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Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio made his $1 million donation for tiger conservation Tuesday after his flight was delayed to Moscow on Sunday.

The 36-year-old actor was one of 200 passengers on board a Delta Airlines flight which was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York when a plane lost an engine on take-off.

“I would like to thank you for coming despite all the obstacles,” Prime Minister Putin said to Leo. His second flight faced turbulence and had to make an unscheduled refueling stop in Helsinki, Putin shared. “This is not even funny. In our country, they have a saying – a real man.”

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  • tink

    “you neva met a MF quite like me ! ”

    sorry loving it grew up on all the same crap as this guy—RUN DMC to
    Bad Company. Brilliant synthesis – love Whitey Ford too. Loved him as
    House of Pain too ! Jump around ! (Im Irish)

  • tink

    This is what I think about their relationship.

    About a year ago, model Susan McNabb was relaxing in her Los Angeles home when her husband looked up from his laptop-surfing and mentioned a gossip item he thought she’d find interesting. It seemed her longtime, long-ago boyfriend, Jerry Seinfeld, was planning a new TV project called “The Marriage Ref,” yet another reality-style show, this one dealing with the marital squabbles of real-life couples.

    “Seinfeld? Marriage counseling? WHAT?!” exclaimed McNabb.

    She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and recalls thinking, “It’s ironic that the man who avoided the mere mention of marriage in my presence for years has now grown into a full-on television-show-producing expert on the subject of marriage and marital problems. And after years of my consciously avoiding any and all news of Jerry Seinfeld, here we go again.”
    Susan McNabb

    The new Seinfeld project “brought up a lot of old feelings about Jerry that I’d worked long and hard to bury,” asserts McNabb. But instead of “Seinfeld” sitcom-style kvetching, the 50-year-old TV-commercial and print model found a way to cope with her demons.

    “I sat down at my computer and started writing everything down. I felt like I was purging those old feelings, a form of much needed therapy. The good news is I probably saved a fortune in psychotherapy.” The bad news for Seinfeld is that he may soon find himself fictionally portrayed between the covers of what the author says is a “juicy, sexy, introspective, and poignant” chick-lit novel called, “It Seemed Funny at the Time,” and which McNabb is pitching as “Bridget Jones meets Mr. Comedy.” Says McNabb, “I didn’t want to write a kiss-and-tell, so I made it a novel.” With the much ballyhooed “The Marriage Ref” set to debut on March 4 on NBC, McNabb is finishing her roman à clef dealing mostly with her turbulent eight-year relationship with a successful stand-up whom she hoped to marry.

    But as any Seinfeldologist knows, that union never happened.

    Instead, the 55-year-old iconic funnyman — who once suffered from commitment-phobia extremus — celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary last Christmas Day with Jessica, the 38- year-old mother of his three children, Shepherd, Julian, and Sascha.

    Although their union was born out of scandal (Jessica left her newlywed hubby, Eric Nederlander, for Seinfeld just days after returning from her honeymoon in Italy), the Seinfelds are said to be happy together.

    “I wish them a mazel tov,” intones Rabbi Charles A. Klein.

    “I hope [their marriage] lasts for a long time. That was my prayer under the chuppah when I married them, and remains my prayer for them for the rest of their lives.”

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  • tink

    more…. interesting eh….

