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Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio made his $1 million donation for tiger conservation Tuesday after his flight was delayed to Moscow on Sunday.

The 36-year-old actor was one of 200 passengers on board a Delta Airlines flight which was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York when a plane lost an engine on take-off.

“I would like to thank you for coming despite all the obstacles,” Prime Minister Putin said to Leo. His second flight faced turbulence and had to make an unscheduled refueling stop in Helsinki, Putin shared. “This is not even funny. In our country, they have a saying – a real man.”

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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty, WENN
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277 Responses to “Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!”

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  1. 251
    bzfrks Says:

    @lisa rose: So you are still mental. No surprise there you always were…. LOL! ` She understand my message and went to get some help.` You seriously think anyone cares about you and your advice? I think it`s you who needs help! LOL! Good old dummy lisa rose!
    Do you even know what 24/7 actually means? Tink posts a lot but not all the time, dummy!
    You are still not talking about your beloved barf`s comment on Egypt! I wonder why?

  2. 252
    oh boy Says:

    My point:
    Leonardo Dicaprio and Lukas Haas depart Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood on Sept 21 with two brunette ladies – Leonardo sits in the back as the two girls.
    My question – if they were just friends, why only with 2 chicks? Two guys and two chicks, can you do the math yourself?
    There were countless videos like this – the two pals with two girls. Everytime two girls.
    Call me b”tchy but I personally don’t like the idea of my boyfriend going out with girls while I am not in the town. I have this thing, how do you call it – SELF RESPECT.

  3. 253
    grown up Says:


    Not everyone has to speak English, and lack of fluency is the least of her problems.

    Charlize Theron is set to star opposite Leo in Hoover. C’mon Leo, time to start learning how to appreciate a real woman. C’mon Charlize, give him a chance.

  4. 254
    @oh boy Says:

    there were other people in that car too, not just the two girls… and believe me if Leo were a cheater we would have heard about it by now. It’s very hard for celebrities to keep their infidelities under the radar, it gets out at one point or another. Leo is probably one of the most loyal of the male celebs out there…Look at Ashton, Tony Parker and Josh Duhamel, even they got caught….. I’ve never heard of Leo cheating on neither Bar nor Gisele… Just b/c he hangs out with his friends and gets a ride home after the clubs doesn’t mean he’s going home with the people that he’s getting a ride with..There were several people in that car not just those two girls…
    He’s definitely a good boyfriend… I know people just can’t stand that for some reason, but it’s the fcukin truth… he’s super loyal to his women, that’s a fact. Maybe not in his younger days, but since Gisele he’s been loyal…You just want to insist that he’s a cheater b/c you don’t like Bar and him being unfaithful to her makes you feel a little better, but lying to yourself doesn’t change the fact that he’s loyal to her.

  5. 255
    @254 Says:

    YAWN! Believe whatever you wanna believe! LOL! Typical barf fan!

  6. 256
    @oh boy Says:


    likewise, keep believing that Leo is this cheater guy to make yourself feel better YAWN !!!!

  7. 257
    oh boy Says:

    @@oh boy:
    Sorry, but there WEREN’T any other people in that car. There aren’t even enough seats. There were driver, Lukas, Leo, 2 girls.
    And YES, if you want to post a comment on an english website you better know english.
    And there were super plenty of sightings – where he bought expensive vodka bottles and his bodyguard invited chicks over his table.Its not like it is a secret.
    The only reason why Toni Parker got caught was because his wife had enough and filed for divorce. If she hadn’t nobody would know.
    Leonardo hides, that’s all. Cause he is smart.
    I just hope you don’t let your boyfriend “going out with friends” like that. Cause one day you will realize the truth on the hard way.

  8. 258
    oh boy Says:

    @@oh boy:
    Keep believe he is not to make yourself feel better !!! YAWN!!!

