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Jennifer Aniston: Black Bikini for Black Friday!

Jennifer Aniston: Black Bikini for Black Friday!

Jennifer Aniston chats on her cell phone while walking outside her villa on Black Friday (November 26) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The 41-year-old actress donned a black bikini and chatted with a male friend as she soaked up the sun.

The day before, Jen wore a purple two piece and celebrated Thanksgiving with Chelsea Handler.

Cabo is one of Jennifer‘s favorite spots! Earlier this year, she celebrated her birthday there with Gerard Butler.

She also rang in 2009 with pal Courteney Cox at a resort in the Mexican beach town.

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322 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Black Bikini for Black Friday!”

  1. 1
    Love Jennifer Says:

    I do not understand there ??? Aniston Jennifer is friendly with Chelsea handler ? I do not believe in you, it is a nasty person and Jennifer is a really kind person!

  2. 2
    Fabi Says:

    jen is the best!!! simplemente hermosa!

  3. 3
    annie Says:

    She really needs to make a change

  4. 4
    Love Jennifer Says:

    Oh I did not know that aniston and chelsea are friends. I do not know even any more what to think on this friendship! I mean that Jennifer is lovely person but my father taught me that our friends are the mirror of our thoughts that it is always necessary to choose her friends! But that to think of Jennifer that I admire a lot ?

  5. 5
    andrea Says:

    She isss soooo beautiful.. Great body

  6. 6
    SARAH Says:


  7. 7
    zzzz Says:

    Well, here it comes, the barrage of hateful comments about this woman, and I just don’t know why. I would LOVE to take a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving trip with a girlfriend. So why will I get 20 thumbs-down?

  8. 8
    The Truth Says:

    I think she is starting to believe her own hype about her body. I always find it hilarious how the average woman makes comments like “I can only hope to be like her at that age!” Good luck because chances are you won’t have that kind of time or money on your hands not to mention you may plan to have children. Someone wake up me up when she’s not playing some version of herself in a moive, right down to the mannerisms!

  9. 9
    Gab Says:

    This is like an ad for sun damage.

  10. 10
    please, do tell, annie Says:

    What change does she NEEd to make?

  11. 11
    @Love jennifer Says:

    It is very simple! Jennifer has a friend who laughs at children Jolie Pitt who have nothing to do in the conflict Jolie-Pitt and Aniston, the actions humanitarian of Angelina Jolie, who also laughs at cats, at Russians, at Jennifer Lopez and other. I think that when we are friendly with somebody it is that we have affinities with this person thus Aniston did not forget and did not forgive Angelina for having taken her Brad even if she says it, she lets all the same her friend offend them. I think that Jennifer is not as well kind as we believe it.

  12. 12
    ace11 Says:

    i’ll say it…She’s Sexy

  13. 13
    looks like an ad Says:

    for sunblock. At least she uses it.

  14. 14
    hottie Jen! Says:

    Jen is hott!

  15. 15
    Sandra Says:

    She is contemptuous, this woman! I would never have believed that she would make the error display with Chelsea Handler! Our friends defend us in front of our enemies but why you put yourself in victim, Aniston? Say to everybody that you want it to Angelina, still and always. If you laugh in all the jokes of Chelsea, it is because you are not as well nice as you indeed want to persuade us : you do not definitively look like rachel, your character in friends!

  16. 16
    Kim Says:

    Certainly, she is attractive and hot but she would have also to have of the talent as actress in the future! I shall advise to Jennifer to choose better her friends, also!

  17. 17
    T Pain Says:

    Still no Brad to show off her body too. Sorry Aniston, you can wear the skankiest numbers and pose in men’s magazines, but Brad is no longer paying any attention to you. He has moved on and loves his family.

  18. 18
    j Says:

    So the made up story about Angelina boycotting Thanksgiving in order to turn American’s against her (many have posted comments saying they will boycott her films-they are idiots who believe anything written especially when its bad so sad) but when Aniston is in Mexico how american of her to celebrate in such a traditional way(NOT!! HA) nobody paints a negative portrait of her its normal but every decision Angelina may or may not make made up by the media or not is always evil because its her well she is not. Guess what she is the most talked about woman and your hate fuels her success , no other actor or actresses Thanksgiving plans have been fabricated by the media gossip sites, blogs, magazines except Angies because they know that whether you like her or not you still care which is funny because she has the power to make people who dislike her obsess over everything she says. Chelsea Handler supposedly hates her so she talks about her but she should just ignore her but she cant because she is obsessed with her. Oh the POwer of Angie> Love her because she is classy not like X who is friends with a bully because she herself doesn’t want to be bullied. Its so sad like highschool- the mean girls bullying Angie but she doesn’t even sweat it

  19. 19
    The Truth Says:

    @LoveJennifer…see you made your first mistake by picking a celebrity to like based on what you think their “character” is. These folks do not live by the “do the right thing” motto.

  20. 20
    Anny Says:

    Brad cannot return any more towards her, she is friendly with a woman who offends his children, besides offending the mother of his children! I do not even know of what will think the mother of Brad (who taught the respect for the others to her children) if she learns that Jennifer is friendly with a woman so nasty as Chelsea. She will not certainly want to see her any more and I shall understand her. Chelsea laughed all the same at Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara.

  21. 21
    The Truth Says:

    @ j…you make a decent point. I did believe that Angelina might have said something like that because she likes to look as if she’s above it all BUT you are right: nobody that was at her throat will say a mumbling word about Jennifer who wasn’t even in the country for Thanksgiving muchless with family or longtime friends. I also took notice how she posed up on that gay man for speculations sake. Jennifer plays the game like the rest of them but people love to pretend she’s the innocent friend next door.

  22. 22
    Glee Says:

    An ad for sun damage, way pass that with her cinnamon face and leather skin the cracks shows through the makeup.

  23. 23
    MrMarleyFAN Says:

    How does anyone know she’s talking to a “male friend?” I’m not a fan of the woman but come one, that’s reaching for a story a bit isn’t it?

  24. 24
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    What’s a nice body when no man wants to fcuk it. Maybe, Jen will get lucky with Handler.

  25. 25
    ana Says:

    jennifer aniston move on

  26. 26
    Sun Says:

    The men leave Jennifer because they realize that she is obsessed by Brangelina. Chelsea likes speaking about Jolie Pitt, it is sure that she often speaks about it with Jennifer. That has to be this subject which moved closer to them because Chelsea did not hesitate to speak about Jolie Pitt as soon as aniston went out of her show.

  27. 27
    Jane Says:


  28. 28
    denise Says:


  29. 29

    she is always so beautiful, she is beautiful and a perfect body, everyone wants to be friends with jen, or is evil, fan of Brangelina?,
    if Chelsea criticism, Brangelina, she may be right?, not criticize you jen?

  30. 30
    StarJacker Says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please bring me Jennifer Aniston to my house, wearing this bikini for my Christmas. I’ve been good.

  31. 31
    latam Says:

    she looks good for 41. body not face because i never found her face beautiful.

    But it must be a bit sad to be at that age and single with no family of ur own, yes she’s rich but thats not everything. It’s nice to have someone you love and who loves you back.

  32. 32
    joojoo Says:

    just gotta add, the amount of free time she has with no kids, she better have a good body. what else does she do except make lame films occasionally

  33. 33
    YECH! Says:

    “What a shame Jen has sunk to these lows!”


    I totally agree with you WTF! Handler is such a low-life. Is Jennifer hanging with her as a “Thank You!” payback for all the nasty racist things Chelsea has said about Angelina Jolie and her children??


  34. 34
    ellie' Says:

    So good to see Jen enjoying herself. Jen is a hardworking woman and deserves to enjoy herself with whom she wants to.. Her company is no ones business.

  35. 35
    George Says:

    looking fat & old.
    what’s whith the teeny bikini?
    oh, the paps she called.
    what a twit airhead. She is such a fameho has been.

    suggestion hag…you are too old for these ridiculous bikinis
    and cheap.

  36. 36
    Angelica Says:

    damn. i would really like to know her work out routine.

  37. 37
    ewww Says:

    Jennifer Aniston associating herself with a bully, racist, obscene, classless and vulgar woman whose favourite sport is to make fun of little children and insult entire ethnic groups, including the one of the country she is in now.
    Jennifer Aniston associating herself with such a controversial nasty BFF after associating herself with a man who likes to display prejudice and make nasty white supremacistic references and racial connations about his d*** and black women
    What does that tells you about Jenny ? the woman is a fraud and as nasty as her friend and boyfriend.

  38. 38
    Neve Says:

    Any person could have a body like that.If they had the same salad for dinner everyday (boring),never enjoying any kind of unhealthy food,working out 2 hours a day everyday,never having kids,countless spa/beauty treatments every month.If you spent all day every day thinking about yourself that you could have a body like that.Me personally would rather put my two beautiful children and my loving husband above spending all day on my appearance.

  39. 39
    H Says:

    amazing body…too bad about her face though (eyes too close together, fug blob nose, weird mouth/smile)

  40. 40
    Nora Says:

    Ok guys, it’s quite easy… If put your thumb over her face then her body looks pretty good.

  41. 41
    CLINIQUA Says:

    The farther that camera is away from Fuggiston, the better she looks. That’s right hired Papz guys, pull ALL the way back to China for these next shots. LMAO
    Blurry and grainy is Jen’s best pal. No more pics like these, kay? Huvane will make heads roll if you guys take more shots like these:
    Jen has removed the hat, and is going to be 2 miles away this time, not just, 1. Remember to get as many shots of her as you can, of the BACK of her head, or with her face obscured. LMAO Hahahahahahahahahaahaahaha

  42. 42
    maria Says:

    @j: Nice comment base on Facts! My opinion too all this bad publicity about Angelina came from Manifeston Camp!
    Their jealous , becoz’ their idol have no talents and beauty , no good movies and all she does is show her body !
    She’s still hoping that Brad will come back to her coz’ his the best and good looking guy that she ever had in her whole life !

  43. 43
    maria Says:

    @j: Nice comment base on Facts! My opinion too all this bad publicity about Angelina came from Manifeston Camp!
    Their jealous , becoz’ their idol have no talents and beauty , no good movies and all she does is show her body !
    She’s still hoping that Brad will come back to her coz’ his the best and good looking guy that she ever had in her whole life !

  44. 44
    maria Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: HA! HA!

  45. 45
    anna Says:

    wow. I WANT HER BODY. that came off as a little lesbo, lol, I can;t believe she’s 40, seriously, perfect bod.

  46. 46
    fact is she is alone & lonely Says:

    Aniston makes it a point to be surrounded by her employees and any friend who can make it to her organized vacay. She doesnt want to show the world how alone and lonely really she is.

    The man is the brother of her manager, and is super duper gay. Im sure she asked several men to go with her, Gerard, Mayer, etc. but all of them declined, so she is forced to just pretend it with the gay guy.

    And among her female friends, no one wants to come with her, because they have families to spend thanksgiving with. So she is left with Chandler, who is returning the favor to her as she guested on her show.

  47. 47
    jane Says:

    why do people always mention angelina in her posts?? move on guys! seriously..

  48. 48
    jen wants to be in the tabs Says:

    The things is if aniston wants to be in tabs again all she has to do is don her bikini and parade herself in cabo. she knows angelina’s movie is coming out, so needs to steal the limelight again. too bad no decent man wants to be her faux BF now. she must be a really boring companion!

  49. 49

    Here we go again! J.A on a beach in a small suit acting like she does not know she is being photographed. Then she can complain to everyone about how the paps wont leave her alone. SO SICK OF THIS LOSER!

  50. 50
    ann Says:

    She’s just helping out the Mexicans ya know. That’s her idea of charity.

  51. 51
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Neer, you are spot on about the comments from Maniston’s peanut gallery.
    For the last, what? 8 weeks? The entire world has been looking at 50 year old Jennifer Grey’s perfect body, in scantily clad clothing, HD tv, glaring lights, rocking that sh*t out looking like she was 25…and that pretty perfect toned figure BIRTHED a kid, as well, so she’s a Mom on top of it!!
    So why is Maniston, a person whose made her orange leathery male hormone induced body her top priority being given kudos from the fanistons? lolol What else is she gonna do? That’s her bread and butter.
    Maniston has been ingesting male hormones, being an excercise fiend for decades, eating the same salad for 20 years, hitting the plastic surgeon up — and she gets all this high praise from her team aniston cheerleaders for her same ol’ same ol’ oompaloompa thickening gut, and silicone boobage in grainy blurry pap shotz taken long range, about a mile away?? Puh-leeze. Big deal. 52 yr old Kathy Griffin has a better bod. lol PROOF:
    They need to give it up – the sh*t is getting old as fck. Like Aniston.

  52. 52
    Kimberly Says:

    Wow! She is FORTY ONE, people! She looks incredible :0) Love her~ And Chelsea is hilarious…learn how to take a joke, people….sheesh!

