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Stephen King: Great Acting, Hayden Christensen!

Stephen King: Great Acting, Hayden Christensen!

A solo Hayden Christensen visits a friend’s house on Wednesday morning (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Canadian actor stars in one of 2010′s Best Films, according to bestselling author Stephen King. He says that Takers, which opened over the summer, is a “satisfyingly complex cops-’n'-robbers movie [featuring] great performances from Matt Dillion, Idris Elba, and — surprising but true — Hayden Christensen.” Wow. Kudos, Hayden!

“The climax strains credulity,” adds King. “But the characters feel real, and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I’ve seen this year.”

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154 Responses to “Stephen King: Great Acting, Hayden Christensen!”

  1. 1
    Another Says:

    Lol, that’s more of a backhanded compliment.

  2. 2
    S Says:

    Looks like Tove’s place.

  3. 3
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Well I guess the doubters will be satisfied – it’s Rachel’s car!!
    Hayden good call on the hair cut!!! And congrats on this job – you’ll need all the work you can get to support your beloved, perpetually unemployed girlfriend/fiance/whatever!

  4. 4
    Michelle Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  5. 5
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    So you let anyone drive your car?? Friend or not?? I don’t understand why he doesn’t have a car at his brother’s house. I’m sure he technically owns his brother’s house, he should have a car there. It’s Los Angeles, you need a car – unless he’s going to start taking public transportation…OR he can use his girlfriend’s car!

  6. 6
    Amanda Dubs Says:

    Stephen King is a jack @$$ and Hayden Christensen is a terrible terrible actor.

  7. 7
    OMG What a Loser Says:

    Wow, check out the man boobs and the double chin along with the horrible hair and unflattering clothes!! Style by Rachel Bilson, of course, since he says she picks out all his clothes and is his personal stylist. O.M.G. And like Stephen King would know what makes a good movie, when the only adaptation of his book that was actually good was the Kubrick version of The Shining. Kubrick took a lot of liberties with the King novel for his classic film. King apparently hated the Kubrick film. I rest my case. It’s like Ricky Martin compimenting William Hung on his rendition of “She Bangs.”

  8. 8
    Doesn't He Have... Says:

    …tiny but cute little tits. I know Keira Knightly would love to have boobies that big but she doesnt’ need them because SHE HAS A LOT OF TALENT.

  9. 9
    Vibe Says:

    @ Lexy

    Steven kKng did not give him a movie the comment was about the movie taker he was in. He is still out of work and no this isn’t Tove’s place HC also lives in that house JJ knows this from when Tove was arrested. Hey maybe it’s a new g/f on the side..

  10. 10
    ATLqueen Says:

    LMAO! King was high when he watched the movie and gave that comment. I mean I liked the movie but it wasn’t THAT good. Lol! I love King and all but he is hilarious…..

  11. 11
    ATLqueen Says:

    Oh and there goes the FREAKIN INFAMOUS Prius everyone was worried about. Now you actually see it so could you shut up about it!

  12. 12
    Cin Says:

    Yep, thats her car. This guy makes me sick.

  13. 13
    Vibe Says:

    This smells like the two orchestrated this for him to drive her car around while she was away just to keep the motive going of them dating.

  14. 14
    schullen Says:

    Ewww he looked smelly and so wash-out if not drugged-out…

  15. 15
    Cin Says:


    The only reason he would drive her car while she was a way and visit Tove’s is if they are together. That is not taking things slow, that is an old married couple.

  16. 16
    Ruth Says:

    @Cin: JEALOUSY does not become you….he’s a sexy hunk and you can’t seem to stand that, mmmm, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because he’s worth 40 million, or that he’s the favorite of all the girls, or that he’s handsome, sexy, a wonderful actor. Like I say, jealousy just isn’t a nice thing to look at.

  17. 17
    Ruth Says:

    @Cin: JEALOUSY does not become you….he’s a sexy hunk and you can’t seem to stand that, mmmm, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because he’s worth 40 million, or that he’s the favorite of all the girls, or that he’s handsome, sexy, a wonderful actor. Like I say, jealousy just isn’t a nice thing to look at.

  18. 18
    Vibe Says:

    Where the hell does he look sexy here Ruth best get some new eyes b/c this man is not the big ticket in hollywood nor the g/f who’s car he drives.

  19. 19
    audemars Says:

    And Stephen King feels like he’s kind of in the ranks of M. Scorsese, F. Copolla, S. Spierlberg or C.Nolan huh but he just sounded more like G. Lucas in saying how a great (h)actor Christensen is!

  20. 20
    searlus Says:

    Manakin’s just a perfect “T” to the max – Talentless, Tacky, Tainted & a Tool.
    And he MUST be “seen (anywhere) & heard (anything)” these days coz he’s got this very little/small movie to be shown very soon w/ a cast of (all)C-Listers as co-stars. He definitely needs a lot of “hype” on that – and that’s all there is!

  21. 21
    amaranth Says:

    And seeing him on this gossip site on “every freakin’ day”!?
    Some “creature” is really rubbing him in the sense that “if you can’t get HW in your acting skills, (legit) box-office hits &/or popularity radar; “just whooore it all the way!”
    Poor HC. No, strike that, serves him awfully right!

  22. 22
    ATLqueen Says:


    You must not know who Stephen King is my dear. He’s been around for as long as any of those people you just named (some wayyyy longer). Emmy’s and Golden Globes don’t mean EVERYTHING in Hollywood.

  23. 23
    ATLqueen Says:

    That goes for #20 and #21, too. Lol

  24. 24
    Cin Says:

    # Ruth

    He’s not worth 40M, try 3-6 if that. And no amount of money could entice me to date one half of Rayden. Gross!!! That’s disgusting. I’m not letting him near me after he’s been banging around in Bilho.

  25. 25
    phat-ruley Says:

    @20 – Oh brother… another movie that would surely ruined by this over-hyped / talentless hack. Isn’t it that what he’s doing in his movies “religiously”?!

  26. 26
    @24 Says:

    Such a “brilliant discernment” on that!

  27. 27
    fergie Says:

    that’s tove’s house because here a pic a couple years ago
    and the pic from today
    are the same place

  28. 28
    Cin Says:


    Why would he “visit” his brother’s house unless he was living at Rachels?

  29. 29
    fergie Says:

    i don’t know i was just showing that it’s tove’s house that he at

  30. 30
    fergie Says:

    i dont know i was just showing that it’s tove’s house that he visited

  31. 31
    Claire Says:


    Could be that he is driving her car for the exposure of it to JJ doesn’t mean he is living with her. Then it would be they were living together not dating again.I don’t think he lives with her just comes, goes when applicable. It’s more a use/use relationship right now he is playing the media card game and she is the one laying low.

  32. 32
    Troy Says:

    Hayden is gay. He will be 30 in April. It’s time to stop this fake bearding.

  33. 33
    annie Says:

    hayden wheres ur ass. ok bilson give it back.

