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Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!

Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!

Bikini-clad BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler celebrate Thanksgiving together while vacationing on Thursday (November 25) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

WATCH: Chelsea interviewing Taylor Swift

“It’s Thanksgiving,” Chelsea tweeted earlier today. “And I am thankful for my dog, my boobies, and my life. Happy thanksgiving to you and your boobies.”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler‘s Thanksgiving in Mexico…

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174 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!”

  1. 1
    Becks Says:


  2. 2
    latam Says:

    2 old hags together, alone on thanksiving. probably bitching about angelina im sure. Handler loves to stick digs in about her. Thought jen was better than this.

  3. 3
    Gab Says:

    Huwaaat is Jennifer Aniston doing with Chelsea Handler? What’s worse is that from afar you can hardly tell them apart.

  4. 4
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:


  5. 5
    Kirsten Says:

    Two bitter hens vacationing with each other. Neither of them have a man or family to celebrate with. Pretty pahetic when most people are with their loved ones on Thanksgiving.

  6. 6
    d Says:

    What losers!

  7. 7
    Lara Says:

    why does Jen always have that same bikini?

  8. 8
    anne Says:

    hey jenny, cover up your “huge” nipples already!! you’re an old hag, stop acting like a 16 years old girl.

  9. 9
    Sian Says:

    So because they chose to spend Thanksgiving with a friend that makes them losers? I think maybe’s it’s because some of you are jealous of their kind of lifestyle. You know what? They’re rich and famous and you just have to deal with it.

  10. 10
    longchamp Says:

    wait! she’s thankful for her bo0bies? is she SURE about that? maybe she should take another look at how they hang…

  11. 11
    cindy Says:

    jennifer aniston is thankful for liposuctions and tummy tucks (bad one at that, it’s lumpy in some areas) and nose jobs and face lifts and botox and bitter, shallow women who happily pay hard-earned money for her stupid movies to support her lavish lifestyle.
    just look at her, forever throwing herself at men. he is literally texting another woman behind her back. i mean, like, literally. LOL stupid woman.

  12. 12
    Jessica Says:

    These pictures show how sad these hags are.Thanksgiving in Mexico ?
    I think Courtney Cox wanted to spend the day with her real family,no Jen hag invited !

  13. 13
    XIII Says:

    Fake nippies and Chelsea are Jens best friends!

  14. 14
    fardous Says:

    u all losers if dont like jen it okay

    but what u doing here ?


    get ur ass somewhere else

  15. 15
    LARA Says:



  16. 16
    FRISCO Says:

    That bikini top doesn’t do Chelsea’s boobies any favors.

  17. 17
    tara Says:

    Wow, what a bunch of jealous losers on this site. Have fun sitting in your momma’s trailer with your walmart turkey and beer stained t-shirt on while two ridiculously successful women vacation at a 5 star resort in Mexico! Really now, who exactly are the losers here?????????

  18. 18
    STEVE Says:


    Honey, grow the hell up because you’re just PATHETIC.

  19. 19
    Daphne Says:

    i agree with tara! jen and chelsea ~ enjoy!

  20. 20
    AVG Says:

    What’s up with all these comments about them being losers?? Jennifer Aniston is an insanely successful actress, though she may star in somewhat stupid rom coms, she has had a great career and has made a ton of money and Chelsea Handler is a hugely successful comedian…she is actually the ONLY woman with a late night talk show…they have done great things for women…they look like they’re having a great time, enjoy ladies!

  21. 21

    Oprah, Ellen, Billy, and now Chelsea, Jen has many friends.,
    Jen is surrounded by many friends,

  22. 22
    Anon Says:

    Are you kidding me! Jennifer is so beautiful…you think that 40 is old? Get a life! Sorry to inform you, however, if you aren’t already, you’ll be 40 before you know it, and you won’t look half as amazing as she does. Go fix yourselves – you sad losers.

  23. 23
    annie Says:

    So jennifer’s friends have deserted her on thanksgiving? she is forced to vacay with the evil chelsea handler!!

    yeah where are her friends? courtney, sheryl, etc.??

  24. 24
    annie Says:

    cindy @ 11/26/2010 at 1:15 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    jennifer aniston is thankful for liposuctions and tummy tucks (bad one at that, it’s lumpy in some areas) and nose jobs and face lifts and botox and bitter, shallow women who happily pay hard-earned money for her stupid movies to support her lavish lifestyle.
    just look at her, forever throwing herself at men. he is literally texting another woman behind her back. i mean, like, literally. LOL stupid woman.


    that guy is the brother of her manager Eileen, his name is Alex, he is gay. lol, thats why he doesnt even look at aniston’s body.

    you see how aniston is still without a BF, all the stuff we saw of her dating men are all set up. I guess after just one date all those men just dont call her again.

  25. 25
    T pain Says:

    Cant Jen find better friends than Handler?

  26. 26

    Well, you knew these two lumps wouldn’t be at any homeless shelter serving food.
    Aniston sure doesn’t feel any need to be with ANY family for Thanksgiving. She has that huge house and 2 chefs and she can’t have a nice Thanksgiving meal at her house for her relatives – mother, father, brother. I’m sure there are others in Hollywood but Aniston is like a role model for selfish living.

  27. 27
    LAURA Says:


  28. 28
    Remy Says:

    I don’t want to sound rude but I simply do not like this JA woman. There is something repulsive about her.

  29. 29
    Lydia Says:

    It’s 2010 people! Not having a man or a family does not a loser make! Jealous much???

    Wish JA would cover up those nipples though.

  30. 30
    OhMahGawh Says:

    I need Aniston, Berry, Hayek and all the other fit ******* over 40 to come out with a health book revealing their diet and work out routine. As for covering up Jen’s nipples, she’s in a bikini. One can look at nipples and not see them in a sexual manner. I remember when nipples on mannequins were introduced several years ago. There was an unnecessary uproar over them.

  31. 31
    Amazed Says:

    @Anon: #22 I agree with you 99% I hope to look that good in ten years time.
    She may not be gorgeous or beautiful but she still looks good!!
    AND Tara you said it.