  53. 53
    Maddy Says:

    at this rate, i predict that she will live a very loney and emplty life if she doesnt get her act together..on the otherhand, brad and angelina wil have their 6 adult kids to be with when they are seniors…Aniston will be in a nursing home, all alone, with no visitors.

  54. 54
    Handler hates Angelina... Says:

  55. 55
    great bod Says:

    wow, the woman has an amazing body…

  56. 56
    oh puhleeeeez Says:


    what is wrong with you?? what kinda sh*t is that to say? fcuk Angelina and Brad…i’m so sick of people’s obsession with those two… who cares about them leave Jen alone…she can do what she wants..she’s better off without all that baggage that Brad got himself into…that’s BAGGAGE honey, trust me Jen got the better end of the deal… Brad’s stuck with Angie and all the baggage that comes along with her for the rest of his life .. i’d rather cut off my balls than be in his shoes :s

  57. 57
    CLINIQUA Says:

    #56, please chelsea handjob – we know it’s you. Yes you act like you have ballz, but you actually have a really loose twaaht. No real man, comes on a message board, and invokes a 6 yr old divorce when the loser reject in question, has been with a dozen other dudes, who ALL ran away screaming as well. Why not invoke Vince, John mayer, paul Sculfor, Bradley Cooper (who didn’t want it), Gerard Butler (who didn’t want it), ‘sport fck from cougar town (who didn’t want it)?? …the list goes on and on and on and on. yet what do YOU do #56, go all the way back to Brad Pitt whose been loved up and inseprable from Angelina Jolie for 6 years with 6 beautiful kids – NO man, would do that…only a jealous, bitter, ugly old crone hag ‘pal’ of Maniston’s. we have your number you alchie bish, now go kiss aniston and her PR monster’s azz for crumbs, and put 50′s dck back in your mouth and shut up. You sick scuzzy se.x taping piece of trash.

  58. 58
    Marieme Says:

    So what then? Does Fug send her mom a turkey and dad a turkey before flying off to Cabo to spend Thanksgiving. Anything to avoid contact, huh. The girl is sooo family, ain’t she?

  59. 59
    oh puhleeeeez Says:


    get help lady…you r seriously delusional and obsessed with angelina and her kids…I never understood the obsession and never will… I think Jen looks fabulous and I think she’s a strong woman. I think people like to hate on her because she doesn’t choose to do what everyone else does and have kids with the first loser that comes along… Thank god she didn’t have any kids with Brad or else she’d be stuck with that baggage for the rest of her life… good for her for being a strong independent woman and not needing to have a bunch of kids (like angelina) to keep a man around ..:D

  60. 60
    euro Says:

    it’s so funny reading these comments filled with negativity…what’s wrong, you do not like your own life that when you see others doing well you want them to feel as miserable as you?

    take a good looooooong look at aniston, because you’ll never be like her :)

    from a european who isn’t really fond of movies and don’t care much about actors.

  61. 61
    CLINIQUA Says:

    #56, what kind of strong independent woman goes crawling back to douchebag maybegaybe ‘let me defecate on you in bed’ John Mayer, who dumps her TWICE publicly, then goes on to wax lyrical about sexual napalm, and date teen Taylor swift?? Bahahahah!!! Ohhh….she’s so strong…if strong equated to DESPERATE LOSER. that is. Hahahha.
    What kind of strong independent woman, needs to scare up a contract and a fauxmance with a ‘name’ every time she has a film releasing? (or when a Brangelina ‘event’ (red carpets, births, public functions, etc. is going down?)
    What kind of strong independent woman gets diddled publicly up the bum by a co-star who thinks she’s a joke?
    what kind of strong independent woman, tells a man that wants out, ‘please don’t leave me, you can stay w/ me and fck who you want, just let me keep my association w/ you and the ‘image’ I worked so hard to create?’
    What kind of strong woman, gives a tell all to Vanity Fair and cries and sobs wanting people to feel sorry for her and demonize the man who wanted to call it a day after a rocky childless union where no one was suited.’
    what kind of strong woman, 6 years after the fact, is still trying to beat up her ex’s woman in the press, and siccing her trashy pittbull bad unfunny dirtbag friends and monster pr agents on her (and she doesn’t even know Jolie – it’s just the best way to get back at Pitt for the misery she’s made of her life!).
    This old hag will be doing this at the 10 yr mark as well – because it’s all she’s got. Bitterness, and jealousy. She created this reality for herself, she made herself into a sad sack loser reject who men run away from – because at the time, it was worth it to her, to have her lame fans hating Brad for her misery, rather than standing up and looking like she had moved on. If Aniston had played happy, and together, and wished Brad and Angie well back in 2006, she would have missed out on loads of tabloid publicity, and interest — which she covets. People only cared about her, because she and her PR wanted the public to think Brad and she were in a competition, in a war.
    She’s as obsessed with Brangelina as her ugly pal Handjob, who can’t give an interview without panting over Angelina Jolie. I guess that’s how they bonded. Angelina and booze, and their slimy PR queen brought them together.
    Btw…that IS how Aniston’s PR flunkie got Handjob to stop dissing Aniston, and start dissing Jolie…he simply made Handjob an offer…said he’d represent her, get her better guests, and have Aniston guest on her show…if only she’d stop calling Aniston a reject loser every week. Handjob said, ‘DEAL!’ ..and that was that – hence you have Manny and Handjob crying in their booze in Mexico on Thanksgiving, and getting the PR flunkie to plant lies about Angelina back at home to deflect.
    But why am I telling you. You know all about it. Heh. Right grrrl?

  62. 62
    euro Says:

    @T Pain:

    and what would you like her to wear when sunbathing? winter clothes?

    just asking ;)

  63. 63
    Lovely Holiday Says:

    @cliniqua … How on earth do you know so much about someone you hate??

  64. 64
    CLINIQUA Says:

    wouldn’t you like to know.

  65. 65
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Reality is, I’m a Brangelina fan, and because Aniston has made it her mission to be a parasitic leech on them for the last 6 years running, in her quest to always be associated (even if it’s just in tabloid nightmarish he l l) with Brad Pitt – consquently, most Brange fans know of her (and her evil PR flacks) tricks and machinations to coattail on Brangelina. In other words, she’s hard to shake, and the fans of Brange unfortunately have had to put up with her constant cloying annoying leech like presence. Like an article recently said, she’s latched on to Brad and Angelina like a fattened tick, and hasn’t let go.

  66. 66
    FranklyMyDear Says:

    Yep … this sleazy site feeds off of bullying Aniston. Grow up kids … having a tantrum and trying to put down someone who is sexier, smarter and happier than you are is NOT going to make your lives better.

  67. 67
    Annie Says:

    Her body is quite nice (but nothing amazing like the Jen Hens claim) but why should Jen having a decent figure impress anyone? She’s rich, has never given birth, has plenty of free time to spend on body upkeep and can afford personal chefs, trainers etc. Plus it’s not as if she’s “old” or anything people.

    I do get the feeling that at least part of the reason why the tabloids won’t let go of the love triangle thing is coming from Jennifer herself not being able to fully let it go. There’s no smoke without fire.

  68. 68
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Franklymydear, I could walk in a walmart right now, and pass hundreds of women who look better than Jen Aniston, and you know it. Jennifer is homely, just like Kim Stewart said, 6 years ago.
    The only thing slightly better than average about her is her body – but big deal, SJP, Jennifer Grey, and Kathy Griffin all have better bodies than she does, and they have a couple years on her, and two of the three have had children.
    …and just so you know, ‘happy,’ people don’t hang w/ alcoholic bullying old unfunny hags obsessed with beautiful movie stars and beating up people with talent on their cable TV show. Happy people don’t go crawling back to bipolar closeted pop singers who humiliate them by dumping them repeatedly, and happy people don’t tweet about how everyone is so mean, when their hellaciously bad rom coms bomb at the box office.
    Happy people also don’t constantly have incessant plastic surgery to rid themselves of the fug they see in the mirror.
    Those aren’t signs of ‘happy’ ‘sexy’ or ‘smart’ people.

  69. 69
    Bree Says:

    I begin to ask questions on Aniston, she is also kind and pleasant as what she conveys as image: the good friend ? Jennifer would have been able to display with another humorist but she makes it with a woman who hates Brangelina. I do not know but Brad did well to leave her because if it is the feminine kind with whom she is friendly (who laughs at the others by discriminating between them), Brad had to miss ! And as he said it, he could only offer to his children the best of the mothers : Angelina Jolie!

  70. 70
    euro Says:


    I sure wish your idols bradgelina are able to read what you’re saying…even they will run the hell away from you!!! they sure will get restraining order for the likes of you

    get help before it’s too late

  71. 71
    Dasha Says:

    I’m not a fan of her but danm she has a nice body!!

  72. 72
    Thanksgiving with my Dogs ! Says:

    When A Love Of My Life will be gone soon !
    We have to remind Jennifer’s thinking thoughts ,she’d made this interview since the end 2002(No Angelina in the picture)
    Now l’d move on with my Dogs Forever !
    Dogs are my bestfriends .Jennifer told the whole world that she loves Dogs than a Human Being.
    Just after12 hours FINITO with her set up boyfriend (Oscars09 ) Jennifer thinking thoughts that she must move on after she saw the new Mr&Mrs.Pitt .
    Jen don’t needs Husbands only Dogs that all she needs !!!

  73. 73
    Alex Says:

    @euro (post 70) I do not want to be as Jennifer nevertheless I find her very attractive. I prefer the film course of a star generally when I want to become identified with her. I prefer women as Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Diane Kruger… but Jennifer Aniston, I always wait with her, the good role in the cinema. I saw The Switch, The Bounty Hunter, The Good Girl, Marley and Me but I saw in her the actress of Entertainment and not the Movie Actress. When we speak about an actress, certainly there is the beauty but there also has to have of the talent. If Jennifer has of the talent, I have not seen it yet and I discourage to see it one day.

  74. 74
    Believe me Says:

    Stephen Huvane f*cks Jennifer Aniston

  75. 75
    euro Says:

    now that’s a positive comment! I really don’t care about jen nor brad and angelina, I like Nicole though on The Others, one of the few movies Ive seen.

    what I find funny or crazy are comments from fanatics who seem like would kill for their idols..this fanatics are scary :D

  76. 76
    katie Says:

    I think Jen has handled what happen 5 to 6 years ago like a lady…I also think Angie went into that movie from the start to GET Brad…She did Break up a marriage.She has Brad for now but just like the breakup of Brad and Jen it is only a matter of time and he will leave.When you said Brad has all this baggage now I don’t think he means the children. The baggage is Angie and all her problems that come along with her.She even admits she has had a lot of mental problems since she came to be. And as far as anyone saying nasty things about her children she is the one who called her and Brads birth child a Blob…When you look at pictures of her around that Beautiful little Girl she always looks like she doesn’t like her and Brads first born angel. I do think Brad loves every one of those children and that is what is keeping him in this union.. Only time will tell but for now I think if Brad could turn back time he would have never got involved with her……..

  77. 77
    Sandra Says:

    @ Katie : Here is another fanatic! In any case even if what you say is true, it will be difficult that Brad recovers with Jennifer because it is spirit to become allied with people who offend his children. As you said it, Brad loves his children and thus I do not think that he would leave with Jennifer because of her friends.

  78. 78
    Anny Says:

    I have the sensation in your description of Brad that it is the guy without any will and who was trapped in this relation of 6 years! He made adopt the children of Angie in 2006, he made her a biological child in 2006, they adopted the other one in 2007 and in more he redoes her two other biological children in 2008!! But between 2005 and 2008, you do not believe that he would have had time to break if she had problems of mental health ? And the worst it is because he makes her kids: he is a little bit stupid this Brad Pitt because he becomes attached more and more to the lunatic Angelina!

  79. 79
    lindasy Says:

    katie move on.
    idiot !

