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Kings of Leon: 'Radioactive' Today Show!

Kings of Leon: 'Radioactive' Today Show!

Kings of Leon brothers Caleb and Jared Followill hit the stage outside the Today show studio on Wednesday (November 24) in New York City.

The two, along with bandmates Matthew and Nathan Followill, performed a three-song set, singing “Radioactive,” “The End,” and “Use Somebody.”

Colin Firth also watched the band perform after chatting about his new drama, The King’s Speech, on the morning show.

Kings of Leon Performing “Radioactive” on Today

30+ pictures inside of Kings of Leon performing on the Today show…

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Credit: Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • elle

    jared is so pretty I wanna cry

  • MlleF

    Thanks for that add !
    Love them so much….and I’m so sad not beiing in USA, I would have sleep outside in the cold, just to see them….

    See you tonight Caleb…I’ll bring the french wine, come with your wonderful voice…:)

  • Jerry

    Colin Firth! I can tell his expression reads, “Oh, they’re rather overrated, aren’t they?”

  • MlleF


    Yeah right, real musicians, with real created music, and real lyrics….this is overrated…ok…go listen to Kesha, and Rihanna enjoy !

    Jealousy can make you say stupid things.

  • Jessica

    I can’t decide which one is sexier. I would go with Jared, but than I hear Caleb’s voice and…You Know.

    Great songs, great musicians!

  • Turducken

    Jared used to be hot. Kids, this is what excessive drinking and drugging does to you: makes you bloated.

    He still has lovely hair, though.


    The one on the right is hideous.
    He has a Jay Leno/Manniston/Evan Rachel Wood chin lmao.


    i loved their performance on Today show. they are incredible live…and Jared is the most beautiful men i have ever seen..breathtaking!

  • yeah yeah yeah

    they are so good !and so hot!Happy Thanksgiving KOL you are the best!

  • tamara

    Jared is so skinny eat. some turkey and pumpkin pie my love… i can cook for you !everything your heart desire …!OOO He’s such a beauty…i would eat him alive i couldn’t help it…you put a great show guys despite the cold…thank you!i love it!

  • 0001

    NATHAN….Nathan..Nathan…do you hear are HOT!CALEB you are everything i want in a men ….JARED ..i can’t even think of him it hurts because he’s the epitome of charisma and sex appeal..Matt is the most genuine and cool guy around..i want you all !.and that!

  • rock and roll

    Radioactive is the best rocking song of the year,..!absolutely greatness you deserve your crowns guys!

  • evrika

    Boys i have a king size bed..Let’s get radioactive!!!!!!!!!

  • Kol fan

    Nathan is easily the hottest kol member these days. It used to be caleb until he cut his hair and grew that weird looking beard I’ve never found jared attractive idk and matt has always been adorable

  • paula

    i work for a concierge agency and i’ve seen all this hearthrobs Zac Efron, George Cloonley ,Robert Pattinson…well a lot of them and then I’ve seen Jared…He’s the most handsome off all..nobody come close to this guy in my opinion …he’s really something…His eyes make you froze he’s like Rasputin!

  • L

    Yes b/c jared looks so bloated here…..that’ll be the day
    Colin Firth looks pissed b/c the camera is trying to get a reaction.

    ppl should just enjoy the performance & the fact that both Colin Firth & KoL are shown in the same video.

  • mama mia

    he doesn’t look bloated for God’s sake…shut up…he’s kinny as hell…to skinny!…can’t you see he’s got like 3 jackets on lord live the man be you’re just frustrated about something!He’s gorgeouss!

  • cooommaa009

    sometimes when you drink a lottt of bear your face gets bloated it’s true..not the body. i don’t see that with Jared he’s very good looking everybody can see it ..well he’s luck y but is going to hapen sooner or later i always see photos with him holding a it’s glued on him..i just can ‘t believe how much this guys drink and still be relevant , creative and gorgeous…it’s an enigma to me!

  • i love my mom

    hot guys!hot tracks!cold weather!

  • alma

    i reallly care and root for them..usually i am just about the music nothing more but with KOL is something else i’m curios about them..i can’t explain it’s just the way it goes..they are intriguing guys and maybe that’s why they are so controversial..that means they are interesting and being interesting make the world go round ..also i think they have beautiful spirits they seam like nice guys…i want only good things happen to them because they work and walk hard!yeahhh my kind of guys…

  • hesse&

    I heard somebody saying they never stopped doing drugs and that they are on cocaine and other stuff…i can see it in Jared’s eyes or maybe he’s tired….anyway not hard to believe just look at this disney kids..DEMI LOVATO and all that .. if they are able to do it than there is no wander for a band as road travelled and with that rate of speed this guys work….i just hope it’s not true…they are to good for that s**t happening to them!

  • Jerry

    @MlleF: Oh honey, you have NO idea what music I listen to. Were you a fan of Kings of Leon when they released a little song called Red Morning Light? Molly’s Chambers? Nope, didn’t think so. These new-fangled KOL fans are so clueless.

  • mike

    KOL are cool.. finally some good music to listen on this stupid radio .step by step…..yeah great tracks but why didn’t they play Immortals or Mary on Today Show..maybe the sound outside was not fit for those songs …I ALWAYS SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT MUSIC I LOVE DO THE SAME PEOPLE AND BUY AN ALBUM FOR YOUR FRIEDS TO!…

  • MlleF


    Stupid aassshoooole !
    You juge me, and you don’t even know me…I’ll show you how to play on guitar Molly Chambers, Holly Roller Novocaine, an Tranny, you empty brain !

    And by the way, don’t try to be Posh by insulting new fans…KOL deserve each fan…except you maybe.

  • Barrie

    the bass player in this band Jared is very good . he’s got a distinctive,wierd, concise sound .i think he should get more credit for this album .he brings that edge and nocturnal- urban feel that lifts up the songs.I like KOL they are noncomformists and they always put on a great show!

  • alina

    JARED is like the masculine alternative for KATE MOSS.he’s got extraterestrial features and very high cheekbones.that’s why he’s so appealing..if he decide to do a fashion camapaign it’s going to sell excelent.i really like he’s look it’s interesting!sexy guy!

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Never understood a word that was sung.

  • john

    i am a fan.i love this guys !