  32. 32
    T pain Says:

    I sure she is thankful for her “boobie” as she states, but i cannot be sure if she is thankful for that face….

  33. 33
    heart Says:

    Im sure all the basher here hates the fact that Jennifer Aniston is still veryy ohhh sooo famous!!! and cant deal with it lol!!! get a life and stop stalking Jennifer Aniston!!! u hating her here doesnt help u from bringing her down!!

  34. 34
    sav Says:

    Photo number 7:
    Chelsea with Vogue (Angie on the cover) in her hand.

    Her friend is comforting her: “Chelsea, my dear, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will never be as pretty as Angie.”

    Chelsea: ” I know and I hate her. That is why I am hanging out with that stupid Jeniffer. Next to her I feel like I’m beauty. Besides, she is financing this Cabos vacation. My job is just to play her friend and to drink Margarita.”

  35. 35
    #Lydia Says:

    No but going out with the likes of Mayer a second time around, raving publicly about him being the greatest man you ever went with all this after he dumped you publicly the first time around makes you the ultimate loser.
    And if you think that among all the celebrities Jen, the serial dumpee who raves about her loser boyfriend for the way he thinks thoughts (when his public thoughts are notoriousely gross) is the one anyone should be jealous about, you are stupid to the core.
    As for the other loser who accompany her, she is gross through and through and “loser” is too kind of an adjective for that kind of individuals who has no problems mocking and insulting little children.

  36. 36
    Tom Says:

    Chelsea Handler is a skan/k smelly old funky lying no talent old hag who slept her way to her own show.
    Not to mention she is ugly as all sin and my goodness is she fat with no butt??
    Gross Chelsea go away!!!

  37. 37
    Finally Says:

    Now i know why Chelsea Handler is always insulting Angelina Jolie and her family.Lame tactic dont need to insult one to make the other look good.Thats not what friendship is about.To me hanging with Chelsea isnot good for Jen,too low imo.

  38. 38
    omg Says:

    After I saw these pictures I am quite sure that Maniston has finally hit the bottom. And to hang out with Chelsea on Thanksgiving, well, that is desperate, miserable and pathetic.

  39. 39
    anon Says:

    #24 : thanks Annie. I feel she has something going on that is hidden and will soon present itself in a big way.

  40. 40
    Pfffffffffffffff Says:

  41. 41
    heee Says:

    Good thing we never see Angelina in a bikini…..someone may try to bury the walking skeleton

  42. 42
    LastWord Says:

    Jenn Aniston must be a be-ach in real life. Why a guy hasn’t put a ring on it is beyond me. She has the body of a fit 23 year old.

  43. 43
    someone Says:


  44. 44
    Angelina Says:

    My misfit brood and I had McDonald’s for Thanksgiving, and I almost wolfed down a whole small fry…num num

  45. 45
    Pfffffffffffffff Says:

    Birds of a feather flock together! If Chelsea does not like and always wants it to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it is because Jennifer Aniston always wants it to them!
    @heee (post 41) Yes, we see only Angelina Jolie very rarely in bikini because she makes it deprived there: She does not need a higher bid as aniston jennifer always needs to show her body : Angelina does not need it any more, she prefers to make of the good cinema!

  46. 46
    rossy40 Says:

    Can anyone tell me (without childish insults & name-calling) 2 things: Was Courtney even there or was she elsewhere? And Does Jen ONLY vacation in Mexico?

  47. 47
    Angelina Says:

    If only I didn’t look like an Auschwitz survivor in my black bikini,,hooo

  48. 48
    noquickthumbdownshere Says:

    Angie is so emaciated that she wont even expose her arms,

  49. 49
    LOL Says:

    If you have a guy for Brad Pitt in your bed, I think that you would not any more need to put yourself in bikini so that the whole world looks at you!! But jennifer Aniston still needs to make it because she still looks for the big love ! It is better if she does not want to age only, if she made the bids rise lol

  50. 50
    Poor Jen Says:

    Even in G-string, Jennifer did not know how to keep Brad Pitt! Lol, how do you want that she made?? It is better to have a beautiful soul as Angelina Jolie rather than a beautiful body to keep a guy! Jennifer, please, try to understand that a body is not otherwise enough you will again be released!

  51. 51
    Maniston speaking Says:

    Jolie can beat my short legged undernourished with chiken salad body any time anywhere…remembered : Lara Croft ?
    Plus we all know that i need three hours a day of yoga and sport and to eat chiken salad to maintain a decent body while Jolie can have any number of pregnancies without combatting the fat just like i do.
    I so envy her cause i am a natural short legged fatty who needs my daily fix of nicotine and majijuana to really control my weight.

    However, i can’t hide that humongous face of mine…so sad.

  52. 52
    A face to hide ! Says:

    Whatever the size of your body, having that nasty face and that suspicious package between your legs is a remedy in itself against love…Not to mention the thought of being Mayer’s sloppy ends
    i mean, every morning in the bed, the first thing you see is …that face and you have to smell nicotine related bad breath as a welcome….then you think about all the nasty human dejections her ex has left on her….ewwww….. Quite a turnoff

  53. 53
    ace11 Says:

    who the hell are all of you to judge these 2?

    if they want to go on vacation for the holiday..thats cool

    all people are different

    if they are both happy than who cares what any of you think?

  54. 54
    LAURA Says:


  55. 55
    #ace11 Says:

    No, who the hell are YOU to judge US and act like the self appointed police in here ?
    Who gave you that position and the selfrighteousness to think that we care what you care and that we care what those two losers care?
    You are as loser as those two, just as egomaniac as those two, thinking that your sh*t doesn’t stink. Get over yourself idiot !

  56. 56
    Mjforlife Says:

    I fail to see how vacationing for a national holiday makes them “losers”.

  57. 57
    honest Says:


  58. 58
    Rucker Says:

    Jen is hot! Now I am going to Mexico!

  59. 59
    sorella Says:

    Good body but she needs to get a bigger bikini top, looks a bit silly for a woman of her age, it barely is covering her boobs. She has a weird stomach, kind of scare actually and her tummy looks odd, all wrinkly, lipo maybe? For someone who is thin, her tummy looks odd, like she has no waste.

