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Katie Holmes: 'Let's Go' Workout Wear!

Katie Holmes: 'Let's Go' Workout Wear!

Katie Holmes dons a gray sweatsuit after working out at The Sports Club/LA on Black Friday (November 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress was recently parodied by Anne Hathaway on Saturday Night Live.

“It wasn’t really Katie Holmes; it was more [her Dawson's Creek character] Joey Potter,” Anne told THR of the November 20 skit. “I was a teenager when Dawson’s Creek was airing, and I was a pretty avid fan, so it just sort of came from that.”

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79 Responses to “Katie Holmes: 'Let's Go' Workout Wear!”

  1. 1
    LJ Says:

    Love her!

  2. 2
    Suritard Says:

    I’ve just got back from Wal-mart for grocery.
    Really, you cannot even find an even frumpier looking woman there.
    No offense to Wal-mart shoppers.

    How does she manage to look so God-awful??
    No talent is one thing, awkward figure aside, anybody can still put herself together to look halfway presentable.

    No,no,no, just coming out from the workout is no excuse. Actually, one should look even better after the workout.
    Exercise is the best makeup, ever heard of that?

    This Homely beard really boggles the mind.

  3. 3
    ck Says:

    You know…at one time, she was someone guys wanted to be with, and girls wanted to be. I know when you get married and have kids, priorities change, etc., but you need to at least give the impression to the public that you are someone that people (her fans?) look at with some sort of pride.
    This is how Katie looked a few years back (pre-Tom) on her way to the gym. Can almost say stylish, and appears to maybe have, gulp…curves.

  4. 4
    It's Robo-Bride Says:

    Wow. I go the gym every day and I rarely, and I do mean rarely see anyone dressed like such a fump.
    What is wrong with this woman that she puts on clothes that highlight all her flaws.
    This is an absolutely dreadful outfit. Not so much the pieces, but the fact they are ill-fitting, drain her complexion of any type of animation due to the awfulness of the color on her. AND those shoes or boots. Dreadful.
    She is totally hopeless yet she designs a fashion line and expects us all to buy in to her as a designer. SNORT. That has to be one of the funniest things ever. Her? A fashion designer.

  5. 5
    lucy2 Says:

    Where’s Suri? With Katie dressed like that, I would hae expected to see Suri trotting beside her in a tank top and mini skirt.

  6. 6
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    @ck: I still want to be with her, she looks easy & sleazy

  7. 7
    PJ fan Says:

    I have to admit that I was a die-hard Pacey/Joey fan back in the Dawson’s Creek days. I even have a queue of some of those videos on YouTube. It’s so sad how far down Katie has gone over the past decade. She was never the best actress, but was likable and had opportunities to get some decent parts. Now, even when she gets a role, it’s bought by Tom and she drags down the film’s potential for any success. Jack and Jill will probably do well, but only because it’s being released at Thanksgiving and people will pay to see Adam Sandler.
    AND OH!!!!! Why is everyone so afraid of Tom Cruise? Anne’s “Katie” imitation on SNL was perfect, and now she’s back tracking to make it sound like she wasn’t trying to imitate Katie!!!!!

  8. 8
    lucy2 Says:

    That’s because she hasn’t had sex since early 2005. If you were a 31 year old woman who hadn’t had sex in 5 and a half years, you’d probably have that “f***me please” look going on too. ;-)

  9. 9
    Charly Says:

    Is it me or is Holmes first seen exiting the blue Mercedes she usually drives herself and then entering one of those SUV things to be driven home?? Very weird. She drove herself to the gym in one car and is picked up by a chauffer driven SUV? Whats that about?

  10. 10
    annie Says:

    I think she looks very cute, very modern,and very young. Look at her face.
    If you go back and see pics of her coming out of the gym with Chris Klien, she looks just as cute now as she did then, and her hair was like that too. That was a great pic of Katie, by the way.
    She always looked good in jeans and short fitted jumpers and tops, that was her signature look and it suited her so much.
    I still think she looks good most of the time, and still think she looks better than most of them.
    I really believe that even tho you people tear her to shreds , it’s because of the things in her life, you don’t like, not so much her.
    As for her fashion line, some of the pieces I ‘ve seen in pics are very very nice. I really feel for Katie , she’s a beautiful and talented actress, she’s worked with the best, and complimented by the the best, all people do is put her down now.
    I think some of you are wrong!

