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Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio made his $1 million donation for tiger conservation Tuesday after his flight was delayed to Moscow on Sunday.

The 36-year-old actor was one of 200 passengers on board a Delta Airlines flight which was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York when a plane lost an engine on take-off.

“I would like to thank you for coming despite all the obstacles,” Prime Minister Putin said to Leo. His second flight faced turbulence and had to make an unscheduled refueling stop in Helsinki, Putin shared. “This is not even funny. In our country, they have a saying – a real man.”

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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty, WENN
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277 Responses to “Vladimir Putin To Leonardo DiCaprio: You're A Real Man!”

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  1. 151
    Lets make a deal Says:

    You stop pretending like you don’t care when you constantly invade threads and fan sites that have nothing to do with her and post useless info that exposes her for the nasty, insensitive woman she is, and she will get left alone.

  2. 152
    berta Says:

    @guest girl:

    1-Sorry but a couple of days after NO, her comments about Egypt being ‘primitive’ and her comments about the amazing travel were the same day. She gave some interviews the same day promoting FOX.

    2- Bar’s living in a fantasy world if she thinks having children outside marriage is a good idea for someone who is not a U.S. citizen??

    Ridiculous. Johnny Depp is not married with Vanessa Paradis who is not a US citizen and they have 2 kids.

  3. 153
    pink Says:

    @Lets make a deal:

    yeah, but you are the one who keeps bringing her up… this thread has absolutely nothing to do with Bar and yet you keep bringing her up for no reason but to pick on her for every little thing she says and move she makes. wtf? if you are so interested in Leo than why you keep mentioning her name on every single of his threads?

  4. 154
    pink Says:

    I admit I used to could not stand Bar either, but now I think we’re all grown women here. Most of you guys are too old to be acting this catty, I know that for a fact… cause Leo’s fan base is older now than back in the titanic days, so most of you guys are grown a$$ women on here, so to continue acting like little girls when you know your grown a$$ has no business acting like that is just retarded..Why continue putting this woman down just b/c of who she’s dating… what has she really done that’s so bad? did she kill someone or hurt anybody in any way? hell no, she’s just living her life and trying to make it through the day just like everybody else. This constant attack on everything she says and does is unnecessary and it’s just annoying to me now…. nobody deserves to be scrutinized like this for every little thing they do…how would you like it if someone did that sh*t to you? you wouldn’t like it very much would you?!!

  5. 155
    @pink Says:

    Get off your high horse and speak only for yourself. If you don`t like what`s posted here then don`t read it. Problem solved. Bye! :)
    PS: That sighting from NYC has to be recent since their sightings are usually 1-2 days old. I assume he was there for business and then returned to LA. So it seems we will have to suffer through some Leo and barf photos soon. I really don`t wanna see her sour lemon face again around him. I can just hope that soon enough he`ll come to his senses and gets rid of her for good.

  6. 156
    bzfrks Says:

    … he could squeeze in a little clubbing in LA.

  7. 157
    pink Says:


    naw, YOU LEAVE… take your sour mean a$$ away from here and stop talking and judging on people you don’t even know.. you’re not even a Leo fan anyways, you’re always talking sh*t and criticizing his every move you’re the one who needs to get off your high horse and stop acting like your so perfect… Lets see how you would like it if people were constantly talking sh*t about you, I’d like to see how you would feel than!!!

  8. 158
    @pink Says:

    Clearly it`s you who cannot handle the posts here. I never said I was perfect unlike you who is telling people what they should and shouldn`t do. If you can`t take the comment don`t read them! Bye!

  9. 159
    pink Says:


    that video is from two years ago…look at the date on youtube…

  10. 160
    pink Says:


    i never said I was perfect, if anything I know that nobody is perfect that’s why I said to leave Bar alone…cause she’s not perfect, just like everybody else in this world makes mistakes… That was my whole point, duh?!

  11. 161
    ??? Says:

    I neither love nor hate neither one nor the other but I find it sad that a young woman follows a man as a puppy and he accepts that public walk several yards in front of her as if he were a king or a prince. I find it normal not to hold hands and not kissing in public but still there is a bit much and I do not think that having a child with him will change his behavior. She should be with someone who appreciates her even if I do not condone her lifestyle and thinking.

  12. 162
    berta Says:


    Sorry but it is a very OLD video, 29 august 2.008 video.

    the real link:

  13. 163
    tam Says:

    here’s one for all of us… THE LEO FANS. i hate him!

  14. 164
    Oh.. Says:

    it’s strange. This contradicts what bar was said : a baby before a ring or perhaps she’s pregnant

  15. 165
    bzfrks Says:

    DailyMail? Now that`s reliable. Several secret visits to Israel? And do you believe that? This suggests that he was there more than just twice and I find that hard to believe. Even without photos there would have been info about him being there. But believe whatever you want. LOL!

