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Taylor Momsen Taking Indefinite Hiatus on 'Gossip Girl'

Taylor Momsen Taking Indefinite Hiatus on 'Gossip Girl'

Taylor Momsen is reportedly getting less screen time on Gossip Girl during the second half of the season.

Taylor, who plays Jenny Humphrey on the hit CW show, will begin an indefinite hiatus after next Monday’s episode, according to Deadline.

CW declined to comment but sources said Taylor will be gone for at least four episodes beginning with the show’s mid-season finale on December 6.

An insider adds that Taylor has been reduced because of creative reasons.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gossip Girl without Taylor Momsen?

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  • Who Cares

    I think she’s a little kid trying to figure out who she is. I went through it when I was her age, though I did wear pants.

  • andy

    good riddance. the show is better off without her.

  • developer outsourcing

    Taylor momsen is a good actress.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I second that! Good riddance to the Corpse Bride!!!

  • i like her. i don’t want to go.

  • AJ

    I used to like gossip girl. The first season when Jenny was sweet, fresh faced and pretty. And then Taylor changed, thus Jenny’s storyline went downhill, the writers turned her character into a b*tch. And now, Taylor is just…let’s just say I can’t even look at her anymore.

  • boo

    one my prayers is answered finally!!

  • Well

    She looks terrible.

  • Enrica

    Finally !

  • Maximum Miley Fanpage

    Taylor is amazing..gossip Girl won’t be the same without her..Taylor is probably wanting out of her contract..Music is what she really wants to do and she is doing amazing. Taylor has modeling and music..she doesn’t need Gossip Girl. she has been working in show business for 17 years..give her a break losers.

  • Amazed

    @AJ: I second that,

  • ahey hey

    thank the heavens above!!!

    momsen is the biggest piece of baggage on gg.

    that underage, boob flashing slut should definately be axed.

    everytime she comes on screen i want to munt at that whore walking onto screen. no-one can like her the way she is, and her storyline remains the same every episode. shes just too dark, emo and horrible for this show.

    but i do agree that she did well in season 1. I don;t give a shit that she works hard and likes black. that’s not what the show is about. the show SHOULD NOT ajust to her. SHE SHOULD!!!

  • Jasmine


  • George W

    People seem to take her way too serious and judge her too harshly.Just remember that she’s still young and trying to find out who she is,underneath all that zombie makeup is a pretty talented girl.


    I’d like to think 4 weeks = 28 days rehab. If so, that’s a good decision on her part.

  • http://NikkiBrychova Nikki

    I’m glad, I hate her :D
    In the first season, she was great. Nice hair, nice make-up…but now? OMG! She looks like a zombie, and it’s not pretty at all .. And tha last seasons is Jenny a bitch so .. Thanks God!

  • li

    this show is so boring, why is it on tv yet?

  • Sarah

    why is she who can act gone and jessica szhor who sux still there?

  • oh

    Creative reasons is the delicate way of saying we don’t want to put up with your antics anymore….She’s definately hurting under all that makeup, drugs, and promiscuity…Darkness is not becoming on her. She needs a mentor to help her get it together or else she’s toast.

  • giovanni93

    the show is better without her…..she looks like the female form of the devil…..she frightens me :O

  • S

    Thank GOD! She’s awful and so miserable to watch! Hope she never comes back

  • Fiona

    I think she’s a poser. She says something crazy and wears stupid clothes but to me she seems like just so desperate to look like crazy person. She can’t stand how sane and healthy she is.

  • Anita

    My prayers have been answered!!!! I still dont know why Jenny hates Serena – it makes no sense shouldnt she be mad at Blair?!

    As for Taylor; shes a teenager who is growing up. I think when it comes to music, at that age we all think we are the “REAL DEAL” lol when in fact most of us are just posers. And thats what she is really but shes young. BUT the girl is hella annoying; the way she speaks and the things she says to validate herself as a being rock n roll is just ridiculous; like when she said she carried knives etc. The cliche makeup and hooker gear makes her even more laughable.

