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Hayden Christensen: Med Cafe Casual

Hayden Christensen: Med Cafe Casual

Hayden Christensen heads out to lunch sporting a full head of hair at the Med Cafe on Tuesday (November 23) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Canadian actor drove his on-again girlfriend Rachel Bilson‘s Prius as he had done the day before when grabbing a bite to eat at Cravings.

Earlier this month, sources confirmed that Hayden and Rachel have started dating again after calling off their engagement in August.

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  • Beatriz R.

    what happened to his hair?????

  • http://bover over

    where is his beard?

  • OMFG

    WHAT THE HELL DIED ON HIS HEAD did he get into a fight with the blow dryer..he looks like he crawled out from under the couch.

  • OMFG

    WHAT THE HELL DIED ON HIS HEAD did he get into a fight with the blow dryer..he looks like he crawled out from under the couch.

  • Snips

    Looks like a weave man besides the fact looks like he dragged his sorry ass out of the laundry basket can his clothes look anymore wrinkled.

  • Deborah

    I wish that the person who wrote the article would stop saying that he was driving Rachel’s Prius. I don’t see him driving any such thing. Furthermore, why is she not with him if they are back together? You need to get the story straight. They are not a couple, no matter what she puts you up to and/or says, they are DONE. DONE, FINISHED, FINITO, SAYANARA, AUDIOS AMIGOS.

  • Deborah

    One more thing. I think I like what he looks like. He looks like everyone else. Shows that he is normal and secure within himself. GOOD FOR YOU HAYDEN! THAT’S HOT!!!

  • chadwick

    He’s sporting a JOBLESS face/expression nowadays….

  • devaney

    Ewww look at that hair – looks like its styled from a gay android in Planet Xenu!

  • S

    I must say, his hair looks funny, maybe he is trying to get some kind of role with that?

  • Helen

    LOL that hair

  • trevise

    From the nature of the photo-ops, to the thread title down to its contents… are as cheezy, ret@rded & pr scripted just like his beard’s gossip blog titles when doing her regular photo-ops.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Rachel must be thrilled!! Not only is he back to pay her bills (since focusing on her “career” didn’t work out) but he’s driving her car around and helping her with her media whoring!!! So much for protecting their privacy….if they were interested in doing that he might try RENTING a car or even buying one.

  • Bridie

    That hair…priceless! *LOL*

  • Beatriz R.

    It seems like he put his finger in the plug. Now he’s taller.

  • Claire

    I see he is picking up where the g/f, beard, ex fiance or whatever she is now days to him left off. For a man who hates the media and does not like his private live splashed in the pages of the magazines I would say he is doing a wonderful job of getting his unemployed self out there. Guess his agent is taking pointers from RB’s group. I feel he owns her and that Prius he is driving seen or unseen the fact that it’s even mentioned in every article he is in now. When you see him on his cell phone pretty sure she is calling to make sure the paps got his picture.

  • the truth

    @Deborah: I agree with that. He is not in her car. he is always walking somewhere by hiself.@Claire: And he is not doing what she does. He des not do that. If the paz wouldn’t take his pictures trying to catch them together.You should blame them not hayden. its about time he by hisself and ot be with her.@lexy hates bilson: And you don’t know what you taking about. you don’t see rachel with him do you.We don’t see them together. And jj you shouldn’t keep repeating that over and over again. W had eough are you saying that.@Claire: That’s not true its them trying to get to see them together. And why is he always going to get somefood all the time. Hayden dos not stay with her. He till could have rented that car

  • Shanda

    @Deborah: I agree with that . And they are done.Are you would seen them by now

  • casella

    No car JJ he’s solo.

  • Aylin

    What in the world happened to his hair? Interesting that while he was separated from Bilson there weren’t many report on him on this site. Now that they are allegedly back together he’s back on Just Jared’s radar.

  • Claire


    Get real woman he is now reduced to acting like his media pretentious g/f and can you at least try to express yourself in english you are not making sense half the time. And hellloooo this man barely works now don’t give me he has movies out or working he isn’t on a set location, and the two he did are barely even talked about to make him a Brad, Tom or Leo. He is papped now b/c of his on again, off again scenario with Bilson he isn’t a money shot alone and even together it is barely worth it.

  • Lose the Weave Hayden

    That hair is so bad and so obviously not his since the last time he looked like that was in outtakes for FG when he was also wearing a wig to play not-Bob-Dylan. And he looks vintage back-in-LA-with-Bilson because it looks like a homeless person. He doesn’t look so dishelved that he looks dirty and unwashed but I’m sure that’s coming. He’s got the desperate jobless look and we know he’s playing the same press game that his beard does with the being seen every day obviously doing nothing. One can tell Katie Holmes also wants another job because she’s all over the gossips too. No one who works regularly doing film/tv/stage work needs to be out being photographed doing nothing by papparazzi. I bet famously wooden actor Hayden can’t find a job again and the pity parts from friends aren’t coming fast enough. Now that he’s supposedly back with shopaholic famewh073 Bilson he needs every dime he can get to buy her new purses and fugly shoes so she can be seen walking the streets of LA doing nothing.

