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Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!

Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!

Bikini-clad BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler celebrate Thanksgiving together while vacationing on Thursday (November 25) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

WATCH: Chelsea interviewing Taylor Swift

“It’s Thanksgiving,” Chelsea tweeted earlier today. “And I am thankful for my dog, my boobies, and my life. Happy thanksgiving to you and your boobies.”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler‘s Thanksgiving in Mexico…

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  • yep

    @Isa: you don’t know what jen told chelsea in private. – i haven’t heard of chelsea making anymore comments? maybe she has and i don’t know or haven’t heard since i don’t watch the show. i have family members i don’t agree with yet in public i don’t undermine them yet they are still my family and friends the same. you are grasping at anything to continue to justify your hate. if jen made the comments then it would be different.

  • yep

    @Jones: however where we are different is it doesn’t matter to me if david letterman said it he would be just as wrong! so you have made this about jennifer! i don’t agree with chelsea and wouldn’t have agree if it was anyone – in my opinion children are off limits. PERIOD! you made an excuse for letterman – so if it was ok for letterman then in your thought process you made it personal because of aniston and chelsea are friends. my friends aren’t responsible for my actions and i am not responsible for theirs. like i said above we don’t know what jen said to chelsea later in private! however i haven’t heard of her making anymore jokes on the children.

  • omg

    I wanna be a “looser” like JENN

  • Jones

    @ Yep – You make no sense. Letterman has NEVER said what Handler has said, so you’re comment is totally baseless. Stop trying to invent a story that doesn’t exist. The bottom line is Handler tries to pass herself off as a TV host by talking trash consistently about the Jolie Pitts (and others) and Aniston is on board with it, making her just as tacky, callous and bitter. Letterman has no bearing in this argument. Your associations say VOLUMES about who you are. And if you don’t understand the significance of that, you’re a complete idiot.

  • Jones is RIGHT!

    Who you associate with and call your friends says everything about you. Especially in Hollywood! You don’t choose your family, but you choose your friends, so if they spew hateful things about the children of your ex and you’re down with that, then you’re just as spiteful and bitter as the one who’s talking trash. Aniston’s friendship with Handler implies acceptance and compliance. She’s an accomplice in this which makes her look just as bad. If I were her, I’d break my association with Handler. After all, Hollywood ain’t as large as people think it is.

  • Erin

    They look ok, but why does Aniston always get photographed so much? There must be dozens of famous people around in bikinis, but we never see their pictures. I guess I can’t figure rich people out–if I lived in southern California in a mansion with a pool and ocean–why would I ever vacation anywhere else? But most of them do. Ah, well, the rich and famous are different. They don’t live in the Midwest freezing to death on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Adda

    Jennifer is surrounded by many friends and enjoys hanging out with them. Angelina doesn’t have any friends and even admits that. I wonder why Angelina doesn’t have friends, she seems like a nice person.

  • Sami

    Look at the delusional Jen fans LYING, yet again. Aniston hangs around a RACIST. Is BEST FRIENDS with a racist. MY GOD! Are you people SO *in love* with Jen, that you will BLINDLY defend her, NO MATTER *WHAT* she does? Surely there is a line you draw, with yourself, out of personal integrity? Surely…??? WHY is it that no matter WHAT Jen does, her scummmy fans have ready-made EXCUSES for her? For god’s sake, the piece of trash Jen is friends with, has made fun of children, and has made horrible comments about BLACK PEOPLE? Surely, no matter how deeply you love Jen, surely your personal integrity would kick in somewhere and you would say; “I love Jen, but I’m disappointed she would lower herself to give Chelsea the time of day, let alone befriend her”.
    I honestly, and speaking sincerely right now, I honestly, truly and genuinely believe that if Jen murdered someone, or was friends with a KKK white supremacist, that you would all have ready made excuses to whitewash it. Is there NOTHING that the woman can do, that will make you stand up for your own personal integrity? Or are you so crazy and delusional fanbots that you think Jen can do no wrong, even if she rapes or murders someone?
    If Jen murdered someone, in cold blood, like a driveby shooting or something, I have not one millimeter of a shred of doubt that you would all excuse it and think no less of her!

    The very fact that Aniston is friends with Handler, says a lot about how spiteful Aniston is. Like attracts like. Aniston and Handler are lowlife scum, and deserve each other.

    And like I said a few months back, the whole attacking Angelina and her children whilst introducing Aniston? You have to be drinking the Jonestown AnistonAID if you truly believe Aniston wasn’t IN ON IT, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Handler, Aniston and Huvane were all in on it. They all are the lowest and deserve each other
    Unfortunately, there is none so blind as those who refuse to see. I think many of her fans really like her as an actress and liked Friends and thus are really really reluctant to even admit, even to themselves, let alone publicly on here, that her ‘sweet’ personality is fake, and more bitter than sweet. She really has them completely snowed, and they refuse to even entertain the notion that behind her act she is nasty and far from sweet. Its like they feel that they will be admitting failure on a personal level, if they admit the truth. Hence why they don’t take a stand of PERSONAL integrity, and say they are disappointed with this friendship. The Aniston side has always had a lack of morals and decency. And its well-known that most Aniston fans are racists. The VERY FACT that not one of her fans will condemn her for being friends with Handler, is PROOF POSITIVE, EXHIBIT A, of the racism charge. Proven as charged.
    When are Aniston’s fans going to WAKE UP and see through Aniston’s manipulations, scheming and fake persona? You know, its not even really about Angelina. I don’t care if you don’t like Angelina. I don’t care if you CAN’T STAND HER. But, for god’s sake, WHY can’t you SEE through Aniston? Why are you all so brainwashed by her? Surely you lot are not that gullible, dense and easily manipulated? You lot truly can’t see that Huvane, Aniston and Handler plotted the attacks on Angelina, right from the beginning?
    1. Huvane starts repping Handler.
    2. Handler sucks up to Jen on her show and attacks Angelina and her children, WHILE introducing guest Jen.
    3. Handler is all of a sudden, Jen’s new bestie.
    Are you people really that brainwashed and blinded that you cannot see the flipping obvious?!?? Its a well-crafted publicity ‘friendship’ for convenience. But, you Loonifers aren’t known for your compassion for your fellow man nor your ability to see what is right in front of you. WHY ELSE would she walk out on stage, not once, but TWICE, as if everything was ok, and not saying a word to Chelsea when she introduced her as the guest by slamming Angelina and her children? Aniston CLEARLY had NO PROBLEM with that. Think about it. It happened TWICE. Well-plotted and pre-planned? You’d better believe it! She knew. She had to know. And to now be besties with her? Seriously, how many times are her fans going to say its all just one big co-incidence? You’d never dream people could be so brainwashed and so fooled if it were someone else.