  11. 11
    Bonnie Says:

    i am not not surprised that trash like you you shops at wal-mart.

  12. 12
    @ annie Says:

    Obsessed much annie?? You actually go back years and years to see pics of her before?? Very weird. Don’t you have a life?

    People put her down because she dresses like a pig, her hair is greasy looking half the time, her kid wears inappropriate clothes and looks bruised and dirty, her acting sucks and she looks like a miserable shrew most of the time. What are people supposed to say. And don’t tell me her life is so rough. She’s the one who picked it. She picks her movies. She married Cruise and she stays with him. She has nobody to blame but herself.

    “really believe that even tho you people tear her to shreds , it’s because of the things in her life, you don’t like, not so much her.”

    No, its HER. Get a grip and stop being delusional. She picked a whacked out nutcase for a husband, she chooses to dress like a slob, she decides how to raise her kid, SHE IS RESPONSIBLE, nobody else. She’s a grown woman. I don’t like her because she used to be a talented, normal woman who acted on a decent TV show. Now she’s a nut who looks homeless, has a kid that also looks homeless, shops constantly, does lousy work and is married to a crazy guy she never see’s. HER FAULT.

  13. 13
    Kristi Says:

    To Charley # 9

    Oh yea. Thats weird. Like she drove herself to workout but had to be picked up by her driver cause she couldn’t drive. If she was coming from dinner I would say maybe she had a couple of drinks and didnt want to drive. But why would you drive yourself to the gym and get picked up and I guess leave your car there. REALLY REALLY WEIRD.

  14. 14
    scientolocult Says:

    You must be one of those greedy wasteful scientolofreaks. Where I come from, people shop at Walmart so that they can spend their hard earned money wisely and ultimately do more for their families.

  15. 15
    KC Says:

    Something is just off about Katie Holmes. Hopefully she has her parents for emotional support. She looks like she really needs them.

  16. 16
    Suritard Says:

    Congrats, you are just as non-trash as in denial.
    I love shopping at Wal-mart, economic aside, very convenient. And I see many people wear clothes bought at Wal-mart. Trust me, you can hardly find anybody as sloppy, vavuumie and frumpy like this rich BEARD, Kaka Homely.

    Guess it’s because, most of us Wal-mart shoppers have sex life and real relationships.

  17. 17
    Bonnie Says:

    oh it must suck sitting on your fat ass imagining you have a sex life. are you a twilight fan too??? lmao.

    wal-mart shopers are too FAT to get it up, darling. so, not only you are trash, you are fat too. i think i’ve seen your pic on

  18. 18
    annie Says:

    @# 12
    Been a Katie fans since DC, dont have to search for pics , I know them.
    you rubbish her…..i like to support her!

  19. 19
    Suritard Says:

    Wow!!! Looks like somebody’s showing the low self-esteem and jumpy personality here.
    Thanks for your concerns about my body fat.
    Why don’t you show everyone your tax return to validate your phony superiority here?

    I see most, most people I see at Wal-mart are quite delightful and happy. Any age, both genders, any body type, everyone there exude the blissful happiness there.

    I have to guess, is it because we all celebrated Thanksgiving with our spouse\ partner\ significant others and our real family, not a bunch of minders from the cult??

    That I don’t think you can say about this rich piece of Kaka as the world’s biggest movie star’s most expensive BEARD.

  20. 20
    harmony Says:

    Hmmmmmm she is not going to give Suri up even tho she is a spoiled little brat so she is stuck with her unhappy life.
    How many times have we heard and it is TRUE that money does not make you happy . Sure money helps but it doesn’t put that glow on your face and make you feel like smiling feeling like life is beautiful..just becuz.