    Nevertheless, an argument between the Seinfelds in their Central Park apartment is said to have sparked the original concept for “The Marriage Ref.” A friend of Jessica’s was present, but when things started getting heated, she thought it wise to take her leave. But Jerry said, No, stay, referee this bout, and tell us who gets the Golden Gloves. Jessica, a sharp cookie herself — she recently wrote a best-selling cookbook — thought, “Hey, this could be a TV show.” And before you could say “NEWMAN!!!” Seinfeld pitched the idea and got the green light.
    Meanwhile, back in LA, Susan McNabb, struck by the irony of Seinfeld’s new show, was pounding out her novel.
    Her nonfiction relationship with Seinfeld began in spring 1985 when the cute, 5-8 then-lingerie model and aspiring actress with a 34C-23-33 figure met the skinny comic at a Beverly Hills party, several days after he turned 33. (When he was first developing “Seinfeld,” a character named “Susan” was written into the script — named for McNabb — but it was later dropped, she says.)
    Today, McNabb appears in commercials and ads for banks and businesses because, “I’m not the slim, trim 25-year-old I was when I was with Jerry. At 38, I stopped coloring my hair and was prematurely gray, so I jumped directly from the babe category to a more womanly look.”
    While back in her Seinfeld days, McNabb dressed and looked like a hot “Robert Palmer Girl,” she actually came from a conservative Christian background. And although she had a busy modeling career, she also had a degree from the University of Tennessee, where she was an English lit major.
    The message of McNabb’s book, she says, “is to follow your heart and be true to yourself. The story shows some of the unique challenges of dating men in the public eye, and what an odd phenomenon fame is.”
    Three major obstacles stood in the way of matrimony with Seinfeld, McNabb contends: His burgeoning career, religion, and his dire fear of commitment, which was so severe that they never lived together, although he did entrust her with the keys to his West Hollywood condo so she could take care of his personal business while he was on the road.
    “Even though I had always felt that I’d prefer marriage before cohabitation, I did hope that we would live together,” she told The Post.
    “I saw many of my friends using that as a step towards marriage, and so I hoped for the same with Jerry.
    “But I knew that he gave 100 percent of himself to his work. It was important for him to not have other commitments that required his attention. Unfortunately, that’s when I was in his life,” she observes.
    The couple had a number of lovers’ spats and splits — when he dated other women, and she went out with other men, including two other famous comics who will surface in her novel (and she declines to identify publicly). Like “The Marriage Ref,” which Seinfeld is co-producing, he also stage-managed his on-and-off relationship with McNabb solely on his terms, she claims.
    “Jerry and I broke up eight times in eight years,” she says. “It got to the point where all I had to do was say a word like ‘relationship,’ and I’d get the breakup speech. After a while, I knew it by heart; it was always essentially the same. He didn’t want to be in a committed relationship. Well, I did. While every breakup was skillfully engineered by Jerry, he was also in charge of getting us back together. All I really had to do was say yes — and I always did. We actually got really good at it. If we planned it right, I could still make my morning auditions and schedule the tearful angst for after dinner.”
    Regarding their religious differences, it was a touchy subject that was discussed.
    “Jerry was not what I would call very religious. But I made it clear to him that I would be willing to consider converting to Judaism if we were to get married. Did the fact that I’m not Jewish factor in to why he didn’t want to marry me? I really don’t know. I can only say that for me, it wasn’t an issue.” But it clearly was an issue for Betty Seinfeld, the comic’s now-deceased archetypical Jewish mother, a busty little dynamo of Syrian descent, who had one strict rule about marriage for Jerry: that he marry a nice Jewish girl, and not even a convert to the faith. Without really knowing it, McNabb didn’t have a chance.
    When Seinfeld took McNabb home to meet the family in Massapequa, LI, she says she never felt a negative vibe.
    “If Betty had a problem with my not being Jewish, I certainly was never aware of it. She could not have been sweeter to me. I met Betty several times. She was wonderful. I loved her.” Despite all of Seinfeld’s issues, McNabb was certain that he would eventually be the marrying kind, and she knew he wanted to be a daddy. To her shock and amazement, he made that abundantly clear to her long before their breakup.
    “He asked me at one point to have a baby with him,” she says, “but even today I’m not sure how serious he really was. I told him I wanted to

