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Elisabetta Canalis: Leather Pants at 'Natale Mi Sposo' Photocall

Elisabetta Canalis: Leather Pants at 'Natale Mi Sposo' Photocall

Elisabetta Canalis rocks a pair of leather pants at a photocall for her film A Natale Mi Sposo on Wednesday (November 24) held at the Cinema Adriano in Rome, Italy.

The 32-year-old actress and George Clooney‘s girlfriend previously made her U.S. television debut on the TNT drama Leverage back in June.

George, 49, meanwhile, was reportedly in Michigan scouting possible locations for his upcoming film The Ides of March.

Last week, the couple attended the Ripple of Hope Awards in New York City.

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  • Cinema

    I’ll never understand why a 32 year old man or woman ends up with someone who is the same age as their own parents. Money can’t be the only argument …

    But I do understand why an older person ends up with a much younger one … LOL.

  • Lyla

    She is really pretty

  • Miranda

    A “man” who has short legs and is bow-legged should stay away from being seen in tight leather latex

  • Nesee

    with her “real” boyfriend & his family on Thanksgiving, huh tranny?

    looks like a real bad Cindy Crawford tranny wanna be.

  • fashionfreak

    Love her style – so simple and easy…

    Love this leather trousers aswell:

    Have a great day!

  • GPS

    Actress? Hahahahahahahahaha!

  • fat GAY queenie

    No one cares!

  • Melinda

    She’s so funny!!!
    in every interview she’s smiling and funny :)))))

  • to Cinema

    george is 17 years older than elisabetta, big deal. hardly old enough to be her father. anyway, george likes his girlfriends much younger himself. again, what’s the problem

  • Aline

    She was nobody before George. She was just an an assistant of a TV show, a very popular and poor one, in which she was almosr naked dancing in a very vulgar way.

    Now she is having a lot of money to appear in tv shows in Italy and to cover a magazine, things that before she cryed to do, even for free sometimes.

    Rumors says that she was one of the Berlusconi’s private girls.

  • Thankful

    This arrogant, rude, ugly skank always dresses and acts like white trash. Her parents must be very embarrassed. Yes, it’s just a premiere for the annual Italian D-list Christmas movie, but the skank could dress better than leather pants and a tank top considering this is as good as her “career” gets. I wonder how that cocaine and prostitution investigation in which she is implicated is coming along. No worries, though, because her publicity contract with Clooney is nearly over. Once the season finale of Leverage airs, we Americans won’t have to see her nastiness in the U.S. again, and for that I am extremely thankful.

  • soi

    Pretty lady!

  • loveumom

    She looks so pale!!! What happened to her?

  • Cinema

    @to Cinema: I have no pb with it. I just don’t understand what are their motivations (except money) to go out with older people.
    In this case, she’s a very pretty girl, but that’s all ! She is not known for what she has done but for her man, that’s what upsets me. The day he leaves her (cause yes he will unless he wants an oven for his little sperms), she’ll be known for being one of his ex.

  • sea

    Ugliest leggings ever!

  • willie

    she looks like a ugly tranny! she’s very short and it’s evident!
    Horse-face dated with sveral soccers as C.Vieri, Seedorf, Dogbra, Ronaldo, Reginaldo then with G.Muccino, V.Rossi, N.Oddi, T.Buti, D.Rombolotti (a pusher, probably her real bf), sveral manager and pr and any person dated her more 1 month (it’s all over the web)…the only who dates her 1 year was the moroner of italian soccers ten years ago and now G.Clooney and she’s very aged and used and implicated in a drug & ho0ker scandal!!!!! ah!ah!ah!
    actress??? ah!ah!ah! she’s now working only thanks to George and she is a untelentless cokewo.hre!

  • mmmmmmmmm

    @to Cinema: You are correct, it shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s who you happen to fall in love with. However, I’m fed up people hating on Brian Austin Green for hooking up with Megan Fox 13 years age difference but it’s ok for George Clooney to hook up with Elisabetta Canalis who is 17 years age difference. Where’s the justice that George is ok to hook up with younger women but Brian get’s called every name under the sun?