    Katie thought she was going to try out for a movie and her family and friends became concerned on the 17th day when nobody had heard from her after she left to go to the compound of sci fi freaks.. Scarlette H knew to get the heck out of the sci fi building without getting trapped.
    She realized asap that Tommygurl was looking for a young wife and had a scheme all raring to go. All of the female actresses he invited for this phoney movie try out were all anywhere from age 19 to 23 yrs of age. So the gaymidget was looking for a young baby oven to carry David Miscarvages baby. Sick but true.. they thought they would have the alian Godlikechild and being second leader tommygurl would make the cult happy with their wee xenu.
    Stupid Katie was the one to fall for the scam…hahahahaha and look at her face now. Not too happy is she.
    Katie’s father is a lawyer and she can leave tommygurl anytime she wants but she can’t take her kid with her. But hey wtf! she knew that when she signed her way into the deal.

    LOL I can see gayboy now on his knees telling Katie that life may be a titch difficult/dreadful for awhile b/c ppl had turned agaist him and he had lost a huge part of his fanbase due to his scifi arrogance .
    Even funnier when Tommygurl went on Oprah to beg his old Fanbase to pleeaaase… please… pretty pretty please …with suga on top pleaseeeee like me again . He was telling the world he knew he was an arrogant doughhead and had hurt alot of ppl with his fcuked up words but lied saying he would try to be a betta person b/c he wanted peeps to start watching his movies again=spend$$$$ money to see them$$$$. It didn’t help much. Ppl are onto Tommygurls mannerisms/true personality PURE CRAP and too finding out he is the second highest to the top of the sci fi cult (bunch of murdering baasstardds) they (ppl) didn’t fall for his pleading /begging seranade once again tho on Oprah’s couch…yeah the couch he jumped up and down on while he whaled ‘I Am in Love.’ I AM SO IN LOVE ..HUH??!!
    What an azzz
    Poor Katie! Too bad she was on that list of young stars when the gaymidget was looking to buy himself a wife. She could of done so much betta without the gaymidget.
    Money..ahhuh the root of all evil. She is stuck now. Katie already signed that if they broke up little xenu stays with Daddy cult.
    Katie must have rooms full of sex toys but just like money doesn’t make you completely happy neither do her sex objects.
    Can’t imagine living with dicckless tommygurl.

  21. 21
    Bonnie Says:

    WALMART uses child slave labor. whoever shops there is a piece of shiat. but i suppose your fat ass only cares about stuffing your mouth.

    but please, tell me more about your “loving” family. you try pretty hard to convince some unknown person on the net about your wonderful life. i get the feeling that something is missing…and NO, i am not talking about that huge turkey you devoured yesterday

  22. 22
    @ Suritard Says:

    It’s funny that you say Bonnie must have a low self-esteem because she dared to criticize you. Following that logic, you must be the most miserable, insecure person on earth because you spend hours spewing hate at someone you don’t know. Even your name is full of hate.

    Katie looks like a normal person leaving the gym. Good to see that she is secure enough to be herself and doesn’t feel the need to dress up for the paps. Btw, how do you know that katie didn’t spend Thanksgiving with her husband? I heard that Tom finished the Dubai portion of MI4 on Tuesday.

  23. 23
    Suritard Says:

    Yeah, right, now use phony global justice. Where’s your tax return to validate your phony superiority over people shopping at Wal-mart??
    Bleeding heart, bleeding heart, what else? The whales are slaughtered, chicken are treated so inhuman, and the gene pool of some innocent corn is polluted by genetically altered crops….the list can go on and on..

    What’s next for you to pick on?
    By the way, my husband just stopped ans saw this piece of kaka for Beard, and wondered when Kaka Homely became homeless?

  24. 24
    Suri Jackson Says:

    I agree with most of your comments, and believe that David Miscavige or L Ron Hubbard freeze dried sperm were always somewhere in the plan; however, I’m sticking to my belief that when the London encounter with JJ resulted in Katie being pregnant, the plans changed.

    Remember Tom claiming that he wasn’t going to deflower the virginal Ms. Holmes until after they got married? Then all of a sudden they were engaged after 2 and 1/2 months and she’s immediately impregnated by Tom?(yeah….).

    Miscavige is a little man like Tom, isn’t he? Suri is going to be quite tall.

