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Stephen King: Great Acting, Hayden Christensen!

Stephen King: Great Acting, Hayden Christensen!

A solo Hayden Christensen visits a friend’s house on Wednesday morning (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Canadian actor stars in one of 2010′s Best Films, according to bestselling author Stephen King. He says that Takers, which opened over the summer, is a “satisfyingly complex cops-’n'-robbers movie [featuring] great performances from Matt Dillion, Idris Elba, and — surprising but true — Hayden Christensen.” Wow. Kudos, Hayden!

“The climax strains credulity,” adds King. “But the characters feel real, and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I’ve seen this year.”

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  • Another

    Lol, that’s more of a backhanded compliment.

  • S

    Looks like Tove’s place.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well I guess the doubters will be satisfied – it’s Rachel’s car!!
    Hayden good call on the hair cut!!! And congrats on this job – you’ll need all the work you can get to support your beloved, perpetually unemployed girlfriend/fiance/whatever!

  • Michelle

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    So you let anyone drive your car?? Friend or not?? I don’t understand why he doesn’t have a car at his brother’s house. I’m sure he technically owns his brother’s house, he should have a car there. It’s Los Angeles, you need a car – unless he’s going to start taking public transportation…OR he can use his girlfriend’s car!

  • Amanda Dubs

    Stephen King is a jack @$$ and Hayden Christensen is a terrible terrible actor.

  • OMG What a Loser

    Wow, check out the man boobs and the double chin along with the horrible hair and unflattering clothes!! Style by Rachel Bilson, of course, since he says she picks out all his clothes and is his personal stylist. O.M.G. And like Stephen King would know what makes a good movie, when the only adaptation of his book that was actually good was the Kubrick version of The Shining. Kubrick took a lot of liberties with the King novel for his classic film. King apparently hated the Kubrick film. I rest my case. It’s like Ricky Martin compimenting William Hung on his rendition of “She Bangs.”

  • Doesn’t He Have…

    …tiny but cute little tits. I know Keira Knightly would love to have boobies that big but she doesnt’ need them because SHE HAS A LOT OF TALENT.

  • http://hel Vibe

    @ Lexy

    Steven kKng did not give him a movie the comment was about the movie taker he was in. He is still out of work and no this isn’t Tove’s place HC also lives in that house JJ knows this from when Tove was arrested. Hey maybe it’s a new g/f on the side..

  • ATLqueen

    LMAO! King was high when he watched the movie and gave that comment. I mean I liked the movie but it wasn’t THAT good. Lol! I love King and all but he is hilarious…..

  • ATLqueen

    Oh and there goes the FREAKIN INFAMOUS Prius everyone was worried about. Now you actually see it so could you shut up about it!

  • Cin

    Yep, thats her car. This guy makes me sick.

  • http://hel Vibe

    This smells like the two orchestrated this for him to drive her car around while she was away just to keep the motive going of them dating.

  • schullen

    Ewww he looked smelly and so wash-out if not drugged-out…

  • Cin


    The only reason he would drive her car while she was a way and visit Tove’s is if they are together. That is not taking things slow, that is an old married couple.

  • Ruth

    @Cin: JEALOUSY does not become you….he’s a sexy hunk and you can’t seem to stand that, mmmm, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because he’s worth 40 million, or that he’s the favorite of all the girls, or that he’s handsome, sexy, a wonderful actor. Like I say, jealousy just isn’t a nice thing to look at.

  • Ruth

    @Cin: JEALOUSY does not become you….he’s a sexy hunk and you can’t seem to stand that, mmmm, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because he’s worth 40 million, or that he’s the favorite of all the girls, or that he’s handsome, sexy, a wonderful actor. Like I say, jealousy just isn’t a nice thing to look at.

  • http://hel Vibe

    Where the hell does he look sexy here Ruth best get some new eyes b/c this man is not the big ticket in hollywood nor the g/f who’s car he drives.

  • audemars

    And Stephen King feels like he’s kind of in the ranks of M. Scorsese, F. Copolla, S. Spierlberg or C.Nolan huh but he just sounded more like G. Lucas in saying how a great (h)actor Christensen is!

  • searlus

    Manakin’s just a perfect “T” to the max – Talentless, Tacky, Tainted & a Tool.
    And he MUST be “seen (anywhere) & heard (anything)” these days coz he’s got this very little/small movie to be shown very soon w/ a cast of (all)C-Listers as co-stars. He definitely needs a lot of “hype” on that – and that’s all there is!