  34. 34
    Alias Says:

    The same people who jumped off the HC bandwagon and then jumped back on after he split with RB and now are jumping back off now that he’s back with her are pathetic pieces of ****!!!! LOL They know who they are!!!

  35. 35
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Yeah Alias – we know who the pieces of !@#$ are…people like you who are obsessed with how others spend their time!!

  36. 36
    youcef Says:

    u haters get a life he is livin his life and he is making his living

  37. 37
    Alias Says:

    #35 – by replying to my comment, you acknowledge you’re one of those pathetic pieces of ****, but that’s ok, I knew that already!!! LMFAO!!!!!

    And look who’s obsessed, with Bilson in you name, what a fking hypocrite!! LOL!!

  38. 38
    Trish Says:

    Still not one picture of them together and some people have them practically married. Maybe he’s just cheap and didn’t want to rent a car while he’s in town so he’s borrowing hers. There has been absolutely nothing to indicate that they’re back together except that a “friend” said so. Give me a beak people.

  39. 39
    alie Says:

    Alias, those pathehic pieces of… are people who believe to HW engagements/broken up.

  40. 40
    Vibe Says:

    One has to wonder how JJ is able to contact these so called sources or friends of theirs. Are these ppl on JJ speed dial and what loser friend who make a comment on their BFF’s personal affairs knowing it will be in the press when RB’s agent claimed he never talks about his clients private life..yea that’s why me makes paid statements when it’s convent for him to do so.

    Be careful what you wish for it could that ppl wonder why he isn’t seen with her he will be just to do the public show and tell for the creditable stamp of it real or fake i find he is turning into some media prince now. He knows he needs the attention not to mention he looks like he crawled out of the dirty clothes basket every time you see him no wonder why he has hard time getting work now.

    As for who’s house it is if it was Tove’s im sure JJ would have made that claim god knows he does for other things about him. You can’t really see the house enough and HC and Tove’s place didn’t have a attached garage in it. This one does could be the architectural is similar I don’t see this as their place. And again JJ knows where he lives with Tove as does the press.

  41. 41
    Brightside Says:

    LOL…I don’t mind the guy…but that’s a seriously strange body posture! He looks like he’s channelling his inner John Cleese from the old Flying Circus days! *sigh* such a classic…someone should sing him the Lumberjack song.

  42. 42
    Kate Says:

    Makes him look like he has this beer gut on him after the bad hair day and from the back of his hair you see the screw up job he did with the dog clippers its uneven in the back. in this one looks like he might have had a friend correct it. His clothing is nothing special and he sure as hell best drop the fashionista g/f bc her advice is crap.

  43. 43

    There is her car. Now people can stop being in denial about Hayden and Rachel being back together. Get over it and accept it. ;)

  44. 44
    @33 Says:

    Its not his @ss so much that Hayden’s missing. He never had much of a one to begin with even when he was buffed out in ROTS although he did at least look like a man for that film. The man’s problem is that he’s extremely effeminate and has no d**k. He’s going to be 30 in April and he’s still desperate to pass as a heterosexual and living a press lie with Bilson. Ricky Martin is far more of a man than Hayden ever will be by being honest about himself.
    Hayden just keeps on lying. He plays as many games as Bilson and after almost 10 yrs of it they’re boring and silly. Grow up Hayden.

  45. 45
    TPL Says:

    The simple truth is that he may have borrowed her car because I did not care to see him when he came to LA this time due to his ******** around all summer with other women.

    So it’s basically to make me jealous. (yawn)

    I guess RB will never figure out the Rules. There is no situation on this Earth whereby she should do him any favors after a three year relationship that ended in him essentially leaving her at the alter.

    He proposed and then he backed out. She’s being a pushover and a doormat to let him borrow her car. He can afford his own rental car. He can borrow Tove’s car. I started pulling away from him two weeks before he came to LA last month, so he started calling her to get back in to make me jealous. What a sweetheart.

    Every time he is bad and I withdraw due to his bad behavior RB rushes in and makes it all “okay”.

    It’s like having a misbehaving child, one parent tries to discipline it to break the bad behavior, and then the other parent undermines her by rewarding the bad behavior after the spoiled little brat comes whimpering to her about how ‘bad’ the disciplining parent is.

    He is playing RB and me both, manipulating us both just like a kid would play favorites between two parents and then switch back and fourth depending on which parent was in or out of favor at the moment.

    I was the one who requested that Hayden takes pics of RB all summer becasue I wanted to make sure they were broken up and not together prior to being with him. That is why you were papped all summer, it was not because he was obsessing over you.

    I told him I wanted to see you out and about at least twice a week without him for the entire summer. Again, I’m willing to take a lie detector test. Is he?

    RB is supposed to be a woman. This man essentially left her at the alter! So now she loans him her car? That is a doormat.

  46. 46
    TPL Says:

    Rachel has been too sheltered her entire life to meet ‘most average guys’ so she has no idea just how typical Hayden’s behavior is.

    Most men who get broken up with because they were bad boyfriends try to get back with the woman one last time so that THEY can have the satisfaction of doing th breaking up. It’s literally happened to every woman I know whose broken up with a bad boyfriend, including myself!

    I’m older and wise so I know better. RB is learning the hard way, he will pummel your heart if you allow it. I’m perfectly willing to go to a detective agency of your choice and take a lie detector test. This is serious, this guy left you at the alter,he’s in love with me and wants to marry me and he’s just picked you up out of the dumpster to make me jealous because we are in the midst of a spat.

    You know how to contact me, we can meet, I will take the test for you. I’m happy to. I know that I have nothing to hide and I know that trust needs to be earned and deserved so you should not have to take my word for it.

  47. 47
    ATLqueen Says:


    She may be the pushover but you are the pathetic one going on and on about a guy you have and never will meet on a gossip thread. It’s okay though. You’re nice to laugh at. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

  48. 48
    TPL Says:

    @47 Hayden and I have meet, plenty of times. Trust me. You don’t know me or him.

  49. 49
    TPL Says:

    I have met Hayden, plenty of times. You don’t know me.

    RB did not break up with him because she fell out of love, she broke up becasue she was so IN love that she wanted him to feel the same and set a date for the wedding.

    He did not love her enough to follow through and set a date. Rachel is the one who is powerless in this situation, so she is the one who should be given the facts and the opportunity to verify them.

    She can hire a detective to do a voice analysis and talk to Hayden and see if he is lying or telling the truth with 100% accuracy. He would not even have to be aware he was being recorded. But, she should know that her phone, pc and home are most likely bugged as is mine. Even when the phone is “off” HC can hear your conversations.

    The FBI uses voice analysis now over traditional lie detector tests because they are more accurate as seen on Fact or Faked The Paranormal Files on the SyFy channel. They can do it with a taped conversation or via phone, they don’t even have to be there in person.