  25. 25
    Bonnie Says:

    lmao. i love how you still insist in proving you actually have a man. lol…like any decent human being is gonna get with a miserable ******. oh and btw most men interested in gossip are gay. you should look into that.

    but, whatever you say, darling. it’s obvious you crave attention cos something is missing in your life. i hope you’ll find hapiness one day. PEACE!

  26. 26
    twpumpkin Says:


  27. 27
    Blair Baptist Says:

    If you see Miss Kate ‘s bare legs or should say her cankles that’s where you will see the 30 to 50 pound turkey. Yepper 25 lbs on each leg.
    Holy shate batman can you imagine if Miss Kate didn’t run every day plus work out at the gym? EEEEK! Those cankles would be difficult to lift off the bed to get moving in the mornings.
    I too look at how she dresses and wonder how she can have her own
    fashion biz.. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on her junk if it resembles anything in the way she dresses herself.
    Miss Kate is a bloody mess. She needs somebody to teach her how to dress. Not much can be done about those cankles. She had better keep running. or she may lose that tiny leetle beard she calls a man.

  28. 28
    notafan Says:

    A typical BAG LADY All she needs now to complete the picture is a shopping cart…

  29. 29
    Glee Says:


  30. 30
    ---- Says:

    @harmony omg please tell me you didn’t write all that. eyes are deceiving me. wow…some people need lives. so very sad

  31. 31
    ashley Says:


    Tell us more Harmony:) It makes sense to moi. I do think the child could be Ron L Hubbard’s or moreso JJ’s child as the op said .
    It’s funny when people use the defense that she actually looks like TC. lmao no way Jose.! In all reality she looks identical to her mother. When they first showed her off she really looked like JJ. The same shape eyes and cheeks and today you can see she is going to be a big girl. There is no TC in that child.
    I wanted to comment on katie. She is a greasy sloppy mess.
    No need of it. Depression is most likely the cause . She does not look like she cares. Rather sad or pathetic isn’t it?.

  32. 32
    The Truth Says:

    She always looks as if every bit of joy has been sucked out of her. Even when she is with her daughter she never smiles.

  33. 33
    Eduarda Says:


  34. 34
    Cooper Says:

    Katie Holmes must have the most worthless life, and I don’t think Anne H was impersonation her Joey character, it seemed the real thing to me. Katie is just boring… YAWNNNNNNNN

  35. 35
    Meanwhile... Says:

    Nic looks amazing!

  36. 36
    Star Fox Says:

    You should prove that her husband buys her roles before making such outlandish statements, #7.

    Ever considered that no one is twisting Anne Hathaway’s arm? Don’t be so paranoid.

    She has a life, #12. She’s just been a fan for many years. Do YOU have a life? Critics go out of their way to find clips or or pics of any kind that makes Holmes look bad.

    No one forces you to look at her. You can easily avoid looking at these threads and watching her movies and TV shows. Her dress sense and how she is as a parent is none of your business.

    I don’t want to ever hear critics complaining about TomKat not being ‘green’ enough for you ever again, #23. It’s not nice when you’re the one dealing with the bleeding hearts.

  37. 37
    Dolores Says:

    @Bonnie: Agree on every account. LOL
    Thank you ;)

  38. 38
    Dolores Says:

    Oh and @It’s Robo-Bride: sure you go to the gym every day LoL No matter how good katie looks no matter what she’s doin’ you are here fn 24/7 criticizing her every move, her every piece of clothing meaning, you have no time for work out period.LOL Your large a$$ aint getting any smaller honey ;))

  39. 39
    Wackjob Holmes Says:

    So tragic ….

  40. 40
    annie Says:

    yeah look at Nicoles hair… it dirty, messy, greasy , unbrushed?
    I won’t stoop to your levels…….it’s just windblown!

  41. 41
    Wackjob Holmes Says:

    Suri looks like a monkey

  42. 42
    Rebecca Says:

    @Wackjob Holmes: You need to stop talking to yourself, you wack job mess

  43. 43
    car Says:

    everyone is allowed lazy/workout wear type clothing every so often, but with its annoying because she runs around arrogantly calling herself a designer/fashionesta?!

