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John Travolta & Kelly Preston Welcome A Baby Boy

John Travolta & Kelly Preston Welcome A Baby Boy

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have announced the birth of their third child, Benjamin, who was born 8 lbs., 3 oz. on Tuesday in a Florida hospital.

John, Kelly and their daughter Ella Bleu are ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family. Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully,” the statement said.

Jett, their first child, died of a seizure in January 2009 while the family was on vacation in the Bahamas.

Congrats to John and Kelly!

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • julz

    im happy for them

  • julz

    im happy for them

  • Thai

    Hard to congratulate these weirdos considering they had a part in Jett’s death, due to the fact that he didnt fit in the Scientology standards – being autistic. Poor Ella Bleu and Benjamin….

  • Vesper

    I find it very easy to say congratulations to them, they have been threw their own hell,leave them alone Thai!!

  • Sheri

    Thai – You must be a hideous, hateful person to say such awful things on a joyous occasion such as this. Shame on you! Anyone who knows them says the Travoltas are excellent, loving parents. God bless them and their new little one … may Benjamin bring them much joy after all the tragedy they’ve endured. May the Lord bless you all, John and Kelly …

  • S@n


  • Canada from Vankong !

    Congratulations to JOHN&KELLY and ELLA !
    Well Come……..Benjamin Travolta !

  • Jimbo

    #3 – Thai…you may not like these people but your comment is totally uncalled for. How could you say that about anyone if you don’t have the facts? Coward…bet you wouldn’t say that if you had to post your real name and address.

  • Susan

    @Thai: i agree with you, lets hope if this kid get sick, they don’t feed him BARLEY WATER. GOOD PARENTS take care of their children with proper medicine. After denying Jett was Autistic for years and getting him the help he needs, I’ve to question their parenting. To keep a child hidden away with an aide was a sorry state John’s friends can say how nice he is but he still was a terrible parent, only talking about his daughter, like his son did not exist, maybe to him he did not. If you bring children in this world, you should do your best for them,

  • ASHI


  • dana

    Susan (#9) = Thai (#3)

  • Go Ask Alice

    Good for them. That is good news all went well.

    I do hope NOW John resturns to the Catholic faith or lets the Cult of Science fiction Scientology alone.

    I am sure he and Kelly are esp. thankful this special Thanksgiving and will be forever.

  • mia




  • Susan

    @dana: no way, I’m being honest about how I feel, and I stand by my comments. Lets look at the big picture, if this child displays signs of Autism at 2 yrs old is he going to be treated the same way Jett was. I hope the baby grows up to be a healthy adult. Any child that is mistreated bothers me rich or poor. And don’t get me started on a replacement baby, babies born to women over 35 have a higher risk of problems.

  • Scientolocult

    Now that the surrogate had the baby, Kelly needs to return that fake belly asap if she want to get her deposit back. mmm…Maybe I’m wrong and Tom let them borrow one of Katie’s strap on baby bumps.

  • From Paris with Love

    Weirdos. She got pregnant ‘naturally’ at the glorious age of 47, yeah right, just one year after their son’s death, when they had 10 frickin years to have a baby since their daughter was born in 2000! Who does that? who makes a baby at almost 50 to replace a dead son? I bet they even chose for it to be a male. Scary people.

  • DarkEmpress

    im happy for them. its interesting they named this baby Benjamin which is a traditional name unlike Ella Bleu and Jett.

  • mia

    Another poor kid will have a very weird life….

  • Brittania Thompson

    Some of you should be outright ashamed of yourselves and your hateful remarks.
    They had a baby. They lost a child before that.
    You do not live in a glass house and have ZERO right to judge them. And you DONT know them, you dont live with them, you have no idea WHO they really are, none of us do. Dont believe everything you read in the tabs or hear on the tv. Really….is your life so miserable and boring that you have nothing better to do than sit around judging people you DONT KNOW? Wow. what an EGO. Get off your high horse and go get a life. You have NO RIGHT to judge others. None at all. Celebrity or non celebrity. The birth of a child is a joyous thing. Clearly they are not terrible parents. And he had Kawasaki Syndrome you moron. That is different from Autism. Get your facts straight before you start bashing someone. merry christmas and may GOD bless ever your SOULS!!!

  • Susan

    @Brittania Thompson: Kawasaki Syndrome my A*s, John ADMITTED in court, that Jett had AUTISM. So you get your facts right, I’m sure the legal Documets are on file in The Bahamas. That is why I can’t respect them as parents. When you know what is wrong with your child and because of your religion, you can’t get help for him, claiming he got sick from the carpet cleaner. There is nothing hateful in my remarks.

  • hillary

    ok this may sound like im judging them, bt im not… but i cant imagine how it’ll be like to live this kid’s life.. knowing that the only reason he was created was to be his parents do-over for his dead brother

  • Star Fox

    You don’t know nor have ever known the Travoltas to say that they had a replacement kid.

    And yes. Their late son had autism but he was never hidden away and shunned and was included in all family outings.

  • Susan

    @Star Fox: LAIR

  • siennagold

    I’m very happy for them! Congrats! :)


    Yea for me because thanks to my frozen spermies, I’m a Daddy AGAIN!

  • ellie’

    Congratulations John Kelly & Ella with your new addition.. God Bless for your bundle of joy….

  • Well..

    Thank G o d it went well. Giving birth at that age was asking for probs. Good it went well.

  • Jokergurl

    @Thai go stick your head in a toilet and flush it a couple of times, it might make you a little nicer (or not)
    Congratulations to John and Kelly over their new baby boy, it’s still terrible what happened to their son Jett, I wish them the best.

  • TomCruise

    If this kid has medical problems I hope they get him proper help. Has anyone else read about John Travolta and all his gay steam room trysts? What’s happening with all that? I’m surprised Kelly is sticking with him if all this is true. She must have really low self-esteem.

  • John Smith

    This is a really informative material.

  • Vessy

    Cpngrats I wish them all the best <3<3<3

  • divorcee


  • Shawna

    All you haters must lead really pathetic lives. You do realize you don’t actually know these people, right? Everything you think you know has been read in tabloids. Grow up and stop hating on people based on lies and speculations.

    Congrats to the Travolta Family!

  • Brittania Thompson

    I was NOT talking to you Susan. i didnt say YOU WERE the one making hateful remarks. Jett’s illness is not even the relevent point here. They had a baby and people are bashing them. Whats wrong with society today? No one, NO ONE knows these people. Its not right to judge someone BASED on tabloid fodder.