  80. 80
    Jennifer is kind person Says:


  81. 81
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Hey Katie, you are a dumb azz douche. Everyone in Hollywood knows Brad Pitt chased after Angelina, NOT vice versa. Hahaha!
    Angelina was a single mom traveling the world with her baby son on humanitarian missions, who told the world, she wasn’t interested in any man who couldn’t also be a father to, and love her son as much as her – OBVIOUSLY, Brad passed HER test. NOT vice versa. Brad’s the one who had to jump thru hoops.
    OBVIOUSLY Brad FOLLOWED HER around the world to Kenya, he FOLLOWED HER to Ethiopia to pick up her daughter — sorry, but it wasn’t Angelina following Brad to watch him smoke doobs with David Arquette, IT WAS BRAD FOLLOWING ANGELINA, to help poor kids in Haiti and Africa. Brad changed HIS Life TO BE MORE LIKE HER, a humanitarian with a mission in life w/ a family! Brad wanted his children to have HER NAME, she didn’t meekly drop her name to only reflect his.
    Angelina didn’t change her life to follow him to his old Malibu house, and booze it up on the beach doing nothing – like Aniston is STILL doing.
    Brad left his old boring EMPTY way of life to have more with Angelina.
    Everyone in the world knows Brad ran after her like a lovesick puppy – but oblivious stupid women like you, always miss the signs, which is why your own man, is probably bored to death with you too, looking to get out from under, and you don’t even know it. HAHAHA.
    Jolie didn’t break up his marriage, he left a fake no talent ambitious TV hacktress on his own, months before – Anuston was a woman who was too dumb to recognize a good man when she had him (not that it would have made a difference, as she was only rebound for Brad Pitt anyway).
    They had a miserable marriage long before Pitt even met Jolie, and they both said so.
    What kind of woman tells a national magazine, that her husband is NOT ‘the love of her life?’ An idiot that wants that husband to leave her, that’s who.
    As for you saying, Brad wishes he could turn back time — BAHAHAHAHA, you’re just as deluded as the sad fat cows who worship Fuggiston — if that’s so, then maybe you’ll want to tell Brad to stop loving Angelina up all over her film set in Budapest, and tell him to stop knocking her up!
    Bahahaha, you jealous ridiculous hags are insane.
    Look bish – get a life. Aniston has had dozens of OTHER men, dump her ugly azz, why don’t you attack them?? Brad hasn’t even been near Aniston in more than 6 years. You sad delusional fools always go all the way back to ‘Brad Pitt’ who has had NOTHING to do with TV hackiston for that last 6 years, and has been a committed, hopelessly in love partner and father of six for all that time.
    GET. A. LIFE.
    Go attack John mayer, Vince Vaughm or Gerard Butler.
    You all are SO obsessed with Brad, his woman and his babies – much like narcissistic parasite Aniston.
    Aniston, her sleazy PR agent, and all her old cow fans, are all just OBSESSED with Brad – and because of that, OF COURSE you hate on his one true love, Angelina Jolie, the woman he ADORES, and said this about: “The best gift I can give my children is Angelina as their mother.”
    Much like Vince Vaughn, who is now married and a father to be, said, ‘I never thought about having kids until I met my wife, Kyla.
    Face it, Brad Pitt was just one of the many men, that got the heck out of a Dodge-iston. Why not rail against Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butlker, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, etc. etc,
    That said, learn to write you dumb bish – you sound like Google translator on crack. Oh, and one last thing – may karma bite you for insinuating that this mother doesn’t love her children — you make me sick. Only horrid ugly jealous twisted evil females, inside and out, would suggest such a thing. You sick ugly hateful cows act like Angelina burnt your house down – when all she did was be NEXT for Brad after he broke free of the miserable boring narcissist who made his life a nightmare.
    You are the WORST of what women can be, a vile jealous hateful human being. May the same poison you dish out to Jolie, bite you right back, b*tch.

  82. 82
    DednThanksgiving with Dogs ! Says:

    “The Verbal Distancing ”

  83. 83
    jessica Says:

    rob shuter (popeater) is a liar.

  84. 84
    DednThanksgiving with Dogs ! Says:


  85. 85
    Annie Says:

    @ CLINIQUA – well said. The simple fact is that Brad outgrew his relationship with Jen and it was time to move on. Brad evolved and Chiniston didn’t, and still hasn’t. Everything is always the same ol’ with the Chin, just look at how she can’t play anything other than Rachel Green and how she always gives the exact same sob story to the rags, this gives you a real insight into this woman’s psychology. It’s ridiculous to call Angie a homewrecker just because Brad’s old, stagnant relationship was going nowhere.

    A relationship is not always supposed to last for a lifetime – that is old fashioned thinking. Sometimes one party is simply no longer on the same level as the other and it’s time to move on.

  86. 86
    @Katie and @Cliniqua Says:

    In conclusion, Jenifer does not tempt to have children to a man.

  87. 87
    #Katie Says:

    Yeah Brad beautiful angel, aka Maniston is the one and only woman he went with who pushed him into deprtession, mocked him on TV and pushed him over the edge at the point that he went into therapy half the time he was married, the other time he made sure to not be with her by going back to filming, spending vacations, own birthdays alone and far from her, for weeks, months….
    I beleive, like your dumbf*ck idol, you are delusional to boot, has selective memory, fantasize, tomean and deform reality.
    Fact is, Maniston is the woman with whom he was the least happy on a consistant basis. Gwyneth was his great love, Jolie is the ultimate greatest love and the sweetest woman he went with according his own words which was a surprise for him and he has had another sweet girlfriend : Thandy Newton, Juliet being a turning point.
    Maniston herself said once that she is neurotic and controlling and couldn’t live with her if she was another person all the while praising Brad for his patience towards her.
    So please, take your BS Harlequin fantasy somewhere else. Jennifer was a pain in his ass, a merger (his own words), a buddy with whom he made a pact, a business deal that went kaput, a marraige of convenience wherefrom the start they all acknowledged that it will go as far as it will (far from a love marriage), a pal he spent times smoking pot with and boozing, a deadend who used to give him p0rn vid to rekindle his lust for her because without real love, physical attraction becomes a problem throughout time when you realised you have been living with your buddy instead of your Love.
    Yeah an angel…more like the most devilish and fraudulent girlfriend he ever had and who coercised him with tricks and false promises to get into marriage (her own father admit it that she pushed and pushed the marriage while he wasn’t really into it) while he was already luke warm about it but wanted so bad to start a family he nearly had with his ex girlfriend Gwyneth who betrayed him before Maniston became his rebound.

    Noone but Maniston pushed him over the edge, not even Gwyneth., so miserable he was with her that he spent half the times in therapy for depression, the other half time away working without seeing her for weeks, months without feeling any guilt..
    Quite a happy marriage with an angel….NOT… more like a pact with the Devil, aka Maniston….

  88. 88
    babs Says:

    bwahahaha !!!
    is the end of Brangelina, why? you will know shortly, the true picture of Brangelina, “false and wrong ‘, the two snakes hollywood

  89. 89
    babs Says:

    Jen will always be loved by the public and the celebrities, do not bother to criticize it, it does change anything, everyone loves him,

  90. 90
    babs Says:

    Brangelina fan, you’re all there to criticize Jen, you are afraid of Jen!, you know she is better than Brangelina!, otherwise you will not be there, to invent bad things about it

  91. 91
    #babs Says:

    It’s the end of Maniston and she will always be loved by the part of the public who can’t think thought properly, the trailer trash, the bimbos, the poor intellect who have made a whiner a faniston profession.
    The poor souls who can’t walk the walk and do the talk when we see all the support they give their own idole in the theaters,…not a waste AT ALL the jawniston parasists whose only expertise is to whine and act all innocent after opening fire the FIRST.
    Taste your own medecine, chew in it, digest it and flush it. can’t take the heat, don’t play the game your likes launched to begin with.

  92. 92
    Steve Says:

    Sorry, but Ive seen pictures of her with celullite

  93. 93
    katie Says:

    Clinique—-You nearly wrote a Book:):):) Did you meet her in the nut house,maybe your Jenny:):):)

  94. 94
    M Says:

    This woman is completely superficial; all she worries about in life is her appearance; that is why she can’t get any guy to stay with her long-term. I’m no fan of Brad or Angelina by any means. But Jen is aging and someday will not look this good; I wonder what she will do when she can no longer rely on sex appeal to get attention?

  95. 95
    meee Says:

    u people are insane on here!!!! if u all hate jen sooo much…why look at the pics or click on here to comment? u all are haters…plain and simple!! i think jen is fabulous…loved frineds…and her movies…she can go on a vacation any time she wants…and u people need to get a life of your own……..

  96. 96
    babs Says:

    jen whined?, jen in Cabo, she is happy, look rather Brangelina, never a smile, even children are sad, Brangelina fan, you’re really funny and ridiculous. people love it, Jen, she has many friends also.

  97. 97
    Stella9 Says:

    What I hate is how everyone goes on about how great Jens body looks ‘for her age’ as if the human body automatically turns into a rickety blob of lard as soon as it hits 35. Someone who has a great body for their age would be like Cher, who is what? 65? and still has an amazing figure. Or how about Kathy Griffin, who has 10 years on Jen but has a MUCH better body, or Heidi Klum who’s popped out 4 kids and has a better body than Jen – the list goes on.

    For a woman as rich and narcisistic as Jen her body is very mediocre.

  98. 98
    Henry Says:

    @babs (96) Brangelina has friends: Clint easwood, Sean Penn, Marianne Pearl, Gwen Stefani, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Redford and the others. If they never smile it is because they are not going to be bored to smile in a hypocritical way to the paparazzis who rot them their life. Jennifer needs paparazzis, thus she smiles to them. Furthermore, Brangelina smiles between them but not to the paparazzis, qualifies!

  99. 99
    aseret64 Says:

    @katie: you are one hell of an idiot lol so delusional… need a doctor very much just like your idol

  100. 100
    Sakura Says:

    sure her body looks really good. I guess she is someone who enjoys to be as near naked as she can get. Good thing she doesn’t have kids otherwise they will begging her to cover up.

  101. 101
    babs Says:

    jen has a really mediocre body?, bwahahaha !!!!,, huge !!!!, hahaha
    I’m curious to know!, how do you find the body of angelina?, a skeleton in motion?

  102. 102
    Annie Says:

    I’d rather have a body that’s a bit on the ‘too skinny’ side but feel secure in my self worth like Angelina than be like Chinifer and spend countless hours obsessing over trying to get that perfectly mediocre not too fat, not too skinny, not too toned, not too feminine, not too boyish physique that all the mediocre women out there love to praise to death because it makes them feel secure in their own mediocrity.

  103. 103

    You fanistons can deny and pretend all you wish but that doesnt change the fact that aniston is a SELF-CONFESSED NEUROTIC (“thank you (Brad) for holding me together, man”) who is afraid of stretching and challenging herself, yet imagines herself to be deserving of the same rewards that other, hard working people get: (“an Oscar’s next!”). LMFAO!
    Aniston’s annual pilgrimage to mexico is not about “liking a place and going back to it.” Its not about “having a favorite restaurant, store or coffee shop……”
    Its about: being in therapy for over 20 years because youre so fvcked up mentally
    Its about: eating the same chicken salad for lunch for all the 10 years on the set of friends
    Its about: wearing the same hair-in-face hairstyle for over 20 years because it hides the face you hate.
    Its about: vacationing in the SAME EXACT SPOT EVERY YEAR because you are not adventurous
    Its about: saying you want to live (in NY/Chicago/London) somewhere else as a change to LA but not doing a thing about it
    Its about: saying youre ‘bursting to direct” but not making a move to get it done
    Its about: saying you “want to go on an adventure” but doing zip/nada/zilch/nothing about it
    Its about: playing THE SAME CHARACTER, with the same moves (flip hair, tilt head, scrunch up face to show: anger, annoyance, confusion) to such an embarrassing degree that EVERYONE recognizes that thats all you know about acting.
    Its about: saying for the past 11 years that you want to have a child but still smokes and drinks throughout those 11 years and even when you were married, with a supportive partner, did absolutely nothing to have that child you say you want
    Need i go on? Face it (altho now that i think about it, you fanistons CANT face it, can you?) Because all you losers ARE EXACTLY LIKE JENNY. YOU ALL HAVE THE VERY SAME AFFLICTION. Which is why you all root for her and thought that her snagging The Brad Pitt was a victory for all of you and her losing him to a woman who is more superior than jenny could ever dream to be, is all your collective worst nightmare.
    Is it any wonder you all hate Angie with the very same passion as jenny does? If i had it in me, i would feel sorry for you all, but….(hey wait, what is that feeling?……is it…..?) Ummm…, sowwy. Just laughter. LMFAO!

  104. 104
    Oh Geez Says:

    @j: @j; Hello there ToRahtid. Just a tidbit of info for you… posting your drivel on every story relating to Aniston or Jolie doesn’t make it relevant. Why do you believe that you have to defend Jolie by tearing down Aniston when you do not know either woman? People like you are the reason that the drama between these two women cannot die! My advice to you is to live and let live. Thanksgiving in Cabo with my home girl?? Why not? My family knows I love and adore them because I make it evident every day. Spending the time in Cabo on Thanksgiving doesn’t make it any less true. That’s like saying that if you don’t go to church every`Sunday then you’re not a good Christian. Doing something one day out of the week/year doesn’t mean anything. Your actions every day are what really matter.

    I will agree that the story about Angelina and the Thanksgiving boycott is shady but then again, I read these stories just for the entertainment of the absurdities, I don’t take any of it to heart. Try it sometime.

  105. 105
    babs Says:

    is criticizing the practice of Thanksgiving, angelina spit on the faces of Americans, the proof is that none of his child is born in america.,
    this is how angelina, thanked the Americans, for having allowed to be there or it is

  106. 106
    Annie Says:

    @Jennypoop – LMAO at the chicken salad. What a loser she is. You know, I bet you anything if there actually was anything “WOW” about Aniston’s body, like if she was really ripped, or very elegantly thin and fragile looking, or if she had Monroe-like curves she would lose over 3/4 of her fanbase. Her whole ‘appeal’ is how mediocre she is.