  • amaranth

    And seeing him on this gossip site on “every freakin’ day”!?
    Some “creature” is really rubbing him in the sense that “if you can’t get HW in your acting skills, (legit) box-office hits &/or popularity radar; “just whooore it all the way!”
    Poor HC. No, strike that, serves him awfully right!

  • ATLqueen


    You must not know who Stephen King is my dear. He’s been around for as long as any of those people you just named (some wayyyy longer). Emmy’s and Golden Globes don’t mean EVERYTHING in Hollywood.

  • ATLqueen

    That goes for #20 and #21, too. Lol

  • Cin

    # Ruth

    He’s not worth 40M, try 3-6 if that. And no amount of money could entice me to date one half of Rayden. Gross!!! That’s disgusting. I’m not letting him near me after he’s been banging around in Bilho.

  • phat-ruley

    @20 – Oh brother… another movie that would surely ruined by this over-hyped / talentless hack. Isn’t it that what he’s doing in his movies “religiously”?!

  • @24

    Such a “brilliant discernment” on that!

  • fergie

    that’s tove’s house because here a pic a couple years ago
    and the pic from today
    are the same place

  • Cin


    Why would he “visit” his brother’s house unless he was living at Rachels?

  • fergie

    i don’t know i was just showing that it’s tove’s house that he at

  • fergie

    i dont know i was just showing that it’s tove’s house that he visited

  • Claire


    Could be that he is driving her car for the exposure of it to JJ doesn’t mean he is living with her. Then it would be they were living together not dating again.I don’t think he lives with her just comes, goes when applicable. It’s more a use/use relationship right now he is playing the media card game and she is the one laying low.

  • Troy

    Hayden is gay. He will be 30 in April. It’s time to stop this fake bearding.

  • http://twitter annie

    hayden wheres ur ass. ok bilson give it back.

  • Alias

    The same people who jumped off the HC bandwagon and then jumped back on after he split with RB and now are jumping back off now that he’s back with her are pathetic pieces of shiT!!!! LOL They know who they are!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Yeah Alias – we know who the pieces of !@#$ are…people like you who are obsessed with how others spend their time!!

  • youcef

    u haters get a life he is livin his life and he is making his living

  • Alias

    #35 – by replying to my comment, you acknowledge you’re one of those pathetic pieces of ****, but that’s ok, I knew that already!!! LMFAO!!!!!

    And look who’s obsessed, with Bilson in you name, what a fking hypocrite!! LOL!!

  • Trish

    Still not one picture of them together and some people have them practically married. Maybe he’s just cheap and didn’t want to rent a car while he’s in town so he’s borrowing hers. There has been absolutely nothing to indicate that they’re back together except that a “friend” said so. Give me a beak people.

  • alie

    Alias, those pathehic pieces of… are people who believe to HW engagements/broken up.

  • http://hel Vibe

    One has to wonder how JJ is able to contact these so called sources or friends of theirs. Are these ppl on JJ speed dial and what loser friend who make a comment on their BFF’s personal affairs knowing it will be in the press when RB’s agent claimed he never talks about his clients private life..yea that’s why me makes paid statements when it’s convent for him to do so.

    Be careful what you wish for it could that ppl wonder why he isn’t seen with her he will be just to do the public show and tell for the creditable stamp of it real or fake i find he is turning into some media prince now. He knows he needs the attention not to mention he looks like he crawled out of the dirty clothes basket every time you see him no wonder why he has hard time getting work now.

    As for who’s house it is if it was Tove’s im sure JJ would have made that claim god knows he does for other things about him. You can’t really see the house enough and HC and Tove’s place didn’t have a attached garage in it. This one does could be the architectural is similar I don’t see this as their place. And again JJ knows where he lives with Tove as does the press.

  • Brightside

    LOL…I don’t mind the guy…but that’s a seriously strange body posture! He looks like he’s channelling his inner John Cleese from the old Flying Circus days! *sigh* such a classic…someone should sing him the Lumberjack song.

  • http://hel Kate

    Makes him look like he has this beer gut on him after the bad hair day and from the back of his hair you see the screw up job he did with the dog clippers its uneven in the back. in this one looks like he might have had a friend correct it. His clothing is nothing special and he sure as hell best drop the fashionista g/f bc her advice is crap.