  50. 50
    TPL Says:

    HC is partial owner of this site, so it’s not a “real gossip” site, so no worries. :P

  51. 51
    TPL Says:

    P.S. If you decide to use the voice lie detector machine be aware that all my friends and family members phones are bugged as well. So it won’t be easy for you to make arrangements without HC knowing. So just be aware. I already verified he was lying. So it can be done. \

    But you have to be discreet so he does not find out and clam up and storm off.

  52. 52
    TPL Says:

    By “part owner of this site” I simply meant that this is not a legit gossip/news iste becasue all of it’s content is controlled by the celebrities whose agents pay to be on here. JJ is an industry joke in that sense. That is why you don’t see too many working A-list stars here, they don’t need the publicity becasue they have thriving film careers.

    JJ is 90% paid for by celebrities agents with about 10% non-paid celebrities (Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, PItts, etc) sprinkled in.

    Hayden and Rachel both pay to be on JJ. They pay their agent to have them papped, they always know when they will be papped and what theyw ill be asked etc., then they pay their publicist to “leak” whatever private and personal information they want for publicity. It’s called a publicity stunt.

    That is why Rachel was so enamored of Hayden this last summer, he was the one paying to have her on here, but he did it at my request.

    I said I had to see her for a few months on here a couple times a week without him before trusting they were broken up because he had lied about being broken up with her so many times before when he was not.

  53. 53
    ATLqueen Says:


    Okay, you’re right. I don’t know you. But let’s say you have met HC plenty of times. You’re still going on and on about it on a gossip thread like either one of them are actually reading your posts. It’s just silly. Poor child….

  54. 54
    TPL Says:

    @ altqueen aka Hayden, I’ll let you have the last word for now.

  55. 55
    Chelly Says:

    @TPL: I really doubt ATLqueen is Hayden. Take your meds please, you’re freakin’ folks out. Hayden would want you stable.

  56. 56
    ATLqueen Says:

    PFFFFhahaha! That girl is too delirious!

  57. 57
    Oh Please...... Says:

    TPL is aka Drag Queen from Imdb. Gina thinks everyone is either Hayden or Rachel.

  58. 58
    What Happened? Says:

    Boy what a difference 5 years makes! Hayden used to be androgyneously beautiful with a charming manner and seemed to be a sweet shy guy who tried to do the right thing. Now look at him. 3 years with Bilson and he’s getting-soft-around-the-midle, poorly dressed, looks fading fast and career gone thanks to her endlessly exploiting their relationship and him playing along, blatantly playing fans for stupid fools who will believe anything they’re told. Even his so-called charity work is pure publicity stunt just like hers. Congrats Rachel! You took what seemed like a beautiful man with potential into a barely-male version of yourself. Its a good thing you got him to marry you now because you can be sure no one else in HW with any kind of future will have you. Rachel is one of the least credible, least bankable, least talented and least desirable actrines in tv and film today who is worse than just low-rent trashy. She’s low-rent dumpster. And he’s right in there with her, dumpster-diving for pity bit parts and family/friends part handouts, anything they don’t have to compete for, because the slightest bit of competition will knock them out of it. It would be sad if they hadn’t both thrown away everything they had with both hands and right in front of papparazzi cameras– which they themselves called– to record every second of it. She never had much but he did and now its gone. Its written all over these photos. Soft middle. Moobs. Bad hair. Fugly unflattering clothes. Unemployed. Driving her car in LA and staying with his worthless brother when he could be spending the holidays on the farm he said he loved so much among old friends and the rest of his family. But he chooses to call the papparazzi to record him driving Bilson’s car while she’s gone so as to get some publicity on their supposedly private relationship and be on JJ every day. This is beyond pathetic.

  59. 59
    weird Says:

    Now you don’t love him anymore because he is with Bilson?

  60. 60
    exactly Says:

    that is what is so ridiculous, you don’t like Hayden anymore because he’s with Rachel? Rachel, who is a sweet, beautiful person. Who has Hayden dated in the past that you guys want him with so bad? What, Sienna Miller?? Yeah she was so good for him. I’ve read so many articles/interviews on here that say Rachel brings out the best in Hayden and how she’s the best thing that’s happened to him. If your a “true” fan of Hayden’s you would be happy for him if he’s with somebody he loves. @whathappened i think you are the one who is pathetic, you blame Rachel for no apparent reason. That just goes to show that half of you on here are just 14 year old jealous girls. Grow up.

  61. 61
    agree Says:


    I agree with you this has nothing to do if you like RB or not she is a zero anything and when she talks one can so hear the low IQ on her and the fact she is spoiled rotten by her own admission. There is no assuming it’s pretty evident HC has become the very thing he said he wanted nothing to do with, the HW scene and lifestyle. Very sure if he was with someone who was actually helping his career and is private life, as he so claims he wants it to be know one would complain but admire him more for it. Seems that now these took on a new idea have him self promote the two of them while she plays MIA for a short period of time. Guessing that is the new tactic of the PR teams. Seems he had lunch enough with the agent to arrange all of this. Damn near every critic, or Press reporter that has seen these two of the 3 years says the same thing and they see a ton of HW couples. Most do not buy into what these two are selling only there personal fan base is supporting it. Good there is a sucker born everyday.

    What article did you read that ever said she brings out the best in him REALLLLYYY b/c if you did I promise you it was her PR agent that arranged that quote. Bc there is nothing that supports it not even those in the industry see her bring some promising positive influence on him.

  62. 62
    the truth Says:

    Off are break with jared for awhile. Still don’t know why hayden was in LA. why put him down when he’s trying to get something? Hayden could have rented hisself a car. He has money too. This is the same car picked him up months ago. Its always business with him when he come to la. There has been three pictures are hayden being solo without rachel. So that should answer your question about them being together.You all just mad because there are no pictures are them being together. You all don’t have to bring rachel name up cause she is not in the picture with him . That is stupid are you all to do. when the paz has been following him around trying to get a picture are them being together. Which is not going to happen. They are done and you all can’t keep thinking they are together because are a car. That don’t make any sense at all. This should tell you that no picures are them no relationship If there are no picures in the time we saw hayden then they are not together. Even jared know when to stop saying its her car. And hayden was not ilying about not likeing la . he really don’t. He come there for work and nothing else.Paz just wantedto get a picture are them being together. Rachel can’t use hayden like she did before. And that’s a great inprovement in my book

  63. 63
    agree Says:

    This is not the same car he was picked up in months back if it was then we are to assume he and Rachel never took a break. He is back in town if for work where is it? He is not sitting on any movie set right now, everything he is listed for is in development which can mean whenever if not never. Other actors who are his age and didn’t have SW to give them a start are getting far more work then HC is and you’re only as knows as the last review and success of your last movie. Rule of thumb in Hollywood. @ Truth he is not working, he is sporting a gut on him now and you can see he is very haggard looking and more or less looking slobbish. This is not just casual it’s his normal unkept look. He chose to be an actor, he chose to have his life exposed so he will have to live with what press he gets..