  107. 107

    @Oh Geez:

    Here’s the thing: NOW, with this post, under this moniker, you are talking to someone who SAW ‘ToRahtid’s post ON HUFFINGTON where you also saw it, i presume (Geez, i wonder WHICH moniker you use on Huffington)
    Ergo, internet life lesson for you: DONT GO BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU SEE AND READ ONLINE and then swallow it and regurgitate it like you think youre such a clever inventor, or something, ya dumbfvck.
    PS: Fanistons like you always try to get people to stop telling the truth about jennifer aniston the passive aggressive COWARD, but you have NO PROBLEM bashing Angelina Jolie or ENJOYING the lies told about her. Now aint that just precious.
    FVCK OFF and crawl back under the rock where you live. Fans of Brad and Angie WILL NOT STOP calling out this stinking biitch jennypoop anustain for what she has unleashed in the public domain about Angelina, her kids and her man.

  108. 108

    @Oh Geez:

    PS: Its called ‘cutting and pasting’.

  109. 109
    Stella Says:

    Angelina will say to you where what is that it celebrated Thanksgiving on Monday in the premiere of her movie thus stop believing that she does not make it because every year, their children, her and Brad celebrate Thanksgiving. And we saw numerous photos of them moreover. Brad Pitt said well it in the premiere of Megamind in NY whom they were going to celebrate but whom he would not say where! Furthermore, there is numerous Americans which do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States (I think of the GIs for example who are in Iraq) but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they boycott our Thanksgiving (jennifer is not in USA too).

  110. 110
    yep Says:

    love jennifer! hope she is enjoying her break. i am happy that jennifer can separate a talk show host like letterman, conan, leno, kimbrell and etc… and their on the air show to the real person. everyone needs friends even people we don’t like! jen you look beautiful inside and out.

  111. 111
    French Girl Says:

    I do not speak English very well but on this site, you will see that to Jolie Pitt, we celebrate thanksgiving!

  112. 112
    yep Says:

    @Sandra: it is easy to judge people we don’t like. what about the parent’s responsible do they have any? or not? are only the people we like not accountable? i don’t watch chelsea to crude for me however i don’t think that is ALL she is. they both have the same pr person and both are single and both like the sun. i like jennifer however might life doesn’t center around her. why wouldn’t she be friends with her. ( because she made comments on pitt-jolie or their children.) that is that women’s job, like going to work everyday is mine. yet i am more than my job. i agree that in my opinion was wrong about the pitt-jolie children. however that isn’t ALL she is. i have a lot of different friends that i don’t agree with however we are still friends they are fun and when we get together we enjoy each others company. life is a growing process! not ever one can be perfect all the time or be who or what we think is right! guess what sometimes what we think is right ends up not being really right. we go so far right that we are left or go so left that we are right. judging is so easy!

  113. 113
    yep Says:

    @JENNYPOOP: we know it is a game to you and your pay check would be cut off if you didn’t hate. i hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

  114. 114
    yep Says:

    @French Girl: how many times do you change you name? just wondering?

  115. 115
    juniper Says:

    Jen looks great. How conventional all these people are who assume she is incomplete without a man, give me a brake. It is also ignorant to think she could not get a man, she is taking her time before she decides who is right for her, I don’t blame her after her hubby cheated on her in such a public way. She is enjoying her life, keeping busy, doing films and going where she likes.

  116. 116
    Human Says:

    My god people … get a life. And for the kiddies on this site. Go brush your teeth and go to bed with prayers that you will wake up human.

  117. 117
    deedee Says:

    Jennifer haters are pathetic and jealous. Jennifer looks 1000 times more attractive and healthier compared to angelina. Angelina has slowly turned into the living skeletor, disgusting with her skinny/boney hands and stick figure body.

  118. 118
    French Girl Says:

    @ je ne comprends pas ta question !!!

  119. 119
    French Girl Says:

    @yep : Moi je ne juge pas trop mais si cette femme est vraiment son amie, et si j’étais Jennifer, je lui dirais de ne plus insulter la famille jolie Pitt, du moins pas en public car c’est tout de même les enfants de mon ex mari (Brad) et les propos de Chelsea sont donc indirectement assimilés à moi (Jennifer). Bref, c’est comme ça que je vois les choses car c’est ma vie privée et mon amie même si elle a un jugement là dessus, après tout, c’est moi qui lui dit de ne pas en parler ou pas. Sinon, je ne serais plus son amie car en public, j’ai une certaine image à donner : celle de la bonne amie qui aime et respecte tout le monde même si ce n’est pas vrai en privée !

  120. 120


    You hypocrite and moron. You say you dont agree with the drunken lush chelsea fvck-her-way-to-a-cable-show handjob ragging on the JP children, yet you excuse her anyway as just someone with a different point of view but you would still be their friend, huh?
    I bet youre not friends with people who disparage people whom you care about., right?
    Ask yourself why jennypoop anustain was NOT friends with chelsea fvck-her-way-to-a-cable-show handjob DURING THE TIMES WHEN HANDJOB WAS MAKING FUN OF ANUSTAIN, EVN UP TO LAST YEAR.
    And then ask yourself why it is that suddenly, these things happened within the past 12 months or so:
    (1) chelsea fvck-her-way-to-a-cable-show handjob got a new PR flack in the person of stephen huvane WHO IS ANUSTAIN’S FRIEND AND PR FLACK FOR OVER 20 YEARS;
    (3) then austain appears as a guest on chelsea fvck-her-way-to-a-cable-show handjob’s cable show
    (4) then suddenly austain and chelsea fvck-her-way-to-a-cable-show handjob are besties, with chelsea fvck-her-way-to-a-cable-show handjob being invited to jennypoop’s birthday bash earlier this year and now, here are the two besties on a paid-for vacay in jennypoop’s favoritest place in the whole world (where she does her charity work by boozing it up for the mexican economy, btw).
    Can you say 2 + 2 = 22? LMFAO!

  121. 121
    French Girl Says:

    J’essai de parler en anglais mais les gens ne comprennent pas trop donc je parle en français maintenant et je n’ai pas changé de nom ! Je suis French girl depuis le début. D’habitude je ne poste pas de commentaires mais cette histoire de Thanksgiving avec Angelina m’a un peu énervé. Je ne suis pas une fanatique car je vais voir les films d’Angelina et jennifer que j’ai beaucoup aimé dans Love Happens qui n’est malheureusement pas sortie en France (pas dans ma ville, en tout cas) donc j’avais loué le DVD. Les deux actrices jouent dans des films intéressants, je trouve. Mais je n’aime pas cette guerre entre ces deux femmes et j’ai de plus en plus l’impression que Jennifer s’entoure avec les mauvaises personnes et reçoit de mauvais conseils dans la manière de gérer sa vie publique !

  122. 122
    Can Anyone Guess Says:

    Who is this guy, can anyone tell? Is it that Gartin guy?

  123. 123
    Tommy Boy Says:

    Jen looks fab as always! She has great style with everything she wears. Can’t wait for her 3 movies coming out next year. 2011 should be a great year for Jennifer!

  124. 124
    Please Says:

    You all know the reason she’s constantly stripping down, because she’s an ugly woman with a decent body.
    That doesn’t make her sexy, or hot – just desperate and a narcissist.
    Why do you think Kathy Griffin walks around in a bikini 24/7? Bahahaha!

  125. 125
    Tommy Boy Says:


    Quote: “This is like an ad for sun damage.”

    Uh, not unless you use sunscreen which I’m sure Jennifer does.

  126. 126
    beetlejuice Says:


    Jennifer aniston $50 million strong and the chick cannot buy a man?

    She is really a boring babe and that is a reality…hell if she were as hot as suggested…with all that dough, you would be peeling guys off her…

  127. 127
    j Says:

    Its is so funny how Chelsea Handler, Aniston’s thanksgiving buddy used to make fun of Aniston on her show but when Aniston went on her show she slowly stopped making fun of her. Its pathetic how obsessed Handler is that she continues to talk about Angelina Jolie and her kids, if she hates them then why talk about them constantly

  128. 128
    beetlejuice Says:

    @Stella9: You do know Jen is older than 35 years old don’t you..

    Also folks Jen has no children and about $50 million in her bank account…which of you couldn’t have a body like that with a bank account like that. Reality is that Brad wasn’t happy. I don’t believe people steal other people. People leave when they are not happy where they are …or they would stay where they are. He’s happy now. end of story.

  129. 129
    Sandra Says:

    i agree sexy from far away, u see sexy hair and body, then close up, man the face is busted! and to hang with an angie-hater, obvious she is obsessed with jolie-pitts no matter how many times she says shes not!

  130. 130
    boston61 Says:

    It does not matter how great her body looks (personal chef). Or, how much money she has. She will become an old maid. Old and alone. Men marry to have children. Her looks will be gone in another 5 years.

  131. 131
    Jin Says:

    Since Jen likes showing her body, why doesn’t she do a remake of the Lady Godiva movie? But I guess she should be Lady Godiva’s horse. It’s more realistic ! LOL !

  132. 132
    Truth hurts... Says:

    Jennifer ass kissers and other defenders are pathetic and jealous of Jolie cause she has beauty, brains and charisma. .
    Jennifer, the aging bimbo looks 1000 times worse than any real attractive gals out there though she spent times smoking and ingesting low caloric food . And don’t get me started with her intelect level, even Megan Fox choices are more intelligent than hers and Jessica Simpson is definitelly smarter than her too.
    Jennifer has slowly turned into a body image obssess freaks since her mother said she is ugly. She is full of nicotine and majijuana, disgusting with her fatties nicotine related inner self artificially and chemically maintainted (too bad she can’t get rid of that face) , thick testosteronic neck, veiny feet, mannish voice and suspicipous package between her thighs for ingesting too much testosterones. She is repulsive and barren, hence she kept on being dumped for looking and souding more manish than the man she sleeps with….plys ‘ole girl can’t have a grown up conversation with her one digit IQ.
    Truth hurts…

  133. 133
    Henriette Says:

    Why do all of you assume that a woman who is middle aged and doesn’t have a husband and kids is somehow an object of pity and scorn? I believe that there are many women who love being married with kids, but also plenty of single childless women who – especially if they have their own money – are extremely happy and fulfilled. Having babies is great, but believe it or not, it’s possible to have a wonderful life without having children. And, yes, it’s also possible that just because a woman has a husband and children, she might still be unhappy. So, give the 1950ish stereotypes a rest, folks. I’m no Jennifer fan but I’m certainly not going to attack her because she hasn’t had kids or remarried.

  134. 134
    Anti thanksgiver Maniston. Says:

    I thought, Good ‘ole american bleached blond girl will honor thanksgiving by being on the american soil with her family. But we all know her whole family doesn’t care about that fraud and her antics, they know better than anyone that she is evil….
    Instead, she is there with her KKK sounding friend after being with a kkk sounding boyfriend TWICE in a row and now in the neighbourhood of her criminal child molestor friend Joe Francis doing her favorite humanitarian derd in Mehiccoooo : TANNING and showing off her mature goodies to help the economy of those people she condescendingly once called.
    And this is according the permanently braindeed Maniston losers a nice girl…only for those who can’t think thought properly….

  135. 135


    SO SHUT YOUR NASTY PIEHOLE ABOUT : “Why do all of you assume that a woman who is middle aged and doesn’t have a husband and kids is somehow an object of pity and scorn?”

  136. 136
    d Says:

    Wr is her famous pose from behind?

  137. 137
    yep Says:

    @boston61: can’t be an old maid when you have been married. jen looks great!

  138. 138
    lucky Says:


  139. 139
    yep Says:

    @French Girl: you are on an english speaking site – speak english! like in mexico they dont’ have a second language – you have to speak spanish! however if you only want to be understand by a few go ahead. have fun!

  140. 140
    yep Says:

    @JENNYPOOP: name calling and using profanity makes a person think you have no vocabulary or a lower class which i am sure you are not either. your comments have become mute because they spew the same hate over and over like a bully degrading to TRY to look better. i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  141. 141
    yep Says:

    @Tommy Boy: me either! february YES with adam! i am also looking forward to buttercup i read a summary of the script! it is about a man that cheats on his wife over and over and has a drinking problem. his daughter which will be play by jennifer has issues of course growing up in this type of home environment. the dad has an accident and the daughter has to go back home and help. this movie is being directed by director that charlize theron got nominated for an oscar and the man playing her father is an oscar winner! jen enjoy your holidays!

  142. 142
    Red Says:

    I think kathy griffin has a better body and a better personality to match. Their face is about equal tho.

  143. 143
    yep Says:

    @T Pain: the real t pain wouldn’t be making your comments! sad to misuse a person’s name.

