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Gisele Bundchen: St. Barts Babe

Gisele Bundchen: St. Barts Babe

Gisele Bundchen gets to work on location for a modeling shoot on Monday (November 22) in St. Barts.

The 30-year-old supermodel was spotted in several outfits and showing off different handbags.

For her next gig, Gisele will be skipping the runway and instead heading for a float!

She’s reportedly accepted a Brazilian samba group’s invitation to appear and star in their Carnival parade next year.

Brazil’s 2011 Carnival will take place in Rio de Janeiro on the second week or March.

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  • fernanda

    I’m so proud of her

  • Sienna

    Love her! Met her once in NYC and she’s the one of the nicest celebs I’ve met (and Tom Brady and her baby- so adorable!) I absolutely adore her hair and outfit here too.

  • Erin

    She looks like a man.

  • de Cosmos

    Is she growing a beard?

  • Julia

    She is beautiful! I love Gisele Bundchen! She is talented and very nice!

  • anonymous

    Love Gisele! We don’t get to see much of her anymore since she spends most of her time in Boston so this is a nice treat!
    She looks gorgeous as always and it doesn’t seem like her career is slowing down at all, good for her! Can’t wait to see more of her campaigns, she’s one of a kind!

  • Michael Douglas

    I always love Gisele! What ever she wears and what ever she do. I guess she really has the angelic face but the exotic beauty of an angel. LOL.

  • moi

    Love the boots!
    Does anyone know who is it from?

  • katy

    She looks old

  • Is she a tranny???? her face is so manly!!

  • lol

    She is ugly, annoying. I can’t stand her

  • yawn

    so boring

  • http://@andrelipe andrew

    Gisele is very sexy …the best model

  • gen

    Not attractive,not pretty! She is getting old.

  • Alison

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t get her appeal. I know she’s got a great body. She’s a bit of a ‘butta face’

  • laura

    I like her body, don’t like the outfit, never liked her face

  • Jessica

    world’s richest and most inconic loved supermodel at it again. haters give it up already, she RULES. end of discussion. She probs made a nice couple mill for this as you sit and watch. loves it.

  • B

    dayUMMM booty and legs are lookin fine. Although she is so much more than a “looking fine” kinda model…Its almost a downgrade to say that about La Bundchen. She surpasses just looking fine, unlike most other models.

  • lala

    I think she’s stunning! Nice to see her hair curly like that, something new. She is so uniquely and exotically beautiful. Like a Siamese kitty cat.

  • Supermodel

    Loove that the fashion world couldn’t even keep up with her and had to invent a new word, ubermodel! yeah baby. Don’t believe me? Every magazine has called her that since 2005 or so. Gisele >>>>>>>> her nasty haters.

  • umok

    um ok I am going to be worried if she gets 100 pages of comments on Thanksgiving For the first time in my life I will feel sorry for her haters. :( no family? no friends? no food? :((((( so I hope this page stays small on the comments, otherwise her haters will only further prove what bored sad lonely losers they are. Goodbye!

  • not

    drag queen

  • Kelly

    I was reading older justjared posts on Gisele and some of my other favorite celebs from a couple years ago, and Gasp: People were so much nicer. Has internet hating became just a “cool” thing to do in recent years??? Truly sad. (not to mention on Thanksgiving!!!!!) WOW.

  • chris

    @not: aww im sorry you don’t have 98,699 twitter followers and 446,558 facebook fans. It’ll be ok that you are ugly. I’m sure your 12 followers love ya.

  • LOL

    This fug like creature is what your average gisele hater looks like: LOLLLLLL nuff said!!!! gaga jolie is that you? lmao.

  • stunna

    I am glad she doesn’t have an average puffy bloated girls face. She has no jowls and sagging of the skin like fat girl faces get early on. She will age well because of it. Her mother is beautiful too.

  • GiselehatersRFUG
  • GiselehatersRFUG
  • wb

    Word on the street is that Gisele Bundchen is wrapping up a week-long fashion photo shoot for Vogue magazine. The shoot is taking place on the chic yet understated Caribbean island of St Barts. The photos will be published in Vogue France, in March or April.