    There is her car. Now people can stop being in denial about Hayden and Rachel being back together. Get over it and accept it. ;)

  • @33

    Its not his @ss so much that Hayden’s missing. He never had much of a one to begin with even when he was buffed out in ROTS although he did at least look like a man for that film. The man’s problem is that he’s extremely effeminate and has no d**k. He’s going to be 30 in April and he’s still desperate to pass as a heterosexual and living a press lie with Bilson. Ricky Martin is far more of a man than Hayden ever will be by being honest about himself.
    Hayden just keeps on lying. He plays as many games as Bilson and after almost 10 yrs of it they’re boring and silly. Grow up Hayden.

  • TPL

    The simple truth is that he may have borrowed her car because I did not care to see him when he came to LA this time due to his screwing around all summer with other women.

    So it’s basically to make me jealous. (yawn)

    I guess RB will never figure out the Rules. There is no situation on this Earth whereby she should do him any favors after a three year relationship that ended in him essentially leaving her at the alter.

    He proposed and then he backed out. She’s being a pushover and a doormat to let him borrow her car. He can afford his own rental car. He can borrow Tove’s car. I started pulling away from him two weeks before he came to LA last month, so he started calling her to get back in to make me jealous. What a sweetheart.

    Every time he is bad and I withdraw due to his bad behavior RB rushes in and makes it all “okay”.

    It’s like having a misbehaving child, one parent tries to discipline it to break the bad behavior, and then the other parent undermines her by rewarding the bad behavior after the spoiled little brat comes whimpering to her about how ‘bad’ the disciplining parent is.

    He is playing RB and me both, manipulating us both just like a kid would play favorites between two parents and then switch back and fourth depending on which parent was in or out of favor at the moment.

    I was the one who requested that Hayden takes pics of RB all summer becasue I wanted to make sure they were broken up and not together prior to being with him. That is why you were papped all summer, it was not because he was obsessing over you.

    I told him I wanted to see you out and about at least twice a week without him for the entire summer. Again, I’m willing to take a lie detector test. Is he?

    RB is supposed to be a woman. This man essentially left her at the alter! So now she loans him her car? That is a doormat.

  • TPL

    Rachel has been too sheltered her entire life to meet ‘most average guys’ so she has no idea just how typical Hayden’s behavior is.

    Most men who get broken up with because they were bad boyfriends try to get back with the woman one last time so that THEY can have the satisfaction of doing th breaking up. It’s literally happened to every woman I know whose broken up with a bad boyfriend, including myself!

    I’m older and wise so I know better. RB is learning the hard way, he will pummel your heart if you allow it. I’m perfectly willing to go to a detective agency of your choice and take a lie detector test. This is serious, this guy left you at the alter,he’s in love with me and wants to marry me and he’s just picked you up out of the dumpster to make me jealous because we are in the midst of a spat.

    You know how to contact me, we can meet, I will take the test for you. I’m happy to. I know that I have nothing to hide and I know that trust needs to be earned and deserved so you should not have to take my word for it.

  • ATLqueen


    She may be the pushover but you are the pathetic one going on and on about a guy you have and never will meet on a gossip thread. It’s okay though. You’re nice to laugh at. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

  • TPL

    @47 Hayden and I have meet, plenty of times. Trust me. You don’t know me or him.

  • TPL

    I have met Hayden, plenty of times. You don’t know me.

    RB did not break up with him because she fell out of love, she broke up becasue she was so IN love that she wanted him to feel the same and set a date for the wedding.

    He did not love her enough to follow through and set a date. Rachel is the one who is powerless in this situation, so she is the one who should be given the facts and the opportunity to verify them.

    She can hire a detective to do a voice analysis and talk to Hayden and see if he is lying or telling the truth with 100% accuracy. He would not even have to be aware he was being recorded. But, she should know that her phone, pc and home are most likely bugged as is mine. Even when the phone is “off” HC can hear your conversations.

    The FBI uses voice analysis now over traditional lie detector tests because they are more accurate as seen on Fact or Faked The Paranormal Files on the SyFy channel. They can do it with a taped conversation or via phone, they don’t even have to be there in person.

  • TPL

    HC is partial owner of this site, so it’s not a “real gossip” site, so no worries. :P