    But must say her face is looking rough now, she is showing her age. She can look very housewife of Orange County-ish (too much tanning). But her face has never been her best asset, it’s very average and depending on the pic, her face can look downright ugly at times.

    I remember reading that Chelsea and Jennifer have the same agent, so maybe why the friendship now (Gwynneth Paltrow too apparently, so .maybe why she recently appeared on Chelsea’s show). So this holiday could be PR for both at the same time.

  60. 60
    Chad Says:

    The only LOSERS are the people making negative comments. There is nothing wrong with spending a holiday alone or with friends. Some people have parents who’ve long died, and no families to go home to. Would you call those people losers?

    Jennifer and Chelsea chose to spend their holiday together. I say good for them. And furthermore…for all those bragging about having a man…well…not everyone needs a man to be happy.

  61. 61
    yep Says:

    as my dad use to tell me when i would say something unkind about another person – she should can whistle! jen is gorgeous! happy holidays! going to go shopping with the lovely crowds!

  62. 62
    yep Says:

    @LAURA: wow, i am not any of those names you called jen fans. i hope you have a nice holiday! isn’t it wonderful how jen r has kept herself up without starving herself. hopefully that will help young girls realize that you can eat and have a healthy body. moving forward…

  63. 63
    yep Says:

    @T pain: the real t pain with his life experiences doesn’t down others. do his name justice.

  64. 64
    kasia Says:

    she looks odd

  65. 65
    trish Says:

    wow i didn’t know they were friends! chelsea used to talk so much crap about jen and ang during that whole triangle bs. i guess it’s true when they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer…lol

  66. 66
    yep Says:

    @#Lydia: if we are honest lots of people have given a relationship a second chance. sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! however then you can walk away without regrets knowing it would have never worked. i wish the best for jen!

  67. 67
    tawi-tawi Says:

    Why exactly everyone hates her???????? I mean, what’s the deal?
    She looks amazing! She isn’t a beauty, but hello people! who of you is? Unless you are 15-16 year old clear faced empty headed chearleader…well, then, enjoy bulling, I guess. The thing is though, noone stays 16 forever :) Life’s a b#tch, you’ll learn it soon enough!

  68. 68
    sad Says:

    Predictable of Jenny. I feel sorry for her.

  69. 69
    dd Says:

    @Maniston speaking: OMG! Thought it was a monkey. LOL

  70. 70
    dd Says:

    @Maniston speaking: OMG! Thought it was a monkey. LOL

  71. 71
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Two Old Hags!

  72. 72
    sammie Says:

    why the hate for this woman ??? no one knows her here or what happened to her . hope she had a good time . yes im a fan but i also like the x and some of aj movies , so what names will i be called .

  73. 73
    SALLY! Says:

    Jen is shaped like Square Pants – where is this so called “great figure?”
    Where is her waistline?

    She still looks like a man.
    So this is what she looks like after starving herself on chicken salad for years.
    Angie has had three biological babies for Brad and has a far better figure than this clown Aniston

  74. 74
    SALLY! Says:

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we present the turkeys of the year (aka the worst movie of 2010).

    The Bounty Hunter

    With Jennifer Aniston’s steady flow of rom-com failures, it’s almost as if millions of Friends fans have declared, “You’re not getting a dime from us until you do the Friends movie!” And following the God-awful
    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we present the turkeys of the year (aka the worst movie of 2010).

    The Bounty Hunter

    With Jennifer Aniston’s steady flow of rom-com failures, it’s almost as if millions of Friends fans have declared, “You’re not getting a dime from us until you do the Friends movie!” And following the God-awful Bounty Hunter, she simply has to be closer than ever to taking part in, if not flat-out begging for, a big-screen version of the beloved sitcom. Hasn’t she?! Bounty Hunter wasn’t just her fault, however; frankly, no one should be proud of this ill-conceived (it’s like a reimagining of the unimaginably bad Bird on a Wire), terribly cast (Dear Hollywood: Gerard Butler is not the next Hugh Grant) mess (director Andy Tennant wants his mainstream, PG-13 romantic comedy to be gritty — At least that’s funny). Killers and Sex and the City 2 have Bounty Hunter — and our decision to limit this list to five movies — to thank for not making the cut.

    We already picked on her for starring in The Bounty Hunter, but we cannot, in good conscience, neglect to mention The Switch. If we pretend it never happened, bad-movie terrorism wins.

  75. 75
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    I wish I could me Nicole Kidman just so I can thank her for not doing MMS. If she had Brad would not be with his soulmate. Brad would be stuck in Cabo with Chelsea. No I take that back. Rachel would not know who Chelsea was if she was still with Brad Pitt. Because Brad would not be slumming with d-listers.

  76. 76
    Wondering Says:

    Why is Jen hanging around Chelsea.. Jen is losing points with me on this. Chelsea is nothing more than a bully.

  77. 77
    pitussa Says:

    jen…c.u.n.t number 1
    chelsea = c.u.n.t number 2

    two pathetic, dumb c.u.n.t.s

  78. 78
    ML Says:


    Great comment! Completly agree

  79. 79
    j Says:

    What makes me dislike Chelsea is first off she is not even funny yet she makes fun of people who she chooses to put on her show to make jokes but she says they are not funny. The other is that she only started insulting Angie when she began to be friends with Jennifer which was when I really began to she Aniston’s true colors, I never thought she was pathetic or a loser until I realized that she supports people like Chelsea because they continue to bash Angie but I lost all respect for Aniston when she was on Chelsea’s show when she conveniently bashed Shiloh a little girl for dressing like a tomboy. As far as I am concerned they are both disgusting. Angie has shown her class by never bashing anyone. Truth and time reveal all and Aniston’s behavior shows just why Brad left her she has no integrity. She supports the bashing of brads children which is the lowest of low behavior that one could demonstrate to attack a child. She thinks that because Chelsea does her dirty work her hands are clean but most intelligent people know that she is the puppet master.

  80. 80
    jk Says:

    not trying to be rude, but why would you go to Mexico to celebrate an American holiday?

  81. 81
    JENNYWHO? Says:


    Because Aniston hates America.

