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Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio made his $1 million donation for tiger conservation Tuesday after his flight was delayed to Moscow on Sunday.

The 36-year-old actor was one of 200 passengers on board a Delta Airlines flight which was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York when a plane lost an engine on take-off.

“I would like to thank you for coming despite all the obstacles,” Prime Minister Putin said to Leo. His second flight faced turbulence and had to make an unscheduled refueling stop in Helsinki, Putin shared. “This is not even funny. In our country, they have a saying – a real man.”

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  • YES



  • MlleF

    Usually, I really appreciate and admire Leonardo.

    But I don’t now what to think about that…sitting in front of this murderer dictator, killing innocent people, women an chilren, and many journalists…

    I’m a musician, an I think that I would not be able to stay in the same room as this b@stard.

  • Nic

    You can say that AGAIN!! And what a man, however i do not share the same sentiments about Mr. Putin, no power bully dictator disguised as a “humble” man, ever gets cool points from me!

  • fashiondream

    Leo really seems to care about the tigers and he really made an effort to get there. `A real man` is a nice compliment but knowing who said it about him makes it less flattering. Leo has some people around him who are rather questionable. His girlfriend, Refaeli, Naomi Campbell, her boyfriend,Doronin, now Putin, Paris Hilton… Not really an A-team!

  • Nice Man

    yup Leo is the best there is and i hope he marries Rafaeli cause they suit each other very well

  • Mary

    i don’t get it why y’all think that little of Putin, he never was a dictator!
    And he is the one who made Russia a stronger country and his politics made other countries respect Russia more.

  • @Nice Man

    That`s right. They suit each other very well. Leo is a talented man who got to the top on his own merit and Refaeli has the talent to use his fame to promote her own mediocre modeling career. Indeed match made in heaven. Too bad it`s not a win-win situation. Win for Refaeli but a HUGE LOSS for Leo. He tends to appreciate low-class it`s obvious.

  • YES


    If you are not familiar with Mr.Putin ,keep your ignorant remarks to yourself.He is one of the most respected politicians in the world for many years.


  • MlleF


    Sweeeeet dreaaaams !

    No one respects a killer of civils populations, and don’t tell me about killing journalists….it’s not a big eal right…

    Anna Politovskaia would be so prout of what you’re saying…

    An by the way I’m not even russian, I’m french…we have a sh.itty president, but at least we are not killing yet journalists…

  • jenny

    @MlleF: dear little american hillbilly; This man is NOT a dictator&I think I need inform you that communism has fallen&this man is the prime minister on Russia, cause he won the democratic elections! I guess your pastor at your local church didn’t tell you that did he? Nor did your national TV stations, did they?! Always the stupid sheep!

  • MlleF

    *Sweeeeet dreaaaams !

    No one respects a killer of civils populations, and don’t tell me about killing journalists….it’s not a big deal right…

    Anna Politovskaia would be so proud of what you’re saying…

    And by the way I’m not even russian, I’m french…we have a sh.itty president, but at least we are not killing yet journalists…

  • MlleF


    Dear little big stupid mouth…
    I’m not even american…tooo baaaaaaad !

    Anyway, american are not supposed to be all stupid, another proof of your great intelligence ! Congrats !

    Let’s defend a murderer…but do it alone, I’m not confortable with blood on my hands.

  • YES


    You are just jealous of Leonardo but you can’t admit it.He was complimented by a powerful and respected politician.

    Go do something for the TIGERS and use this opportunity to educate yourself

  • Mary from Russia

    He didn’t win the democratic elections. He was appointed by B. Yeltsin. Even here in Pussia we don’t know much about Putin, he is a very reserved person. But Americans seem to know him better.

  • lol

    right. jealous of a compliment from Putin. lol

  • Mary from Russia

    * Russia ))))

  • Catchy

    i wonder what made you think outin is a dictator and murderer? that is utter stupid!
    he’s a strong leader and made a lot for russia. you americans and many europeans too are disinformed about whats happening in the world. you think states are trying to save the world? what states do – they intrude other countries and initiate huge economic crisises.

  • YES


    Their greed caused the huge economical crisis all over the world. What do you have to say about that,fellow Americans ?