    By day, Vogue has set up photo shoots for Gisele Bundchen in the narrow cobblestone streets of Gustavia, the capital city. The supermodel was also spotted on Saline beach.

    By night, Gisele Bundchen relaxed with the rest of the Vogue team in a private gated compound of luxurious villas provided by Wimco Villas.

    There was no siting of her famous husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was 2,000 miles away preparing to take on the Detroit Lions on Thansgiving day.

  • Ori

    she’s so beautiful

  • lisali usual! Thanks for the Gisele update jj.

  • happythanksgiving


    wow that sounds amazing! Surely its for the cover of Vogue Paris. she doesnt just get editorials, she is the ultimate covergirl.

  • LovesIt
  • fashionfreak

    Gisele is such a pretty person and her style is so easy…
    I LOVE

    All my best!!!!

  • underrated

    Haters should have hated her before not now. Now its too late.

  • h

    @ wb where from you know that? Read somewhere she is since today back in Boston

  • Logan

    Gypsie chic?

  • Brie


  • Lolly

    Gisele doesn’t even have a verified twitter account besides that some woman named Bethany Frankel has over 300,000 followers.

  • Glamourous

    Love her. She’s still at the top of the heap. There’s a reason why she’s the top model. Look at her model page and you can see that she’s had more campaigns, covers, etc. than ANY other model including the 90s gals.

  • bobbi

    Simply gorgeous!

  • Heather

    check out these photos of her walking around St. Barts in short-shorts with her a** showing, in full view of the paps.

    Gisele looks like a crack wh*re. GROSS!!!

  • Mike

    She really is naturally beautiful, love her bum!

  • Kelly

    It looks old in that one picture. Hopefully, Karlie Kloss will replace her soon.

  • KM

    Gisele is gorgeous and I love her! She is always effortlessly chic and looks expensive, even with her beautiful toned and healthy bum hanging out. If she were some chunky unfit video model, that outfit would look 2 dollars. but she makes it look couture. she is an expensive looking beauty and designers know that, thats why they pay her the big bucks. She can make any of their designs look great. rare. she doesnt just smile in a catalog in some ugly bra, do you think Anna Wintour would be impressed by that? lmao. so go look at your calender/catalog model some more…yawn. This is a VOGUE Pais shoot. She only gets the best work year after years! If you arent used to it by now, than don’t click on her name and don’t look. She ain’t going nowhere. that is something you need to do…go somewhere get off your butt.

  • Jeep

    @Kelly: Karlie Kloss? thats a joke right. Karlie could never be a mass market model. She will never have the highest paying VS Angel contract in history. She is a high fashion model, and only a hf model. how old is Karlie? by 18 Gisele was already a worldwide famous phenomenon, and by 20 she was already a modeling icon. what’s holding karlie back? lmao.

  • GBrules

    I can’t believe THAT is a mom! SHE LOOKS AWESOME! Gisele even when 18 never had a bloated baby face. She always looked older than her age. I consider it a beautiful trait to have. The 90s models had that trait. I hate how everyone is obsessed with looking younger. teens are not even beautiful compared to a woman in her 20s and 30s. a teenager has nothing on a beautiful 25-30 year old, in their dreams.

  • Jeep

    ummm reality stars (unfortunately are famous in the US) so that’s not a surprise. For a model, having many followers says alot. Majority of people can care less about models, Gisele is one that they DO care/know about apparently…Besides I dont know nothing about that bulimia jaw chick, other than the fact that she’s gross looking.

  • s

    absolute perfection…

  • Kelly

    @Jeep: Karlie at least educated herself while modeling unlike Gisele who I don’t even think finished the Brazilian equivalent of 6th grade. That is probably why Karlie doesn’t say stupid things in public. Besides that Karlie is accomplished in the art of ballet. All Gisele knows how to do model – she has no depth. I am sure if Karlie got a boob job like Gisele did Karlie could do Victoria’s Secret as well. And lets be serious Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum lasted longer with Victoria’s Secret than Gisele did.