  64. 64
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Woo-hoo…holiday fan fiction…the only thing that sounds someone legit would be that PR folks are paying Rachel to have the paps follow her around (her agent wouldn’t do that – she’s lucky if she even has an agent – they are in the business to MAKE money, not spend money)
    But TPL I’ll ask you the same question I ask the gay guys who post that they are with Hayden or Jake or some other guy – why waste your time BSing on this “non-legit” site?? Why not sell your story to TMZ?? Did you not see how profitable it was for Tiger Wood’s lovers?
    @ Truth – so of all the cars at the rental place – he happened to chose the same car Rachel happens to own?? Why not just BUY a car for the time he lives in LA – it’s not like NYC where you can get around on public transportation or walk or grab a taxi. I’m sure he owns Tove’s house. Why not just buy a car and leave it at that house??

  65. 65
    Kate Says:

    One has to wonder that too Lexy he owned a Lincoln 2 of them suv’s one was tove’s the other his. They traded them for sports cars and one interview. hayden said he got into an accident with the one he owned why he doesn’t own one now guess b/c he doesn’t want to own a car here since he never is around all that long to really use it. I think he possible owns part of RB’s car since she traded her Lexus in for this Prius. Plus insurance and registration in CA is not cheap especially on a sports car or any new car. If he isn’t living there full time (but maybe that is changing since he isnt going home or so it seems) owning a car might not be practical and borrowing is.

  66. 66
    JR Says:

    @ Kate

    You don’t ‘borrow’ your ex fiancées car. No one does that. He should use Tove’s or use a cab or rent a different car. That is just common sense.

  67. 67
    psht Says:

    excuses..excuses..there back together, accept it.

  68. 68
    JR Says:

    @ 67

    I agree. They are back together and good riddance to them both.

  69. 69
    Kate Says:

    No you don’t borrow an ex’s car but you do if your on the payroll of the paparazzi and Rb’s management team. ce


    Your right good riddance to them the less of Bilson the better him I used to tolerate him but he looks like a future Keanu Reeves..

  70. 70
    JR Says:

    Hayden is NOT on the payroll of RB’s anything. Okay? By using her car or a car like hers he’s making her look like a fool to her friends and family.

    He left her at the alter! If she’s stupid enough to loan him her car after he refused to set a date for their wedding then she’s a total doormat.

  71. 71
    @ 70 DQ, fake JR Says:

    @ 70 Gina, please take your meds and quit fantasizing about Hayden and Rachel on here with different names! It is obvious who you are, no matter what name you use: Gina, DQ, TPL, etc. . Give it a rest! You do not know Hayden and Rachel, and everyone on here is not Hayden or Rachel.

  72. 72
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Rachel’s car

    This car

    Her car is a slightly lighter shade of sliver gray( which you can see in shadow and out of shadow) while this car is smokey gray.
    Also there are different scratch marks on the two vechiles and there is an air freshener in the car Hayden climbed out of .
    Usually rental cars have those tacky air fresheners when you rent one.
    Often placed on the stearing wheel just like in the prius he is climbing out of.
    Prius’s are cheap to rent and he comes off as a guy that likes to save money where he can.

    And yes Hayden is that mindless to drive a prius similiar to hers around town and not care what people think.
    Does he really look like a guy thats worried if people think he’s back with her?
    If he was hiding anything with her he most likely would be a little more tackful than this.

    Also if thats Haydens brother’s house (Tove) and JJ thought it was a ” friends” house that goes to show how much his people dont fact check the most simple details for stories on here.

    Last but not least…. not one single photo of them within 30 yards of eachother in atleast one picture.
    So untill you see that… this is all utter bull. Common sense.

    Since Thanksgiving just happened in the states I am sure if they were back “together” in another showmance of whatever the hell it is…. there would of been pictures of them on turkey day for sure.
    No one would miss out on that photo op.
    This time last year there were plenty of pictures around Thanksgiving of them seen together…… but this year?
    Thanksgiving would of been a good way to come back out so to speak as a couple but it didnt happen.

    So I call bull sh@t on this whole thing.

    His people will never oomment because they never do even when they split earlier this year his people didnt.

    Rachels people arent stupid ( completely) so they will keep there mouths shut as well and milk the rumor for all they can for their cleint Rachel?
    Because thats their job !!!!! To get her attention out of thin air.
    And as long as people buy into it they will continue .
    Once they cant do much more with the rumor it will fade away and some other rumor will start up again with her and some random guy with a name.
    Because she has a movie coming out next year in which she only has a supporting role( BFF & BABY) and her people need to make the best of that situation and get her talked about as much as possible.
    And a Hayden rumor is a quick easy way to do just that.
    Simple enough to understand.

    Although with the new Jake G and Taylor Swift pics just posted today I am sure Rachel’s people will try to milk the old Hayden rumor a little more.
    Which by the way dont you think if someone can snap Jake and Taylor together over and over again and they arent even in LA that atleast one pap could get a decent picture of a Hayden and Rachel together if they were back together for another publicity relationship round?
    Oh thats right the rumor is bogus and thats why there arent any pictures of them like Jake and Taylor which must be driving Rachel’s people nuts trying to keep up for their client.

    LMFAO at the whole thing.

  73. 73
    fergie Says:

    that has to be her car because those are her keys
    theirs a purple and red key cain on her key ring. and if you click on this pic you’ll see the red and purple key chains on the key ring thats why i think its her car he’s driving

  74. 74
    @ 73-74 Says:

    Oh please just post both the car’s “plate number” and if its got the same number; it would somehow end this retarded & fartnatic theories for this showmance’ attempt for a sequel-hype.

  75. 75
    MissAnthropica Says:

    The timing of all this is really funny considering Hayden’s name was recently removed from Jumper 2′s page on IMDB right before the rumors of him and her started up again,
    Somehow I think this is all about that and no accident.
    He got fired from the film and so did she since they never added her name and now their people are trying to create buzz in hopes FOX might change their minds and move forward with Jumper 2.
    I somehow doubt they will atleast not with the two of them.

    This especially seems all for press because People’s own and only source that they were back together stated that when Jake G and Taylor Swift are hanging out and having “ice cream dates” then these two are back on and once Jake G and Taylor are done with their little press run the Hayden Rachel mess will stop again.
    Predictable and it probably wont pay out for Hayden in any way. I doubt think this will get him a Jumper 2 film no matter how hard he tries.
    Sad to watch.

  76. 76
    @MissAnthropica Says:

    OMG shut up and get over it, it’s her fricken car! Who the eff knows if they’re back together or just “dating” or are just “borrowing each other’s car”, you will never know. It’s there relationship, not yours. If you would stop being in denial you wouldn’t be so stupid “the lighting of her car is a shade lighter” Whatever!! You want proof? Here’s one, you see a red air freshener in the car in the second pic above, same here with rachel driving it: same thing as what the person mentioned above, in all the latest posts of hayden you see him carrying the exact keys she is carrying here – you need more proof than that??? need to see what’s exactly IN the car to believe it now??

  77. 77
    Oh Please...... Says:

    @76—a level headed person posted-thank you and I agree 100%-what ever they are up to it’s on the down low but I don’t need a picture of both together to understand that for whatever reason they are back together and trying to work things out.

