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Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio made his $1 million donation for tiger conservation Tuesday after his flight was delayed to Moscow on Sunday.

The 36-year-old actor was one of 200 passengers on board a Delta Airlines flight which was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York when a plane lost an engine on take-off.

“I would like to thank you for coming despite all the obstacles,” Prime Minister Putin said to Leo. His second flight faced turbulence and had to make an unscheduled refueling stop in Helsinki, Putin shared. “This is not even funny. In our country, they have a saying – a real man.”

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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty, WENN
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277 Responses to “Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!”

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  1. 76
    baby Says:

    yeah, Tigers are one of the most beautiful animals…

  2. 77
    guest girl Says:

    @baby: you have a point! There are plenty of disappointed Leo fans who hate to see the poor choice he made in his private life. But let’s not get carried away! It’s an exaggeration to say that it doesn’t matter who he dates his fans wouldn’t be happy. It’s just a question of quality that’s missing now. A decent and intelligent woman would make a huge difference! You sound like a typical barbie fan!
    Plus pointing out some inconsistencies in his life doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to his private life! So take it easy! :)

  3. 78
    Sham-wow Says:

    What is so freakin amazing about giving money to save tigers? Jennifer Garner has been going around posturing for Reading is Fundamental, begging congress to give money for preschool reading programs, which ultimately affects our taxes. Leo, on the other hand, could have given that dough for that. But that’s fine, give and spend everywhere else, and let us just slightly less poor people support the even more poor people of the land.
    What’s with all this celebrity charity PR lately anyway? Can’t they just give and shut up.

  4. 79
    Sosie Says:

    The overly dramatic hyperbole regularly spewed by the Bar fan is a very transparent attempt to drown out all reason. Not gonna work. There are very legit reasons to believe she is not good enough for a man of Leo’s talent and stature and hope he realizes it sooner rather than later. If you put Bar on one end of the spectrum (the bad end) and Mother Theresa on the other, there are millions of women in between who would never think of doing anything like getting married to avoid mandatory national service, and who don’t need to strip or sleep with rich men to get ahead in life. Some of us hope Leo matures enough to appreciate one of them someday. Let her go find someone more her speed, like another underwear model or a reality tv guy. I hear The Situation is looking for love. She sure looked like she enjoyed eating his manwich.

  5. 80
    baby Says:

    @guest girl:

    naw guest girl, I can’t take it easy, cause I’m premenstrual right now and I’m really getting annoyed with all the negativity these days. I’ve been a fan of his for a really long time also, and it’s always been this way with the dating of the models and the bickering about who he’s dating…Its’ like a broken record playing over and over again, that is always playing the same exact tune. I think I’m just tired of hearing the same BS year after year after year…I swear to god I can take a year or even two year long break from reading any Leo related news and I can still come back and the SAME exact sh*t is still being said about his girlfriend/love life.. I lie to you not, it never ever changes :/ He could be with someone much worse, imagine if he was with Heidi Montag or someone like that,? than I could understand, but I don’t think Bar is that bad. And I think a lot of the negative stuff being said about her is being made up by people who hate her. I”m just looking at it as a woman now. just imagine if that was you and people were constantly hating on you cause of the guy your dating and you can’t even defend yourself or do anything about it cause no matter what you do they are still going to hate you? it’s not fair and I don’t think anyone deserves that.

  6. 81
    baby Says:


    i’m not a Bar fan…

  7. 82
    Sosie Says:

    I get tired of seeing her come up over and over again in LEO news that has nothing to do with his personal life. I realise not many people know who she is without him, but it’s annoying. At least the Heidi Montag’s of the world hang with their own kind and don’t try to pass themselves off as anything other than what they are: shallow opportunists exploiting themselves for a dollar. I haven’t seen any work from Bar that sets her apart from Heidi and co., yet she and her people would have us believe she is better than that type of person. Why? Because she glommed on to someone with actual talent. She has tried to defend herself, but it’s hard to defend yourself against the truth. She just comes off as stupid and arrogant, like when she told an interviewer that celebrities in Israel should be exempt from mandatory service. I’m sure there has been a lot of exaggeration, but the bare bones facts on her are ugly enough.