    What a complete and total effing loser.

  • Alias

    He’s always had a thick mound of hair at the top, but this is ridiculous. He looks like that guy from Kid n Play! LOL

    Anyone who thinks that isn’t his real hair must be fking blind!! If you have have seen recent photos, his hair was thick on the top and short on the side, it looks like he let it grow out and up!

  • me hate haters

    Relax on the hair people – geez. It could be for a role or just a bad hair day. Im sure all of you look perfect all the time, don’t you? I would run my fingers through his beautiful locks any old day. As far as jobless, I do believe he will be shooting somerthing at the beginning of the year. I don’t believe he’s back with Rachel. No pics together, no proof, no nothing, just hear-say.

  • Umm

    Okay just sayin.. to those of you who keep asking why he’s not seen with Rachel, do you guys not remember when it first went out that they were a couple, they were hardly ever seen together, imagine getting back together with your ex and trying to work things out while having everybody in your face about it, i’m not suprised we haven’t seen them together, i’m sure they want to keep it on the DL.

  • Umm

    ya and pple thats not a weave, more so looks like he just rolled out of bed hhaha

  • http://twitter annie

    love u hayden. he starts filming THE COLD,in a couple of months in canada. maybe thats whats under the baseball caps.

  • Brightside

    Reminds me of Beaker from the Muppets! LOL! Could be for The Cold, I guess…I’m all for anything that keeps the head warm in a cold climate no matter how odd looking.
    I hate to say this but his choice of girlfriend, no matter how poor (and Rachel Bilson is a very poor choice of girlfriend) is up to him and not his fans. The truth is that some of his fans are so obsessed they would hate anyone he went out with on general principles. He could do so much better, true, but some men are just idiots when it comes to choosing mates.
    Whatever! It’s a celebrity relationship and has about as much lasting power as a snowball on a hot griddle. These people are never about making good life choices! They are so indulged, cosseted and placed on pedestals that an actual, God damn, real as dirt, interactive association with a second party is almost impossible for them to achieve because they can never put their own needs aside. It’s all about them, and that’s on both sides. Rachel Bilson is the classic all-about-me brainless Hollywood bimbo and it won’t be long before a guy figures it out. No guy wants to be hooked up twenty-four/seven to a high maintenance financial sink hole…they soon walk when the demands on their wallets become too great.
    I don’t think William/Kate will last all that long either….bad family history, or Jessica Simpson and her latest sponge-sucker!

  • Chelly

    @annie: I agree. He said he cuts his hair himself, but maybe this time he’s growing all that for a movie part. Plus, with naturally curly hair, his hair would look that big. Thats real hair and no wonder he wears ballcaps all the time.

  • eyeroll

    Can I ask why it is that we keep hearing about him driving her car, but we never see it? This is the second time this has happened. Is this being done deliberately?

  • CJ

    His hair does not look bad, he’s growing it out from a buzz-cut, buzz cuts are really bad hair cuts especially as the hair gets longer, it just needs to be re-shaped, he need a small trim (“invisible cut”) that enhances his curls so that as it continues to grow it will look like it did in VT.

  • i

    I doubt he is stupid enough to rent a graphite gray Prius, he knows that would cause unwanted speculation. But it would be good to get a confirmation or denial from one or both of their reps as to if they are together again.

    I’m simply not up for the whole “are they/aren’t they together” merry-go-round again…





  • Kim


    Hayden’s people never talk, so don’t expect them to. And we won’t hear anything from her people either. True or not, because being linked to Hayden gives her more publicity. Like someone on here said before, her people never denied the Jake Gyllenhaal rumor. Jake’s people had to do it. As far as the whole car thing goes. It is really weird how there are no pics of this yet. It’s been two days in a row and you would think Jared would at least put up a pic. But then again, you get more hits if you don’t put it up. Just saying it is so without actual visual proof is enough to get 60+ hits in threads about them.

  • Mary


    They were seen together all the time. What are you talking about. That’s what led to the speculation about them “dating” in the first place the first time around.

  • Something is FISHY

    It’s ALL Over the Internet that they are dating again! If they are broken up and not dating then they need to make that known and nip this “rumor” in the bud! That is just common sense!

    No one in their right mind would have the world and prospective new mates (and their family and friends) believe they were involved with someone if they were not! That is not done, not even in Hollywood.

  • TPL

    The simple fact of the matter is this: Rachel broke up with Hayden in and left him in a huff. Hayden is a very mean and vindictive man with a nasty temper who does not take well to being broken up with.