  82. 82
    lennie Says:

    Excuse me, but whatelse can this old hag do appart from tanning in Mexico and bending her a*** for the pappz, and sleeping with a different man every week??? Is this what her fans call “having fun?” In my world it’s called a wh***

  83. 83
    Same Things Says:

    Still Mexico?? But Jennifer tries to travel a little more! You too much seem to congeal: always the same holidays, with the same persons!

  84. 84
    katie Says:

    No Turkey for Angie? Maybe she needs to move out of the Good Old USA:):):)

  85. 85
    My god, Why ??? Says:

    No, Jen, you cannot be friendly with Chelsea, sh** !!! It is horrible, this woman is bad and I do not want to believe that you too !!! I am not a member of those who wage war Pitt + Aniston + Jolie! It is the first time when I post a comment but there, I am shocked : if they are friendly, jennifer really fell in my respect!

  86. 86
    citi Says:

    @ katie # 84

    Why didnt Aniston spend thanksgiving in the USA, may be she should move to Mexido

  87. 87
    kiz Says:

    @A face to hide !: what do you mean suspicious package? i’m sorry I don’t get it :(

  88. 88
    Ex Team Aniston Says:

    Jennifer disgusts me to display with this woman ! That is what Chelsea says on people (she is a racist) : “I hate Angelina Jolie. You can rescue kids from every country in the world, but I know you’re a b***h. You’re a b***h and a husband stealer,” Chelsea said. She later referred to Matthew McConaughey as “Matthew McCona-gay,” and professed that she would never pay to see anything with J-Lo in it (but she will watch it for free). Celebrities weren’t Chelsea’s only targets, though — she also derided Asian people, Southern women, black people, Russian men and cats.
    I am so above by Jennifer because birds of a feather flock together! Ever, I would not go to see one of its movies! EVER, I feel betrayed nevertheless I liked Aniston!

  89. 89
    !!!! Says:

    Brad can never return with maintaining Jennifer Aniston, it is more than sure ! Because Aniston is friendly with a woman who offended his children! I hope that Brad knows it and that he will never want to see her because there Aniston is really a bitchy girl!

  90. 90
    katie Says:

    I feel sorry for Brads Mom and Dad! I had my two Sons and there familys over all day on Thanksgiving…It must be heart breaking to know how Brad was 5 years ago and to see what she has made him become:(:(:(I hope he opens his eyes before his Dad or Mom are GONE:(:(:(

  91. 91
    mia Says:

    Respect for Jen for her gracefulness
    Love forr Chelsseas for being herself!

  92. 92
    JENNYWHO? Says:



  93. 93
    Okay ! Says:

    If Jennifer did not want it any more to Brad and Angie, she would have asked to her friend to stop her mockeries (in more she also laughs at her children) ! But not, that arranges her that she continues to laugh at them ! Chelsea is a miserable woman who laughs so far at nobody and you want to persuade us that Jennifer who has friends as her, is a kind person ? No, do not take us for idiots, please: we are all the same intelligent !

  94. 94
    Feel Sorry Says:

    They indeed have to criticize the children Jolie Pitt in Mexico City, these both there!

  95. 95
    boston61 Says:

    Jennifer has the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever scene. I think they are real?

  96. 96
    KAREN Says:


  97. 97
    Feel Sorry Says:

    I do not understand how jennifer makes to have still fans after these photos ! You who said to us that she had forgotten and forgiven everything, that she felt better without Brad Pitt in any case but these images show good that she forgot nothing! She becomes allied with a woman who offends a whole family, certain stars and whole peoples even if it is to laugh, I that does not make me laugh as far as my husband is Russian and as far as she offended the Russians! She necessarily has to make this genre of jokes with Aniston as they are friendly !

  98. 98
    BEN Says:


  99. 99
    JENNYWHO? Says:

    jenny has the most suspicious package i’ve ever seen on a so-called female:


  100. 100
    Disgusted Says:

    @ mia (post 91) Yes Chelsea remains she even indeed and if it remains she even it means that she makes it with Aniston consequently she makes her bad jokes on the blacks (even if she wants to persuade us that she is not a racist by pretending to try to pick up 50 cent), the Russians, the stars who she does not love and Aniston laughs as her appreciate them! Here is the nice star that you love!! The one who is been supposed to be for your friend and laughs at you from behind ! Very good friend, Rachel !

  101. 101
    anna Says:

    wow..I hope I still have a body like jen’s when I’m 41..well, I’m 18 and I don’t even have that body now! It’s impressive!

  102. 102
    saira Says:


    Katie, what are you babbling about? Uou can’t seriously believe that crap about Angelina not celebrating Thanksgiving. And for your information, the Jolie-Pitts spent Thanksgiving with Brad’s parents’ 2 years ago.

  103. 103
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    I can’t stop laughing this 45yoa botoxed hag-Jen not Chelsea,she’s 53-
    is sooooo predictable!! my goodness what a boring witch!!
    2 ugly women pretending to have fun

  104. 104
    sera Says:

    Thw wo ho’s deserve each other. I don’t get all the hype about JA body. She looks a little heavy to me and as for CH. She is just gross nside and out.

  105. 105
    T pain Says:

    Chealsea is entertaining to people because she makes a fool out of herself everynight on her show and it makes her look stupid and ignorant..she thinks people are laughing when her when in fact America is laughing AT her, She is this generation’s Joan Rivers. THey also share a striking resemblace to on another, which of course is not a fattering thing..

  106. 106
    Daphne Says:

    So…if we happen to like Jen and Chelsea it is viewed as ” negative comment” ???
    And I thought that was reserved for anything derogatory about the Jolie-Pitts! You are weird, Jared

  107. 107
    Michelle Says:

    Wow that’s pretty pathetic.. That’s all I’ll say.

  108. 108
    Miller Says:


    Well, all you have to do is never give birth, eat the same salad everyday for the rest of your life, exercise 4 to 6 hrs everyday, take male hormones, snort coke to decrease your apetite and spend a butt load of money on plastic surgery and viola, you too will have a stubby legged, squared torso physique.