  8. 83
    guest girl Says:

    Don’t generalize, please. I don’t know what kind of BS you read year after year but it wasn’t me at least not until Blah Refaeli showed up next to him. ‘ A lot of negative stuff being said about her is being made up by people who hate her’. Are you for real? Please, save us from dumb things like that, will you?

  9. 84
    baby Says:

    @guest girl:

    Yes, I am for real. I believe that the rumors about her being a racist were made up by someone on the lipstick alley blog/and it’s probably someone that posts on this website regularly. And I also don’t believe that her mother pays JJ to post news about her daughter as has been suggested many times by some people on here. And her not doing the mandatory service is not enough of a reason to hate her imo.. It’s easy to judge someone for something like that when you are not living in that country and being forced to do something you don’t want to do.

  10. 85
    baby Says:

    @guest girl:

    “I don’t know what kind of BS you read year after year but it wasn’t me”

    hey guest girl, I wasn’t singling you out. I was talking about the Leo fans that don’t like his choice in women…I’ve been hearing the same song and dance about Leo and his love life for too many years now.. that’s what I was talking about, i wasn’t trying to single you out or anything..

  11. 86
    Everio Says:

    sham-wow, Leo can give to any charity he wants, nobody seems to care in this world, for the animal kingdom. The animals have rights too. Its human beings consumptions of animals goods that lead us now to many animal extinction on this earth. Its Tigers, polar bears, sharks, seals etc. Its a critical time in this day in age, to protect the species that are all part of the ecology system otherwise they’ll be none in 20 years.
    Leonardo has been an animal lover since a child, its something he feels very passionate about. He has also has given to many human causes as well. To Haiti, Katrina hurricane in New Orleans, the Asian Tsunami, sick children causes, education etc etc..
    So I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about “can’t they give and shut up?” He was invited to this summit in Russia most probably by the WWF that he is a member of. Its a summit in Russia to invite dignateries from all over for the SAVE THE TIGER. . Yes its a publicized event, some charities are like that, otherwise how would the rest of us know what is going on. To bring attention to this serious cause, Good for Leo for doing this.

  12. 87
    Sosie Says:


    I’ve been forced to do things I didn’t want to, as I’m sure many others have. If I felt strongly enough about it, I would be honest about my objection and face the consequences.If I made a mistake, I would apologise for it. I would not enter into a fake marriage, nor think my celebrity should make me exempt from things that “normal” people have to put up with. It takes a special person to pull that kind of cr@p. Put it together with the sleazy “career” path she’s chosen and it’s more than enough reason not to care for her. I don’t know what the deal is with her mother is, but some of the things she has said make it clear where Bar’s arrogance and sense of entitlement came from. She comes off like a stage mother — totally unlike Leo’s parents. I’ve never been one of those who reflexively hates whomever someone I admire is with. Just the opposite — I want very much to like them. I searched and searched for reasons to support Bar, but she has never done anything I can get behind save for glom onto some of Leo’s favorite causes recently. Way too little, way too late, and does not seem particularly sincere.

  13. 88
    Sosie Says:


    A-freaking-men! The awareness raised by this event and Leo’s participation is worth as much, if not more, than the money raised. It’s going to take a global focus and a sense of urgency to help curb the poaching.

  14. 89
    here Says:

    @ Baby: premenstrual?… u sound like bar herself… only she would use THIS particular word, as she has (something similar) in the past…. now this is disgusting…

    WHY do u Bar / Herflies have to ruin Leo’s thread over and over again? just when it seems like the guy is improving, u all come down here and BASH it by mentioning Bar…. SEE Barsil and Baby this is what i’ve been talkin about…. Bar makes him look bad… there is he tryin to work for the good (hope it’s all TRUE and tigers is what he cares about and not bar), but then all of a sudden here comes Ms. Bar Refaeli’s name and DOWN DOWN DOWN goes Leo’s image/repute/respect…. please stay away from his threads…. and try to stick to the TOPIC undertaken… DO THIS will u please…. i hate her more when u guys do this…. and it has to BAR/HER MOM?FRIENDS?FAMILY?RELATIVES?… coz i doubt anyone actually is a BAR’s fan… coz her own country-men and women hate her… so wht’s more left there to talk about her?… she makes Leo look bad, PERIOD!…. he needs to watch out!…

  15. 90
    Belle Says:


  16. 91
    berta Says:


    he looks so handsome. thank you!