  • tink

    be married before I had children.
    “I knew he’d make a great father, though. Jerry takes care of the people and things in his life, and I knew children would be no exception. I’d bet he keeps those kids giggling all the time.” Looking back on her Seinfeld years as she works on her novel, McNabb believes that he not only desired a romantic relationship, but also a mother-figure as a wife, a role she says she played, caring for everything from his laundry to his banking, while he was on the road with his act.
    People who know the Seinfelds today say he has that kind of relationship with his wife. “Jessica’s the ultimate Palm Pilot,” says one close observer.
    The final act of the Seinfeld-McNabb rollercoaster relationship was played out not face-to-face, but on the phone sometime in 1993. It’s a scene McNabb has never forgotten.
    “We were just having a normal conversation until I brought up the dangerously taboo subject of marriage,” she recounts. “I held my breath and asked, ‘Do you think we’ll ever get married?’ And Jerry’s answer was a quick and emphatic, ‘No.’ I was amazed that he didn’t even consider it for 10 seconds. And he seemed shocked that I was shocked with his response, and honestly, I was. Way to make a girl feel special there, Jer!
    “He innocently asked what he’d done that would lead me to believe that he would ever marry me. In one of the few times I ever raised my voice to him, I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that you’ve been chasing my ass for eight years.’ But that line didn’t sound quite as cool punctuated by my sobs.”
    In any case, her eight years of love and angst with America’s favorite comic was over, and McNabb learned a big lesson: that being involved with a comedian isn’t always ha-ha. She fell into what she now calls “post-traumatic Seinfeld breakup syndrome.”
    Its main symptom? “I cried a lot,” she recalls.
    “After a while, I started dating the men who seemed to be perpetually on my waiting list, but comedians were definitely off-limits for me. I didn’t want to repeat past mistakes that I’d already repeated eight times with Jerry. Admittedly, I was a little slow to catch on with him.”
    By the time McNabb reached the big mid-4-0 mark, she was convinced that she was going to be a spinster, albeit one with a lot of dates, but no one of any great interest. She had her own home, a secure career as a model, wonderful friends and family, and a houseful of dogs and cats that she had rescued. Two things she didn’t do: watch reruns of “Seinfeld,” and read anything about him. But at the point that McNabb declared to herself that she was happy to be alone, self-sufficient and independent, along came a new man — Paul, a senior sales executive.
    “I got an e-mail out of the blue from a guy I went to high school with. He found me through the Internet, when he was looking for an old flame of his who was a girlfriend of mine in school. We were engaged in three months, and walked down the aisle in five more. It might have taken me a little longer than most, but I finally did find the right guy. The commitment that had always seemed so unreachable for me with Jerry was suddenly as easy as pie.
    “My life now is good and feels like the ‘normal’ one that I always wanted. Let’s face it, had Jerry granted me my wish and married me, the last thing my life would be right now is normal, so in many ways, he did me a favor. Yes, he broke my heart eight times, but he also became a part of my personal history for which I’m really grateful. I have some great memories and unusual experiences that I’ll never forget. And my book will soon be finished and once it’s published I can share the fun and games with everyone else.”

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  • tink

    or its gonna be this

    Sondra Locke…

    One cannot write about Clint Eastwood without mentioning Sondra Locke. He met her on the set of “The Outlaw Josey Wales” (1976) in which she also starred. They had a relationship from then until 1989 during which they starred together in many films, the most memorable of which is “The Gauntlet” (1977), “Every Which Way but Loose” (1978), “Any Which Way You Can” (1980), and “Sudden Impact” (1983).

    According to Locke, their relationship “ended abruptly when Clint changed the locks on their home and began pretending that their relationship had never existed.” (The Good, Bad, and Very Ugly) When he had to speak of her he referred to her as “the woman.” Eastwood and Locke made headlines again in 1996 when she sued him for not fulfilling his promise to get her a producing position according to their settlement in 1989. She has written a book called “The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly” in which she describes their relationship and their breakup. In the first chapter she comes across as a woman who is obviously deeply hurt; and that is as far as I could get into the book. Not many people care about hearing all the messy details of a breakup, least of all me.

    There is a saying that no one is a worse critic than an ex-wife; I believe that to be true. Clint Eastwood is not without his faults. He has seven kids with five women. He is now married to Dina Ruiz, since 1992; she is 35 years younger than he. Eastwood is not a genius in his personal life, at least not the way that our society says it should be. During a “Sixty Minutes” interview in 1997 he said of Ruiz “She’s one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.” They have a daughter together, age seven. Eastwood is said to be close to all of his children.

  • tink

    OOOOOOOHHH THIS IS GOOD—- Leo’s new director ha hahahhaa

    Sondra Locke paints a very unheroic picture of Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly. While they were living together, he fathered children with other women and slept with many more. He underpaid her for starring roles and interfered with her directing career. He even tapped her phone. Locke met Eastwood when she was in her early twenties, after earning an Oscar nod for her acclaimed performance in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Locke essentially fell in love with the character Eastwood played in The Outlaw Josie Wales; the only problem was, the man she came to know over the years was someone entirely different.