  • Alexandra

    As much as I like Taylor Momsen and her character on Gossip Girl, I dont see it as that big of deal. Her character pretty much didnt have a story line. If Blair or Chuck were gone…then we’d have a problem.

  • sami

    yay! drinks on me!

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Have never watched the show. Don’t give a rat’s a*s*s.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    She’s a stupid little kid who’s attitude is gonna kill her career before it even starts. Nobody wants to work with a little bish, especially when that bish is hardly talented. The show will be fine without her because her character has ran its course

  • marq

    I am ashamed that I never came more to her defense, as she has been holding down the fort on the frontier as if she was defending the Alamo, by dressing sexy from her early years, against firestorms of criticism, ridicule, hate and scorn.

    I was particularly remiss in not sounding off when Perez Hilton was demeaning her so viciously.

  • Danielle

    Agree, she is so stupid

  • Meija

    Jeeezz, she’s just a poser…poooseer. Trying hard to be a gothic girl meanehile her life isn’t goth at all, with those fame and money from pop culture that she sells. Come ooon, that’s not a rock chic. There’s deeper meaning to be a rockstar/a goth princess beside wearing black and heavy make-up.

  • geana

    thank God!!my prayers have been answered

  • Ginger

    I always forget that she’s even on that show! I’m glad she’s gone. Off the GG subject here, but she’s too young to be walking around like a hooker especially in that video of hers…

  • gg

    Creative Reasons. That’s the explanation producers use when they get rid of an actress for being a pain but can’t say it outright. Isn’t that right, Mischa Barton? The other excuse of course is that “there was nothing else for her character to do.”

    The GG producers ought to be thankful that the most unprofessional cast member is just a supporting actress. They can reduce her appearances and eventually write her off and it really won’t affect the show. The OC had the misfortune of having its lead actress exhibiting unprofessional, diva-ish behavior. And that wrought havoc on the series. Mischa, of course, was also fired for “creative reasons.” Watching her on the Fearne Cotton show, it looks like she hasn’t really changed.

  • ****

    That little beetch will look back in 20 years when she’s working the cash register at Wendy’s and say, “what the fuk was I thinking”.

  • Zukayi

    …Its sad indeed, I think she should eat a humble pie and focus on her acting career instead of music!

  • katielane

    I think this is for the best. Her image outside of her professional work is just ridiculous. She wants to be hardcore but tries so hard she is the exact opposite of hardcore, which would be a poser. Hopefully they truly are phasing her out of the show, and this means the pop culture world is phasing her out relevance-wise. She really provides nothing of substance, or talent, for any of us. Perhaps she can be a model for Hot Topic.

  • fefe

    THANK GOODNESS! I hated her on GG!

  • :):)

    GOOD news! Finally! I’m sorry for her but gossip girl will be better without her. Since she becomes that slutty, her make up is not classy to be in gossip girl. She’s totally belong in Brooklyn

  • michelle

    i dont like her , she is a poser.

  • Clare

    Love her!! i think shes amazing she’s so unique and no one else is like her!!!!!!!!

  • ketrinXX

    she might have a bad attitude but i think shes a great actress. you people should stop judging her. she deserves to be on gossip girl cause shes great at he job. and as for her attitude i think its great cause shes honest at least not one of them fake bit**es that are perfect. YOU GO GIRL

  • thetruthwillsetyoufree

    She is getting diluted because her off screen image may ruin the reputation of the show.

  • Laly

    To be honest, I don’t think anyone would care if Jenny Humphrey is written out of the show. During Season 1, it was interesting to see the lengths she would do become one of the elites. In Season 2, her character became less likeable. After that, her character served no purpose, at least for me. The writers didn’t give her character much of a thought after Season 2. It could stem from Taylor’s personal life. She’s still a kid though. Hopefully, she can get her act together.