  144. 144
    irene Says:

    bikini babe at 40
    at 41
    at 42
    at 43
    eternally in a bikini, good for her to have million$$$
    no kids
    no real time-consuming job and loads of time to spend trying to beautify herself….
    she’s a mediocre actress who had luck, no better than chelsea handler, so birds or a feather…

  145. 145
    moniq_mares Says:

    real love

  146. 146
    yep Says:

    jen should can whistle!

  147. 147
    kathy Says:

    jennifer aniston nice body 42 year

  148. 148
    Manolo Says:

    They are saying she and Chelsea are a romantic couple now. Is this true?

  149. 149
    kristin Says:

    i bet now she wants to have kids but no one wants to have them with her! its too late, she should have had them with brad when she had the chance but she put her “career” first….. the same boring romantic comedies where we get to see rachel green over and over

  150. 150
    dawne Says:

    Hey, Babs, shake your pointed head and if you hear a rattle, whew, there is a marble sized brain in there…… have to be the dumbest broad I’ve come across on a fan site. Seriously.

    Your idol is also dumb so I sorta get the connection. She is also untalented so I see you share that as well. And anyone who has a couple of hundred million dollars and doesn’t look good……is just plain missing an opp. Laud things that really count in this world and the people who are making it happen…not some middle aged chick running around in a bikini and still can’t get la*d!

    If you want so see some good bodies……check out Victoria Secret models…….Giselle B, Halle B among zillions of others. Why you think this stumpy legged short woman with a bad face and too much hair weaving and call that her claim to fame, I can only feel sorry for both of you.

    Our ‘skinny’ Angie has used her gorgeous long-legged frame to give birth to three children, mother her six children, make wild love to the man who worships her, tromp thru jungles to aid the disenfranchised, fly planes and act her way into the most powerful actress title in HW!!

    “Her Hairness’ …not so much…….seen as unlovable, the punch line for ‘acting’ jokes……..heard a good one last week out of the mouth of Tim Burton (who adores Angie) . Critics make jokes. Her career ended with Friend but she just won’t go away as she is addicted to the limelight but she is adding nothing of quality in terms of movies or charity. Her 15 is long over and she is running into an hour.

  151. 151
    truth is Says:

    This b*tch is responsible for the lies that spread all over the internet about Angie hates Thanks Giving. Jen hates Thanks Giving because she doesn’t have any family to be with. Finally, Courtney Cox, Sheryl C. and Laura D did not go with her this time. Kudos to them for choosing family over friend and that is a mature woman should do. Last year Thanks Giving, she was in a different country( Morocco) with Gwyneth P for some hotel opening. And to the fans that keep insisting that Jen and her mom reconciled is just a big lie because Thanks Giving should be with your family but she prefer to be in Mexico with her paid girlfriend. It is so sad to think about if you don’t have a family. Jen should apologize to Angie for spreading the lies.

  152. 152
    yep Says:

    @dawne: actually jen has had 3 movies with heads up by critics. plenty of box office success over billion at the box office. she gives to charity, does charity functions and works – most of the time quietly but she does. yes there are plenty of beautiful women who would want to take away from anyone… what type of person would they be? as far as making fun and and jokes well i don’t know anyone living who hasn’t been a punch line for some one. jennifer is still going strong february a movie coming out with adam, nicole and brooke, then horrible bosses and wanderlust and the buttercup (oscar winner director and father in movie oscar winner) and is it goree girls? may we ALL have our dreams come true.

  153. 153
    Jin Says:

    It looks like Jen’s chin was attached to her face or vice-versa. It doesn’t look natural. She must have the longest chin in Hollywood, ever!

  154. 154
    yep Says:

    @truth is: lol! move on! it had to be a source that actually heard angelina make that comment and order for the website to write they have a source. i don’t think angelina called jennifer up to discuss thanksgiving! hate to hate! jennifer is enjoying herself on holiday. too bad you have to make up a lie to what? make yourself feel better? try to make some one else look bad? for sport?

  155. 155
    yep Says:

    @Jin: actually she has her father’s chin. thanks for noticing – i am sure her father would appreciate your remark. they are human after all.

  156. 156
    ingrid Says:

    thanksgiving story is made up.
    i don’t understand why people believe this garbage.
    Angie herself has discussed the family’s Thanksgiving celebrations a few times in interview.

    Babs i pray for you because you are realy stupid.

  157. 157
    yep Says:

    @truth is: maybe you should be the one apologizing. is your character honorable enough to admit when they are wrong or hating to hate?

  158. 158
    hannah Says:

    Please no more Jennifer Aniston….I can’t take it.

  159. 159
    bob Says:


  160. 160
    yep Says:

    @hannah: oxymoron you are on her thread! lol

  161. 161
    yep Says:

    @bob: name change!

  162. 162
    bob Says:

    ****** YEP ?

  163. 163
    yep Says:

    @bob: hey

  164. 164
    say what? Says:

    “The most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.” ….Jennifer Aniston wants our sympathy. …sociopath

  165. 165
    Code name : MANISTON Says:

    Analysis of the self proclaimed r*tarded subject and her r*tardation

    DECENT short legged body. Neck, arms, hands and feet repulsuve ad masculine though.
    FUGLY face. NOTHING will change that humongous face ever. Mummy Nancy told the truth. Jon Collins was very graceful with the cute comment.
    NASTY deep voice oozing nicotin ashes in the morning…bad breath garanteed to welcome any man sleeping with her.
    UNBELIEVABLY STUPID personality with an IQ digit, subject unable to have a deep mature conversation, who often displays a stupid empty look like she is in the zone whenever a tough question that doesn’t include hair, diet, wonderland body is asked. Can’t express herself correctly and with a variety of vocabularly in her unilingual world.
    GOOD hair enhanced by hair extensions
    HORRIBLE dating resume sacred by the Oscar of the dumbest of the dumbest bimbos around as she performed the ‘Mayernaise’ movie like nobody else before and its predictable sequel with Mayer, the best though thinker according herself who finally had the last laugh with the “napalm versus old lady stuck in 1998″ comment….Should take her retirement in the game because she will never do a decent job with men, has no depth and has the stench of Mayer the Ninja all over her.
    MEDIOCRE career choice playing multiple versions of the same character, using the same gimmicks including her two best performances : flipping her hair and looking stupid overacting the bimboish moronic airhaid to the core. Not everyone can be Marylun Monroe.
    FRIENDSHIP : a leech that sucks the blood out of bff, consuming the privacy of others, endangering their intimacy, adding weight to tensions until it explodes. Can’t have a sane friendly relationship and think being friend equal being mate and second wife, calling herself jenniffer Arquette, inviting herself into personal business.
    1) should retire from the dating game for good.
    2) Should go back to TV now instead of waiting 3 more years where she would be lucky to guest star in the Kardashians.
    3) Should definitely let friends breathe and learn that it’s time to restore family links instead of buying friends like it’s a cure against loneliness.

  166. 166
    yep Says:

    @say what?: so sad for you. jennifer is living her life – she has been blessed with plenty of work/movies, has wonderful support system. she isn’t jaded about love and continues to open herself up for love. yet she isn’t willing to settle for less than what is right for her. she is able to laugh at herself in a healthy way. i know jen isn’t perfect nor does she pretend to be. she continues to live her life. jen doesn’t want or need sympathy that is obvious … as you see jen has moved on so who are really talking about?

  167. 167
    yep Says:

    @Code name : MANISTON: same ole thing – over and over doesn’t make it true or real! after six years you can’t help but feel sorry for you. hope you are getting paid well.

  168. 168
    Jack Daniel's Says:


  169. 169
    dense Says:

    I see the extensions are out. Even the attribute she is most praised for is not hers.

  170. 170
    karma Says:

    I believe the hater/s is just one or two people posting under different names on here… Jennifer is a lovely lady, I met her once and she signed an autograph for us, and was incredibly sweet to my daughter and I.. You hater/s really need to chill and let the woman live her life… you guys are accruing major negative karma points… so be careful what you give out cause it will always find its way back to you..

  171. 171
    karma Says:


    i agree with you, all this hate is unwarranted. Jennifer Aniston most definitely doesn’t deserve this. So sad.

  172. 172
    deedee Says:

    code name manistan your too jealous, pathetic, and sad to be even expressed with words.

  173. 173
    deedee Says:

    Jennifer is more tolerable as an actress compared to angelina. Some people might actually die of shock if angelina had the capability to produce a recognizable and authentic forgein accent.

  174. 174
    Same ol, same ol Says:

    Why are people even interested in this boring woman???? She looks the same, acts the same, takes the same boring vacations (even with all her money), and you never hear of her doing anything interesting or exciting. Just tanning and filming more repeat crap. That is probably why she can’t keep or find a man because she is too dang VANILLA. What a waste of millions. If something was to happen to her or she gets old and sick who will she leave her money too that she seems to hold onto, because sure the heck is not enjoying it. Mexico is a trip vacation for someone with her money, even at the best resorts.

    Yet, I guess you can expect much from someone who has to have 20+ years of therapy, which obviously did nothing for her. Just a chance to moan and groan about her life and how her mother never called her beautiful.

  175. 175
    Same ol, same ol Says:

    Mexico is a CHEAP vacation for someone with her money, even at the best resorts.

    Read more:

  176. 176
    the real Sandra Says:

    She does manage to get her pics posted on every gossip site there is. So desperate to be seen. And she’s always “accidentally on purpose” bending over and making her ass stick out. I guess her ass is better looking than her face. All she’s good for.

  177. 177
    irene Says:

    @Same ol, same ol:
    MExico can be a cheap vacation, but here aniston is ot going to the mot most exclusive resorts in Mexico, if she were there, she would not be photographed if she did not want to, I bet she went there many times when she was in the Golden couple, but was never photographed like this. There are places where you pay for privacy, and they are really expensive.
    She goes to Cabo, I bet because it is a short flight, and she goes to nice places, but not the greatest of the great. Good for her for going, it is good publicity for the hotel.
    That’s it.

  178. 178
    Observer2 Says:

    Ass in air for paps= check
    ROTFLMAO at her helping the economy in Mexico=check
    A face even her own mother doesn’t love=check
    No man paying one bit of attention to her, that’s not gay=check
    Not drinking Smart Water=check
    Not with her bestest bud when she might need her because it’s always ALL about Aniston=check
    A string of very bad movies to be released in 2011=check

  179. 179
    yep Says:

    @Same ol, same ol: mexico is a poor country so i bet the people there really appreciate her business and obviously they give her great service or she wouldn’t keep going back. also their is a children’s home there that she has visited on several occasions.

  180. 180
    Brooklyn Says:

    She is a lonely middle aged woman.

  181. 181
    yep Says:

    not lonely! plenty of love ones! beautiful classy lady she is!

  182. 182
    irene Says:

    should read “aniston is not going to the most exclusive”

  183. 183
    katie Says:

    Manolo–I heard BONES and YOU are a ROMANTIC COUPLE:):):) IS IT TRUE??? Oh By The Way She Said For You To Go And Buy The Black Tape;);););););)

  184. 184
    Oh Please Yep Says:

    Mexico is not being saved by Aniston nor does she visit that orphanage in Tijuana, there would be photos all over the place if she did. She doesn’t do anything physical to assist or contribute towards anything unless it’s a PSA and that always seem to be timed around promo time for her crap movies. She may send a few bucks but she is not doing nothing huge, trust me if she was doing more it would be noted because celebrity attention brings in money from outsiders who are fans of that particular celebrity because fans want to support their fave celebs cause.

  185. 185
    #deedee Says:

    deedee @ 11/27/2010 at 7:03 pm 0

    Jennifer is more tolerable as an actress compared to angelina
    People lie, numbers don’t lie.
    She is supposedly more tolerable according TO YOUR DELUSIONAL SELF, though the reality numbers that you hens desert the theaters and her RC more and more while in the same times you keep on flock and add numbers to Jolie already higher attendance rate. .
    So who is the most intolerable to watch, hih ???
    Maybe you should check what tolerable means in the dictionary since less and less people go check the untalented actress in theaters than Jolie’s though she is supposedly more tolerable…Or maybe people forced themselves to watch the intolerable Jolie while forcing themselves not to watch the tolerable insufferable Maniston being Mismanaged, bootey hunted and sooner getting her masturbation super scene in her next wandersl*t movie..
    Oh well, after all you are a hen, you talk sh*t when reality speaks otherwise and bite you in the ****…AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN….