  78. 78
    Sara Says:

    @ 76 & 77 Yes, thank you #76 for the “proof” you posted for those who don’t realize that sunlight and shadows cause different shades of color on the same car. The same air freshner and the same key chain with red and purple are pretty tangible proof it is her car. They do not need to be seen to work things out behind closed doors, or to have a great Thanksgiving holiday in private without photos. I wish them the best in their relationship this time around.

  79. 79
    ... Says:

    @Oh Please……: Yeah I didn’t understand a word you said. And @Sara – exactly! :)

  80. 80
    yeah right Says:

    “Working things out” for the showmance to make it more at least “credible / realistic” – part deux!

  81. 81
    Oh Please...... Says:

    @…. Guess English is not something you understand.

    @ yeah right-does it make any difference why they are together? perhaps it is a showmance-either way it’s their lives, makes me laugh that so many people get all worked up over something nobody here is going to change.

  82. 82
    ... Says:

    @Oh Please……: Well no, nothing that you said had anything to do with my post? But w/e lets get over this.

  83. 83
    Oh Please...... Says:

    @… I replied to post 76 so unless that is your post I was not replying to you-so you don’t understand that?

  84. 84
    Leslie Says:

    There is no big conspiracy people. Nothing is on the downlow. They don’t have to let us know what’s going on between them. Have you ever asked your brother or sister if they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? I bet some of them didn’t want to talk about it. Some people just don’t talk about it or make a big production of their relationships. My little sister wouldn’t talk about her boyfriend until they were almost married.

    Hayden and Rachel probably have a normal down to earth relationship and that doesn’t make headlines so people love to speculate.

  85. 85
    @Leslie Says:

    I completely agree with you. Hayden and Rachel do seem to have a normal down to earth relationship, yes people do want to know what’s going on, but it’s their relationship, just be happy for them that they’re working out there relationship. I’m very happy for them and wish them complete happiness and hope they get married and start a family.

  86. 86
    Kate Says:

    Oh they make the headlines b/c they are having the PR press do this showmance thing that is the way of HW celebrities. What down to earth relationship, if this was such a healthy romance they would have the appearance of a loving happy couple, what we see is two ppl who never act as if they wish to be in each others company. HC always looks like some homeless man when in RB’s presents. RB can’t be out of the press long before she craves attention from the press. HC can do without it be it they are together or apart the duration of this relationship has an expiration date on it. Or some bad ass reality show that needs to be canceled. We could see on and off with these two for ever if they wish to go in that direction. Seems she wants to change the man to be someone he claimed he does bot want to be some Hollywood celebrity . If RB can’t except HC as he is then nothing they do now or married will ever work bc one should never try to change the other. I see him bending to please her eventually he will get fed up with it all if not then he is some ***** whipped man.

  87. 87
    yeah right Says:

    Yeah right Kate!!!

  88. 88
    OMG Says:

    @Ruth: iLove Hayden, but iHave to tell you the truth: HE DOES NOT LOOK GOOD THERE D:
    iMean seriously, those are some bad pictures.
    Love you Hayden ^^”

    P.S. Why the fxck are you back with RB.? D:
    You can do so much better than that. Go
    out and find another girl >.<

  89. 89
    ATLqueen Says:

    Yeah you can do so much better than your boyfriend even though I don’t know him from Cracker Jack. Oh wait a minute, You don’t know her either! But still find another boyfriend cuz the one you’re with sucks big time.

  90. 90
    MissAnthropica Says:

    I find it funny a troll has to freak the f out.
    Thats right your a troll why?

    Because you arent even willing to use a screen name of some sort but feel the sad need to bicker with people under various names…..
    or even no name.

    Also I find it funny you responded to my first comment but ignore by second?

    What dont want to believe “Rayden” is all for show and that they are both pulling Rayden fans( though there arent many since they both barely have any fans by themselves anymore) legs on this one?

    Pretty damn simple she has a movie she just finished and a tv show pilot no one has heard a word of since ” announced” and he has a movie coming out on DVD and movie releasing in February in ” limited release” while still trying to find the funding for two more films.

    They have a few reason to be together and it has nothing to do with liking eachother but does have to do with not really furthering their careers because that wont happen for them they are too Dlist for that but atleast maintain their careers where they are at.

    Rachel looked happy a month or two ago once they split and she was working the scene looking for a new actor to team up with for press.

    Hayden also looked happy without her as well,

    Now that they are ” back together” or atleast rumored poor Rachel and Hayden look miserable.

    He looks like hes ill and tired.

    She looks cranky and unhappy.

    Not exactly a couple in love but a couple in a faux relationship of
    convience neither seems to be able to escape anymore.

    So everyone take your meds and chill out and enjoy the Rayden sequel while the rumor lasts…. should be about as lack luster as Jumper 2 would of been.

    The pictures, the leaks, the sources without a single picture of them even 15 feet apart somewhere, him barrowing her car but not being seen with her are all calculated people. its all part of the game.

    Its just how PR works and there are countless of fake couples….. of course alot of them make the headlines while these two best their can people can do for them is gossip blogs and small mentions in the back of tabloids.

    They either need new people or a new arrangment because this one isnt helping Rachel much and it isnt helping Hayden much get the little piece of attention they are fighting for. But then again maybe this is the best press they can hope to get at this point.
    Now that is kind of sad for both of them. Really.

    But please Rayden fans keep on enjoying the show and thinking its all ” for real” its cute when you do :) The one or two Rayden fans there even are anymore lol

  91. 91
    rayden Says:

    Wait till they get married and have cute little kids…

  92. 92
    MissAnthropica Says:

    @rayden: Sure sure keep thinking that trying to live a life by having to believe they are ” really together”and then little rainbows and pixie fairies will cover the skys on that day of days
    LMAO at Rayden’s lol
    Look I am being honest… thats Rachel’s car? Ok well that is on purpose, one photographer ? that just happens to catch Hayden at his brothers house? I highly doubt they camp out in front of the might Tove Christensen’s house all day lol I mean come on give me a break,

    Like Lainey Gossip said when Hayden was “spotted ” outside her place one photographer credited to one small agency? Never a good sign and usually points to staged photo. Plain and simple.
    Notice he was never spotted there again? You would think the pap would go back try to get better confirming pictures. But nope they didnt did they? Because they werent paid to be there that day thats why.
    Both Hayden and Rachel’s careers are struggling and this what they are doing to stay a float. Start rumors that arent completely confirmed get some press and walk away from it. Pretty straight forward.
    Doesnt make Rachel horrible doesnt make Hayden but it is total staged bull and everyone in entertainment news knows it and didnt jump on the story exactly other then a few blog sites. In Lainey’s case she called out as totally set up from the first spotting to the leaked story with People by a “friend” aka assitant of a publicist.
    Rayden’s should look at it like that its just like Jumper hard to swallow let alone watch but its meant to just be entertainment so just watch the fake relationship rumor unfold yet again and protend its a movie because thats about how REAL these two are together.