  109. 109
    Janet Says:

    All right Chelsea, you are ” team aniston ” but why offend you the children Jolie Pitt? That have you they made? Really, I have to be the last one to know that Jennifer and Chelsea are friendly ! I am very disappointed because I realize that Chelsea did not make that without back thought! She certainly has to discuss it with Jennifer! And all people whom this woman often offends in her show? What is what Jennifer Aniston and she offend them together seen that they are friendly? I think so and that is why ever I shall not look at a movie of Aniston even if I liked her !

  110. 110
    laurie09080 Says:

    Jen is doing great personally and professional. Angie and brad are losers and fake. Brad career is in the tiolet and looking old. ANd angie is crazy

  111. 111
    Rio Says:

    Jennifer is pure HOTNESS!!!

    More Jen!!

  112. 112
    @laurie09080 Says:

    Avoid saying this kind of thing ! For the next years, the name of Brad Pitt is associated with 16 film projects
    ! And Angelina Jolie has numerous current projects: her movie which she realized, Serena, Maleficient, Unforgiven, Cléopatra, Kay Scarpetta, her mysterious project in France and she could even been Liz taylor! Then stop telling stupidities, at the moment Jolies Pitt rock !

  113. 113
    Jones Says:

    Courting Handler’s friendship proves Aniston is callous, petty and unforgiving. If Aniston clearly has “moved on” as she has claimed on numerous occasions, she’d distance herself from Handler. Aniston had better watch out. Her association with Handler will turn her into even bigger tabloid fodder than she already is.

  114. 114
    Marieme Says:

    At first I was like, “Huh??” Then it hit me who else wants to spend time with these two? Lol. Can you imagine being forced to have a conversation with either one? Bitchy on one side and airhead on the other. Ugh.

    Hope they are very happy together!

  115. 115
    lisboa Says:

    OMFG, the 2 fugly hags & their flatulence!

  116. 116
    Anny Says:

    @Marieme : The conservation would be on the botox, Jennifer’s courtship, the gossips in Hollywood, and the Jolie Pitt! They would say a lot of nasty things on their claimed better friends in Hollywood as it is so well to make Chelsea!

  117. 117
    Surprised Says:

    I do not dare to imagine of what would think the mother of Brad if she saw that Jennifer is friendly with a woman who offends her great children!! It is sure that the circle of acquaintances of Brad and Angelina is going to say it to them! And there, I think that if Jennifer does not pay attention, all the friends of the Brangelina are not any more going to feel sorry for her and as Brangelina have more weight in Hollywood than Jennifer, her risks to be made more enemies!

  118. 118
    yep Says:

    @Jones: wow! david letterman has made worse jokes than this woman. these ladies have the same pr person and both are single. so no one can be friends with david letterman, conan, leno and etc… jen doesn’t tell chelsea what jokes to do and neither does chelsea tell aniston what movies to make. just because your life might center around a star doesn’t mean others do! i am sure they are talking about men, clothes, food and etc… lol!

  119. 119
    Opinion Only Says:

    So are they lovers??????????

    And the person that said Brad’s career is in the toilet must be a child. Brad owns a very successful production company that has produced multi-million dollar box office receipts and academy awards. So unless it’s a project dear to his heart or just one for fun for the kiddos, Brad never has to act in another movie for the rest of his life. Same goes for Angelina.

  120. 120
    need answer Says:

    @yep : How explain you that she speaks badly about children Jolie Pitts who have nothing to do with this story ? How explain you that she speaks badly about Angelina Jolie ? during Tuesday night’s taping of her show Chelsea Lately, the host took aim at Angelina Jolie…just mere moments before guest Jennifer Aniston came out. I find them disgusting because as friend if it is my private life and if I do not agree with you, I shall ask you not to speak about it (Angelina Jolie), would be what only when I come to your show! And if you are my REAL friend, you will not make it. As a matter of fact, Jennifer aniston thinks exactly as Chelsea otherwise they would not be friendly.

  121. 121
    Get Real Says:

    Why didn’t they spend Thanksgiving with their families, don’t they have any? This clearly shows what kind of people they really are. Even their own families do not like them. Why should we?

  122. 122
    Isa Says:

    @yep : Say I what you want but when we are friends, we can say everything to itself and when I see these photos, I notice that they are good friends thus Jennifer knows very well that make her friend but does not tell to her to stop. if she had really forgotten (how she said it in the interviews), she would have told her to stop and her real friend Chelsea would have stopped ! By letting offend Jolie Pitt, Jennifer approves the approach(or initiative) of her friend. In more if they go to holidays together, I suppose that they are of very great friends: consequently, me who liked Aniston knows that now, I wonder if she is as well respectful as she says it

  123. 123
    Jones Says:

    @yep – Aniston’s association with Handler clearly shows she’s in full compliance with the vulgar tone Handler consistently takes towards Brad and Angie’s family. It’s tacky and classless and it makes Aniston look callous, petty and unforgiving (as I mentioned in my first post). It also proves she hasn’t moved on as she claims. This is the reason she better be careful cavorting with little Miss Gossip Queen. It might come back to bite her in the a$$. As far as your comparison to Letterman. Please. Not even worth commenting on. Letterman has been a late-night talk show host on both NBC & CBS nearly 30 years. Handler has a crap show on E! ‘Nuff said.

  124. 124
    truthteller Says:

    Jolie and Brad are hideous human beings who allow Jen to be bullied at sites like this one. Haters on here are creeps and JustJared is being paid by Jolie.

  125. 125
    Truth Says:

    @truthteller : Jennifer so trusts her that she makes the error display with a so resentful person as Chelsea and you accuse Jolie Pitt of financing JustJared??? But it was rather necessary to tell to Jennifer not to lie to us that she is well and forgot everything and forgave to have later the stupidity to go to display with Chelsea, the one who offends the kids of the others, the stars, the blacks and the Russians! That she does not sell us an image of the perfect girl who loves everybody because her fans even if they always love her take a blow with images similar.

  126. 126
    To Truthteller Says:

    Go crap yourself! Jennifer A. is the only fool who cares about what is being said about her personally on the internet and cries to the public about in interviews because it hurt her whittle feelings to be told the truth.

    Remember Kim Stewart??