    Since he was unwilling to marry her to get her back (he wiretapped her phones so he knew she was bluffing via her private conversations with friends and family) he simply had to wait for her to miss him and take him back. This way he’s in control again and he can break up with her becasue “nobody leaves him”, he does the leaving in a relationship, not the woman.

    And that, Rachel, is the simple truth. He’s with you out of spite, leading you on so that he can have the last word and dump you when he finds someone better. If you were older and wise and more experienced you would know this happens all the time with insecure men.

  • TPL


    Actually Rachel has no problem commenting on her relationship status. She had no problem saying they were broken up. She got tons of publicity over the summer during their break-up. She was with a blond guy who was cuter and probably a hell of a lot nicer than Hayden just a few weeks ago. Maybe he was “too nice” for her, some women don’t appreciate good men. He (mystery blond) may have been too good for her,who knows, but she’s treating him badly by not denying this rumor. I would date him (mystery blond she was with) in a heartbeat! So it’s not in her best interest to keep quiet if they are not dating.

    HC said her mom was encouraging her to text him. Rachel’s love life would be better served by following through on her gut instincts and not taking him back, hiring a professional match maker or getting a yenta than listening to her “sex therapist” mother who is totally out of touch with the reality of male/female courting practices.

  • @TPL

    @TPL: Question, do you know Hayden or Rachel? Everytime I read your comments I laugh because you act like you know them. Hayden does not seem like the terrible guy your making him in to be, and Rachel is a very nice girl, just bcuz Jared always posts about her doesn’t make her a mean “bratty” person. Despite being posted on JJ do you guys really find Rachel to be horrible person? I’ve never heard a bad thing about Rachel from anybody who works with her/ or meets her says she’s the sweetest person, even Hayden has said that PLENTY of times in interviews. Just because they broke up and are now rumored to be together doesn’t mean Hayden is using her, you don’t even know them.

  • TPL

    @ 40

    How do you know whom I know and don’t know? Do you know me? No, you do not.

  • TPL

    By taking him back RB is rewarding his bad behavior. This is called positive reinforcement. Her therapist mom can explain it to her. Rewarding bad behavior only encourages more bad behavior.

    Case in point. He’s still insisting he loves me and wants to marry me. Go figure. I’m willing to take a lie detector test, is Hayden? Hmmm….I thought not….

    Rachel, there are private detectives who offer this basic service and will come to your home. Care to test your new-found trust in Hayden?

  • @TPL

    That’s why I just asked do you know them?

  • Umm is Stupid

    You totally forgot that their relationship was NEVER EVER private at any time, mostly because she completely pressho073d it out from the start, and he started doing it too later but for money (remember Lacoste commercial and French Open massive photo op for her and him? Romance by Lacoste…And what do you think the whole stupid Teens for Jeans thing was all about? It was personal and movie promo. Both were very very well paid for doing that supposedly charity stunt.) It was a sham relationship for public consumption to prop up their crumbling career prospects and it worked up to a point. Both got a few crummy jobs out of it. HC and RB used each other and never looked like a couple, ever, not even when posing for orchestrated photo ops of them having a brief moment of affection, paid for by Lacoste. Otherwise we saw plenty of pics of her nagging him and him ignoring her, which is normal for him. The guy is not interested in her and not very interested in women period. Ever notice how he can’t even do a reasonable love scene unless it’s just p07n0 type sex, not supposed to be real affection. He’s never been able to pull that off with a woman.

    The hair is absolutely awful. He looks like crap. No wonder he can’t get a job. And as for the two of them wanting to patch things up in private, notice how since they announced they’re back together they’re now on JJ every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Tha’s privacy for you. Umm you’re so stupid it’s unbelievable.

  • lexy hates bilson

    He’s NOT walking everywhere and I’m sure SOME paparazzi has the photo of him getting out of HER car. Her people already commented – they said she was focusing on HER career – well obviously he IS her career. And I agree – if he didn’t want the media bugging him he wouldn’t be driving around in HER car with his hair standing on the top of his head like a white Don King!

  • Cin

    @ 44 His hair doesn’t look stupid, he looks like Jerry Lee Lewis. Cool! It just need a shaping, not a cut.

  • Anon

    TPL, take your meds. You know none of those things for a fact, never have, you always do this.
    His hair… comment.
    Until we see pics of him getting out of Rachel’s car, he is not driving Rachel’s car. LIES.

  • http://hel Vibe

    His hair is almost a white man’s version of an afro.and yes it looks stupid. I doubt it’s for any movie and by his own words he isn’t working he always attached to movies only 1 of the list get made and if it doesn’t shoot right away better chance it never will.

  • @Anon

    Check Zimbio Pictures

  • ATLqueen

    I think that’s the way his hair looks when he water gets to it, he doesn’t throw gel in it or when he sweats it out. I remember his hair looking like that when he was on Eco challenge. And they had a hard time there. I mean as much as we want to believe it the guy doesn’t have hair like Leo Dicaprio or Michael Pitt.