  93. 93
    ha ha Says:

    @ Miss Anthopica You are hysterical! You insisted right after Hayden and Rachel broke up in August, every time it was stated by someone that they might get back together, that they never get back together. You used various excuses like it was too late, they would have done it already, etc. You wrote chapters about it. Now it is shown beyond doubt that is Rachel’s car in the picture, you revert to it is only for publicity that he is driving it, as if Lainey Gossip is the Bible of Hollywood.

    If their relationship is only for publicity, they are doing a very poor job of it. They could be seen much more together, holding hands, be seen at the grocery store more often, etc. They were seen in public back in October by people, they have beein seeing each other over a month now. If they wanted a photo op of them together, they could have been photographed at the hotel they had dinner at that was reported by Eonline and another blog recently. By not taking advantage of having photos together, this “publicity” is very poorly done. And they look the same now as they did after their breakup in August. Hayden was happy at the Takers premiere, but in the video interviews, he was totally bummed with a flat affect. Not happy at all, but it was just because he was “tired”. Rachel was seen happy, but at the airport when picked up by her grandpa, she looked very sad. The photos are pretty much the same, and it is how the viewer perceives them.

    No one knows for sure but Hayden and Rachel what their relationship status is, so saying it is for PR is just as certain as saying it is real. You don’t know them, it is their relationship, no matter what anyone says, it is just speculation.

  94. 94
    AGREE! Says:

    @ha ha: Exactly, I find it funny how some of you still say it’s just a PR relationship, they’ve been together for 3 1/2 years, been engaged, and are now back together. If they’re wasting that much time of their life on a fake relationship, they both obviously have no life. They’re together again, accept it and get over it. I find it more convincing that they’re back together since they haven’t been seen together, they probably want to keep it quite. @MissAnthropica – when you come up with idiotic stories and write paragraph after paragraph about people you claim you don’t like, you’re only avoiding the truth. You know they’re back together, you just don’t want to believe it, but believe it honey.

  95. 95
    Ruth Says:

    You know guys, a few unflattering pictures does not make your natural “hotness” disappear. I wonder what YOU guys look like trolling around? Wearing jeans and a T-shirt is an American pastime! HAYDEN IS SO SEXY, SO HOT, SUCH A WONDERFUL ACTOR and much to your dismay will be around for decades to come…sorry guys, you’ll just have to learn to deal with it!

  96. 96
    Just Wondering Says:

    Seems like Hayden is spending still more time with his brother than with Rachel!

  97. 97
    S Says:

    Thanks for the link, these were taken the same day when he visited his brother, then they went shopping. Wonder what they bought, maybe something for thanksgiving the next day.

  98. 98
    Carey Says:

    Looks like they didn’t buy a thing they walked out empty handed. HC reall needs to clean up some he looks like a wrinkled mess and he HAIR God own a comb will he,

  99. 99
    Winter Says:

    Thanks for the link, just read this on e-online: Another couple seemingly on right now is Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen, who were spotted out to dinner recently at the Bazaar in the SLS Hotel all lovey-dovey.

    “They walked in holding hands and when they checked in, her head was on his shoulder,” an eyewitness dishes. “They were very cute.”

  100. 100
    angie Says:

    @ just wondering Thanks for posting the link to those photos! If they were taken the day he went to Tove’s in the Prius (they are dated 11/24), that means he went back to Rachel’s with her car after he left Tove, probably staying with her now instead of Tove. That was the third day he was seen driving her car. The photos say Hayden was photographed coming out of Barney’s on the caption, probably hanging out with Tove there. If he goes back to Rachel’s when he is done, he spends plenty of time with her if he is there overnight using her car three days in a row! I think he looks good in some of the photos where he is walking with Tove. He spikes his hair up to do that, and the wind blows it, it looks unruly at times. He is probably putting on weight and growing his hair for the movie The Cold he will be filming this winter. Can’t have a skinny hunter fighting a Wendingo, now can we?

  101. 101
    fandango Says:

    Not sure I trust all that E-online put out especially when it’s hearsay w/o picture evidence. I’m sure this again is showmance b/c both have dying careers.

  102. 102
    really Says:

    Funny thing about that so called sighting is one she is way to short to lean her head on his shoulder and walk with him. Second why would they check into an LA hotel when both have a residence (at least she does) in LA..This article sounds staged.

  103. 103
    ATLqueen Says:


    You are right about something. She IS too short to rest her head on his shoulder. He’s almost a foot taller then her.

  104. 104
    here by accident Says:

    @ATLqueen: who cares ? small is beautiful.

  105. 105
    ATLqueen Says:

    I’m not hating. Nothing against shorter people. I was making a point about the story from E-online.

  106. 106
    Carey Says:

    I agree with Atqueen and #102 the story sounds like a PR stunt even if they show up together again it’s still the same old rerun we have seen in the past with a few extras in it but it comes down to the same stage show.

  107. 107
    OMG Says:

    Okay seriously, when it says “her head was on his shoulder” it doesn’t mean her head had to be EXACTLY on his shoulder, she was probably leaning onto his side, sheesh you guys look into everything little thing to make the story untrue. And the thing about them checking in, they were probably checking into the restruant, bcuz it said they were eating, or maybe they wanted to stay at the hotel, who knows!

  108. 108
    ATLqueen Says:


    But that’s just something you don’t miss. Try it one day. Analyze a situation and tell it to someone and see how many things you flip around or get literal with.

  109. 109
    OMG Says:

    What? What’s something you don’t miss? I’m not saying the sighting is 100% true, but it was posted from two pretty legit sources. It just gets ridiculous how many times everybody trys to flip the story around to make it untrue, it’s because you guys don’t want to believe it that’s why your trying to turn it all around.

  110. 110
    Carey Says:


    News flash no tabloid is a Legit source they are paid to post anything that comes across their desk. They don’t care if the report is true or false they are in it for the dead presidents. What is with you and flipping a story don’t you think that reporters do that all the time to make news. Funny HC’s character in Shattered Glass did plenty of story flipping. Read between the lies sometimes instead of taking each tabloid at face value which is what they all want you to do. Funny all these so called legit sources and no pictures just saying this is done all the time with these two. Even twitter sightings are not always legit either ppl will make up stories if they know there is a market for it.

  111. 111
    Sara Says:

    Another poster already mentioned the fact that because there are no photos of them together, it seems more believable that they are together. I think so, too. They have both been gone for a week now, and were photographed separately last week. Hayden can disappear easily, but Rachel has gone off the radar for a week, as well,now. The hotel sighting of them was the weekend before Thanksgiving, a hotel outing to celebrate getting back together would be a reason to go to a hotel, even though you live in the same town. The next three days Hayden is seen driving Rachel’s car. In the photos of Hayden walking with Tove, he looks pretty pleased with himself. He also looks annoyed at the paps in others. Then they are both gone MIA for a week. If they wanted publicity from this “getting back together”, they should have photos of the two of them together. By not having them, that says they do not care if they are photographed together. If it is just for publicity, they should want to be seen together. But they are doing the opposite, not being photographed, They will eventually turn up somewhere, whether together or separately.