  186. 186

    I think anyone who hangs out with such a racist. hateful, mean b*tch like Chelsea Handjob, a woman obsessed with Aniston’s ex’s current wife, Angelina – to the point where she calls her names, and grows enraged over her, on her weekly on her show — deserves the wrath of millions. It just shows what a truly trashy low class piece of work Aniston is, that she’s besties now with an alchoholic s ex tape making Jolie hating, dirtbag like Chelsea handjob. Says all you need to know about Aniston.
    Aniston is a bad TV hacktress, who is pals with an unfunny cable comic who Aniston’s own PR rep hired to attack Jolie in the press (a speciality of his) and on her show, both she and Chelsea Handjob deserve every bad bit of karma coming their way.
    That’s why Aniston might THINK she and her PR flack are getting away with their little ‘dirty tricks,’ campaign, and siccing their pittbull Handler on Jolie, but in reality, she is enraging millions, who will continue to humiliate, expose and rag on Aniston as long as she aligns herself with these awful human beings, and as long as she is such a manipulative lying weak awful person herself. we’ll be pointing it out. If you don’t believe us, ask every man that’s dumped her.
    She’s a jealous, embittered, insecure narcissistic selfish twaaaht. Ask her mother.

  187. 187
    Rio Says:

    Thank God for Jennifer Aniston!! :D

  188. 188
    deedee Says:

    Some of the posters on this board are crazy and should be institutionalized. Neither jennifer or angelina gives a S**t about your crazy asses.

  189. 189
    To Katie Says:

    # 183

    Katie–I heard NORMAN and YOU are a ROMANTIC COUPLE:):):) IS IT TRUE??? Oh By The Way He Said For You To Go And Buy A Dildo. Bark Bark Bark ;);););););)

  190. 190
    deedee Says:

    jennifer has nothing to do with the media hating angelina, angelina brings some of it upon herself by saying crazy S**t.

  191. 191
    Whiney hens Says:

    …like Deedee are in pain. Truth always hurts….

  192. 192
    deedee Says:

    there is a big difference between realistic truth and delusional truth…alot of angelina supporters prefere delusional truth…this board is full of posters that believe delusional truth.

  193. 193
    Fan Says:

    “the firm” fired bet and now hire yep.
    guess it is an upgrade since bet’s wasnt that good in expressing or defending the Jen

  194. 194
    yep Says:

    @deedee: no they are paid or bullies or/find sport in making unkind remarks for no reason. the is no real reason except they can. the concept of what you do/say goes back to character doesn’t apply to them which let you know…..

  195. 195
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Angelina doesn’t say “crazy sh*t,” you hateful jealous hag (#190 deedee) — she writes Op-ed pieces for the Washington Post and NY Times, she’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a UN Global Humanitarian and Ambassador, recognized by the UN…
    ….the only “crazy sh*t” being talked, is by Jen Maniston, and her dumb as FCK, brain **** interviews, where she insults handicapped people and never apologizes – because that’s just the kind of awful hateful person she is (even worse now, since she’s hanging with nasty racist cable tv host Chelsea Handjob)….
    …Angelina,only gives interviews when she promotes her films, that’s why anytime you see these lying stories, they are courtesy trashy paid for hire GOSSIP queens like ex-con Icky Herpesrin, or flaming bin of garbage, Rob Shuter (who wrote the Thanksgiving LIE that Stephen Huvane paid him to run), they have been HIRED by Stephen Huvane, Aniston’s PR rep, to LIE ON ANGELINA.
    Aniston is such a weak cowardly bish, instead of hating on Brad the man who wanted to escape her clutches, she goes after the mother of his children, a woman she doesn’t even know, like an old jealous raging demented cow would.
    Everyone knows huvaniston spreads lies on Angelina via the gossips and tabloids in his back pocket (and now, via his newest client Chelsea Handjob, if u ever wonder why she stopped kicking aniston in the head, it’s because Aniston had her PR rep take on Chelsea Handjob as a client, just to get it to stop – that’s how WEAK, scared and stupid she is). She’s an embarrassment to women everywhere.
    It’s a known fact that Huvane does black ops on Jolie – that’s one more reason why Aniston will be exposed at every opportunity by millions of fans. She’s a sick, nasty cowardly fake azz’d famewhore – whose ridden Brangelina like a fattened tick for years. She AND her PR flunkie Huvane.

  196. 196
    Whiney hens Says:

    …Like Deedee and Yepyep are still crying and whining …that’s their profession : to whine desperatly when in pain.
    Their motto : when in pain, unable to take the heat and play the game, just whine like a perfect hen and fake total innocence….truth hurts…

  197. 197
    cliniqua is too funny Says:


    um, sorry, but you are the hateful jealous hag honey…look at how much hateful negative energy you’ve put into this thread alone…seriously, you need help lady…this is not normal to hate someone this much LOL you have serious issues.

  198. 198
    yep Says:

    i saw the go with it poster! i like, i like a lot! february will be here before we know it!

  199. 199
    cliniqua is too funny Says:

    damn, Angelina Jolie has some seriously demented fans yo… I never knew this about her… poor Angie LOL

  200. 200
    Capsup Says:


    Thanks Clini. I don’t need to go any further you have me cracking up with these pics . Your posts are hilarious.

    CLINIQUA @ 11/27/2010 at 12:06 am +6

    The farther that camera is away from Fuggiston, the better she looks. That’s right hired Papz guys, pull ALL the way back to China for these next shots. LMAO
    Blurry and grainy is Jen’s best pal. No more pics like these, kay? Huvane will make heads roll if you guys take more shots like these:
    Jen has removed the hat, and is going to be 2 miles away this time, not just, 1. Remember to get as many shots of her as you can, of the BACK of her head, or with her face obscured. LMAO Hahahahahahahahahaahaahaha
    @reply | Flag This

    Read more:

    Too Funny..The broad is fug always has been. LOL And she wants 1998 back….. lol Brad is still running and NEVER looking back.

    Angie and Brad live such a facinating life it’s so cool just knowing they don’t give this dustin hoffman ‘Tootsie’ lookalike a min. of their time.

    Enjoy your Weekend Kiddo..

  201. 201
    irene Says:

    @cliniqua is too funny:
    go tell that to the ffreaks out there that have been raging for years after angie’s comings and goings, her family, etc

  202. 202
    Annie Says:


  203. 203
    say what??? Says:


    nobody is saying sh*t about Angelina…it’s you psychos who keep coming in here and ragging on Jennifer Aniston for no reason…you people need serious psychotherapy..

  204. 204
    say what??? Says:


    you are the same person responding to yourself idiot…don’t you think people can tell you are cliniqua??? LMFAO

  205. 205
    irene Says:

    @say what???:

    what? really? you mean the bullies in the “fforum”, dl*sted, et al, have stopped talking sh*t about angelina? have they stopped wishing death to babies, bullying innocent children for no reason but looking at pictures, deprecating every tiny piece of news or picture that appears of the JPs??
    Has that happened? did the ffreaks got into serious psychotherapy??? good thanks for telling me, since I have not been to those sites in ages, poor posters, really needed a shrink!!!

  206. 206
    BOO Says:

  207. 207
    Whiney hens Says:

    ….like say what ???? are doing what they do best : fake innocence and being delusional…they whine again and again and think their sh*t doesn’t stink….

  208. 208
    say what??? Says:

    @Whiney hens:

    nah, you’re a whiney sad hater.. that’s what your name should be…whiney delusional hater, that hates and rags on people because i have no life…that is more accurate name for you lady..

  209. 209
    say what??? Says:


    i’ve never been to those websites or said anything negative about Angelina Jolie or her children, only a delusional psycho would wish death on anyone especially children….but what you people are doing here is the exact same thing as what those people are doing in those other websites you mentioned… you are just as bad as those people in case you haven’t noticed… it’s pretty sad to hate someone that you don’t even know..Jennifer Aniston seems like a nice lady, i don’t understand why people would hate someone they don’t even know personally like this… actually Angelina as a humanitarian that she is wouldn’t appreciate that her fans are hating on her this much… I don’t think she would condone this constant attack on anyone including Jennifer Aniston..

  210. 210
    Whiney hens Says:

    …like say what still keep on faking innocence and acting like their sh*t doesn’t stinck when the stench they have been oozing in known throughout fandom. Whiney hens like Saywhat are delusional, have been talked sh*t just like their idole but just like her can’t take the heat afterwards…after all they are whiny just like the bimbo and her kkk entourage. ah, whiney hens are so desperatly crying babies…truth hurts.

  211. 211
    say what??? Says:

    @Whiney hens:

    seriously, seek help girl… you need it !! I think your hallucinating or having another delusional episode …

  212. 212
    Whiney hens Says:

    ….like say what are prima dona liar, just like their idole. JJ is full of the hatred footprint of those boohoo sisters in pain. It’s right her, right there.
    Whiney hen like Say What always act like their sh*t doesn’t stink when proof is right there before our eyes…whiney hen can only excel in starting the sh*t then running away faking innocence and whining when their sh*t is brought back right in their backyard….whiney hens are crying babies.

  213. 213
    irene Says:

    not wanting to “explain” or reason to saywhat about why the JP fans do not believe much in unsuspecting x fans, I’m outtahere. Just one little thing
    No way is the same to criticise, make fun of an adult celebrity than to attack /hate on small and unborn children, biological or adopted, make fun of the circumstances of their birth or the reasons they were available for adoption. I have never read more vile things than the fans of your nice lady aniston hating on the JPS, specially the kids.
    Quite a few bloggers have distinguished those fans as some of the more hateful, vocally vicious of fans in the net.

    you should not compare if you do not know. educate yourself if you are to post here, otherwise you will only be ridiculed.
    good night, out to a party!

  214. 214
    say what? Says:

    …Angelina,only gives interviews when she promotes her films, that’s why anytime you see these lying stories, they are courtesy trashy paid for hire GOSSIP queens like ex-con Icky Herpesrin, or flaming bin of garbage, Rob Shuter (who wrote the Thanksgiving LIE that Stephen Huvane paid him to run), they have been HIRED by Stephen Huvane, Aniston’s PR rep, to LIE ON ANGELINA.
    Aniston is such a weak cowardly bish, instead of hating on Brad the man who wanted to escape her clutches, she goes after the mother of his children, a woman she doesn’t even know, like an old jealous raging demented cow would.
    Everyone knows huvaniston spreads lies on Angelina via the gossips and tabloids in his back pocket (and now, via his newest client Chelsea Handjob, if u ever wonder why she stopped kicking aniston in the head, it’s because Aniston had her PR rep take on Chelsea Handjob as a client, just to get it to stop – that’s how WEAK, scared and stupid she is). She’s an embarrassment to women everywhere.
    It’s a known fact that Huvane does black ops on Jolie – that’s one more reason why Aniston will be exposed at every opportunity by millions of fans. She’s a sick, nasty cowardly fake azz’d famewhore – whose ridden Brangelina like a fattened tick for years. She AND her PR flunkie Huvane

    Nice post, CLINIQUA @ 195. Stand up Jolie-Pitt fans against the Aniston-Huvane BS fed stories which happens every time Angie has a new movie or Jennifer needs attention. It is SO old. There are millions of JP fans and we rather see Angie and Brad not ridden of their coat-tails or bashed by the likes of sociopaths Huvane and old Jennifer or drunken Chelsea.
    Boycott anyone associated with the Huvane Bros.

  215. 215
    Whiney hens Says:

    …should never act like their sh*t doesn’t stink. It stinker that any other. even the media as already crowned them fir being bthe vilest most dangerous fanbase. ewperts….
    “What’s Wrong with Jennifer Aniston Fans? Why Are They so Full of Hate?
    As a Writer Who Expresses an Opinion, I’m Amazed by the Sheer Hatred Spewed at Me from So-called Jennifer Aniston Fans

    Cassandra James,
    Jul 11, 2010
    One of the things that comes with the job of being a writer is receiving hate mail or hate comments from people who disagree with you. Not one to worry about disagreement, and welcoming an opposing opinion as long as
    it’s given politely, I must admit even I’m blown away by the sheer hatred and anger directed at me by so-called Jennifer Aniston fans.
    Checking with other writers, who’ve also written pieces about Jennifer Aniston, they too have said people who adore Jennifer Aniston and, by default, usually hate Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, are often some of the nastiest people they’ve ever come across. Particularly with online articles, as the medium is so immediate, if I publish an article about Jennifer Aniston one night, I guarantee I will wake up to over 200 disgusting, nasty and hate-filled comments the day after.
    But the writer in me honestly wonders why?
    As someone who has never been that interested in actors or actresses (let’s face it, many of them are pretty self-involved, uninteresting people), I can’t say I’ve ever been obsessed with a famous person. People who like Jennifer Aniston however not only seem to be completely obsessed with the actress, but also see it as their job to defend her from slights they see or slights magined. It does make me wonder though what kind of sad lives do some of these people lead if they think defending an actress’s ‘honor’, an actress who doesn’t even know they exist and, quite frankly probably doesn’t care, is their mission in life?