  9. 259
    loyalty Says:

    @oh boy:

    he likes to go out to clubs and hang out but I don’t for a second believe that he’s ever hooked up with any girls… you know why? because there’s been plenty of instances where he’s taken Bar to these clubs with him. If he were doing anything deceitful, he wouldn’t be taking her to his hangouts… another reason is that he always takes her on vacations with all of his friends who have “girlfriends”, if he were hiding something he wouldn’t be having her around the people he hangs out with and risk one of the girlfriends telling her what he does when she’s not around… men that are cheaters make sure to keep the women they are with completely separate from their hangouts/friends, etc., they’re very careful about that cause they don’t want their women to get a sniff of what they’re doing… And Leo is a celebrity, he can’t get away with that kind of stuff without someone knowing about it… and believe me if he were with any of those girls at the club that news would spread fast, especially in Hollywood where the celebs can’t get away with anything… Look what happened to Ashton, he tried to be sneaky, but got caught. And same with Josh Duhamel, he thought Fergie would never find out because he had sex with that stripper in another state while filming Transformers, and look what happened..

  10. 260
    loyalty Says:

    Being a cheater is just not who he is… Some men are cheaters (plenty of men unfortunately)..but Leo is not one of them. He wouldn’t be having these long relationships if he had the need to sleep with other women.. Cheaters can’t deal with being with just one woman for so many years, they need variety and to have different women cause they get bored easily. I just can tell you with all certainty that he is not this type of person… If anything his loyalty to his friends and his girlfriends is one of the most distinctive qualities about him imo…So that’s why I don’t get it that some people want to keep labeling him as a cheater. You guys haven’t been around too many cheaters obviously :S

  11. 261
    @260 Says:

    Sure. That’s why married men NEVER cheat on their wives…lol
    Besides in 5 years they spent together just a couple of months, all considered.
    @254 you never heard of him cheating on Bar? I did, actually. Plenty of times.
    And there has been something more than a rumor here in Italy During his Pompei visit days, right after her departure from Rome, there have been pics and videos (him, a friend with a couple of Big Brother brunettes joining them, arriving at the hotel and living the hotel). Pics and videos went on air in a gossip tv show and then immediately after they just disappeared…he has really good PR reps and here it’s a common practice to buy pics and videos you don’t want to publish.

  12. 262

    No, you haven’;t been around many cheaters.
    First, when he goes out clubbing, he goes out with his MALE friends only (like David Arquette), OR when he visited that new club in New York with strippers with a very private male company while Bar was in Israel?
    He goes out with Bar only with couples, but I don’t think the girls actually know whats going on.

    And you are right- you always know when somebody is cheating- but sometimes it takes time- how about Tiger Woods? A year ago you would swear he is the most devoted family man and it went on for years and years.
    I am not saying he is on the loose or something, I just thing it happened couple of times. More than couple of times actually.
    You just want to believe a fairytale: the beautiful prince and princess story.
    Happily ever after is only possible for guys like Cam Gigandet, or Matt Damon.
    As much as I like Leonardo he is and always will be a bit of a player to me.
    Lets just cut the discussion here, because none of us will change its mind – so its pointless to keep talking.

  13. 263
    zzz Says:

    @oh boy:

    My question is if he is cheating Refaeli, he is the worst cheater … is he cheating in front of cameras!!?? … RIDICULOUS.

    Aston or Longoria are B list actors, Leo is super A… if he was cheating his girlfriend, that video or any other had been “breaking news”.

  14. 264
    bzfrks Says:

    Delusional barf fans are trying to convince us / themselves that he is a `model boyfriend` which he isn`t. He is playing around behind her back but whatever makes the delusional barfie fans happy… LOL!

  15. 265

    So first he is not cheating on her because there is no proof of it- videos etc, then – when there is a video of it- he ins’t cheating cause he wouldn’t do that in front of the cameras.
    i thought he was just going out with friends, right?
    And he lives in LA – there is always cameras there.
    He gets caught on tape – so what. Its juuuust friendly. Very friendly.

  16. 266
    bzfrks Says:

    Yeah, he does it when there are no cameras. The guy is trying to be as private as possible so I`m sure he makes sure he won`t get caught …. on tape. LOL!