  112. 112
    really Says:

    Rachel is gone at this time of year for weeks sometimes last time she went to Africa when everyone claimed she was with HC So if you don’t see doesn’t mean a hill of beans anymore she has always played this disappearing act from time to time. And when is it more proof w/o a picture then with one..

  113. 113
    OMG Says:

    @Sara: Yes I agree.

  114. 114
    Sara Says:

    I remember last year when Rachel went to Africa, and it sounds like Hayden could have gone with her. He said in May at the start of the Red campaign that he had been to Africa recently, and that would have been the perfect opportunity for him to have been there. He was seen in New York City with her when she did the Target opening after she got back, and then they were seen in LA at the birthday party. He was not photographed in New York or in Africa, but they were still engaged then, and had “dissappeared” at the same time. Sometimes the sightings make sense, sometimes they don’t, but just because there is no pictures does not mean they are not together. Perfect example–the above post with Rachel’s car and Hayden with the keys.

  115. 115
    really Says:

    He did not go to Africa with her we and she is a major press ***** she would have made sure ppl would have seen them at the a/p when they left. Hello we4 know he uses her car he might have even bought it for her for all anyone knows. His BFF said that they did talk, and see each other FRIENDS do, do that. And we know he sees her but as far as them in the hotel doesn’t sound like HC mainly bc the amount of attention he gives her is limited. As for the rumors you mentioned on bday party please a few twitters nothing was proven, they are not what I call reliable sources maybe they are RB’s sources close to her giving out the lame ass information to the media reps.. Same with the tabloids if you wish to believe them great only shows how much of a sucker ppl can be. I’m sure they will appear soon they have to b’c both careers are dying hard and HC’s old agent said he had to cut him loose. RB never had much of a career so she needs him.

  116. 116
    OMG Says:

    @really: what does rachel’s career have to do with hayden and rachel? huh? nothing. you don’t judge somebody by how much they work, i’d like to know how much you work since it seems all the haters are constantly on JJ. You guys are so blinded by the truth it’s not even funny, it’s SO obviously they’re back together, GET THE EFF OVER IT!!

  117. 117
    fandango Says:


    You are on here supporting what a man and woman who have less then half a career, HC put his ass out in the celebrity world, he wanted this life, he chose a woman with half a brain who he can manipulate around. He gets the good press and the worst of the press with reporters not liking a thing he does. Who gives a f’k if ppl are here not in support of these two. HC has the few fans that won’t let ppl talk bad about him who live on his fan boards. Trust me the fan base for both of these two is small and insignificant. Actually the less we see of them the better they are not missed seriously.

  118. 118
    Kelly Says:

    They both need to be in therapy.

  119. 119
    Ruth Says:

    You guys/gals need serious help! HAYDEN…love ya, think you’re a great actor; a hunky, sexy guy; love your hair any doggone way you wear it; love your jeans and T-shirts; love your movies; love your style; and that face; you were made for the movies!

  120. 120
    hey guys Says:

    For all we know, they have gone to get married, LOL

  121. 121
    sham-duo Says:

    They are just the HW’s living proof that a “has-been & a never-ever-been” oddball mixed-up predictably & continually scores bad luck & disaster.

    p.s.Hey RuthTARD; do take up your meds a-s-a-p!!!

  122. 122
    Guess again Says:


    RB get married w/o press around her to record each and ever second yeaaa…okkk…The fact both are more toxic together then separate, they both have zero charisma as a couple and RB is a media attention seeker all the way around she can be out of the press for only a few weeks then she needs the Paps in her face.

  123. 123
    by the way Says:

    The sighting of them on october 24 loading their groceries into their car is true, check you tube…i am sure you will find the link.

  124. 124
    finally Says:

    Well, this should satisfy those who need a photo of the two of them together. She wore that oufit when she was filming BFF&Baby, and you can tell she has the lighter ends on her hair that she had done last summer. The video is shakey in places, but sure would have solved alot of speculation a few weeks ago. I wonder why it was never shown? Odd, unless someone did not want it to be shown?

  125. 125
    @by the way Says:

    Yes just found the video right here of Rachel and Hayden

  126. 126
    S Says:

    Was there really a break? They looked like an old married couple.

  127. 127
    @ 126 Says:

    None really at all… its was just a HYPE for his incoming film at that time (TaNkers) – poor GULLIBLE fartnatics of his.

  128. 128
    ATLqueen Says:

    I don’t think he needed a split from his girl to promote a movie with people like Paul Walker, T.I., Elba Idris (or however you spell it), Michael (can’t think of his last name now) and Chris Brown in it. People would have seen that movie with or without HC in it regardless. But since he was in it he brought along his love/hate/backstabbing fans. Again, he didn’t need the breakup to promote anything.

  129. 129
    Kelly Says:

    If he loves her why won’t he marry her? She said she “dreamed of setting a wedding date”. She broke up with him because he refused to set a date. Why date someone for three in a half years, propose and give her a ring and then refuse to follow through?

    If she takes him back then she is a doormat.

  130. 130
    J Says:

    @Kelly: How did he “refuse” to set a date? Did he tell you that himself? It seems like once they got engaged they both just got busy with stuff and didn’t have time to plan it… I highly doubt he refused to set a date, if you read any interview he’s done where they’ve asked him about being engaged he always says he’s so excited and can’t wait to get married.

  131. 131
    Kelly Says:

    He refused to set a date. That is why she broke up with him. He never said in a taped interview that he could not wait to get married. She did say in a taped interview that she “dreamed of setting a date.”

    She wants to elope, so all they have to do is take one day off of their busy schedules of pot smoking, beer drinking, coke snorting, shopping and eating and t.v watching and I’m pretty sure they can manage that.

  132. 132
    Kelly Says:

    Besides, celebrities can hire planners to give them dream weddings in less than a weeks notice. So that is a lame excuse. No. He refused to set a date, that is why she broke up with him.

  133. 133
    @ Kelly, aka Gina, GQ, TPL Says:

    Gina, you’re at it again, it is obvious you are fantasizing about Hayden and Rachel again, no matter what name you use! Rachel is the one who does not want to get married yet, not Hayden. Your posts are always obvious, take your meds again, and find something less upsetting for you to spend time on than these two. You do not know either one of them.

  134. 134
    Kelly Says:

    That is not true. Rachel is the one who was putting pressure on Hayden to set a date and he refused so she broke up with him. You’ve got your facts wrong. She has said she “dreamed of setting a date” and a couple years prior to that she said was ready to get married.

    Hayden has lots of women on the side, trust me. He said he’s using her for a booty call for revenge so that he can fuvk her and dump her so he can have the last word. He’s bitter becasue she dumped him first.

    If he loves her he will marry her.

