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Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry: Thanksgiving Date!

Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry: Thanksgiving Date!

Kim Kardashian and her rumored new boyfriend Gabriel Aubry celebrate Thanksgiving together on Thursday (November 25) in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

Gabriel, 34, and Kim, 30, watched Christina Aguilera and Cher‘s new movie, Burlesque, at the Arclight Cinema Theater.

Kim got a ride home in Gabriel‘s white Rolls Royce Ghost.

After her family feast, Kim tweeted, “We ate too much!”

This is the second date in one week! Last weekend, the rumored new couple watched the Lakers basketball game held at LA’s Staples Center.

FYI: Gabriel and Oscar winner Halle Berry have a 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

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  • From Paris with Love

    turns out he is a dumb superficial airhead after all, no excuse!
    everytime i see this sl*t i picture her in her video taking it in her fat @ss and in her big botoxed mouth *puke*

  • iloveyou

    kim is so disgusting! so sick of her! she is famous because of a sextape and because of her body and nothing more. she and her family feed off of tabloid and media attention and its beyond annoying. now she’s dating hally berry’s ex…. she truly disgusts me! my fellow americans disgust me sometimes especially when they idolize talentless attention whores such as kim!

  • Cheery

    Wow, this guy must really be an attention-whoring loser to “date” her.

  • disgusted

    Gross. How the fuuuck can he go from Halle Berry to this useless skank/famewhore???? MAJOR DOWNGRADE!

  • meee

    hmmmmm…..i wonder if this is for real…….they r not even holding hands……not sure if i believe it……but, he is sure nice to look at….

  • li

    this guy only dates famous women….why??

  • ModestMouse

    Shock! Is this the first time there have been obscure pictures of Kim? Usually media whóre is posing all over the place.

  • kjjljlgv

    this is so disgusting!!! i just threw up all my thanksgiving meals.

  • rhymes

    They look HOT together, happy to hear he’s moving on – Halle did.

  • karen

    He has seriously lost points with me. Truly disgusting…..
    I wonder what Halle has to say about this. I’m sure she definitely doesn’t want her daughter around that whore.

  • moniq_mares
  • sindyisdatchu


  • TXpert

    I sense this is nothing serious. Like when she went out with Nick Lachey years ago.

    Kim has said on her show…she loves athletic build…and said she doesn’t like really tall men…like basketball players.

    Who knows..

  • Afysel

    Gotta say u guys here are very rude…u may call her a famewhore but she’s making lots of cash…i dont know why people say other people shouldn’t date ‘cos they dont like one of dem…am all for their happiness..besides they are not bad to look at!

  • peter daily

    People, it’s perfect. he got to hollywood with Halle and now he’s working it? what’s wrong with that? Oh except that he looks like a star effing no talent clothes hanger! Oh wait, KK is not a “Star” she’s a Sex Tape Star… OK I see ya’lls point but look, it’s perfect, GA gets a new manager at a discount probably, like Lamar. He gets a place to crash while in LA cause Halle’s might be crowded… he gets more media exposure… and he gets an instant, at his uneducated level, family since his are a bunch of fat people who gave him up to foster care at 3…

    Back lash might be from his black male friends/rapers, etc.. cause he seems to be the white guy coming in to resume all these neglected whinny rich women after black men have done them wrong…

    But the guy is ambitious, you gotta hand it to him… he’s working every angle… hey Gabe, you gonna try and teach this one golf too? hope he boobs don’t get in the way…

  • Nora

    Being associated with Kim and her family is probably the biggest insult and embarrassment… Good thing Halle left him!

  • Pandora

    Well, he does look happy. Happier than when he was with Halle. They both looked grim in the pics. That said, he had horrid taste. This bimbo has no class whatsoever. He could have woman and this is whom he chooses?

  • Fact check JJ

    Jared fact check :

    1-Pretty sure Aubry doesn’t own a Rolls unless recently purchased. Known fact Kimmie Cakes likes to ride in them in NYC and LA–check and other pappi photo storage sites.

    2-Kim didn’t know tweet the about mentioned Thanksgiving comment, she RTd Kendell Jenner’s comment-here’s the message:

    We ate too much! RT @KendallJenner just ate so much food with my whole fam! that food was amazing! :D thanksgiving is the best!!

  • Dasha


  • Maria

    That’s Kim’s Rolls, he was probably just driving it. And as far as these two together…. HOT !!!!!!! You go girl !

  • Gabe and Kim

    Why’s everyone complaining? IK some may be in shock that Gaybriel is down grading from his association with Halle Berry, but not really.

    KK regardless of what people think of her, she is a marketing and social/media genius. She’s got her own reality show, a following and more than Halle Berry (not hating).

    KK is giving Aubry more exposure and will probably get even bigger contracts than Halle ever could. She could only bring him so far in the mainstream.

    Actually, it’s been nice not seeing Halle this week unless it’s related to her pimping her movie.

    Funny to combat this, from either Tabloids making up their usual crap and/or Team Halle can come up with is Halle wants more kids. Seriously, you really think she’s going to have a child with a washed up cigarette chain-smoking, drinking actor, get real?

  • Maria

    @karen: You think Olivier is any better ? Unlike Halle, he didn’t jump on the first piece of ass he saw like she did while I may add, when they were together in South Africa.. Now that’s is losing points if you ask me. Kim is hot and so is he, go look in the mirror and ask yourself if you could even get near any of theses two even for a minute…. Like ever ?! ….NOT !

  • Maria

    href=”/2010/11/26/kim-kardsahian-gabriel-aubry-thanksgiving/comment-page-1/#comment-17315316″>Fact check JJ: Maria thank you for posting thought Kim K had one. Yes, he was probably driving it. He used to drive Halle’s cars all the time of the one’s she didn’t give/loan him.