  • YES

    @ lol a.k.a MlleF

    You are jealous of Leonardo ,not the compliment itself

  • guest girl

    I commend Leo for his efforts to save tigers. That’s really admirable especially that he made it to Russia after all his plane troubles.
    But if he was a ‘real man’ he would date a ‘real woman’ and he would have better friends.
    As for Putin I don’t know much of him but he seems to appreciate Leo’s efforts. It sounds like he is kissinf his b#tt.

  • From Paris with Love

    Ridiculous. Like Putin doesn’t have enough billionaire friends, gaz and ore magnates, mafia godfathers, who would give him 1 million dollars in a blink.

    Putin himself is one of the richest men in Europe let alone Russia. The way he gathered all his money was a little less than honorable, putting big companies in his name and saving those documents outside Russia. No one knows for sure how much he is worth but observers say he’s not far behind Bill Gates…

    So what he gets with Dicaprio is just a gullible egocentric oh-so-green movie star to improve his public image.

  • lol

    sure, whatever you say. i`m everyone on this thread. lol whatever makes you happy!

  • MG

    the discussion is ridiculous. the most serious problem in the world, really. it was just an official meeting and leo was just a famous person invited to call people’s attention to the problem. that was his role, nothing else. and i don’t think that it is something personal to dicaprio.
    as for mr putin, he doesn’t kill civil populations, where did you get that? the murder of journalists is not a genocide, it is just an awful criminal situation. the whole political system is rotten, but it is not because of him alone. i’m from russia and believe me it is not that bad living here. i’m not his fan and i don’t like what he does but it’s just stupid saying such things.

  • SerCan

    OH yes it is true, LEO IS the man!

  • belle

    Wow, some pretty nasty comments here. Mr. Putin is not a dictator , look up your general knowledge.

  • Everio

    Leo is an amazing man, he only went to Russia because Leo is a member of WWF and the summit to SAVE THE TIGERS happens to be in St. Peterburg’s Russia. Leo got high praises from Putin because not only did Leo survive along with all those passengers on the ill fated Delta flight 30, but Leo continued on his trip, to get to Russia. Leo gave $1 million dollars out of his pocket to help preserve animals that are becoming extinct, plus managed to educate and campaign earlier this year bringing in an extra $20 million for conservation for wildlife. Just in that alone, Putin was honored to meet Leo.
    As for Putin, its not that Leo agrees with his political stance in the world, they both happen to love animals and trying to bring a stop towards wildlife abuse, thats all.
    I applaude Leo for taking a stand and making his voice be heared about animal rights.

  • Vika

    From Paris with Love
    Are u crazy??
    Putin doesn’t own gas,the nation do

    it’s seems like you’re living in 60s in a small villages and you don’t have tv and newspapers.and don’t know what happens in the world :DDD

    “The way he gathered all his money was a little less than honorable, putting big companies in his name and saving those documents outside Russia.”how did you know about that?asked him?

    You shouldn’t belive in everything that the goverment says

    don’t be silly,do not disgrace yourselves

  • Mary from Russia

    Americans are like from other planet. I am not delighted with our government, but to call Putin murderer is ridiculous. They consider Russia as North Korea, and Putin as Kim Chen Ir. LOL

  • Brasil

    He is a great man, don’t need Puttin to say that! Leo is a special person, love him!

  • fashiondream

    `real man` with less than impressive friends. I wonder what Campbell was doing there? Some face time? lol

  • elkar
  • Vika

    @Mary from Russia:
    neither do i

    I repeat that you shouldn’t belive in everything that the government says
    Our government’s lying,their government’s lying,all governments ‘re lying to their people
    it’s politics

  • From Paris with Love

    Yeah men don’t own Russia’s energy, the nation does, that’s why there are so few russian billionaires and ‘nouveaux riches’ who spend their money all over the world, NY, London, Paris, everywhere… They are buying british football clubs and the whole French riviera! Each year there are more and more mysterious fortunes in Russia. Sometimes they even have problems spending their cash because some countries don’t accept easily that foreigners pay a whole house or yacht with dirty money.