    They lived together for 14 years before Eastwood’s plates of women and children he was juggling became a bit too much to handle, and he decided to eliminate Locke from the act. While Locke was at work one day, Eastwood changed the locks on Locke’s cherished home she had spent years refurbishing. One of the wealthiest men in America, Eastwood tried to take away Locke’s car as well, but the car was registered in her name (although her car was subsequently “mysteriously” vandalized again and again). Eastwood allowed her to have some of her clothes but kept her jewelry and other personal possessions.

  • tink

    acked into a corner, Locke was left with no choice but to sue Eastwood, and she did so for a very reasonable sum. But around this time, she discovered she had breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy. Exploiting Locke while she was feeling vulnerable, Eastwood orchestrated a sham deal for her to direct (she had directed previously to critical acclaim) with Warner Brothers if she’d drop the suit. She did, and faithfully reported for work, but at Eastwood’s behest, Warner Brothers rejected all 30 film proposals she pitched. She bravely fought back against Eastwood, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and his powerful backers at Warner Brothers. In the end, Locke won both suits, and Eastwood and his boys at Warner Brothers had to pay up.

    Unable to bear having things not go his way, Dirty Clint then set about spitefully disparaging Locke in interviews, making callous remarks about her ordeal with breast cancer, and publicly outing the gay man she had married as a teenager, her best friend from childhood and only real family she had ever had.

    During the trial against him, Eastwood tried to paint himself as a feminist to counter the charge that he had blackballed Locke from working in Hollywood. The jury wasn’t buying any of it; as the foreperson later said of Eastwood’s treatment of Locke, she’d have been better off without him:

    The industry is run by a bunch of powerful men… When the CEO of Warner Bros. comes in and says that he’ll do whatever it takes to make Clint Eastwood happy that tells me a lot right there. So anyone who crosses him will pay for it. And Sondra Locke paid for it. Her career has been ruined; she’s been put through a lot of emotional trauma and stress and she deserved compensation for that. We all understood and agreed that a fraud had been committed. I believe Eastwood never truly did anything to help her career.

  • tink

    By the early seventies, Eastwood was unquestionably the biggest movie star in the world, as well as Hollywood’s biggest love cheat. In the intervening years, there had been affairs with practically all of his leading ladies, including Inger Stevens (Hang ‘Em High), the tragic Jean Seberg (Paint Your Wagon), 17-year-old Jo Ann Harris (The Beguiled) and countless one-night, and even one-hour, stands. His relationship with Roxanne Tunis, his mistress from his days on Rawhide, had yielded a daughter called Kimber.

    Loyal wife Maggie knew about most of them, but kept her counsel. Eastwood’s ferocious sexual appetite was common knowledge in the movie industry, but his powerful star status not to mention regular photo-spreads depicting Eastwood as the home-loving family man kept the sleazy truth away from his fans.

    He had several current and former mistresses dotted around his adopted town Carmel, including Roxanne Tunis.

    It was in 1975, during the filming of The Outlaw Josey Wales ironically, a western epic that drives home the importance of family life that the cosy facade began to crumble.

    Eastwood chose blonde Sondra Locke, 20 years his junior, as the film’s love interest. Barely into filming, he seduced her on their first date. Locke recalls: “We were almost living together from the first days of the film.” What Locke did not realise was that Eastwood, while cheating on his wife with her, was at the same time cheating on her with other women.

    After casting Sondra Locke again in 1977′s The Gauntlet, Eastwood gave up any attempt at maintaining his public image. He and Locke were frequently photographed arm-in-arm at parties, often with Eastwood’s children, Kyle and Alison, in tow. For Maggie Eastwood, it was finally all too much. She contacted a divorce lawyer.

    Locke herself had a husband, Gordon Anderson, but if anything her marriage was more of a sham than Eastwood’s, as Anderson was a homosexual.

    For the first four years of their relationship, Eastwood, according to Fritz Manes, was “in absolute, total, blind love” with Locke. Inevitably, it couldn’t last. In 1986, Jacelyn Reeves, a former air hostess and a long-time member of Eastwood’s `stable’ of women, presented him with a son called Scott. Later, she had a second child by Eastwood, a daughter called Kathy.