  44. 44
    QUICK Says:

    Hurry Hurry! Into the Scientology hearst!! XENU is COMING!

  45. 45
    Gab Says:

    Poor Katie. The light went out in her eyes and it never came back. How long is she contractually obligated to stay married to Tom Cruise?

  46. 46
    WTF Says:

    WTH bonnie first of all you sound like an immature 13 year old. You are accusing someone of being a fat ass and saying she is lying about having a husband because she, like many others, do not like Katie Holmes?! You should be talking about Katie and laughing about how she pretends to have a husband, TOM IS NEVER WITH HER, EVER.

  47. 47
    Love & Other Drugs Says:

    and other drugs

  48. 48
    Disco Woman Says:

    The sweats that Katie has on are the brand “Let’s Go” which are super expensive (for sweats). They have some cute pieces, but not so cute on her. She wears expensive designer clothes but has no idea how to put herself together. Katie needs to fire Suri and get a decent stylist. Unfortunately, she thinks Suri has great taste so she will continue to embarrass herself as a so called designer. She is beyond help people! Tom has no taste either with his skinny jeans and lifts. Suri (the household Queen) goes out in super short nightgowns and a huge blanket or heels and a full face of make up. The three of them are totally hopeless. It is actually quite comical, one just has to laugh!

  49. 49
    Wackjob Holmes Says:

    No, Rebecca your mistaken. I’m not the wackjob mess, I would never expose my child the way Katie does. Katie has allowed Suri to be photographed with her underpants showing for the world to see. This is NOT ok. Suri will google her name one day and see this and she would have every right to throw a tantrum and hopefully bit** slap Katie for being such a moron!

  50. 50
    Love & Other Drugs Says:

    …and other drugs:

  51. 51
    blockbuster Says:

    @Star Fox:
    Your statement ” Critics go out of there way to find clips or pics of any kind that make Holmes look bad.” First of all, how do you know what critics do? My guess is you are unemployed, stalk the web and play video games all day. Critics don’t make Holmes look bad, Holmes makes herself look bad. Critics don’t dress her, critics didn’t force her to marry crazy Tom etc… Starfox, you really need to stop embarrassing yourself. Go get a job or distract yourself with video games, exercise self control dude. Your excessive comments on numerous threads expose you as a dude without a brain cell to be had.

  52. 52
    tksfan Says:

    @Suri Jackson:
    thats because katie is tall

  53. 53
    Eve Says:

    How can a grown person find it in them self to constantly mock Katie using the parody of her child’s name.We all know what happened when Aniston used the R-word. But to call oneself “Suritard” is just just sick.
    It’s down right scary that ppl like that might have kids of their own. Then there’s the hubby peaking over it’s shoulder like: oh wow honey, I sure wonder when
    Kaka got homeless..
    .yeah right

  54. 54
    loLz Says:


    Oh please, Suritard always has very accurate comments. You should read them, really! The posters name “Suritard” is perfect because it sums up the truth in one word. It’s very clever and so true. The husband is accurate as well, Katie does look like a homeless person. This couple knows what they are talking about! Viva la Suritard!!!!!

  55. 55
    Me Says:


    she escaped and lord tommy hermaprodite security systems beeped , so they sent a squad to pick her she is lucky no suri or esle she woudl get a few slaps to go with the frumpy look!

  56. 56
    Connie Says:

    @Love & Other Drugs:

    This is too funny! These two are pathetic! Katie thinks she can dance and look all sexy for Tom…LOL. He’s not interested, Katie. It’s all a show!

  57. 57
    Eve Says:

    very accurate to talk about her shopping at Wall Mart.Sure, care LOL

  58. 58
    Fringe Rocks! Says:

    My vote is with Suri Jackson. The resemblance is undeniable, and Josh is still such a hottie.

  59. 59
    Red Says:

    What up with Katie and Tom? I saw pix of Tom with jeremy renner and it was the happiest he’s looked in ages.

  60. 60
    kasee Says:

    She’s channeling Olive Oil.

  61. 61
    it's robo-bride Says:


    Sorry sweetie, it takes only 45 minutes a day to train for marathon (which I am–and I will be walking the entire 26.2 miles unlike Mz. Holmes who jumped the line).

