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Glee's Darren Criss Covers 'Hey Soul Sister'

Glee's Darren Criss Covers 'Hey Soul Sister'

Darren Criss goes a capella and covers Train‘s “Hey, Soul Sister” for an upcoming episode on Glee.

The 23-year-old actor, who plays a student at the Dalton School for Boys, was also joined by Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, who transferred to the school at the end of last night’s episode.

EW got the exclusive first look of the actor’s newest cover. Darren most recently covered “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

If Darren‘s rendition of “Teenage Dream” is any indication, his rendition of “Hey Soul Sister” will skyrocket on the charts next week. WE LOVE THIS KID!

Darren Criss Covers ‘Hey Soul Sister’
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  • Gaby

    Sorry… just GAY.

  • sindyisdatchu

    looooooooooooooooooooooooove it n he is so cute ,i wana squeeze his cheeks ,weird everytime he smile i feel like i shuld smile too,oo n i want those jackets

  • Guro

    Yes, he is a gay man, nothing wrong with it! Nothing negative with “gay” :P
    I loved the performance! I’m rooting for them ;)

  • Guro

    Obviously I meant Blaine the character; Darren is straight.

  • JJ

    So much better than Time Of My Life which is horrible. They should win.

  • slippy

    WOW -Darren Criss is just exploding into this incandescent star right before our eyes ( TRULY a Starkid….) just the awesome joy he brings to this makes your heart skip a beat.

  • lu

    he transferred? damn. I haven’t watched yet.

  • Jenna

    I love him and I love this version of the song. If it were up to me he’d have at least one solo per Glee episode becuase he lights up my screen, even when it’s just a low Q YouTube video.

  • http://mithellphoto mitchell McCormack

    Huge honor to get to work with a great talent , one of the most amazing people ever ! . Getting the honor to work with such greats like Darren Criss and Mary Blige make me love know why I became a photographer!

    A star is born.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Meh, very bland, boring. I don’t like it which is a shame as I think Darren has such potential and they give him this?! TD was so much better.





  • Vesela Ivanova

    No dispute, sings well.

  • hmm

    so now that kurt transferred, does that mean he’s off the show? he’s the least talented one by far. more jenna & amber!!

  • leo

    nice but not amazing, but if you compare with “i’ve had” by diana agron and chord something is wonderful, because that one is embarassing.

  • hope

    maybe now that kurt is out of the school the others characters can have a storyline and the show can be glee again, instead of kurt drama show.
    is cute but not the best, but a milion times better than i’ve had the time of my life.

  • Celia

    I love me some Darren Criss!! *swoon*

    He’s Harry FREAKIN’ Potter!

  • good

    it is good, i like him on the show, but i love the originals better, so why he has more development or decent storyline than original ones. like what happen to puck or mike, why they are making everyone hate finn and sam is the new finn.
    i would love if the writers put their shit together and start to give the audience the quality of the first season, and ryan murph need to stop relive his teenage years on kurt, it is just to much.

  • Michael Douglas

    How I love watching Glee because of all their singing voice that was all good and very inviting, they make my heart happy to hear them singing. Darren and the rest of them sing very well.

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    Ahh!!! Beautiful just beautiful <3

  • Suzaku

    Personally I find the Kurt storyline to be quite interesting and refreshing from the usual Glee. To each their own.

  • Wow

    I LOVE Dianna so hard and i actually like Time of My Life but if New Directions wins over the Warblers then…just fail I actually want ND to lose im sorry but come on! The Warblers are amazing plus RM said ND would go to Regionals but that that didnt mean they were competing

  • velcrodots

    Wait…Kurt transferred? :O Curse you TV3 for being a few weeks behind!

  • Gina

    That song is about a black woman.

  • Chy

    I love GLEE!!! Hate that Kurt transferred! :( It’s cool to see the other kids support him still, especially Rachel (telling him to smile) knowing how competitive she is! Awesome!!!

  • Steamblade

    Lord, Chris Colfer is as stiff as a board. Not even a hint of rhythm.

  • Gab

    Darren Criss’ Blaine is good for the show. So far he’s the only significant character who hasn’t shown himself to be horribly flawed or emotionally crippled by insecurity. Yeah, looking at you Mr. Shue.

  • Gab

    @AMENSISTER: Darren’s half Asian, Filipino to be exact. And gimme a break, that Dalton choir is like a Benetton ad.

  • mrstimdrake

    it’s so sweet how Rachel is trying to help Kurt! I <3 that moment. True moment of friendship even though they are on opposing teams.

  • http://http Dani

    I like more Teenage Dream, but it’s ok. I love Darren

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @Gaby: And you, Gaby, are just a TWAT

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @Steamblade: Steam, there IS a plot to this show. It’s not just an endless music video. First of all, Chris Colfer is an ACTOR. He portrays the character of Kurt on Glee. And yes, Chris’s character Kurt is stiff in this scene. (Notice I used the word “scene”, as in a scene in a movie or a TV show, which is exactly what this is!) Kurt is supposed to be very stiff in this scene because he is the new kid in the group and hasn’t had time to rehearse with the rest of the guys before his first performance with them. He is doing the best he can under the circumstances, which is exactly the way the scene is written. It is a credit to Chris Colfer as an actor that you thought he was so believably “stiff” and without rhythm. So your comments about Chris are actually positive, which is quite a good thing!

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @AMENSISTER: Amen… And this has to do with this discussion exactly WHY???

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @hope: Oh, did you like it better when it was pregnant blonde cheerleader show? Or maybe when it was unpregnant Mr. Shue’s wifey drama show? Or germ-freak Miss Pillsbury drama show? Or Sue Sylvester drama show? What is it about Kurt drama that is particularly objectionable to you? And go ahead, don’t be afraid to use the word “GAY” in your answer.

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @good: If it’s all really “just to much” for you, I have two suggestions: 1. Get a spell-check program and learn how to use it; and 2. Do yourself a favor and stop watching the show. No one’s going to miss you.

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @Gina: LOL!

  • LanceManTranceMan

    @Gina: And Katy Perry is writing songs about black women because…

  • maryy


    but he’s not gay in real life,that’s only a prove that he is an AWESOME actor