  17. 92
    dr brown Says:

    @guest girl: Hi guest girl. Yes his efforts re the tigers and his reaction to the plane troubles is admirable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will finally get around to dating a real woman too. Although I do think it will happen anytime soon. Hope he proves me wrong.

  18. 93
    dr brown Says:

    @Brasil: Hi again Brasil. Agreed. I replied to you on the refaeli/armani thread by the way.

  19. 94
    dr brown Says:

    @guest girl: well said.

  20. 95
    guest girl Says:

    @baby: Please, don’t make me laugh. I don’t base my opinion on LSA. I don’t know if she is racist or not. That’s not a reason why I cannot stand her. GET REAL! It’s pretty ridiculous to blame everything on JJ posters and other haters. You still sound like a typical barfie fan from bellazon.
    I wanted to distance myself from the ‘no matter who he dates his fans will always hate his gf’ category. That was also a pretty stupid comment.
    U seriously expect anyone to believe thay you are not a barfie fan? LOL!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! Let’s hope next year Leo is going to spend it with a gorgeous, classy and intelligent woman! It’s time for an upgrade, Tiger!

  21. 96
    Jonesy Says:

    He’s in the new York post having tea in a suit with Putin. He looks good enough to eat! A little unshaven, but that’s his trademark. Maybe a full beard is too much. The man was born to a suit. Good for him, the article says he also tried to get a private plane in Finland but the winds were too high. Hell of a trip. I love, I mean love watching him fly around the world meeting people like the Russian president- he met the king of Jordan at the un as well.

    I keep thinking there may be a political future for him- maybe as an ambassador for the us or more work with the un. Obviously he can handle it. Not a campaign political position- but maybe as an appointee.

    Anyway, I’ve decided to lay off Barfie for a bit. But I did want to say the racist photo of her in an Afro wig was from msn brazil, the racist comments were here- including the all caps lady telling me over and over to straighten my nappy head out. I’ve been thinking for a while that all caps is Tzipi and the usual all lower caps is bar herself. They have been outed ad posting here, as well as brother and best friends posting here about her, so I think those comments were her. I’m
    Not going to go after her more than that right now but it’s multiple sources. And I believe most of what lsa has to say is plausible if not verified fact and I’m about 70 percent sure the original poster does know Leo.

    And yes famous people read these sites all the time and even post here- they are human. They get outed all the time. I think Barfie posts here regularly but I am granting her a pass until at least newcyears because I have to concentrate on myself and I don’t want the bad karma.

    Perez Hilton says he knows for a fact celebs read his site all the time even send him emails and tip him off.

    Anyway, wishing everyone, even Barfie since she’s away from the Leo, a good thanksgiving.

  22. 97
    Jonesy Says:

    @guest girl: Yes, agreed. I never gave a damn about the other girls- but I didn’t care about him as a youngster either. as for your wish for him next year, agreed. It can happen.

    Wish Barfie a nice life too back in Israel where she belongs with someone more in her league. Wish her happiness instead of misery we might get what we want that way.

  23. 98
    fat GAY queenie Says:

    Whatever people! This Bar relationship is not gonna last so don’t waste your time whining about it.

  24. 99
    here Says:

    he does care for the tigers… good to see that… =D i’m glad he’s doin somethin WORTHY of praise… finally somethin amazin from him after all the **** he’s been doin lately… Good luck Leo for this cause!…

  25. 100
    tasha Says:

    he looks handsome n into it. good to see no bar with him this time.

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