    Very few people at the gym look remotely like her in this awful outfit. Yes, there are folks in sweats, in spandex etc., but for whatever reason–their clothes fit. You would think someone with Mz Holmes money and bragging about her fashion line would at least have some fashion sense. Look at Ellen Pompeo’s thread on JJ. She is in casual sweats with no make up, but whatever she is wearing compliments her figure. It is a good look on her. What? Katie can’t find a look that compliments her? I guess not.

    And if you get your butt off the chair instead of attacking and replying to negative posts and go to the gym and look around, you most likely will observe most of the folks there are better dressed then this mess.

  62. 62
    loLz Says:

    The Walmart comment was relevant to the post, Duh!
    The rest of your comment I can’t respond to cause it doesn’t make sense.

  63. 63
    Connie Says:

    @Fringe Rocks!:

    Oh Yeah! JJ is absolutely the bio father, no doubt! He is so hot!
    Tom is pathetic and crazy!
    Looks NOTHING like Suri…..

  64. 64
    Hella brat Says:

    Katie gets slapped by Suri!
    Watch the video, near the end Suri slaps Katie’s hand. When Suri gets older and see the pics of her with her diaper and underwear exposed to the world what will she do to Katie then???

  65. 65
    Star Fox Says:

    You’ve gone from complaining that Holmes is always around with Cruise and now that she never is, #46. Make up your mind!

    Stop with the hyperbole, #46. When they’re not busy working, they’re often seen together.

    You’re being purposely obtuse, #51.

    Accurate, #54? You need to look up what the word accurate means in the dictionary.

    There’s no resemblance, #58.

    You’re still going on with these marathon conspiracy theories, #61?

    I’ll admit things were suspicious but there has been no proof whatsoever that Holmes cheated in that race.

    Who cares how she’s dressed-either at the gym or anytime? What’s it to you?

    Nothing, #64.

  66. 66
    star fox is an idiot Says:

    @Star Fox:

  67. 67
    Blockbuster Says:

    @Star Fox:

    I’m being obtuse? I do believe you are talking about yourself, Star Fox.
    You post on this thread thinking you are making some kind of difference. Well your not. You are actually embarrassing yourself, like I’ve said before. You are so desperate for attention that you come post on here knowing that you will get negative comments, and negative attention is better than no attention. Obviously, you get off posting your comments and then reading the negative feedback. What kind of life is that? You are a very sad person.

  68. 68
    annie Says:

    @ robo bride
    Those type of clothes are meant to be baggy, not fitted, and not everyone wears them, but they look good on her.
    Couldn’t you find a better example, than Ellen P to give, or better still, go look at the jeans Gwen Stafani has on, and then go and find the pics coming out of the gym last week of Nicole Richie
    And you know as well as I do that the ones that come out of the gym, like Kim K,with perfectly brushed hair and large hoop earings and the like, only want to be photographed, everyone knows it, and so do the paps.
    I just know, that one day you’ll break, and say something really extrordinarily nice, and surprise us all!

  69. 69
    We don't like Katie Says:

    Why do you keep talking about Angelina or Nicole K or the personalities that you named in this latest post? We don’t like Katie. Our level of disgust has built over years due to the phony marriage, media manipulation, association with a cult, and horrendous parenting. Seeing as how she has chosen to remain in the spotlight, and continues to make movies, the public has a right to comment on her appearance and bad acting skills. (what? we’re supposed to cough up cash for movie tickets and dvds but keep our mouths shut? Sorry Charlie.)
    If you love or hate Angie, Nicole, Ellen, etc…then go on and make your comments, but stop acting like we don’t a right to our opinions, you self righteous ******!