    Anyway, she looks nice.

  • willie

    she is always so volgar and rashie too!!! ugly leggings!

  • leah

    to be fair..she seemed like a trooper at the Snow Ball
    w/the Jolie-Pitts & the Damons at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

    she seemed to laugh along and fit in. I just think E has no time
    for fakery people. She is uppety (not cool imo)
    but she did make fun of Aniston looking like Iggy Pop
    now, that’s frikin funny.


    Why the constant hatred on this woman because she is a nobody ?
    Most athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, presidents wifeys are nobodies too. Plus there is absolutely no wrong of not being famous and being lumped as NOBODIES like it is a worthless position, a crime, a desease, the ultimate sin.
    Just because you are famous, doesn’t make you a superior individual or the better, most interested person who gets the respect while the nobodies get called out because he/she isn’t known.
    Noone knows how she is personality wise, she isn’t the prettiest but certainly better than most. So why the hatred ?…Because she happens to go out with a Hollywood star ? Please, hardly a crime !!!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ leah. A “trooper?” Please, it was a photo op for her. This famewhore would have killed to be there. She barely understands English, so when she’s at some photo op event, she pretends to laugh when everyone else laughs. She’s nasty to everyone unless she thinks she can benefit from them in some way, in the true fashion of someone with narcissist personality disorder. This skank is an arrogant, nasty piece of work. She has no acting ability or any other discernible talent other than lying and famewhoring. She and her publicist have continually insulted Americans on blogs, and Canalis has insulted Clooney’s fans in her interviews. She’s not even Clooney’s girlfriend; they have a publicity contract.

  • Anonymous

    For anyone who doesn’t think this thing associates with evil, here’s something to think about. Three people who know George have come down with viral meningitis in the last three months, the last one being Lisa Snowdon. Seems a bit too much for random coincidence. This thing is a mafia whore. Her goons will have to do much more than bring a virus to shut me up. Bring it, bitches.

  • ABC

    She’s a Transgender.

  • chiara

    @WHO IS SALT ?:

    You’re right!
    But… who knew Luciana Barroso before she got married with matt?
    Maybe Elisabetta isn’t famous in your country, but in Italy she is since 1999. She’s not a famous or promising actress, she’s a tv personality, and probably for this reason he noticed her, because she is well known in Italy, and not only because she dated some famous men… sometimes Sometimes she has been exploited by these men because they sought fame!

  • Cherry pie

    LMAO, so she’s an ACTRESS now that she’s with Clooney, and not just a coke-snortin hooker?

  • T pain

    She gets points in my book for pointing out the Iggy Pop/Aniston resemblance…

  • The Sk*nk Came Back

    Old Mr. Clooney had problems of his own.
    He had a smelly sk*nk that just wouldn’t leave him alone.
    He tried and he tried to give the sk*nk away.
    He gave it to a little man going far away…
    But the sk*nk came back the very next day.
    Yes, the sk*nk came back. They thought it was gone,
    But the sk*nk came back. It just wouldn’t stay away.
    He gave it to a little boy with a dollar note.
    He told the boy to take the sk*nk up river on a boat.
    The boat turned over and was never found,
    And now they drag the river for the little boy who drowned…
    But the sk*nk came back the very next day.
    Yes, the sk*nk came back. They thought it was gone,
    But the sk*nk came back. It just wouldn’t stay away.
    The man around the corner said he’d shoot the sk*nk on sight.
    He loaded up his shotgun full of nails and dynamite.
    He waited… and he waited… ’till the sk*nk came walking round
    And ninety-nine pieces of the man was all they found…
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    But the sk*nk came back the very next day.
    Yes, the sk*nk came back. They thought it was gone,
    But the sk*nk came back. It just wouldn’t stay away.

  • pink

    the beautiful Elisacessa Cagnalis with her bikini body!
    she looks like a toxic!

  • laurie09080

    She shouldn’t talk about anniston , when she looks like a man and so ugly.

  • Maya

    Girl must have something appealing, I don’t see George Clooney kicking her out of his bed. She has been there a little longer than most.