    BTW Jared more to add to your fact checking list–Aubry lives in Sherman Oakes, the lawyer, other scenes, etc.

  • peter daily

    BTW KK should not wear those puffy short skirts if you already have a big ass… that’s for teen kids who have a small ass and don’t run the risk of looking like they crapped in the shorts like you…

  • Maria

    @Maria: Thank you…always Halle’s MO when she goes from relationship to relationship then regrets it or doesn’t know how to get out of it regardless of how Halle plays it out so she doesn’t lose face.

  • Maria

    @Gabe and Kim: I agree with you.. No way she will have another baby, especially with leather skin face Oliver who looks completely disgusting ! Not only that, she’s nearly 45 and only been with the guy less than 4months. H and G were together like what 2 years before they got pregnant and arguably had one of the best looking baby ever !!! Anyhow since she already has a kid that just make this story complete garbage. Now, Kim and Gabriel having a baby ? That’s doable if they go the distance… Who knows…I did hear him say he wanted a big family a while back.

  • jaye

    The man is single and broke up with Halle because didn’t want to cheat on her, but he found himself looking at other women. That’s an honorable guy to get out BEFORE he makes that mistake. He has no reason not to date Kim. So some of you don’t like her and thinks she’s a fame w*hore; you don’t have to like her, but obviously Gabriel likes spending time with her.
    He’s just DATING her ( if that), the reason he’s doing it is his own business. In a couple of weeks they both might be on to someone else. If not, then good luck to them both.

  • Danielle

    I think it’s the first time I see Gabriel smiling… He is just happy!!!

  • Danielle

    So agree!!

  • http://@MMBris Megz B

    can you say rebound?

  • Danielle


  • lw

    he’s almost handsome, but looks more like a mouth-breathing window licker, which he clearly is if he’s dating Pee-on-me Lardassian.

  • CrisDizzle

    I thought Kim only like the brothas, WTF???

  • kiz

    I’m sorry but this is a joke.
    A big joke.

  • hmm…

    ok, yea. it’s nice he moved on, but to kim? son imma need u to get it togetha when looking 4 a boo! seriously, as it stands oh grl is not a good role model for your nahla. anyways he must be packin considering she only dated black guys, 1 of which we all knew what he was working with… SMH. *closes page and decides to leave this “couple” alone*

  • I Bet

    She probably thinks that she is hooking up with Prince Charming because he has a child with Halle Berry!! This will be considered a big up grade for her. I bet her mother is just gushing with joy!! This will be the talk of their idiotic show.

  • lala

    why does she get all the hotties.

  • laverdadduele

    WTF is wrong with Gabriel? He can do soooooo much better than this worthless POS.

  • boston61

    I wonder if she has shown him her capsular contraction in her left breast yet? So sexy.

  • Nora

    THANK YOU for the clarity on how so many Americans have lost the grasp and integrity of values. Why can’t they tell the difference btwn quality and shit!?!? It’s really sad…

  • Gab

    Downgrade of the year.

  • me

    Protect yourself Gabriel. She is disgusting.

  • ewww

    Ewww Kim is Ray J ex ! The guy who made a raunchy sex video with Kim acting like those rap s*x vixen, the guy who shared his urine and poo in their nasty lovemacking game.
    This Kim is pure trash and Gabe is trash by association.

  • total bs

    @jaye: total bs, he’s bi…know for a fact. Can’t believe that tabloid crap.

  • G

    Well well, so you know those Gabriel Aubry fans who got all hot and bothered about how he was such a perfect human being and there was no way his split with Halle Berry could have possibly had anything to do with him? ALL those people can now just STFU. Your perfect angel’s dating Kim F*cking Kardashian, the biggest famewhore in the world, the plastic-faced girl who was so desperate to be famous she released her own sex tape. Y’all pray he’s double-bagging it.

  • Who’s Kidding who ?

    Here’s a question to all you peoples who takes a minute of their lives to write hateful comments on this blog in order to spread the rejection they get in their everyday lives. If any of you is remotely even attractive for a second (which I somehow doubt) but if that’s the case than ask yourself this… How many peoples have you slept with ? The only reason why you all call Kim a ho is because every guy she’ll ever even be seen with, even if it’s just casual, everyone will assume she sleeps with. So if you look back over her last what 10 years of “limelight” she’s been linked to maybe 5 or 6 actual guy… That’s actually pretty conservative if you ask me. Some of you out there do that in a month. So you know what, don’t kid yourself… Your worst than her and because your not on the spotlight like she is, your actually getting away with it. Because who knows what garbage you people bring home !

  • Inchallah

    How can he be with Halle Berry and now with Kim?
    - Seriously. Grows up dude and stop thinking about cash but rather about your career and your daughter.

  • Degenerate

    That’s what this couple inspire to me : DEGENERATION.
    Halle may have chose to go downgrade but at least she is with a fellow actor her age who just doesn’t care about his once gogreous look.

    All the while her ex, Gabriel, the model instead of chosing another model or an actress is going with a fabritacted bootyXXXful celebrity star who is constantly flirting with p0rn (sex video and lately Playboy shoot). Such a great example of a girlfriend to isnpire your own daughter.
    Gabriel’s intelligence and choices in girlfriends <<<< than Olivier’s whose girlfriends past and present (Kilie Minogue, Juliette Binoche, Mira Sorvina,….) are above the trash a la KK.

  • Angie

    Omg she got so fat she looks like a pumpkin! She is such a who-re! She needs to go away already she’s so annoying i can’t stand this fake bit-ch and her stupid sisters all they care about is $$$ they r all disgusting!

  • Sue

    Hideous outfit