  17. 267
    loyalty Says:

    excuse me, but if any one of you happened to be having sex with Leo and in the next few days you see him with Bar how do you think any woman would react to that?? you really think they’re gonna keep quiet that they just had sex with someone who still is in a long term relationship… Hell NO… any woman would be spreading the news that she’s slept with Leo just to make sure that Bar finds out… you really think any girl is just gonna stand down and keep her mouth shut after that kind of humiliation and blow to her ego??? especially in Leo’s case who is a big Hollywood star there is no way we wouldn’t have heard more about it if that was the case… PR or no PR you can’t hide infidelity for five years like that…actually more like 10 years cause even with Gisele you never heard about him cheating either…
    if he’s slept with any of those club goers we would have heard about it by now…most of those women are pretty ****** and would never keep their mouth shut if they had slept with him… Just look at the girl Ashton chose to be with? now she’s in vivid videos…. well that’s pretty normal in Hollywood, most of those girls are not little angels that are just going to keep quiet and play nice…

  18. 268
    dizz Says:

    Leo in Paris at TAG honor video

  19. 269
    bzfrks Says:

    These barf freaks like loyalty are getting more and more boring. Clearly they wanna believe what they wanna believe so it’s not worth wasting time on their comments!
    Thanks for the video!

  20. 270
    loyalty Says:

    it’s not about believing what I want to believe, it’s about not making up lies and labeling someone a cheater or a racist without any solid proof to back it up…that’s how false rumors get started. Now there are people who actually believe that Bar is a racist because of someone that more than likely made up a lie on the internet. Now you have all these people believing for certain that the girl is a racist when there’s no proof whatsoever to back that up. .Same goes for Leo, the guy is one of the most decent and loyal celebrity boyfriends out there who in five years has never had anyone write anything bad about him having an affair or sleeping with anyone else like you hear with other celebs… so I just don’t agree with labeling the guy a player when you have nothing to back up these claims… a few videos of him hitching a ride after partying with his friends doesn’t prove a damn thing. And someone making up stories on a website proves not a damn thing either…

  21. 271
    bzfrks Says:

    Snoozefest is back on ( = #270 ). Yawn! Yawn! barfreak!

  22. 272
    Lisa Rose Says:

    @bzfrks: HA! Its so funny what you said about “believing what they want to believe” cus I can say the SAME thing about YOU and the rest of the Bar’s obsessed girls/haters… you also ALWAYS choose to believe whatever you want, ALL THE TIME!!! so, THINK before you write things honey!! if you even know what it is…. you are NOT any better then the Bar’s lovers!

  23. 273
    bzfrks Says:

    @ lisa rose: I`m not better than a barf lover? How stupid are you? We can agree on disagreeing but don`t insult me with putting me on the same low level where you and the other barf freaks are. And what`s with the ridiculous capital letters in the middle of the sentence? Dummy!
    Hey, you still didn`t tell us what do you think about barf`s `Egypt is primitive` comment. You must be so proud of her! LOL!

  24. 274
    Lisa Rose Says:

    @bzfrks:first of all, Your mother is a Dummy (for having you)!!! and second, I really cant understand why you think that you are any better then her lovers…. cus you are just too obsessed with her, she’s probably in your mind even more then she’s in their mind…. cus for someone who hate her you sure spending too much time here talking bad against her…. and I am feeling sorry for you, cus you sure as no life.
    and as about what she said in Egypt, I don’t give a sh*t about what she said, as everyone else in my country. shes just a model (another one), not the president…

  25. 275
    bzfrks Says:

    Wow, that`s all you`ve got? Bashing my mother? That shows the level of your intelligence or rather the lack of it. As I always said no wonder you like someone like barf who is an intellectual featherweight! You are just like her! Lack of intelligence and character.
    I don`t give a cr*p whether you feel sorry for me or not. Who do you think you are? You don`t bother me at all! LOL!

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