  • truth

    Her real boyfriend is a well-known drug dealer in Italy.

  • truth

    @Maya, all this skank has is a publicity contract. She’s not Clooney’s girlfriend.

  • BaldGirl

    @The Sk*nk Came Back: OMG! This is the best thing ever!!! Now I am going to cut my nails…

  • Sk*nk came back too

    Young Mrs. Cloo has only one problem
    She has a skank who is recording an album
    This skank just wouldn’t leave her alone
    And he plays all days on trombone
    All the time she tried to give the sk*nk away
    But he came back the very next day
    And talked again and again
    Give me one more chance
    And she answered
    When you talk to a lady
    Firstly take out hands of your young pants

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Haters, u r sooooo ridiculous.

  • Tippi

    I like her style. Other things … who cares ?!
    She lives her Live …

  • Polly
  • truth

    Her face looks like a wrinkly shar pei dog in that second pic, Polly. LOL. Here is another good pic:

  • george is a liar

    you are just buying into the media hype and pr spin: everyone looks at her like she is supposed to be a great beauty, she is not. she is not an actress and the only modeling she did was sans clothing, so i don’t think it qualifies. these are not bad pics they look very glossy which makes me think they are touched up for the movie promo..but nobody mentioned the miracle…no one to tell her to smile and yet she does!

    the clothes are what you’d expect from her…it has to be kind of humiliating to have the headline mention her “skin tight leather pants” and not her talent…but that is her angle.. she sells the body.. which i guess is her talent…it reminds of an episode of married with children [yes i watched it : ) ] kelly says something stupid and bud looks at her with disgust and says: man, when you’re looks are gone, you’re dead. ditto for miss tight pants…unless of course she marries well : )

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  • to anonymous

    are you paranoid?

  • to anonymous

    She’s not even Clooney’s girlfriend; they have a publicity contract.
    so you say!! but here’s where you’re called on this. prove it!!!

  • Gab

    Famewh*re. Clooney likes em that way though.

  • whatever

    “she seemed like a trooper at the Snow Ball”

    If you are talking about the big charity gala that mentioned their names on the PR notice about a month ago, George ended up not going.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    I really don’t like the arm tatoo.She should have it removed.

  • fardous

    woow she look good im 23y i dont look that

    hope best her and George

  • Pari

    All the best, Elisabetta! :)

    I really don’t have any evidence of the path… although I would like to believe, that she most probably worked very hard to reach where she has… If anyone is looking upto her for an ‘Inspiration Quotient’, I guess I would like to salute the lady’s determination and focus on her goals… She most probably follows instructions very well, is a quick learner, is brave AND there must be a whole lot more of good about her, that we have NEVER got to see / understand… She has been smart enough to close what she must of her past, and has begun her new life with optimism and gusto, that she talks so earnestly about in her interviews… She IS ON a great run regardless of what the world has to say about her… :) and she is obviously winning too :)

    Yes I did read about Lisa’s viral sadness… wishing her and ‘the others’ who are unwell… a speedy recovery :) ALL the ‘evil’ in this world and elsewhere, has only LIMITED power, miniscule!!!, in comparison to the enriching SUPER POWER from a LITTLE GOOD from INSIDE us, Heaven or anywhere… :)

    IT IS Thanksgiving time people :) May each of you be blessed with loads of loving blessings… Cheers all! Ta… :)

  • Pari

    @Who is Salt, I am so thankful to you for the tip that I got from your note :) I understood how to separate paragraphs… writing in here :) Thanks again :)

  • george is a liar

    ah pari and the misplaced cookie crumbs starting to arrive…pari you are indeed scary a caveat: your sugar sweet optimism is like bending over and waiting to be kicked in the arse…eventually somebody can’t resist the offering. well that’ll teach you and the other crumb bums to post about the family…stick to what you know..analysing bimbos and scrutinizing their acne and hand holding styles …otherwise you end up having to post on jj and cb and all those other sites where people smell you coming and can deal with you accordingly …but you’ll probably think I’m wishing you well.