    Maybe she needs to care more about her acting skills (that she is constantly criticized about) than concerning herself about being called homely/ugly.

  127. 127
    Jones Says:

    @Truthteller – Brad helps the poorest of the poor relocate back to their Katrina-ravaged neighborhood with his thoughtfully-built Make it Right Foundation homes, Angie makes countless humanitarian trips as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, both have three adopted children and both give generously to countless charities and disaster-ravaged countries like Haiti and Pakistan, and you call them hideous human beings?! Sounds like the only hideous human being in this scenario is you.

  128. 128
    Brad Pitt Says:


  129. 129
    Degenerate Says:

    Jennifer Aniston went TWICE with a man whose thoughts she enjoy so much and made it now loudly, including therefore the white supremacist thoughts he displays.
    Jennifer Aniston goes on Hollyday with one of her best friend, a friend she laughs with after she knows that she displays over and over again vulgar, obscene, racist and over the top coments.
    Jennifer’s closest friend in Mexico is none other than Joe Francis, the child molestor.
    Jennifer so shamelessfully and with that nasty paternalistic attitude dispalyed all of her ignorance, arrogance and contempt for the host country she often goes for vacation when she equates her tanning session to humanitarian deeds towards THOSE people as she said.
    Jennifer Aniston uses the R word and doesn’t peep any kind of appologies or retractions as she keeps on smiling with her sense of superiority, arrogance, immunity like her sh*t doesn’t stinks all the while acting all innocent and sensitive because someone call her ‘cute’.
    It just needs to jennifer to go out with Crazy Mel Gibson and the equation will be perfect.
    Jennifer is everything but America Sweetheart, she is America Sh*theart, full of prejudice, slightly racist, totally immature, mean to the core and with an ego you only see around dictators.
    She really thinks she is all that and can associates herself with evil even criminal people (e.g. Joe francis) who can offend so easily entire groups, children included.
    She is a poor excuse of a woman, a worthless human being and degenerated individual who doesn’t deserve any respect.

  130. 130
    Crazy Says:

    Wow … what a bunch of crazies on this site. I agree with truthteller. Love you, Jen!

  131. 131
    WTF??????????? Says:

    Handler is so bottom-of-the-barrel tacky on TV can you imagine how gross she is in private? What a shame Jen has sunk to these lows!

  132. 132
    ellie' Says:

    I’m glad Nicole didn’t do MMS b/c those 2 people are definitely meant for each other.. and one more thing.. Nicole is a lady would never go after another mans husband.. Now can we get off Jen & Angie & Brad and of cause Brad loves his family….Who keeps on making a point of that .. we agree.. We love Jen just the way she is .. HAPPY…
    No wonder i don’t come on here…you people are sick .. nite everyone..

  133. 133
    ire Says:

    go and repeat that c*rap in FF please!!!… speaking of bullies, you spit to the sky, so it might fall back on you…

  134. 134
    YOU'RE SO VAIN Says:


    SAD …

  135. 135
    Frank Says:

    Both women are ugly PALE and STD clowns.
    Thankfully. No one cares about their ugly OLD asssssses.
    They are shameful flabby PIGS who should be hiding and not flaunting how GROTESQUE they look. Ugh and Cheslea looks like a man.
    Jennifer probably gets her chin jer/ked off by Cheslea. Ugly botches.
    Both of them should go hide pale flabby and stinking

  136. 136
    Frank Says:

    Both women are ugly PALE and STD clowns.
    Thankfully. No one cares about their ugly OLD asssssses.
    They are shameful flabby PIGS who should be hiding and not flaunting how GROTESQUE they look. Ugh and Cheslea looks like a man.
    Jennifer probably gets her chin jer/ked off by Cheslea. Ugly botches.
    Both of them should go hide pale flabby and stinking

  137. 137
    Frank Says:

    Both women are ugly PALE and STD clowns.
    Thankfully. No one cares about their ugly OLD asssssses.
    They are shameful flabby PIGS who should be hiding and not flaunting how GROTESQUE they look. Ugh and Cheslea looks like a man.
    Jennifer probably gets her chin jer/ked off by Cheslea. Ugly botches.
    Both of them should go hide pale flabby and stinking

  138. 138
    Handler hates Angelina... Says:

  139. 139
    Marieme Says:

    Anny @ 11/26/2010 at 6:11 pm #116

    Yeah no doubt. But also after seeing a clip of Fug’s visit to Hag’s show (until I fell asleep from massive boredom after 2 mins) they would spends lots of time complimenting each other’s body since it’s all they worship – appearances! Courteney Cox must be busy with her show if Fug’s is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Misery loves company (I’m sure someone’s said this already here).

  140. 140
    ecosway Says:

    is that her?

  141. 141
    Maddy Says:

    Is this the same number she was wearing while litterally hanging onto John Mayher in the swiming pool??? Yikes…talk about never letting go..

  142. 142
    FranklyMyDear Says:

    Err … Frank did someone drop you on your head when you were a baby. You are either twelve or short of a load. You kicking, screaming and having tantrums on this site doesn’t change the fact that Jennifer Aniston is talented, beautiful, smart and a whole lot richer and happier than you are.

  143. 143
    Thanksgiving with my Dogs ! Says:

    l have No one to loves ME only my DOGS are my best frinds !
    l loves my dogs more than a human being !
    l’d Choosing to loves my Dogs NOT a Man !
    l can have any BOYTOYS with my $110 Millions !
    5+ years l still with my Dogs Forever !!!
    Meh-hee-co is the best Thanksgiving to my Dogs&Me !

  144. 144
    schoolmarm Says:


    I have graded your paper in which you wrote that Jennifer
    HAPPIER than us.

    Your score is 20. 1 correct and 4 incorrect.