  • From Paris with Love

    As for Putin he is a dictator. There are various forms of dictatorship you know its doesn’t necessarily mean the army kills the population with a machete. He controls the energy, the parliament, the media, everything, he puts in jail whoever he wants, he has anyone he wants killed, he does whatever he wants in Tchechenia and doesn’t allow journalists there. It cost poor anna politkovskaya’s life. Women are raped and men are murdered there. He sent the tycoon Khodorkovsky in jail for no apparent reason, chess player Gary Kasparov was jailed for anti-Putin protest, no public manifestations are allowed, no gay-pride allowed, no political opponents allowed, many journalists killed, etc. The president Medvedev is his puppet, Putin changed the law when he was president in order to become prime minister. And it’s likely he will be president again. It is said he divorced his longtime wife and had a baby with 27 year old gymnast Alina Kabayeva but no one is allowed to speak about it. Moscow’s mayor was fired like a nobody recently. Who had russian spy Alexander Litvinenko poisoned in London? who had Ukraine opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko poisoned? Russian mob and former KGB are still a very powerfull octopus, they and Putin OWN Russia.
    Now of course it is possible to live an everyday pleasant life in Russia (although there is lots of rural poverty and alcoholism). I’m not saying it’s horrible to live there, because the people doesn’t necessarily notice all these things. And even i can find Putin almost pleasant in interviews and word summits and charity events. These men know how to look nice. That’s the whole point of a disguised dictatorship. I am not against Russia i would love to go and visit the Red Square and St Petersbourg and Siberia. Every nation has its shady aspects and every government lies but Russia still has many demons to fight.

  • Mary from Russia

    @From Paris with Love:
    I agree, there are a lot of problems in my country, as well as in any other country. But now we’re talking about Putin. Why do you blame him for those billionaires spending their money? They became rich long before Putin came to power.

  • marq
  • ……

    looks lik naomi and her man were there to….didnt leo and naomi hiik up a few years ago?! heard somethin about nakid swimming in thailand….clearly its not awkward between then, leo mustnt be an awkward guy which is hany seen as hes hooked up with the vast majority in holywood and elsewhere at one stage or another!

  • sea

    wow leo, he is surpises me everyday,
    first, he is dating a zionist and he travels in israel, second his friend had many blood diamonds and treated her domestics and assistants like a sh!ts and now he is helping a dictator what is the next leo???? i’am not surpised if one day his plane will be crashed.
    look what naomi wear: an eye necklace, sign of illimunati. wow wow wow leo is in danger now!!!!!!!

  • stereoluv suuuuuper cute pics of leo and bar in italy all lovey dovey, maomi and her man ar there to and even hes hugging leo people cant keep there hands off him!! ;) have to register to see them tho….

  • stereoluv more pics of leo in isreal at bars house, you can see him playing basketball with bars little brother and slam dunking the ball into the net! :) leos hair is actualy really long u wouldnt notice it the way he wears it publicaly but i luuuuuv the way he wears it in candids, guess the public look has to be more sophisticated!

  • ichi

    hey this is ridiculous anybody could have an agreement in this because are political s points of view, an sorry but is the citizens in each country that they know their realities, and by the way all the Americans can’t said anything about other countries see your reality and then talk about it, and this is all about Leo commitment with the environment not RUSSIA!

  • kiki

    gud god is it just me or does leo look so effable in that pic above beside putin…….those eyes are screaming out t me PLEASE REMOVE YOUR CLOTHING!!!!!!!

  • fashiondream

    the barf-freaks are invading this thread as well. who cares about barf in italy or israel? you have the exact same comment posted on her fan site and all over leo`s threads. originality, please. but what can we expect from someone who is a fan of a completely unoriginal, uninteresting and blah model? lol
    `real man` without the balls to date a decent woman. a `real man` leaving behind his decent friends to hang out with naomi and what`s-his-name. not very impressive, dear leo. not at all.

  • jaja

    Putin speech and LEO in conference st.petersburg LINK youtube

  • hey

    @37 haha ya id feel awkward being around ex lovers and such, but then again im not leo dicaprio..

  • hey

    @37 haha ya id feel awkward being around ex lovers and such, but then again im not leo dicaprio..

  • carla


  • lesbian

    Poor Leo!!!! Hope he’s doing ok now and I’m with you!! save the tigers!!

  • jaja

    What have you done lately to any cause, oh ya… you are bich*ing on justjared because your life is miserable without LEO hearing your complaint. He is with BAR and you don’t like her, so you have to bic*h about it. I suggest you get a boyfriend so you can lay it out loud on him that how much you care about LEO but he is not listening to you. OK!
    Check shutter island for mental help also. If it helps I mean.

  • @jaja

    Get of your high horses, miss smarty-pants. If you don`t like the comments here then I suggest you don`t read them! :)