemental

    Suri is allowed to dress like a kid and have a non Scientology friend that is actually age appropriate? Wow.. Xenu’s home planet has officially frozen over!!!

  • Question

    Why can’t Suri talk? She’s almost 5.

  • eve

    OMG this CHILD runs , moves by herself. AT LEAST!!!! she can walk. miracle, miracle !!! brawoo :)

  • Suritard

    @so judgemental:
    How do you know the ‘friend’ is non-Sceino? nor a prop? might have been inspired by one of the Adam Sandler’s movies.

  • ScientoFreak

    Why Kaka Homely lips are always dark / black, whether she still smokes?? WOW I just realized that Kaka Homely’s legs are short & huge.

    btw to “sillyme” #15 – this is why Isabella will join with Nicole her mother when she turn 18 on December, because Isabella always be the nanny for Princess Suri that’s why bella always seem sad.

  • Summer

    Suri is not cute but it is good to see she has friends but those girls are not the same age as her they look to be three to four years older. It’s also good to see her dress like a kid and not like a doll maybe being around people outside of sciencetology gave Katie some in site on letting her kid dress like a kid and not a adult or doll. This will probable all stop once she around sciencetologist 24/7 again but for now its refreshing.

  • Suri Jackson
  • Suri Jackson

    I can’t stand Katie, but I do think that Suri is cute when she’s allowed to be a kid.(and I don’t mean with a baby bottle)

  • anon

    @Adorable Suri!:

    Hmm, delicate as a bull in a china shop…..LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!! ALL OF THEM! (including ~shudder~ yours)

  • hmm….

    Without fashionista dress – I think Suri isn’t cute, she looks like a normal child

  • Hippie Chick

    I agree. Tom is a very wasteful person. He loves to say it’s for security, but look at people like Leonardo DiCaprio who manage to fly commercially. Leo is a much better role model for recent generations. He lives green, and shares his views, but he’s not preachy to the point of pushing the public away.
    Wake up Tom!!! We’re tired of you and your controlling pathetic ways.

  • Blue Collar Man

    ooooohhhhh!!!! Tom is gonna be mad when he sees that Katie let Suri out of her cage, and in SHORTS! Run Katie, run!

  • lucy

    It’s good to see Suri having some fun. I have to admit that she really does look more like Joshua Jackson than Tom Cruise.

  • marta

    @Adorable Suri!: I like Suri but do you really think silver boots or for example girly pinky dresses are cute? Bad for you! I like JP boys dark clothes but know you don’t have to but it’s not the reason to criticize Angelina so much. I personally think Suri style is nothing special but JP kids almost always look nice

  • sydney

    I personally like Suri’s style so much more than the JP kids’. Not that it matters one way or other since they’ll all wear what they choose or what their parents choose until they are old enough to decide.

  • Disco Woman

    GAWD, Katie! Cut Suri’s hair it’s so nasty! Suri looked kinda’ cute with her hair pulled back and not in her face! I have to say, these pic’s of Suri and Katie are really NOT flattering! Katie, as usual is a mess and Suri just is NOT cute. When Suri was around 2 I thought she was cute but now, oh heck NO!
    Suri is the spitting image of Joshua Jackson !! Has to be his!
    Get lost Tom! Katie needs to kick him to the curb!!!

  • hot chocolate

    Disco Woman:
    Everything you said was right on the mark, except that Suri is quite cute despite Katie’s ongoing attempts to make her look like crap.
    I’ll respect your opinion but can’t give a thumbs up or down.

  • Hella Brat

    Gotta check out this pic of Suri giving a kid some serious ATTITUDE !! What a Hella Brat!
    Scroll down, then click on pic!

  • Ginny

    @Hella Brat:
    It creeps me out everytime someone links me to that site. The Katie Holmes main photo is so hideous. Amazing that a fan site selected THAT alien photo as the first face that visitors encounter. Ugh!

  • Hella Brat


    Sorry, Ginny but this pic is uber unfortunate! Katie’s figure is god awful!

  • maxie

    wow suri’s dressed like a normal kid! lol!!

  • biopic
  • nnn

    finally i can see her walk by herself!! <3

  • high kite

    Suri walks like the Hunchback Of Notre Dame….what is her problem?

  • rudolph

    @Disco Woman:
    Katie can’t leave Tom. She signed a contract. He has to end the relationship. Tom made a fatal error regarding Suri’s father. I don’t think he was bought. I don’t think Tom considered him to be a risk to his plans, and Josh himself probably isn’t a threat because he would have to accuse Tom of fraud and lies if he persued a dna test. The bigger threat is Suri. She has numerous features that are exact matches to Josh: Hair and eye color, shape of mouth and browline, and of course her nose. Whether now, or when Suri is old enough to seek the truth on her own, Tom’s lies are going to be uncovered.
    There are similarities to the Liv Tyler story, but the reality is that Todd Rundgren stepped in to raise Liv, not for personal gain, but because Steve Tyler was a drug addicted mess in those days. Tom’s motives are purely selfish. Karma is going to catch up with him.

  • annie

    What a shame, JJ didn’t print the best pic of all, the one where Suri is giving a big hug to one of Jeane Yangs girls. How adorable is she, running with open arms to greet her friend, and walking together , still hugging.
    You can criticize, as much as you want, but Suri Cruise has quite a network of little friends, who joined her aboard the ship , and her mother is a lovely looking young woman. The more I look at JJ , the more I think that. She’s pretty and natural at the same time. I also think that Katie and Suri have a very nice life, and that little miss Suri Cruise is a very fortunate little girl.
    And , the thing about Joshua Jackson is really becoming a joke now.
    The funny thing is , by saying that , you are making Tom out, like he holds a lot of power, and you make Joshua sound like he is a shallow idiot. Give it up!

  • Karen

    My mom and aunt were on the Allure of the Seas with them. My mom said that Katie is very pretty and was sweet to her. While Katie was filming, Suri was in the kid’s adventure playland with other kids. She also met Adam Sandler who tried to help her when her camera wouldn’t cooperate.

  • annie

    @ high kite
    Do you have any more videos for us to see , that was so cute, Suri and her little friends boarding a plane to go home after a few days on a ship. Never thought I would say this, to such a spiteful person, talking that way about a little girl, but thanks for the video anyway!

  • rudolph

    Quite to the contrary. Anyone denying the resemblance to Josh is the joke, and how can you imply that HE is the shallow one. Josh and Katie were together 2 weeks before Katie got brainwashed by Tom, and she never spoke to Josh again. It had been over 6 months since the last time he had spoken to her when those “3 month” belly (haha) photos came out in October. Tom went to insane lengths to shift that pregnancy timeline…the media and public knew something was fishy, but couldn’t really nail down what was going on. If we couldn’t fully accept that Tom could go to the lengths needed to perpetrate a media manipulation of this caliber, then how can you put any blame on Josh for not thinking this was feasible? He and Katie were really good friends (or so he thought).

  • KARLA—


  • Soni

    I think Suri is adorable and looks just like her mother, but seriously she needs a haircut. A cute little bob would be the best.

  • ellie’

    Suri is beautiful..I love Katie & Tom…