    For a man with such an indiscriminate attitude to fatherhood, Eastwood didn’t show any desire to start a family with Sondra Locke. In 1978, before Eastwood’s divorce from Maggie, Locke fell pregnant by him. Eastwood told her the time was not right for children and persuaded her to have an abortion. A year later, she became pregnant again, and again Eastwood pressurised her to have an abortion, which she did. Eventually, Sondra Locke was sterilised.

    In all, their relationship lasted 10 years, though Eastwood had cooled on it long before that. When Eastwood finally decided to split with Locke, he fell back on his usual pattern. He didn’t actually tell her it was over, he simply began to pay less attention to her and more to other women as publicly as possible.

    In one final, ignominious act, while Sondra was away filming, Eastwood had the locks on a Bel Air house house he had gifted to Sondra years before changed, and had underlings pack her personal belongings into boxes and leave them in the driveway for when she returned.

    In 1996, after a bout with cancer, a mastectomy and years of tortuous legal battles, Sondra Locke finally won an undisclosed settlement from Eastwood. The ugly split left his already tarnished image even more battered. But by then he was already well on to his next woman, the British-born actress Frances Fisher, whom he met in 1988 while making Pink Cadillac. In fact, Eastwood and Fisher were already having a torrid affair as his relationship with Sondra Locke entered its final phase inevitably, both women were ignorant of the other’s existence.

    With Locke out of the way, Eastwood and Fisher’s relationship moved up a gear, and before long they were living together. For a time they seemed inseparable, and in 1993 Fisher presented the 62-year-old Eastwood with a baby daughter, Francesca. Eastwood had always taken care of his children financially, but this was the first time he made a point of being present for the birth of one of them.

    For the first few months of the child’s life, Eastwood seemed every inch the doting, attentive father. But Eastwood being Eastwood, it suddenly turned sour, this time because of his other notorious character trait: tightness with money.

    While working on a film in Texas, Fisher was forced to return to Los Angeles on urgent business and chartered a plane. She temporarily charged it to Eastwood’s credit card. A short time later, she accompanied Eastwood to the Cannes Film Festival. On a stopover in Paris, she bought a $10,000 set of designer luggage, again on Eastwood’s credit card.

  • tink

    I know I got that all jumbled you can read it at

    very good reading. A lot of interesting similarities.

  • Leo is not like Clint

    wow, I didn’t know Clint was such a jerk to women :/ I wouldn’t go comparing Leo to him though. Clint sounds like he was a reckless straight up dog getting women pregnant left and right..The perception some people have of Leo is seriously bizarre to me though..He could have been with so many women by now, and yet he’s only been with two women in the last 10-11 years… that doesn’t sound like a player to me. He’s more of a goody two shoes if anything. many men in his shoes wouldn’t have taken full advantage of their fame and plowed through every girl in sight by now? ..please stop acting like he’s such a bad guy and such a player, he is so NOT a player.. he’s as loyal as they come in my book. I seriously don’t get what the heck people are talking about I really don’t.. cause he occasionally goes out to clubs that means he’s hooking up with girls? oh please, .you never hear of Leo hooking up with any girls, ever… Don’t you think someone would have said something by now, with the way people are always posting constantly on twitter and even Ted Casablanca and other bloggers would have had something on him by now?… I think some people just want him to be this bad guy cause they hate Bar so much and they WANT to force this idea that he’s this cheater and this player that he’s not… He’s a decent guy and he’s a decent good boyfriend to her… And he’s been that way for a long time now, even with Gisele he was like that….. The guy is who he is, and he’s definitely not a cheater or disloyal boyfriend, i wish people would stop forcing that idea, it’s not based on facts..stick to the facts instead of creating these illusions. Maybe he’s occasionally had the urge to fool around just like most men AND women, yes, we’re all human, but he never acts on it…he’s happy with just one woman, that is hard to say for a lot of jerks out there… I know plenty of married men who cheat on their wives… Leo is not even married and is faithful to his girlfriend…

  • the racist rumors

    in regards to Bar being a racist it’s hard to believe that too. I don’t think it’s right to accuse her of something like that unless you have hard core proof. To put it out there as fact is irresponsible. Just imagine if all this stuff was made up by some jealous person trying to tarnish her image?…that’s the part I have a problem with.
    I honestly feel it was an obsessed fan of Leo that made that stuff up.. Especially after reading LSA and that girl that supposedly had sex with him, it sounds like it could have been her who started those rumors…she sounded like a straight up hood rat trying to get people all riled up on the internet…It’s just really hard to believe those stories, you have to be like on shrooms or trippin on some good stuff to believe some of those tall tales on there :S sorry, but I’m not even exaggerating, you do need to be high to believe some of that stuff.