  • Famous Bullies

    Chelsea was infamous until she made Ted Harbert her boyfriend.
    He is CEO of Comcast who owns the E! network.
    She has no talent and her personality is sick. Jennifer Aniston is
    a sarcastic jealous bully who needs to pick on others with this scum named Chelsea. I don’t believe Angelina is a hollywood starlet but she is talented and pretty. I agree with Sami that Jennifer is not sweet. Her personality is fake. Jennifer Aniston will become infamous or lose favor with the public completely if she does not quit with the sarcasm against other people. She just can’t seem to quit with the sarcastic jealous bully routine.

  • yep

    @Jones: you or some one else made it ok for if it was letterman because he had been around forever. letterman surely gave palin’s children a fit and they were not running for office however if you don’t like palin that is ok when it isn’t. just like i think chelsea was wrong – children are off limits. PERIOD! No matter WHO the talk show host is! letterman is just as crude as chelsea however since chelsea made a joke on your star’s children everyone that is associated with her is bad? that means letterman is bad! leno is bad! kimbrel is bad! the list goes on! saturday night is bad! betty white is bad! everyone who tells a joke that insults someone you like?

  • yep

    @Famous Bullies: lol! jennifer hasn’t said anything against anyone!

  • yep

    @Sami: wow why do you care? i see jen and see her flaws don’t we all have them. i could give you jolie’s but don’t care enough too. you have so much hate for some one you have never spoken a word too! look at how much you comment and how many times. the world doesn’t spin around jolie! when is jennifer suppose to live in your world? she isnt! of course their pr time is going to over lap! jen is single making movies and HER fans LOVE to her about HER! like you do your star! i don’t know a week that goes by that something is being printed about your star! so of course JEN is going to overlap! do you realize who much time you spend on hating! we know WHO we like and WHY! we aren’t children and that is why i am not going to give you jolie’s flaws because you are an adult who should see hers. yet you still like her enough after 6 years to hate on the exs. so who really has the issues and hasn’t moved on?

  • zce

    Please tell me what is wrong with this picture Courtney was smart she got the heck out of the way. Jennifer has ultimately place herself as low as she can get again she has used someone else to say what she herself cannot say to Angelina, also it has been six yes six years and she still bringing up spilled milk. Stop looking so pathethic and desperate and find yourself another dog, but you will not find anyone hanging around chesley handler, she is a man.

  • wackybutnice

    Birds of the same feather f**ck together!!!

  • look at

    glad I am not a celb … just a regular gal. …. married 28 Years to the same number … i would also hate to not eat anything…. Jen is really missing out on the important things in life , whats good having all that fame and $ … still seraching for brad replacement.. She looks Unhappy I think

  • yep

    jennifer looks beautiful! had 15 other people there to celebrate thanksgiving with her. keep moving forward. looking forward to february to see jen and adam!

  • chat noir


  • chat noir

    四顆老奶 4 old boobs….errrr (vomit)

  • jordan high heels

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  • Camila Goris

    This is incredible. People have finally turned into the perfect epitome of hatred and, yes, envy. Why would you judge someone you don’t even know? Why would you even read about them if that’s the case? Jennifer is just having a great time with her friend Chelsea, how wrong can that be? Do you know know many single women are there? Does it tell you anything about Jen or about MEN in general? At least they are no stupid LOSERS as to get online just to judge people for living their lives.

    I love you, Jen.

  • justabitch

    What kind of a stupid site is this. You can say whatever bad thing you want against JA, but say anything remotely critical about AJ and you get banned. Why do the AJ fans come on here and keep mentioning Brad and then bash Jennifer for supposedly not getting over Brad?

  • http://@JosehpHull JosehpHull

    All those comments from Aniston Haters just show how much she is important to they
    I think Jen is hot, I love her movies and she is one of the best actress in the industry, so if you are going to say bad thing just go to another place
    I love Jen Aniston! :D

  • http://@JosehpHull JosehpHull

    @justabitch: You are so right


    Wow you people are so much cooler than them sitting on your fat asses on a gossip site bitching about people living their own lives. I think it’s hilarious how you losers try and act like you know them, and then talk about THEM being pathetic? Who do you people think you are, judging others being a computer screen like you’re so great? You idiots would get pounded in the real. Grow the fvck up, you’re all a bunch of pvssy ass cowards, probably all middle-aged fvck-ups that have kids and are pissed off at the world, jealous because you can’t be who they are. Now thumbs down my comment because it means so much to you, fvcking retards.