    With Jennifer Aniston, I think part of the obsession and sheer maniacal loyalty of many of her fans is not because of the actress herself. Instead, it’s because these ‘fans’ are mixing up the real life
    Jennifer Aniston with the fictitious Rachel Green of ‘Friends’. Kooky, quirky, funny and a little odd, the character of Rachel Green wormed her way into much of America’s hearts and, over the many years ‘Friends’ aired, Rachel Green became one of the country’s most famous characters. But……folks………that’s all she is. A character. In fact, Rachel Green is no closer to the real personality of Jennifer Aniston than is the personality of Angelina Jolie or that of a Pulitzer prize winning scientist. Even Jennifer Aniston has admitted that.
    I often wonder too how embarrassed Jennifer Aniston would be if she knew the way some of her fans behave. I imagine she’d not only be ashamed that people with that much hatred were saying things in her name but, frankly, she’d probably be more than a little scared too.
    After all, if they’re that easily provoked to attack a writer they’ve never met and likely never will, simply because she or he has said something they don’t like, what would they be likely to do if Jennifer Aniston herself suddenly disappointed them And that’s more than a little scary to contemplate, isn’t it?”

    Less than a week after this article the premoniation took a scay turn as a tipycal whiny hen was arrested on his way en route to kidnap his idole.
    Whiny hens should stop thinking their sh*t doesn’t stink and sit down ! Rhere are notoriously known as being the most vicious around who like to fomenting criminal acts towards Jolie, her kids and even their idole
    Get some humility and stop whining like perfect innocent good ole people all the while cvompeting in sites to find way of harming a pregnant Jolie and launching contests to chose the one who will carry the attack.
    You are far from being innocent and all youyr punctual sweet talking doesn’t blind me. You just like to pretend all your goody nature…just like your idole.

  216. 216
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Thanks for that post LOL
    The A listers in Hollywood are tired of Aniston she won’t move on, she’s calling in favors, her days are numbered

  217. 217
    lila Says:

    Jenn looks stunning as usual!!!

  218. 218

    Oh Jeesh, so I wonder what bikini color she will be wearing for her February birthday getaway….boring boring.

  219. 219
    yep Says:

    @nakedoldjennifer: yep that why she keeps getting ask to be in movies! with oscar winning directors and actors! lol! waiting for buttercup! you keep changing names and etc. and don’t realize that you place to much importance on your star as i don’t care enough to even click on her thread. i wish her happiness but have nothing to say. however i guess i should thank you for getting us over 200 comments. so – thank you!

  220. 220
    li Says:

    she´s so beautiful, i dont understand why she doesnt have a boyfriend

  221. 221
    CLINIQUA Says:

    To #220, um, because she’s NOT…she’s uglier than Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie.

  222. 222
    truth is Says:

    Thank goodness that Courtney Cox, Sheryl C and Laura D learned their lessons that Jennifer is a poison to any relationships. She is bad a influence to a family. She is jealous when she see her friends have a good relationship with their family because she grew up with no family. Good for the 3 ladies for standing up. Remember, you can replace a friend but not a family. Jennifer is a homewrecker that needs to be avoided.

  223. 223
    yep Says:

    @truth is: lmao!

  224. 224
    look at Says:

    Guess we we regulars didnt have children, had $ and time . We could look like that also she looks great! Not everyone wants kids …. I did and at 48 I am glad i did . wouldnt wanted to have missed it for any beauty or fame. Its so rewarding to raise a family . Any kind of a family no matter who or how you do it .

  225. 225
    "BB" Says:

    Perfection at it’s best!!!! I need say nothing else. She is loved and respected by all, and she can hold her own in the industry without pimping herself out with a bunch of phony PR. “Rock On Jen”, you have always been the most respected and admired female star in this industry. Just keep on being honest and the skies the limit girl!

    BTW love the bikini!

  226. 226
    deedee Says:

    whiney hens you are seriously f**ked up mentally.

  227. 227
    yep Says:

    jen is beautiful inside and out! keep moving forward and growing as a person!

  228. 228
    yep Says:

    does anyone know who the guy is?

  229. 229
    nasty Says:

    Jennifer is beautiful but most folks here are nasty, ugly, and crazed Jolie fans.

  230. 230

    Yes Jen, keep growing as a person by hanging around alcoholic cokehead racists who slur Sandra Bullock’s young son with racial epithet’s — and keep coking and toking and smoking it up on the same mexican beach you’ve been visiting for 20 years, and keep calling mentally handicapped people ‘RETARDS’ and NOT apologizing, and keep making the same bad rom com over and over and over again – and looking the same in every crap film, and keep getting plastic surgery to feel better about yourself and your ugly mug, and keep dating douchebags who dump you in the street and then go crawling back to them…and most of all, keep being a parasitic coattail riding leech on the Jolie Pitts, and mentioning them in your interviews trying to start catfights in the tabloids, 6 years after the fact of Brad ditching you….keep running in place Jen, like a hamster on a wheel in a cage, and being a whiny victim, and keep being an embarrassment to women everywhere…..
    …it’s great to see how how much your “growing as a person.” BAHAHAHAHA

  231. 231
    tori Says:

    I have nothing against Jen but Chelsea looks like a nasty woman.

  232. 232
    Sci Says:

    So this b-t-h that no one can stand for too long that has to buy “Friends” finally gave up and was on the beach in Mexico looking for dogs. And guess what she found one a female B$$CH like herself ans she name it chelsea.

  233. 233
    yep Says:

    Dear God, please be with jen and give her wisdom – your wisdom not earthly wisdom. let jen know and feel your love. place a hedge of protection around jen as you did Job. in your Name i pray, amen.

  234. 234
    shrinking Says:

    Wow … there are way to many nasty haters on this site. I think some of you need to go to your nearest shrink and avoid justjared at all costs.

  235. 235
    To hell with Maniston Says:

    Die Aniston Die
    You can bring Chelsea with you in Hell

    I just hate this fcuking *****!

  236. 236
    Joseph Says:

    She;s so pathetic.

    I never like her a bit.

  237. 237
    s.crow Says:

    I guess Anuston friends are working overtime posting numerous times here defending their re-tarded friend.

  238. 238
    siska Says:

    wow everyone chill!! its peace..whats wrong if she enjoy herself with her friends..remember Chelsea is a comedian..whatever she said in her tv show..its for the show …if you not her real friends how do you know who they really are?
    Why so much hateful for someone who just want to enjoy they holiday..there is NOTHING wrong with a single woman who enjoy her holiday with her friends. Its the same with AJ if she want to spend her holiday overseas with only her kids and partner…
    JA has a great body and she is always do the same thing for her holiday..she even use the same bikini..this is seem not a photo op..she just loves doing what she like..and there is NO ONE can have a right to object it..if you dissapprove not look for her…
    That man is a brother of her manager who happen to be there too…He definitely gay..the pap just need some story about her with any man….they are so desperate to catch her with any man to feed the tabloid..
    Remember the media always love to play on her single life and stiil pining to BP and he rnew hook up and feud with AJ to sell their story.She is wayyyy over BP…thats way she dating all the other bad boys type..unfortunately ..she still being tied to them.
    Honestly..who is the right mind want to comeback with their ex who already have 6 kids when she can continue to be free and stress free.
    Bp its NOT all that..he is looks old..with all the money,fame and the look she has..she can pick and choose any man.
    So look at yourself in the mirror before judge JA.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  239. 239
    cougar lover Says:

    emmmm…,rich,single and NO kid…. we all dig it!!!

  240. 240
    cougar lover Says:

    We al love this ms.Aniston..she is single, hot, rich and seem a cool girl,,,Thanks JJ for this hot pictures…keep on coming!!!

  241. 241
    cougar lover Says:

    plus..she has no kids….its a party!!!!

  242. 242
    john c Says:

    This chicks its OK!!!..seem a fun hard and play hard..!! Hook me up!!

  243. 243
    news Says:

    James Franco : if she is single off course..I want to hook up with her!!!but she is dating someone else. (when asked about mantchmaking him and Jen)
    Bruce Willis: I love to to reunite in the movie with Jennifer
    Marlin Akerman: Jen is awesome,guys go nab her

  244. 244
    news Says:

    Woody Harelson: Jen is a tough girl
    Brad Pitt: Jen is a sweetheart, we always gonna be in each other lives.
    Gerard Butler: Jen is such a cool girl
    John Mayer: I always regret that my relation with her not last,she is a great woman.
    Bradley Cooper: Jen is the best, I wish the rumour its true (When asked about the rumour about him and Jen)

  245. 245
    truth is Says:

    @news: And don’t forget about Jason Sudeikis said “JEN IS JUST A SPORT F*CK/F*CK BUDDY”. Very well respected in Hollywood in deed. They are all laughing at her back, dumped her and kicked her to the curb in fact they don’t want to be associated with her anymore.

  246. 246
    henry Says:

    pathetic b*tch

  247. 247
    T Pain Says:

    @cougar lover:
    Do us all a favor and take Anuston with you and never come back ..LOL

  248. 248
    jajajaj... Says:




  249. 249
    jajajaj... Says:



  250. 250


  251. 251
    omg Says:

    I wanna be a “looser “like JENNIFER ANISTON


  252. 252
    omg Says:



  253. 253
    ann Says:

    incredibly gorgeous!!!

  254. 254
    NA Says:

    jennifer is peace….

  255. 255
    ,,,,----..... Says:


  256. 256
    peaceful Says:

    Jennifer you are the best! Wishing you peace and joy.

  257. 257
    ? Says:

    @,,,,—-…..: An example of what?

  258. 258
    yuck Says:

    Words of hate will come back to haunt the perpetrator. Do you bullies have a mother or did you crawl out from under rocks. Maybe it’s just one person who is obsessed and needs medical attention. Please seek help as you leave a disgusting odor wherever you go!

  259. 259
    becca Says:

    Great, great, great body!

  260. 260
    debbie Says:

    she is still skinny! love her!

  261. 261
    bill Says:

    She is the biggest ***** in Hollywood. She’s a doorknob. Everyone in Hollywood has had a turn with this over-stretched sleazy sl.ut.

  262. 262
    yep Says:

    @bill: wow! you are one angry man – however most males i know wouldn’t care enough to comment either way! so you have told us a lot about you. jennifer hasn’t had that many relationship in 6 years less then the norm. so your comment is that of a aj fan that can’t let go! after six years what would you say to another person doing what you are doing? stalker and a few more unkind names read you comment – really sad. it is just as easy to say nothing if you can’t be nice.

  263. 263
    yep Says:

    @Love Jennifer: i read that comment early. we don’t know chelsea what the people that work with her say is she is really nice and good to them. we see a talk show host that comes across crude however that isn’t the whole person. like a person in human resources that does the firing doesn’t mean that they are mean – doing a job.

  264. 264
    Fan Says:

    yep, you re doing a great job, keep it up, you may get a big bonus this xmas

  265. 265
    yep Says:

    @Fan: i am a REAL fan! no bonus for me! you can tell the ones getting paid the haters on this site or have issues after 6 years! i hope you had a great day.

  266. 266
    Jimmy Says:

    This is a typical false article that pits Jen against Jolie with Jen getting the worst of it. Jennifer was betrayed by her husband. When the jerk rushed into Jolie’s veiny arms, Aniston naturally experienced the stages of grief but went on with her life as gracefully as she could. The tabloid media (sensing a good plot) refused to let go. They got a lot of help from pro-Jolie people who wanted to justify Jolie’s actions and turn her into a saintly earth mother whose wrongs were strangely right. Lies were spread early that Jen didn’t want kids. Everybody discovered it was a lie but pro-Jolie people (to this day) continue to use it against Jen. Then someone came up with Maniston, even though she is thoroughly feminine and the swoop of her chin is charming, we are told over and over again that she looks like a man and we MUST hate her for that. Next they say she can’t act … even though I’ve seen enough of her movies to know she is one of the best. And because she does good works without grandiosity, we are also told she doesn’t give.

    The tabloids created a character comparison in a triangle they are milking it for all its worth. They perpetuate the poor lonely girl fairytale straight from the dark ages and Jolie handbook. In this twisted world, Jen is at fault for playing the victim persona that the media perpetuates. She is also responsible for losing a man she pines for today … even though this is media distortion and that man is big disappointment (a curse, actually) that is not worth a second of her time. To me, Jen is a mighty strong woman for having to put up with this craziness for all these years. I guess all she can do is smile and hope that one day the tabloids will let go of this cash cow and stop the character assassination and silly comparisons.

  267. 267

    She is a good example for all us

    I love Jennifer

  268. 268
    cougar lover Says:

    @T Pain: we take her anyday!!! compare to your sad little live!!!
    Who want unhappy and hate full “B”" when you can get Hot Jen!!!

  269. 269
    cougar lover Says:

    @truth is:
    at least she enhoy sex!!! not keep come out with kids for self promo only…a woman who love sex..its a woman of our dream…so thans for the compliment!!!

  270. 270
    cougar lover Says:

    @truth is:
    at least she enjoy sex!!! not keep come out with kids for self promo only…a woman who love sex..its a woman of our dream…so thans for the compliment!!!

  271. 271
    johnc Says:

    SHe is a damn fine woman..gets better with ages!!!

  272. 272
    cougar lover Says:

    woowwwwww hotnessssss

  273. 273
    brendan Says:

    most attractive 41 woman!