    @Leo is not like Clint:
    Ted Casablanca was the one who had Numerious reports in the past of how Leo went out with other girls.
    What about clubbing clips with Lukas Haas + 2 girls on the backseat of their car?
    What about attending the hottest list of HM tthis spring – WITHOUT Bar?
    How about the video with Usher and 2 girls- Leo rides with them and sits between the girls (squeezes) on the backseat of the car – this was Oktober 2010.
    Its not based on facts – look what Bar said herself on th SI stream – 1 hour interview last year (2010) – look at it- she said – she doesn’t like when the guy looks at other girls in the SI swimsuit issue.
    What about the picture of Leonardo with Whitney Port- she was holding his arm and they were going out of a club together – this was last November, after just reuiniting with Bar.
    If you want me to I will give you all the links- I might need a half a day to find them all again, but I will do it.
    Regarding racist rumors – there was the interview with her on Israeli site (yuku or so – I can also find it). Watch right after she sais Egypt, and primitive and then she raises her eybrows and says : musleims so – the translation is (Besides they are musleims, so what can you expect).
    You don’t even need to know hebrew- she articulates it very well.
    I can find that link for you as well for you.
    But you know, it doesn’t even matter, cause I CAN find all those clips that proove you wrong and yet you will believe what you choose to believe.

  • Dana
  • @dana

    IMPRESSED!.. she looked pissed.. nothin like ever before… somethin wrong with her?


    love ur post..


    for BAR/HERFLIES here’s somethin for u… go stuff urselves with it..

    קצת יותר משבוע אחרי שהחבר ליאו דיקפריו עזב את ארץ הקודש, התייצבה היום בר רפאלי אל מול המצלמות, זאת במהלך צילומים לקטלוג החדש של רשת “פוקס”.

    בר עשתה פוזות לצלמים, סיפרה על המרדפים שערכו אחריה צלמי הפפראצי, אולם את הדברים הבאמת מעניינים היא שמרה לסוף: אמירות לא בדיוק דיפלומטיות ביחס לשכנתנו מדרום, מצרים.

    “מצרים זה מקום מאוד פרימיטיבי”, אמרה דוגמנית העל שלנו למצלמה. “זה מקום שמגניב ללכת לחוות, אבל אני לא אחזור לשם פעם אחר פעם אחר פעם”.

    כשהיקשו עליה הכתבים מה בדיוק פרימיטיבי במצרים, השיבה רפאלי: “אני אתן לך את הדוגמה הכי טובה: הייתי באוטובוס, ולידינו הייתה משאית עם גמלים. בארץ אתה רואה לפעמים תרנגולות, אבל… גמלים?”.

    yeh! google translator might be bad but it doesn’t look like the translator did this to BAR.. these are her own words, not like the translator mis-interprets the RIGHT words. BAR/HERFLIES have fun!


    Little more than a week after boyfriend Leo DiCaprio left the Holy Land, now Bar Refaeli stabilized against the cameras, this new catalog in stock of Fox.

    Bar did posing for photographers, said the pursuits conducted by paparazzi photographers after her, but the truly interesting stuff is kept to the end: not exactly diplomatic statements regarding Lsachnatnu south, Egypt.

    “Egypt is a very primitive,” said supermodel our camera. “It’s cool to experience, but I do not go back there time after time after time.”

    Achshiakshu reporters what her primitive Egypt, return Rafaeli: “I’ll give you the best example: I was on the bus next to us was a truck with camels. You see occasionally in chickens, but … camels?”.

    and she is a racist…


    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN sorry man! the above post is not meant for u.. i forgot to change the NAME in the post… IT’S FOR BAR/HERFLIES…

  • http://Isarelforever Lisa Rose

    WOW Tinkersh*t you siriously have NO life!!!!! you are f*cking 24 year old, and spending your whole life in this website trying to explain everyone why you hate Bar Refaeli!!! lol
    is that makes you to belive that you are any better then Bar herself?? at least Bar is focusing in HER OWN life, and not in OTHERS PEOPLE’S life!!