  70. 70
    lane Says:

    OK, Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie are amazing designers and for the most part dress really well, they have a pulse on today’s fashion. Katie, on the other hand has none of these qualities. She has no idea what works for her own body type which is apparent by the way she looks. Katie can never be the kind of designer that Gwen or Nicole are. Both Gwen and Nicole are super successful, there clothes and accessories fly out of the stores! Katie’s designs are no where near there level of success.
    As for Kim K, she really knows how to market herself. She is a driven successful business woman. She combs her hair, puts on some make up, dresses really stylish even after a workout. This shows that she has pride in her appearance. Given that, she has become very successful. Kim also is a designer, her and her sisters have a clothing line featured on QVC.
    How can these 3 woman be compared to Katie? It just doesn’t make sense. How successful has Holmes & Yang been? Are her clothes flying out if stores? Does she seem to have pride in her appearance? The answer is HELL NO !
    Your comment has no basis in reality. Plus, what’s with this hope that @robo bride will break one day and say something really nice and suprise us all??? Clearly, @robo bride doesn’t agree with anything you have to say about Katie. It would be in your best interest to find “surprise” in something else! Snap out of it woman!!!

  71. 71
    Hella brat Says:

    @Star Fox:
    Star Fox how old are you? I’m guessing your pretty young. How would you like it if your mother allowed you to be photographed with your underwear showing for the world to see? So, correct me if i’m wrong, you DON’T think Suri will be upset when she gets older and googles her name and see’s these photo’s? Well, if that’s the case you are really a dim wit !
    This video of Suri from 2009 shows her losing her ballet skirt and she is hysterical. When Suri see’s these photo’s Katie better run for her life cause Suri will certainly pitch a hella fit, and rightfully so. Katie is a terrible parent. Suri will grow up hating her for this sh** !
    View 1st video …..Star (dim wit) Fox

  72. 72
    annie Says:

    are you robo bride?
    and what’s this about NK and AJ, what are you on about.

    @hella brat
    ok well here goes
    I’ve got news for you ,if anyone is going to feel upset, spare a thought for Bella Cruise,
    and Connor, having everybody see t heir mother , in a lot of movies, naked and having sex scenes.
    what sort of parent with 2 little kids does a movie like Eyes Wide Shut, arn’t those kids going to grow up. Those kids probably want to throw up knowing their mother appeared naked on stage every night .Make whatever movie you want before kids come along
    but take some consideration that one day they are going to grow up, and so many things are open to them.
    So if someone is going to pitch a fit, or die of embaressment it’s Bella and Conner. Not that the ” I’m so shy ” Nicole Kidman ever gave a s..t!
    As for Suri Cruise she’s 4 years old!

  73. 73
    hey stupid... Says:

    1) Do you know how illogical you sound comparing an actress in movie/stage parts to a parent that can’t bother to make sure their child is dressed appropiately? whether that means a coat in cold weather of not showing her undies or dirty diaper to the world.
    2) As for the acting roles; Tom was also in Eyes Wide Shut, groping Nicole (poor Nicole having to get felt up by THAT), and Katie has managed to share her boobs with movie-goers in both The Gift and Thank You For Smoking…none of which has been an issue or topic on these strings.

  74. 74
    annie Says:

    when you don’t know what to say , you people come up with it has no issue on this thread
    It does have issue, because you were saying that Suri is going to pitch a fit when she grows up and sees pics of hferself at the age of 4 with knickers showing.
    Well then , then some worse examples sound fitting don’t you?
    Can’t have it your own way all the time. Nicole Kidmans , is much worse for her son and daughter. Well if we have to put Tom Cruise into it too……so be it.
    However Katie Holmes at the time was not married, and most importantly didn’t have small children, if that’s the case you’re presenting.
    Nor do I remember a topless scene in Thank You For Smoking.

  75. 75
    annie Says:

    As for Nicole Kidman she spent years wishing Tom would come back and grope her again.

  76. 76
    Hella brat Says:

    Annie, your comments do not make sense. You are missing the point on each comment. I’m too tired to explain it all to you. Just go ahead and keep posting, you sound really slow and off track.

  77. 77
    annie Says:

    @ hella brat
    Don’t know about being slow…….but I’ve got to be stupid posting here, that’s for sure!

  78. 78
    slew Says:

    As many pictures of Katie that u take, she should be charging u guys! Or just sueing u paps for stalking. Ever think of that guys? u guys must be hanging out just around her front door. No wonder she’s going early gray.

  79. 79
    slew Says:

    @KC: The paps are just hanging around 24 7 just to see what her next BIG move will be.

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