  274. 274
    jengirl Says:

    F L A W L E S S ! ! ! ! !

  275. 275
    say what? Says:

    “The most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.”

    42 year old women wallowing in pity pots either need to get help after all these years or change their ways. When you manipulate people, you never know when the people will turn on you…they turned on Jen long ago, she is too blind to see. too self-absorbed to know. Stop accepting 2% responsibility while paying 15% to trash others and promoting yourself constantly with lies. Manipulation…a really bad thing..Stephen and Jennifer.

  276. 276
    yep Says:

    @say what?: lol! there is where you wanted to keep her however jen has moved on! along with 90% of her fans. just kills you! i am looking forward to february to see jen, adam, brooke! oh yes!!! so the people looking are pathetic and trying to manipulate i am sad to say is you. you see hate will destroy you. life is short it really is time for you to move on unless you can’t give up the pay check!

  277. 277
    thanks paparazzi Says:

    beautiful woman!

  278. 278
    carolynlee Says:

    @thanks paparazzi: this is the behavior of a woman who has no class or self esteem or mush of anything else that a woman of her wealth and @thanks paparazzi: Are you blind , stupid , or both ? Do You even know which what you are ? Anyone with half of a brain recognizes that Jen is not beautiful ! yes she keeps her body in good shape and wears nice clothes and maintains her hair . but beautiful …..NOT .

  279. 279
    just saying Says:

    @carolynlee: you’re so jealousy…

  280. 280
    carolynlee Says:

    @just saying: The pictures I’ve seen of her without makeup is nothing but fugly . And if I am to be compared to Jen without makeup , let me just say that as a woman of colar, I really don’t have to wear makeup to make myself presentable . Jen literally has to remake herself via makeup . Her publicist rarely allows any undoctored pictures out . Again I maintain that she is NOT beautiful . I have nothing to be jealous of if we are talking about her looks . Her money I could definitely use .

  281. 281
    Reality Check Says:

    Jen is beautiful. Get real folks, those of you that call her ugly need to have your eyes examined. And who the f*ck cares who she is friends with? It is her life–not yours. If you don’t like her–move on.

  282. 282
    yep Says:

    @carolynlee: why? are you talking about her looks isn’t that so shallow? can a person help how they are born? personally think jennifer is beautiful inside and out! she has that california girl! beautiful! beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! silly reason to be mean because you don’t like her looks.

  283. 283
    yep Says:

    Love Jen!

  284. 284
    yep Says:

    Love Jen!

  285. 285
    yep Says:

    Love Jen!

  286. 286
    HCE Says:

    If Chelsea has no class. I am not surprised by her attack. Does she even have a man? I’ll bet they spent the entire time trashing Angie.
    How pathetic is that?

  287. 287
    aaron Says:

    I hope she put a bikini again soon!

  288. 288
    say what? Says:


    Well, apparently not. Or else Stephen Huvane could control his clients. Funny how the JPs can have articles written and never once mention JA or CH, but them? bwhahahaha! Such sorry sap sociopath pity-partying pigs. Grow up–KEVIN, STEPHEN, JENNIFER AND CHELSEA.

  289. 289
    bitter ladies Says:

    Aniston and Handler are two bitter ladies.
    These two bitter ladies are pathetic losers.

  290. 290
    ellie' Says:

    awww Is this something new to you that Chelsey can’t stand AJ.. Well not to me I’ve known that for along time.. I always watch her show I think she quite funny.. This had nothing to do with Jen.. Chelsey does and says as she pleases.. So what she called her out.. and was only the bravest one to do so in HOLLYWOOD!!!! I thought its was funny…If you were to take every comedian seriously then that’s your problem… tata

  291. 291
    grandma Says:

    It’s time for these girls to grow up. Get a real life of your own and stop the bashing of others.

  292. 292
    ...... Says:

    Chelesea Handler is pathetic and hardly a comedian as one should be funny to be called one. She is one in the long line of many who use Angelina for press. As for Aniston I never thought she was pathetic until recently when her true colors have shown that she is vindictive and a loser who hangs out with bullies like Handler so that her hands can be clean and end up smelling like roses but anyone with a brain can see that she is friends with Handler just so so can rip Angie apart. That is low and quiet desperate. The irony is in the beginning of Handlers show she used to make fun of Aniston calling her poor pathetic Jen which is what she is but only recently changed sides because she is desperate to have celebrity friends and do anything to get in the spotlight except for actually being good at telling jokes. Who attacks children only pathetic losers. Your are pure EVIL Mr. Handler not Jolie for ever uttering a word about anyones children its disgusting. Someone brought up a great point that she only attacks Shiloh and the Asian children not Zahara who is Black because she doesnt have the nerve to offend black people she is too scared. What loser is so obsessed by a little girl dressing like a tomboy, she even goes on to say that Shiloh will be a Lesbian as if thats the worst thing in the world. Its funny that no one ever addresses that fact that Handler is putting down homosexuals. Thats offensive everything she does is she is mean spirited but hopefully will be an example for other hateful people to see who disgusting they are a change their ways. Its funny that Handler attacks Jolie but never Brad aint that strange!! Probably because she cant fault the man for leaving Aniston but attacks Jolie because she is threatened by her!!!!

    Read more:

  293. 293
    ...... Says:


  294. 294
    predictable much Says:

    Anuston taking Handler with her on that vacation is her upfront fee for Handler to trash Angie in her show.

  295. 295
    HCE Says:

    @The Truth: OMG! This is the absolute “truth”.

  296. 296
    lez Says:

    Jennifer, come out of the closet already and admit it, you are a lesbian.

  297. 297
    Fan Says:

    hello there, will soon see JA in a rather white something?

  298. 298
    phoebe Says:


  299. 299
    demer Says:

    TO: Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston


    Read more:

  300. 300
    too bad Says:

    Aniston’s fans were happy to see her vacationing again and with a new friend, Chelsea handler. But what did they have to talk about? Aniston was still bashing on Angie! hahaha… It’s so pathetic. I would not want her life. With all her millions, she is never truly happy because she can’t let go of her divorce. She still keep blaming Angie. After over five years, Angie and Brad are still so together and it’s killing Jennifer. Brad is where he wants to be. Brad had matured and wanted a big family and more responsibility. Jennifer obviously, is incapable of growing up!

  301. 301
    Haters are silly Says:

    Shut up already JP fans!!
    Jen looks fabulous!!
    Get with that evil people!!

  302. 302
    say what? Says:

    Lower the BOOM on sociopath Aniston, Handjob and every damn one of the Huvane Bros. , sick SOBs. Remember the stalking, copy catting, the changing of dates to match her premieres, earrings, dresses, her Goddess Circle friends’ tricks, attacks on the children, etc. and LOWER THE BOOM. Jen Aniston is a female sociopath that went to therapy for over 20+ years to manipulate others and to try to understand how to “feel”. She is incapable….sociopath, passive aggressive vindictive Aniston…call her out….she is EVIL.

  303. 303
    Fan Says:

    How is new found friend, Chelsea going, why on earth would you do such thing JA, must be very DESPERATE at the time???

    If you want people to stop “labelling” you, then you need to act like a real lady and not “please feel sorry me” then people will respect you again

  304. 304
    yep Says:

    jen you are so beautiful inside and out! can’t wait to see you in february along with adam and brooke!

  305. 305
    ellie' Says:

    Geez you Jolie fans are more upset over Jen & Pitts divorce then the Jen fans.. Who gives a crap.. Jens happy has moved on so stop with your childish baby crap.. You all love Drama and create yourselves..
    Who cares what Chelsea said and why does it bother you so much.. Its no news to me she can’t stand Jolie.. So stop the drama already..
    Jen is just having fun and being happy…Jen is long over Brad but wish you would all move on…and be over this too!! Nite!!!!

  306. 306

    Hi: Jennifer “vindictive pathetic b_tch” Aniston,

    How does it feel now that “Whoopi slammed your Handler on the view, while Sherri made you look pathetic implying that you got drunk in mexico and started pouring out “your hurt soul” to your Handler and that’s why she went on a rant. Secondly, you’ve come out scathed in this whole controversy – everyone and their mother is associating you with it one way or the other. Thirdly how do you like it when you get referred to as “Jealous old spinster” and “bitter sisters Chelsea and Jen”. That’s from Bonnie Fuller by the way one of your other buddies. Most people see you that way anyway, not just Bonnie. If you go through comments on all Blogs you will see for yourself. See, you’ve come out more rotten than ever before and you wonder why everyone keeps saying POOR JEN, POOR JEN, it’s because you are still a BITTER, SCORNED, JEALOUS, UGLY DUCKLING, inside and out, who is incapable of moving on!!!! Poor Jen, is all l can say. And you wonder why people make fun of you. How about SOME CLASS like SANDRA BULLOCK or ERIN, you miserable twat!!!!! And btw BRAD & ANGIE’S LOVE MUST REALLY BE GIVING U SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. I MEAN, YOU NEVER HAD WHAT HE HAS WITH ANGIE. They are Soulmates who are deeply in love and are here to stay, despite your drunken insults at them. Brad really UPGRADED from a nobody like you to the most Sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, compassionate Angie. EAT YOUR HEART OUT JEN. You will never have what Brad has with Angie – real genuine love, you loser.

  307. 307
    Fan Says:

    then there is no reason for ellie and yep to defense JA, right?/

  308. 308
    aseret64 Says:


  309. 309
    say what? Says:

    Pitt-bull Handjob is too stupid and much a wannabe to realize she got manipulated and duped by a passive-aggressive sociopath in Cabo, little Jenny “the grass is talking to me” Aniston. Stephen Huvane encourages this all because he is slowly draining the crazy Aniston dry of her ‘Friends’ millions. Now everyone knows it. Sweetheart Aniston is a sociopath..that is why everyone runs away, that is why she spouts self-help book crap in interviews because she is incapable of feeling true feelings so she mimics. How’s that feel CC and DA? She’s been watching you all for years and probably helped break up your marriage. Also, every damn one of her Goddess Circle knows she stalked the JPs, cause they helped…right Leigh?

  310. 310
    What a shame! Says:

    Jolie-Pitt fans are really nasty anf gross!

  311. 311
    jordan high heels Says:

    Thank you for such a good information, I really like your blog, I hope you can continue to keep well.

  312. 312
    tarf Says:

    Geez, next time Jennifer spends a vacation with friends, I will not be excited because she’s not really having a good time. She talks about Angelina. She gets drunk and talks about how much she hates Angelina.

  313. 313
    yep Says:

    jen! how was the party? 150 people! that sounds like a blast! keep enjoying your life! i will see you in february!

  314. 314
    nope Says:

    What party? What 150 people, or 200 or 50? But she has only ONE (1) person in her mind. She can’t get over Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt!

  315. 315
    Fan Says:

  316. 316
    truth is Says:

    @yep: What party are you talking about? Was there a party when she went to Cabo, Mexico and stayed in at the beach house own by GIRLS GONE WILD owner? Maybe those 150 people that you mention are her recruits for GIRLS GONE WILD. Hopefully, there is no minor girls in it. Jennifer supported Joe Francis activities for GIRLS GONE WILD since then by giving GIRLS GONE WILD videos to her ex-husband. Who knows she’s a part owner of THE GIRLS GONE WILD. Are you Jen?

  317. 317
    Fan Says:

    what, JA shows some class pls. yep, any idea why and how?

  318. 318
    Haters=confusedadmirers Says:

    @truth is:

    Hmm, you think Joe Francis and Jen Aniston hooked Chelsea Handler up with those ‘Pretty Wild’ party girls that Chelsea produced on E! –soft po.rn, girls undressing with their bits blurred out every 2 seconds, one girl breaking/entering/stealing from other stars. Did Jen give the girls Orlando Bloom’s address? birds of a feather flock together at Joe’s place in Cabo, Girls Gone Wild. Chelsea, you really need to visit Alexis in rehab–after all, you did produce their show.

    But thank you Jen for being so selfish to Brad, and a real dead-end for him. (Brad is rarely away from partner Jolie like he was Aniston for MONTHS.) He’s happy with 6 beautiful children, his humanitarian work and that wonderful, beautiful equal partner that IS the love of his life, Angelina Jolie. Brad never looked at Jen like that ever or Goop-ass either. Jolie and Pitt–getting it done and loving every minute.

  319. 319
    M Says:

    That woman is stuning! From hair, to her abs, to her legs, there is nothing wrong with her!

  320. 320
    justabitch Says:

    This stupid site has got to financed by Trampolina herself.

  321. 321
    carol Says:

    Notice how she doesn’t ever smoke when she’s being photographed? Manipulative hag this one. She smokes like a chimney Jennifer Aniston, but you would never know. Bet she smokes inside. Never known a celeb who is always in state of undress as this one. Unbelievable. Guess, she wants to sell something nobody wants. Poor thing!

  322. 322
    carol Says:

    One word … VACUOUSITY.

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