  • http://Isarelforever Lisa Rose

    Leo and Bar probably having the time of their life now in Los Angeles….. Awwww I wish the we could see some pics soon of the happy couple!!! ((:

  • olive

    @Dana: i hope she’s mad cause they just broke up.

  • @Lisa Rose

    `at least barf is focusing on her own life` while exploiting Leo`s. Wow! Is that supposed to impress anyone? Or change anyone`s mind about her? LOL! Give me a break! Btw it speaks volumes about ( the lack of ) your character that you like someone like her. Impressive, lisa rose, impressive! LOL!
    Boy, we didn`t miss your stupid comments!

  • LOL

    Yeah, I can`t wait to see pictures of Miss Sour Lemon face in her thrift store outfit like that brown disaster she was wearing while driving Leo`s car last time in LA. Indeed something to look forward to… LOL!
    Happy couple? You mean looking bored, distant and miserable around each other? I`m sure we`ll see those soon.

  • me

    @@pink: Tinkerbell is making me scroll down too much, she needs to settle,,yawn

  • me

    @tink: Aren’t you the racist? what is wrong as posing as a rapper? do you hve something against them, if a little girl dresses up as Hiawatha is she too a racist? you’re nuts girl

  • interesting

    i’ve been banned for loggin into the wesite…. this is interestin… i didn’t know somethin like this could be possible… how the hell did they know who to block, i mean don’t u BAR/HERFLIES need the IP address for this? somethin fishy is UP and UNDER….

  • me
  • Candycotton

    Barf is being the True BI*TCH we all know her to be …that video proves it….that pap was not even close to her!!!Shes playin it up for Leo….She is such a stupid bit*ch lol…NO ONE CARES about this idiot .It ‘s not he’s filming her using the
    bathroom even though she looks like sh*t ….@lisa rose your PATHETIC just like Barf….Barf should be pissed cuz she looks like an old dish rag….25 and still a Nobody hahaha!!

  • BAR no supamodel, BAR = BIATCH

    now this is what i call an actress who can BE a model… she definitely has the potential… and she would make an amazin one too… BAR/HERFLIES just look at this woman and be JEALOUS of Jolie’s elegance and style… she is real and not fake, unlike u BAR….

  • Candycotton

    @me its a message board Hitler…deal with it!!

  • @228

    If Leo was with Jolie, you’d find fault with her too because of all the stuff she did in her past… so please save me the dramatics… You just hate Bar because she’s with Leo… if it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t even care. You would even possibly like her. And I agree with what Me said that tinkerbell is too busy tinkering in other people’s lives. So true.

  • @230

    Get real, already! How many times it was posted how much people liked Leo with his ex(es). How different he was and what a pleasure it was to see him with his ex… So the `You just hate barf because she is with Leo` doesn`t make much sense, does it? barf fans believe what they wanna believe and remember what they wanna remember. Convenient!
    Hey, Tinkerbell, keep the posts coming! :)

  • me

    @Candycotton: Exactly, i can air my thoughts too, so you deal with it

  • me

    @@230:Yes keep them coming Tinks, but please not so long and irrational, you are obviously a very passionate person , but she is not worth the energy of your typing fingers

  • me

    @Dana: Ha Ha, I wish the photographers would just ignore her, then where would her life be? like nowhere!!

  • ???

    this video was put online on December 6. when has it been filmed? I haven’ t seen the date

  • zzz


    december 1. Israel when she was returning to La.

  • ???


  • here
  • ???

    she’s s primitive and if he stays with her and as he’s still with her we can question about him

  • oh

    why she said that ? picturesque is better but no she didn’t say that

  • sara

    Thank you for sharing the link below #238

    She calls Egypt primitive? The only thing primitive is her brain!