  135. 135
    Kelly Says:

    ” Rachel is the one who does not want to get married yet, not Hayden. ”

    That is a lie so that she can save face from being left at the alter.

    She was looking like a fool for staying with him when he refused to set a date, and she looks like an even bigger fool for taking him back after he jilted her. Hence that story that you, Hayden, keep telling so that you can keep using her while she saves face.

    But, she knows the truth and so does everyone else.

  136. 136
    127(aka)GULLIBLE fartnatics Says:

    And one “poor GULLIBLE fartnatic/s of him” had responded already..
    Well whatever one wants to believe (& as long as its very convenient) in their small & static coconut shell.

  137. 137
    J Says:

    @Kelly: Yeah, you are a psychotic fan, let me help you out a little…you are NEVER going to date Hayden. Why don’t you read this article on Hayden “Engaged since 2009, the actor said he is deeply in love and cant wait to get married.” If he didn’t want to marry her, or he didn’t love her, then answer me this..why would he propose to her? why would they be back together right now if they didn’t love each other? Just because you can’t find love don’t hate on the people that have it. Hayden fans, and Rachel fans – just be happy for them, everybody deserves to be in love and be with somebody they care about. They found that in each other. And “Kelly” or whatever other name your using on here, your attemp to show you don’t like Hayden & Rachel together is just pathetic, it just shows how jealous you are.

  138. 138
    Kelly Says:

    @ J aka Hayden

    That article was hearsay. He was not quoted by an interviewer or on video. And at the same time Rachel WAS quoted saying “dreamed of getting married”. She confronted him about that article and why he said that to someone when he refused to set a date for their wedding and that is what started them breaking up.

    Either Hayden was misquoted, or he said it to be polite but lied and when Rachel confronted him he balked and refused to set a date and she broke up with him.

    Why would I want to date a cad? I can do better. I have love in my life, much higher and more fulfilling than an addiction to sex and fame.

  139. 139
    J Says:

    okay, your seriously crazy dear. and where was this where rachel was on a video saying this?? show me please.

  140. 140
    whizbang Says:

    @133 – Rachel is the one who does not want to get married yet…
    Well forgive Ms. BilPOOO for being the “first & always” the chatterbox due to her (incurable) brain-dead-cells & @tttention deficit di$order.

  141. 141
    Ruth Says:

    @Cin: Sorry to disapoint you but Hayden received 7 million for Jumper alone and nearly that for Takers so he’s certainly worth more than a measly 3-6 million. He’s made 13 films since star wars and has been paid for everyone of them!! He still has 4 more lined up after he finishes THE COLD which was put back on the pre-production list on 11/22/10. HAYDEN will be around for decades so you’d better get used to it!

  142. 142
    Ruth Says:

    @fandango: OMG Perhaps that’s why his fan sites have 42 BILLION hits, you don’t know squat about his fans. They obviously love him, his acting, his style, his movies, and want to make sure they know what’s coming up in his career. He will be filming THE COLD in 2011 it was put back in pre-production on 11/22/10 and he has 4 more films that will be coming up after that. We need something or someone who inspires us in this drab world and HAYDEN is one of those.

  143. 143
    J Says:

    So.. from the article saying she doesn’t like the attention and she would rather elope or have a smaller wedding means she doesn’t want to get married?? Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me.

  144. 144
    Kelly Says:

    ***Rachel pressed Hayden to set a wedding date and he refused so she broke off with him in a bluff to get him to marry her. Hayden called her bluff and stayed away for a couple of months. So she took him back. It’s that simple. She’s a doormat and he’s a cad.***

  145. 145
    Kelly Says:

    @ Ruth aka Hayden

    Sorry, you can brag about how much money you have (I say five mil tops) to impress me, but that ship has sailed, you had your chance.

  146. 146
    OMG Says:

    $7m is petty cash to bigger actors or not so big actors if that is all you can say he made then he isn’t doing all that well by HW standards. Who cares if the sorry SOB wants to marry this lame brain in the end he has to live with her and trust me after being with each other full time wo breaks will drive him to take up with someone else. The dude changed agents and the last one wasn’t overly thrilled with HC,. Guess one and only reason he has to be in LA is b/c this new agents requires him to hang around. Seems like if HC was as talented as his glee club fan base wants to make him then I guess he would be working more then once ever 18 month to 2 years. Many actors by 1 year have done 2 movies and going on a 3rd, Seems that HC’s baggage is his brother and now g/f both are not doing him any favors getting him work.

  147. 147
    TPL Says:

    “Guess one and only reason he has to be in LA is b/c this new agents requires him to hang around”

    If that is true then he can get his own place or stay with Tove. He does not need to be shacked up with his ex fiancee….*rolls eyes*

  148. 148
    blairite Says:

    Rashchel keeps on blabbing & insinuates about getting married (#140’s post is one prime example) when she’s still newly-engaged but a 1½ year had passed & most HW (real) couples who got engaged during that time had been married already.
    The media now bugs her since she solely leaked it 1st & the one who always caught bumming LA & the paps. Rashchel can’t & won’t respond to it knowing that it should have/get “materialized” on a set date for real; so the she tweaked or insinuated (again) her previous tattles that goes w/ the lines “I don’t want to get married yet”.
    And so why some folks can’t still get a freakin’ clue?! It’s already out there; even written in bold letters (just thru the help of media hyping)…

  149. 149
    TPL Says:

    ***Rachel is madly in love with Hayden, she wanted him to set the date but he refused. So she bluffed him by breaking up and he called her bluff and she caved in, so now he has all the power in the relationship.

    She has to shut-up and put-up and not nag him to get married, or she has to live without him. So now he gets a free ride, he gets free sex with no commitment and when/if the relationship ends since they are not married she gets…nothing. :)***

  150. 150
    OMG Says:


    If that is true then he can get his own place or stay with Tove. He does not need to be shacked up with his ex fiancee….*rolls eyes*

    He stays between two placed even the reporters know this Laniey even made a comment on how set up his appearances are at her place. You can tell when it’s staged as if on cue with the paparazzi. I think he primarily stays with Tove and does bootie calls with RB when he needs a fix. Big deal if he drives her car anyone could do that if she lets them they do it for the attention plus to get insinuations to arise from it. As for getting his own place WHY like why drive her csr or Tove’s he doesn’t want to own anything in LA

  151. 151
    J Says:

    Yeah okay do you realize your just talking to yourself? Guess time will tell dear, we’ll see what you say when it’s announced they got married.

  152. 152
    TPL Says:

    @ 151

    If he’s using RB for sex and her car then he is a cad, a user and a looser.

    Since when do you have to buy a house or home to live in LA? He can stay in a hotel or rent a furnished apartment, it’s called corporate rentals and rent a car too.

  153. 153
    TPL Says:

    @ 151 aka Hayden

    I’m sure RB would love to know that she’s gone from fiancé to booty call ho…

  154. 154
    TPL Says:


    The sooner he marries her the better, then he can’t lie about being broken up and I can have closure.

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