  145. 145
    ellie' Says:

    @Thanksgiving with my Dogs !:
    I’m not sure if you think your making fun of Jen.. I do have children and my animals mean the world to me also…If had to I wouldn’t mind being with my animals on any holiday…Has nothing to do with Jen having a man or not..Jen can do as she pleases shes a lovable beautiful woman and has many many friends .. Chelsey is a comedian I’ve always enjoyed her. I believe they all joke about everyone..
    Nothing personal so move on …

  146. 146
    French Girl Says:

    I do not judge too much but if this woman is really her friend, and if I was Jennifer, I would tell her not to offend any more the Jolie Pitt family, at least not in public because it is all the same the children of my ex husband and the comments of Chelsea are thus indirectly likened to me (Jennifer). In brief, it is like that that I see things because it is my private life and my friend even if she has a judgment there above, after all, it is I who tells her not to speak about it or not. Otherwise, I would not be any more her friend because in public, I have a certain image to be given: that of the good friend who likes and respects everybody even if it is not true in private!

  147. 147
    LeroyJ Says:

    Chelsea is flabby, and her boobs are nothing great at all. Just another annoying Jewish woman lying about her age.

  148. 148
    LeroyJ Says:

    Chelsea is flabby, and her boobs are nothing great at all. Just another annoying Jewish woman lying about her age.

  149. 149
    Jack Daniel's Says:


  150. 150
    Annie Says:


  151. 151
    yep Says:

    @Isa: you don’t know what jen told chelsea in private. – i haven’t heard of chelsea making anymore comments? maybe she has and i don’t know or haven’t heard since i don’t watch the show. i have family members i don’t agree with yet in public i don’t undermine them yet they are still my family and friends the same. you are grasping at anything to continue to justify your hate. if jen made the comments then it would be different.

  152. 152
    yep Says:

    @Jones: however where we are different is it doesn’t matter to me if david letterman said it he would be just as wrong! so you have made this about jennifer! i don’t agree with chelsea and wouldn’t have agree if it was anyone – in my opinion children are off limits. PERIOD! you made an excuse for letterman – so if it was ok for letterman then in your thought process you made it personal because of aniston and chelsea are friends. my friends aren’t responsible for my actions and i am not responsible for theirs. like i said above we don’t know what jen said to chelsea later in private! however i haven’t heard of her making anymore jokes on the children.

  153. 153
    omg Says:

    I wanna be a “looser” like JENN

  154. 154
    Jones Says:

    @ Yep – You make no sense. Letterman has NEVER said what Handler has said, so you’re comment is totally baseless. Stop trying to invent a story that doesn’t exist. The bottom line is Handler tries to pass herself off as a TV host by talking trash consistently about the Jolie Pitts (and others) and Aniston is on board with it, making her just as tacky, callous and bitter. Letterman has no bearing in this argument. Your associations say VOLUMES about who you are. And if you don’t understand the significance of that, you’re a complete idiot.

  155. 155
    Jones is RIGHT! Says:

    Who you associate with and call your friends says everything about you. Especially in Hollywood! You don’t choose your family, but you choose your friends, so if they spew hateful things about the children of your ex and you’re down with that, then you’re just as spiteful and bitter as the one who’s talking trash. Aniston’s friendship with Handler implies acceptance and compliance. She’s an accomplice in this which makes her look just as bad. If I were her, I’d break my association with Handler. After all, Hollywood ain’t as large as people think it is.

  156. 156
    Erin Says:

    They look ok, but why does Aniston always get photographed so much? There must be dozens of famous people around in bikinis, but we never see their pictures. I guess I can’t figure rich people out–if I lived in southern California in a mansion with a pool and ocean–why would I ever vacation anywhere else? But most of them do. Ah, well, the rich and famous are different. They don’t live in the Midwest freezing to death on Thanksgiving Day.

  157. 157
    Adda Says:

    Jennifer is surrounded by many friends and enjoys hanging out with them. Angelina doesn’t have any friends and even admits that. I wonder why Angelina doesn’t have friends, she seems like a nice person.

  158. 158
    Sami Says:

    Look at the delusional Jen fans LYING, yet again. Aniston hangs around a RACIST. Is BEST FRIENDS with a racist. MY GOD! Are you people SO *in love* with Jen, that you will BLINDLY defend her, NO MATTER *WHAT* she does? Surely there is a line you draw, with yourself, out of personal integrity? Surely…??? WHY is it that no matter WHAT Jen does, her scummmy fans have ready-made EXCUSES for her? For god’s sake, the piece of trash Jen is friends with, has made fun of children, and has made horrible comments about BLACK PEOPLE? Surely, no matter how deeply you love Jen, surely your personal integrity would kick in somewhere and you would say; “I love Jen, but I’m disappointed she would lower herself to give Chelsea the time of day, let alone befriend her”.
    I honestly, and speaking sincerely right now, I honestly, truly and genuinely believe that if Jen murdered someone, or was friends with a KKK white supremacist, that you would all have ready made excuses to whitewash it. Is there NOTHING that the woman can do, that will make you stand up for your own personal integrity? Or are you so crazy and delusional fanbots that you think Jen can do no wrong, even if she rapes or murders someone?
    If Jen murdered someone, in cold blood, like a driveby shooting or something, I have not one millimeter of a shred of doubt that you would all excuse it and think no less of her!

    The very fact that Aniston is friends with Handler, says a lot about how spiteful Aniston is. Like attracts like. Aniston and Handler are lowlife scum, and deserve each other.

