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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: House Hunting?

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: House Hunting?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were as happy as can be as they left an open house on Tuesday (November 23) in Los Angeles.

Ben Affleck recently filmed a PSA with good friend Matt Damon to help raise awareness this holiday season that a staggering 1 in 6 Americans or over 50 million, including 17 million children, are hungry.

Feeding America provides a nation-wide network of food banks and food rescue organizations for low-income individuals and families.

10+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner after visiting an open house…

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ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 01
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 02
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 03
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 04
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 05
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 06
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 07
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 08
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 09
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 10
ben affleck jennifer garner house hunting 11

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  • bobbi

    This will be a lasting couple. :o)

  • Kalle

    Jen is fine with Ben’s cheating. Good attitude if you wanna make relationship last in Hollywood.

  • Zukayi


    how do you know he’s cheating?????

  • Amazed

    Why is the body language on these two always so distant!!!!!

  • Maya

    They are such a cute couple. Where are they gorgeous little girls?

  • Maya

    Oops. *Their*

  • nameless

    LOVE them! <3

  • lexy hates bilson

    They should be looking at houses in a gated community so the paps aren’t stalking them!!
    @ Maya – their daughters aren’t celebs – the paps should NOT be photographing them and stalking these 2 when their daughters are around.

  • sorella

    Poor thing, she looks SO happy and grateful that he is spending time with her. Her big smile has a hint of desperation in it, like she wants everyone to believe they are in love and may be trying to convince herself too. I sense more love and neediness from her about him than from him. For him it’s all about looking like a family man for his career. He did have a thing for strippers back in the day and somehow I sense that Ben is not into this marriage and may be getting his loving elsewhere.

  • bijou

    Body language on these 2 says there is a major disconnection. They never look connected, ever and they live pretty seperate lives so that says alot. She looks happy to be with him but nto sensing he feels that way. He always looks so miserable and that’s not because of paps, he looks happy in any other pic that does not include his wife (with Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively, he glowed).

  • Willa

    Beautiful couple but they already have three homes why buy enough? Still it’s great for the economy.

  • meee

    u people r unbeleivable!! they look like a very happily married couple……u guys are haters on here…and somehow wish they were miserable…why?? u all must be miserable yourselves! they are a gorgeous couple…..and i hope they have a son next that looks just like ben!!

  • josephine

    hmmmm….how did the paps know they were at the open house?

  • fashionfreak

    Jennifer is so natural – looks amazing!

    Love jackets like her one and this piece:

    All my best!!!!

  • lucy

    Ben is visiting his brother Casey.It was his son’s birthday recently.Why is there so much speculation and hatred for this couple.Geesh…if you’re so worried about Ben cheating why don’t you call Jennifer.Obviously she happy and doesn’t care what people think.I hope they last together forever.Just so haters can wallow in their own misery.

  • xiopio

    Jen needs a stylist….She always looks like an old woman, Ben can’t be thrilled about that!

  • Cheyenne


  • Mel Gibson

    They were such a good couple, what Ben is up to in the feeding program is great, if all Hollywood celebs will participate in the feeding program I guess there will be no more hungry Americans.

  • Maya

    @xiopio: Guess again, that is one of the reasons Ben was attracted to Jen in the first place according to him. He wanted a woman who was naturally beautiful and not over the top and into being always sexy and glammed up for the paparazzi. Jen is perfect mate for him and I hope they stay together for the long haul and remain the same low key an not follow the lifestyle of other celebrity couples (hollywood type fake couples who are always sucking faces for the cameras) and raise their kids like normal folks.

  • laverdadduele

    A divorce lawyer…that’s what they should be looking for. They’re gonna need it soon.

  • Maya

    @laverdadduele: How do you know what they need? You talking out of your pie hole, you don’t know these people from Adam. Take care of your own lousy life and stay the heck of others. No wonder you don’t have any friends.

  • buti4

    hmm i don’t understand.. if they are so disconnected and close to divorce, then why buy a new house?

  • kelly

    If happy means in denial and look the other way while your husband is gone most of the year, then Jen’s happy…pathetic reality but happy. Cheers to the insecure Jen Garner, Katie Holmes of the celebrity hollywood world!

  • laverdadduele

    @Maya: STFU idiot. I’m smart enough to notice these two are practically leaving separate lives. Buying a new house doesn’t mean a thing other than keeping appearances for the sake of morons like you who actually care about them. Get a life.

  • shamrock

    First, hope Jen an Ben and everyone had a yummy Turkey day!

    Second, WHO CARES what they do? It’s their life, and if it makes them happy being apart for half the year, then let it be. Different strokes for different folks.

    Third, if we get so consumed with the “FAMOUS” life, we must be out of touch with our own lives. Right?? They do not care about how often you see your spouse, do they?

    Let’s move on, and enjoy the HOLIDAY SEASON**

    Do love to see Ben out and about:)

  • Cheyenne


  • Maya

    @laverdadduele: Obviously you care since you troll the internet looking for blog so you bash this couple in order to have something to do with your miserable life. This couple could less than a damn about you loser. Card carrying member of Losers Anonymous.

    Such a boor, why not get some new material, I swear everytime there is a new thread, I see your asinine comment. Pathetic Creep.

  • Maya

    @kelly: You forgot to mention Victoria Beckham, are those two ever in the same country as the same time? Lots of couples are in the same room most of the time and don’t even speak. You point is not very well received as it completely bogus. (You don’t know what is going on behind closed doors of these people’s lives.

    As long a you know where your spouse is( that is if you have one) what the heck do you care?

  • Lena

    They are a perfectly adorable couple. They also seem very happy. For some reason they drum up the worst kind of jealousy in the haters who troll the internet looking for pictures of them to bash for no reason. You wonder what kind of life those haters have. Couples I don’t like I just skip over their sites and don’t comment. Of course, I am a normal person and people like Sorella and Bijou (probably the same freak) simply are not!

  • Sandra

    Well just look at him;
    how many handsome men have you ever seen in your life?????
    Two ????????
    He’s One handsome gorgeous man in 1,000.

  • pris

    seriously, are you guys even remotely related to them?
    why are you so adamantly up in their grill the whole time?
    you’re taking the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” a little too far, and speculating too much.