  • Candycotton

    Barf the idiot does it again,…with. her ignorant comments again!now Egypt hates her. hah,stupid,jobless,arrogant, little bit*ch oh and talentless,…..Leo’s old dish rag is blabbering her twisted trout mouth again…… no wonder her career is OVER!!lol

  • here

    thank you… i came across it, thought why not SHARE it here as well.. after all, the world needs to know “WHAT” she actually is, even when everyone knows the truth about her, they keep pressin on the TRUTH-NOT that she is intelligent n smart. when u go to a country u don’t look down on it or start pokin holes in it, believe me EGYPT has no flaws, it is a beautiful country where people go for honey-moons and weddin anniversaries.. Bar is ignorant and arrogant and her comments just keep on proving us – who don’t like her – right about her at least.. however they r still sayin that “Leo’s convertin to Judaism for long-time gf Bar Refaeli”.. he is a fool to be even thinking about convertin for her, coz he can’t see past her fake-being.. i don’t pity any of them.. i just wish that he gets his WAKE-UP call before it’s too late.. i may not like him for pullin the cr@p in his private life, but i do want to see him outta the REFAELI-MAZE faster and sooner..

    @oh: bar give it a rest.. u said so urself. u really think the world is stupid? it’s the Egyptian diplomats we r talkin about here, not even us the regular people.. look barbarous, u r in fact are primitive, rude, ruthless, ignorant, arrogant, self-praisin, bad-mouthed, forget supermodel, not even a real model, problem creator, birdbrained, shallow, uncultured, vicious, wicked, wild, wolfish, VULGAR and much much more HO!

  • http://Isarelforever Lisa Rose

    I am so HAPPY that tinkersh*t listenning to what I said, and fainelly leave Bar alone!!! I hope that you take some time to take care of your self Tink!!! better later then never….. good luck honey!!!

  • bzfrks

    @Lisa rose: How stupid are you? You seriously believe that anyone listens to or cares about you? Just because Tink is not posting 24/7 it means she stopped because of you? Delusional barf fan!
    Hey, Lisa rose are you proud of barf and her offensive comment on Egypt?

  • Leti

    Just like in Mexico when she was hired to do the fashion festival. She managed to offend the people not only because she admitted she didn´t know anything about mexican fashion or the designers, (and she was hired to promote exactly that), nor she didn´t even make an effort to al least get informed about Mexico, it´s history and the fashion.
    But, this is the same “woman” who finds it funny and intelligent, women who “suck and swallow”.
    We should start telling things like they are. She is a grown woman, so she should know the consequences of her actions. So please, Bar fans stop apologysing her, as she were a young girl. She is a grown woman.
    Tinkerbell, please do come back, because there are a lot of people who share your thoughts and opinions.

  • grown up

    She is a grown woman. She chose a career in the public eye. She continually shows herself to be ignorant and uneducated, with little of substance to talk about. Deal with it. Making excuses for her only enables her. She needs to be held accountable. Maybe someday she will grow up enough to want to better educate herself. Maybe someday she will understand what it is to be a public figure and apologise for her offensive words actions. I don’t hold much hope since she has never seen fit to apologise for dodging service to her country with a fake marriage. Instead she compounded the situation by saying “celebrities shouldn’t have to serve,” which she has also never apologised for.

    I can honestly say I would dislike her no matter who she dated. The only up side of her not being with an actor I admire is I would probably never have heard of her.

  • oh

    i only want to say that if she’dd been intelligent she would have used another word to express her thoughts. I’m French and I believed that it was the best translation of “pittoresque” I know she’s stupid but the diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel were always stretched out and I find that they grant too much importance for the comments of a model who is not apparently very appreciated in her own country

  • http://Isarelforever Lisa Rose

    @bzfrks: NOT POSTING 24/7, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????????? just look at all the comments and you’ll see that at least 50% of the posts here are comes from her!!! for someone who hate Bar so much she’s sure very interested in her!!!!
    its just ridiculous how you trying to protect her…. but you know what?? lets just leave it alone, I dont really care about this girl i just felt that I have to tell her how RIDICULOUS she is!!! and I’m glad that she understand my massage and went to get some help. (:


    “but you know what?? lets just leave it alone, I dont really care about this girl i just felt that I have to tell her how RIDICULOUS she is!!”

    Go and learn some English. It will do you good.
    I would tell you to get some help yourself, but I believe you are beyond saving.