    And like I said a few months back, the whole attacking Angelina and her children whilst introducing Aniston? You have to be drinking the Jonestown AnistonAID if you truly believe Aniston wasn’t IN ON IT, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Handler, Aniston and Huvane were all in on it. They all are the lowest and deserve each other
    Unfortunately, there is none so blind as those who refuse to see. I think many of her fans really like her as an actress and liked Friends and thus are really really reluctant to even admit, even to themselves, let alone publicly on here, that her ‘sweet’ personality is fake, and more bitter than sweet. She really has them completely snowed, and they refuse to even entertain the notion that behind her act she is nasty and far from sweet. Its like they feel that they will be admitting failure on a personal level, if they admit the truth. Hence why they don’t take a stand of PERSONAL integrity, and say they are disappointed with this friendship. The Aniston side has always had a lack of morals and decency. And its well-known that most Aniston fans are racists. The VERY FACT that not one of her fans will condemn her for being friends with Handler, is PROOF POSITIVE, EXHIBIT A, of the racism charge. Proven as charged.
    When are Aniston’s fans going to WAKE UP and see through Aniston’s manipulations, scheming and fake persona? You know, its not even really about Angelina. I don’t care if you don’t like Angelina. I don’t care if you CAN’T STAND HER. But, for god’s sake, WHY can’t you SEE through Aniston? Why are you all so brainwashed by her? Surely you lot are not that gullible, dense and easily manipulated? You lot truly can’t see that Huvane, Aniston and Handler plotted the attacks on Angelina, right from the beginning?
    1. Huvane starts repping Handler.
    2. Handler sucks up to Jen on her show and attacks Angelina and her children, WHILE introducing guest Jen.
    3. Handler is all of a sudden, Jen’s new bestie.
    Are you people really that brainwashed and blinded that you cannot see the flipping obvious?!?? Its a well-crafted publicity ‘friendship’ for convenience. But, you Loonifers aren’t known for your compassion for your fellow man nor your ability to see what is right in front of you. WHY ELSE would she walk out on stage, not once, but TWICE, as if everything was ok, and not saying a word to Chelsea when she introduced her as the guest by slamming Angelina and her children? Aniston CLEARLY had NO PROBLEM with that. Think about it. It happened TWICE. Well-plotted and pre-planned? You’d better believe it! She knew. She had to know. And to now be besties with her? Seriously, how many times are her fans going to say its all just one big co-incidence? You’d never dream people could be so brainwashed and so fooled if it were someone else.

  159. 159
    Famous Bullies Says:

    Chelsea was infamous until she made Ted Harbert her boyfriend.
    He is CEO of Comcast who owns the E! network.
    She has no talent and her personality is sick. Jennifer Aniston is
    a sarcastic jealous bully who needs to pick on others with this scum named Chelsea. I don’t believe Angelina is a hollywood starlet but she is talented and pretty. I agree with Sami that Jennifer is not sweet. Her personality is fake. Jennifer Aniston will become infamous or lose favor with the public completely if she does not quit with the sarcasm against other people. She just can’t seem to quit with the sarcastic jealous bully routine.

  160. 160
    yep Says:

    @Jones: you or some one else made it ok for if it was letterman because he had been around forever. letterman surely gave palin’s children a fit and they were not running for office however if you don’t like palin that is ok when it isn’t. just like i think chelsea was wrong – children are off limits. PERIOD! No matter WHO the talk show host is! letterman is just as crude as chelsea however since chelsea made a joke on your star’s children everyone that is associated with her is bad? that means letterman is bad! leno is bad! kimbrel is bad! the list goes on! saturday night is bad! betty white is bad! everyone who tells a joke that insults someone you like?

  161. 161
    yep Says:

    @Famous Bullies: lol! jennifer hasn’t said anything against anyone!

  162. 162
    yep Says:

    @Sami: wow why do you care? i see jen and see her flaws don’t we all have them. i could give you jolie’s but don’t care enough too. you have so much hate for some one you have never spoken a word too! look at how much you comment and how many times. the world doesn’t spin around jolie! when is jennifer suppose to live in your world? she isnt! of course their pr time is going to over lap! jen is single making movies and HER fans LOVE to her about HER! like you do your star! i don’t know a week that goes by that something is being printed about your star! so of course JEN is going to overlap! do you realize who much time you spend on hating! we know WHO we like and WHY! we aren’t children and that is why i am not going to give you jolie’s flaws because you are an adult who should see hers. yet you still like her enough after 6 years to hate on the exs. so who really has the issues and hasn’t moved on?

  163. 163
    zce Says:

    Please tell me what is wrong with this picture Courtney was smart she got the heck out of the way. Jennifer has ultimately place herself as low as she can get again she has used someone else to say what she herself cannot say to Angelina, also it has been six yes six years and she still bringing up spilled milk. Stop looking so pathethic and desperate and find yourself another dog, but you will not find anyone hanging around chesley handler, she is a man.

  164. 164
    wackybutnice Says:

    Birds of the same feather f**ck together!!!

  165. 165
    look at Says:

    glad I am not a celb … just a regular gal. …. married 28 Years to the same number … i would also hate to not eat anything…. Jen is really missing out on the important things in life , whats good having all that fame and $ … still seraching for brad replacement.. She looks Unhappy I think

  166. 166
    yep Says:

    jennifer looks beautiful! had 15 other people there to celebrate thanksgiving with her. keep moving forward. looking forward to february to see jen and adam!

  167. 167
    chat noir Says:


  168. 168
    chat noir Says:

    四顆老奶 4 old boobs….errrr (vomit)

  169. 169
    jordan high heels Says:

    Thank you for such a good information, I really like your blog, I hope you can continue to keep well.

  170. 170
    Camila Goris Says:

    This is incredible. People have finally turned into the perfect epitome of hatred and, yes, envy. Why would you judge someone you don’t even know? Why would you even read about them if that’s the case? Jennifer is just having a great time with her friend Chelsea, how wrong can that be? Do you know know many single women are there? Does it tell you anything about Jen or about MEN in general? At least they are no stupid LOSERS as to get online just to judge people for living their lives.

    I love you, Jen.

  171. 171
    justabitch Says:

    What kind of a stupid site is this. You can say whatever bad thing you want against JA, but say anything remotely critical about AJ and you get banned. Why do the AJ fans come on here and keep mentioning Brad and then bash Jennifer for supposedly not getting over Brad?

  172. 172
    JosehpHull Says:

    All those comments from Aniston Haters just show how much she is important to they
    I think Jen is hot, I love her movies and she is one of the best actress in the industry, so if you are going to say bad thing just go to another place
    I love Jen Aniston! :D

  173. 173
    JosehpHull Says:

    @justabitch: You are so right

  174. 174

    Wow you people are so much cooler than them sitting on your fat asses on a gossip site bitching about people living their own lives. I think it’s hilarious how you losers try and act like you know them, and then talk about THEM being pathetic? Who do you people think you are, judging others being a computer screen like you’re so great? You idiots would get pounded in the real. Grow the fvck up, you’re all a bunch of pvssy ass cowards, probably all middle-aged fvck-ups that have kids and are pissed off at the world, jealous because you can’t be who they are. Now thumbs down my comment because it means so much to you, fvcking retards.

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