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Matt Bomer Speaks Out for Religious Tolerance

Matt Bomer Speaks Out for Religious Tolerance

Matt Bomer speaks out in favor of religious tolerance in this new PSA for USA’s Characters Unite.

The 33-year-old White Collar actor shared, “It’s been a sensitive issue since, oh, the beginning of time, but lately it seems that religious intolerance has been growing.”

“While we can disagree about the past and we can argue about the future, we’re all here now!” Matt continued.

Learn more about Characters Unite at their official site!

Matt Bomer for Religious Tolerance
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  • SayWhat!

    “OK, I’ve memorized my lines, said them in front of camera, it’s a wrap, now give me my damn check.”

    SHUT UP!

  • mmm

    Mattttt……I’m in LOveeeeeeeeeeee

  • Kristy

    Good, well done Matt Bomer. It’s about time someone bring this up. It’s like you must be tolerant and accepting of everyone…except those who practice religion. Or more to the point Christianity, everything is accepted these days, except Christianity. It’s unfair. It should be the same for everyone- gay, straight, Christian, atheist, whatever.


    A Gay guy defending religion rights, when religion takes away his own rights or calls his lifestyle an abomination. SAD…

  • Jokergurl

    Religious tolerance would be great but that’s a very tall, impossible order because people will always try to push their beliefs off on to someone else. The main 3 that seem to be in the media all the time though Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all from Abraham. Which means they’re more the same than different. Every religion though has used violence as a tool, (look it up if you don’t buy it) and use religion as a justification for that violence. I don’t care what religion you are, if you’re a good person, it doesn’t matter which God you follow. What I do find despicable and downright just pisses me off is people who use religion as a justification for violence against innocent people (terrorists (Hezbollah, Hamas) fundamentalists,(Osama Bin Laden) radicals, far-right extermists, (Timothy McVeigh) religious nuts (aka David Koresh types) I have NO tolerance for these people at all.

  • perfect lol

    Exactly Matt!!! Past is over, live present and think about future. If you think you had faults in past try to mend them in present to live at ease in future. That’s strenght!

  • jessemosslover

    Screw you matt, I dont tolerate any religion where women have no rights and are brutalized by the men in their lives if they dare think for themselves. (muslins)

  • psychic

    Jews are arrogant people. you can’t deny that. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • marq

    It’s something of a quandary to be tolerant of the intolerant especially the most extreme who would stone others or burn them at the stake for merely not cleaving to their narrow admonitions of rigors, strictures and mortification, as if asceticism is some kind of virtue..

    I do find it progressive that the Governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, interceded on behalf of a Christian women and mother of five, Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death for a perceived religious blasphemy. The Punjab Governor sent a petition in her behalf to the president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari.

    I will try to be more respectful of everyone’s religious views, even where they are intolerant of others and where they express only hate. At least I will strive to be politer in my rhetoric.

  • marq

    * more polite*

  • Dave

    @Kristy: LOL are you honestly saying everything is accepted EXCEPT for Christianity? When we as a country do Christian things without even knowing it? Christianity is embedded into our everyday culture.

    My god if you think its bad for Christians what would you think if you were a part of another religion. You’d think its hell on earth.

  • Alex

    I’m appalled by this. You’d think that with the scientific progress humanity has made we would have evolved beyond the need to believe in mythical Gods. How sad.

  • Amber

    No offense to Bomer, but I’m surprised he chose to do the religious PSA over any other social issue. I haven’t seen religion attacked in the news or wherever near as much as I’ve seen GLBT issues attacked, like Obama dragging his feet on the DADT repeal. It’s great that he did this, but as an agnostic, I have no real use for religion. I just let people do their own thing, and as long as they don’t try and convert me, I’m good. Religion’s obviously very important in his life, but not in mine.

  • willa

    @No to WESTBORO CHURCH: Matt Bomer is gay? I could have sworn he talked about his gf in Glamour? Huh?

  • annalyne

    @Amber: You dont have to belong to a religion to recognize discrimination against Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, etc is wrong. I’m atheist but I fight for the rights of everyone. I’m also straight but gay rights is important to me.

  • banana

    @psychic: Jews in Israel are unfortunately comitting another holocaust. I find that those who have experienced discrimination in the past often repeat that cycle.

  • jenny

    @jessemosslover: Muslins? I had no idea bedsheets had such a hold on women! Oh huh kinda makes sense…Im a slave to my comfy bed :)


  • D.

    I suspect Bomer didn’t want to be criticized for doing the equivalent of an “it gets better” video on gay bullying/issues while living in the glass closet. Happened to Zachary Quinto last month. It would be hypocritical for a gay man who is not completely out to do a PSA saying there is nothing wrong with being gay.

  • AJ

    I’m gay and I’m a Catholic. I just want to point out that the most judgemental and intolerant Christians tend to be the loudest. I’m surrounded by lots of Catholics who are tolerant to gay rights too. I even go to a Catholic school where a whole chapter in my Religion textbook (it’s a compulsory course) was dedicated to how gay people should have rights. It’s just unfortunate that people tend to judge Religion by the actions of the most loudest, because they tend to be the most intolerant. And there are also the very intolerant Religions too (such as the westboro baptist church) but I just ignore their ignorance. But of course, everyone should be tolerated. No matter their sexual preference, race, politics, Religion, actions, etc.

  • ricky

    It’s funny, in a sad way, that people have to point out to the most extreme fundamentalists to try and prove their point that religion is wrong when there are good people who are religious out there doing good things all the time. All the negative comments on here just proved his point.

  • Claudia

    It’s a simple PSA with a simple message, if it’s not your deal then move on and do something important for the world yourself! This gorgeous, sexy man could pursuade me to do anything!. Can’t wait for January 18th.

  • R Reed

    @SayWhat!: Uh, actors don’t get paid for PSA’s.

  • R Reed

    @No to WESTBORO CHURCH: Maybe it’s because being gay is ‘what’ he is, but not ‘who’ he is, a trap many gay people fall into including some of my own friends. Bravo Matt.

  • ****

    Hey Matt, Christians and Muslims want you and your husband dead, so let’s see how far “religious tolerance” gets you.

  • Greta

    We should all thank whichever superior being we believe in for the perfection of this guy.This guy has got it all.

  • Harry

    Matt Bomer doesn’t talk about gay issues, anti-gay bullying, anti-gay harassment.

  • Harry

    So Matt Bomer, a gay actor doesn’t talk about gay issues, anti-gay bullying, anti-gay harassment.

  • Pete NYC

    @Harry: Why should he, just because he’s gay? That’s sort of stereotyping and one dimensional of you. Another actor did the PSA on bullying.


    @AJ: Are you kidding me? Probably you forgot that one of the “Loudest” people is your dearest POPE. Whose ignorance against GAY rights is undeniable . Finally old codger understood the importance of HIV prevention and approved use of condoms. Seriously? Don’t even let me start on pedophilia issues.

  • me

    he’s pretty i must be admit but white collar is very bad :/ i dont know his act and who is and sadly looks gay or weird super fixed i dont like super fixed guys better something like jdepp or jgyllenhaal :P

  • me

    anyway i really support gay guys but for my own likes for me i dont like gay guys

  • Brooklyn Girl

    white collar is excellent and one of the most critically acclaimed shows on tv.