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Katie Holmes: 'Let's Go' Workout Wear!

Katie Holmes: 'Let's Go' Workout Wear!

Katie Holmes dons a gray sweatsuit after working out at The Sports Club/LA on Black Friday (November 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress was recently parodied by Anne Hathaway on Saturday Night Live.

“It wasn’t really Katie Holmes; it was more [her Dawson's Creek character] Joey Potter,” Anne told THR of the November 20 skit. “I was a teenager when Dawson’s Creek was airing, and I was a pretty avid fan, so it just sort of came from that.”

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twpumpkin @ 11/26/2010 at 7:42 pm


Blair Baptist @ 11/26/2010 at 7:47 pm

If you see Miss Kate ‘s bare legs or should say her cankles that’s where you will see the 30 to 50 pound turkey. Yepper 25 lbs on each leg.
Holy shate batman can you imagine if Miss Kate didn’t run every day plus work out at the gym? EEEEK! Those cankles would be difficult to lift off the bed to get moving in the mornings.
I too look at how she dresses and wonder how she can have her own
fashion biz.. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on her junk if it resembles anything in the way she dresses herself.
Miss Kate is a bloody mess. She needs somebody to teach her how to dress. Not much can be done about those cankles. She had better keep running. or she may lose that tiny leetle beard she calls a man.

A typical BAG LADY All she needs now to complete the picture is a shopping cart…


@harmony omg please tell me you didn’t write all that. eyes are deceiving me. wow…some people need lives. so very sad


Tell us more Harmony:) It makes sense to moi. I do think the child could be Ron L Hubbard’s or moreso JJ’s child as the op said .
It’s funny when people use the defense that she actually looks like TC. lmao no way Jose.! In all reality she looks identical to her mother. When they first showed her off she really looked like JJ. The same shape eyes and cheeks and today you can see she is going to be a big girl. There is no TC in that child.
I wanted to comment on katie. She is a greasy sloppy mess.
No need of it. Depression is most likely the cause . She does not look like she cares. Rather sad or pathetic isn’t it?.

The Truth @ 11/26/2010 at 9:11 pm

She always looks as if every bit of joy has been sucked out of her. Even when she is with her daughter she never smiles.

Katie Holmes must have the most worthless life, and I don’t think Anne H was impersonation her Joey character, it seemed the real thing to me. Katie is just boring… YAWNNNNNNNN

You should prove that her husband buys her roles before making such outlandish statements, #7.

Ever considered that no one is twisting Anne Hathaway’s arm? Don’t be so paranoid.

She has a life, #12. She’s just been a fan for many years. Do YOU have a life? Critics go out of their way to find clips or or pics of any kind that makes Holmes look bad.

No one forces you to look at her. You can easily avoid looking at these threads and watching her movies and TV shows. Her dress sense and how she is as a parent is none of your business.

I don’t want to ever hear critics complaining about TomKat not being ‘green’ enough for you ever again, #23. It’s not nice when you’re the one dealing with the bleeding hearts.

@Bonnie: Agree on every account. LOL
Thank you ;)

Oh and @It’s Robo-Bride: sure you go to the gym every day LoL No matter how good katie looks no matter what she’s doin’ you are here fn 24/7 criticizing her every move, her every piece of clothing meaning, you have no time for work out period.LOL Your large a$$ aint getting any smaller honey ;))

yeah look at Nicoles hair… it dirty, messy, greasy , unbrushed?
I won’t stoop to your levels…….it’s just windblown!

@Wackjob Holmes: You need to stop talking to yourself, you wack job mess

everyone is allowed lazy/workout wear type clothing every so often, but with its annoying because she runs around arrogantly calling herself a designer/fashionesta?!

Hurry Hurry! Into the Scientology hearst!! XENU is COMING!

Poor Katie. The light went out in her eyes and it never came back. How long is she contractually obligated to stay married to Tom Cruise?

WTH bonnie first of all you sound like an immature 13 year old. You are accusing someone of being a fat ass and saying she is lying about having a husband because she, like many others, do not like Katie Holmes?! You should be talking about Katie and laughing about how she pretends to have a husband, TOM IS NEVER WITH HER, EVER.

Disco Woman @ 11/27/2010 at 10:20 am

The sweats that Katie has on are the brand “Let’s Go” which are super expensive (for sweats). They have some cute pieces, but not so cute on her. She wears expensive designer clothes but has no idea how to put herself together. Katie needs to fire Suri and get a decent stylist. Unfortunately, she thinks Suri has great taste so she will continue to embarrass herself as a so called designer. She is beyond help people! Tom has no taste either with his skinny jeans and lifts. Suri (the household Queen) goes out in super short nightgowns and a huge blanket or heels and a full face of make up. The three of them are totally hopeless. It is actually quite comical, one just has to laugh!

Wackjob Holmes @ 11/27/2010 at 10:38 am

No, Rebecca your mistaken. I’m not the wackjob mess, I would never expose my child the way Katie does. Katie has allowed Suri to be photographed with her underpants showing for the world to see. This is NOT ok. Suri will google her name one day and see this and she would have every right to throw a tantrum and hopefully bit** slap Katie for being such a moron!

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