  16. 166
    ... Says:

    exactly my thoughts, but another site is also sayin so. i doubt that Leo bein a private person would even want any airin on this issue as of this moment. he’s not even a practicin catholic. i think he needs to explore his own religion first then look into any other religion he wants to. and it should be clear that a religion which has OLD testaments and NEW testaments is not authentic at all. for GOD’s sake they broke the original tablets and made up new ones better suited to their likings. he needs to get himself checked first and then do anythin of this sort. they have him on DRRUGGSS for sure, and he’s a history buff like he keeps sayin about himself maybe he just liked the HISTORY of Israel. but only time will tell the truth in all these stories that we keep hearin n readin. i’ve like had it with Bar and her A$$FLIES. the engagement rumors were shot down the instant they were brought up, then came her statements about watchin her belly n not her finger, and now this. WOSH! talk about bar/herflies at work. and WHICH inside source / his friends outed him on this? not like they went up to DailyMail and other sites and spilled it all out for them to post about. i mean seriously, do u actually think we r soo stupid to think that one his people would say somethin like this? her side may do it but i don’t think his ever will, even if it is true…….. i’m sorry i don’t buy that his friends gave him away on this very sensitive issue. he converts to judaism and i’ll never watch another one his films. ****! i need to give watch inception rite away as i haven’t, not once, coz BAR affected my likin of his films..

  17. 167
    bzfrks Says:

    Another site says the sane thing? Well, that’s a first that one site copies another… LOL! Info like this coming from a foreign site which is not very reliable and we are supposed to believe it? Leo’s friends would leak info like that to a foreign tabloid? Really? He doesn’t practice his own religionbut he’ll convert to hers so they can get married? He doesn’t have to. They can get married without converting and I highly doubt it’s true.

  18. 168
    berta Says:

    Converting to Judaism storie is FALSE.

    “Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is thinking of converting to Judaism in what friends say is ‘the clearest sign yet’ he will marry girlfriend Bar Refaeli,” begins a piece in the Daily Mail.

    According to the British tab, a so-called “source” says DiCaprio has spent a lot of time in the Holy Land, explaining his “sudden intense interest in Israel, its culture and religion is the clearest sign yet that he intends to marry Bar… He is looking into converting for her.”

    That same “source” adds that “Bar is over the moon… that he is investigating the process of converting.”

    So, is DiCaprio really converting to Judaism so he can marry Bar Refaeli?

    “Lo,” which is “No” in Hebrew.

    A source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop that it’s “not true” he’s converting.

    Oy, those rumors!

  19. 169
    pink Says:

    It could be true, but i don’t know about the converting to Judaism thing..that part sounds made up. Cause I don’t even think Bar is a practicing jew is she? so why would he have to convert? … I already felt like something was up with that trip to Egypt/Israel and all the secrecy that surrounding it…so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are planning to get married. Bar could have said the look for a baby bump thing to throw people off… Listen he’s been with her for a hell of a long time, what the hell do you expect to happen? :/ especially after you turn 35/36 men especially start to think about all that settling down crap.. and most of his friends are married with kids… except maybe Kevin and Lukas…

  20. 170
    pink Says:


    i knew that converting stuff was bogus.

  21. 171
    Fire&Ice Says:

    I can’t stop liking Leo. Have tried, but it never sticks. So, I’m going to use cognizant inception on myself and retire the opinion that he has horrible taste in “friends.” I’m just going to assume he knows everyone. Yeah, that’s it. He doesn’t have bad taste. He just knows everyone. He wants to like everyone. A modern day Yeshua.

    Naomi Campbell isn’t superficial and manipulative. She’s just the oldest little girl in the world in need of manly hugs. Bar is not boring. She’s conservative with personality. Putin is not someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a back alley if I spilled coffee on him. He’s a victim of the irresponsible media. All of these things could actually be true, so I think my LeWD crush has entered the Invincible stage now. Ahh, peace.

  22. 172
    Amy Says:

    Yes he is, we love Leo. Hey Barfans, you can talk about her all day long here:

  23. 173
    You grow up Says:


    What’s a self-described old person like yourself doing still reading gossip sites and lecturing others? I could care less, you have every right to read what you want and say what you want as much as anyone here, but you get what you give. I would not even know about the “primitive” comment if it wasn’t posted on a Leo fan site. Sorry, but it adds up. Is it too much to ask that if SHE grow up if she is going to continue to have a career in the public eye and promote herself ? I don’t think so.

  24. 174
    You grow up Says:


    Johnny moved to France to live there full time with the mother of his children. France is a very liberal country. I would not be surprised if they honor relationships with children as if the couple were married. The U.S. is not France. According to the Bar fans, she has had VISA troubles. Can’t see Leo moving to Israel full time.

  25. 175
    pink Says:

    @You grow up:

    no you should be asking yourself that same question, b/c I can assure you that we’re in the same age group.. and you should be asking yourself why you are still (after five years of Leo dating this girl) putting someone down that hasn’t done anything to you and that you don’t even really know. Have you watched any of her English interviews? she seems quite nice to me. So how can we know for sure that the primitive comment wasn’t taken out of context by the Israeli media to make her look bad? There is all this bad press coming from Israel about her, and yet when i see her in her American interviews she seems like the nicest person to doesn’t add up…..I think it’s probably people that have chosen to hold a grudge against her b/c of the military thing, and have made it their mission to write negative press about her every chance they get… I don’t think she’s a bad person, and that is my opinion and I can write it here since you have chosen to comment on her here, than I will do the same..

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