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Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry: Thanksgiving Date!

Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry: Thanksgiving Date!

Kim Kardashian and her rumored new boyfriend Gabriel Aubry celebrate Thanksgiving together on Thursday (November 25) in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

Gabriel, 34, and Kim, 30, watched Christina Aguilera and Cher‘s new movie, Burlesque, at the Arclight Cinema Theater.

Kim got a ride home in Gabriel‘s white Rolls Royce Ghost.

After her family feast, Kim tweeted, “We ate too much!”

This is the second date in one week! Last weekend, the rumored new couple watched the Lakers basketball game held at LA’s Staples Center.

FYI: Gabriel and Oscar winner Halle Berry have a 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

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127 Responses to “Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry: Thanksgiving Date!”

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  1. 76
    Reese Says:

    1. Dude has a type!
    2. Pretty sure that that was prob Kim’s Rolls. Just Sayin’
    3. That is such a downgrade from Halle Berry. Like multiple level downgrade

  2. 77
    kelly Says:

    They’re a very sexy couple.

  3. 78
    Nicki Says:

    Gabriel must be packin’ for Kim to want him! I think they look good together.

  4. 79
    Dee Says:

    But….he’s white! *confused*

  5. 80
    MrMarleyFAN Says:

    I love that he loves woman with curves. He apparently is a man who feels “toss the bones to the boys and give the meat to the man.” He like back, and baby got it doncha know! Holla.

  6. 81
    Joe Says:

    He obviously hasn’t looked back at Halle LOL. She must be really cuckoo.

  7. 82
    lily Says:

    This has got to be a joke! How can a man go from dating halle berry to kim k? I call pr stunt on this one!

  8. 83
    Kim = Gorilllla Says:

    NIce to see SHIM Fatasshian and famewhore kept man keeping company.
    Kim – go on a diet, stop with the face surgery.
    Gabriel – get a job, loser. Youre just a face.
    Both of you please move to another country and spare us this obvious cry for atention.
    Sad + Pathetic

  9. 84
    Aisling McWilkin Says:

    He likes “exotics” like Gerard Butler does.

  10. 85
    Boss Says:

    I don’t care who a person dated before but if they then date Kim Kardashian they are a loser in my book.

  11. 86
    ugh Says:

    2 Z listers. Does he know her claim to fame is that she was taped being pee’d on? Trash trash trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. 87
    lol Says:

    Kim Kar whatever and her old lady makeup cakedface need to go back on the stroll where she belongs. She is the joke of the year. Aubrey? Dumb as rocks. He’s officially poison now that he was seen in the same city as kartrashian.

  13. 88
    Ginger Says:

    Awww… I like these two together… Kim is famous for her stupid sex tape but she’s a good person… Gabriel looks like a good person too… So I’m happy if they are dating in real life!!!!!

  14. 89
    boston61 Says:

    It must be awful to have to wear those painful heels all the time. Without them she looks like a short stocky football player.

  15. 90
    truth Says:


  16. 91
    truth Says:


  17. 92
    Aisling McWilkin Says:

    I agree with TRUTH – he is a leech. He needs a famous woman so he takes what he can get.
    And he is as dumb as a rock. Even Fatass knows that. But she’ll keep him as a pet bc he makes good PR for her and her STDfactory butt.

    Kim looks 45 wtf

  18. 93
    Kim is gorgeous Says:

    Kim is gorgeous…i agree she wears too much makeup, but the girl is a natural beauty when she doesn’t have all that gunk on her face. I think they make a really cute couple. good for her, she found herself a cutie!!

  19. 94
    Well Says:

    @Aisling McWilkin: I believe you when you say Gabe’s “dumb as a rock” because those are the only kind of guys that KK dates “the dumb ones”.

  20. 95
    Call the stork Says:

    Aubry has his own money.
    Subry doesn’t do interviews etc.about his life.
    Halle let a good guy go ,she got rid of him
    -Halle has moved on
    Kim and Gabriel are not getting married,etc. It won’t go that far.

  21. 96
    katielane Says:

    the father of Halle Berry’s child dating Kim Kardashian?

    if that isnt a downgrade, I dont know what is.

  22. 97
    #90/91, 92 & 95 Says:

    @90/91& @92 duh….nothing more than Halle’s gay/bi paid sperm donor.

    @95 Aubry may have his own money, he did get an instant increase and more contracts, more exposure plus whatever else Halle paid for.

    His openly gay manager & Wilhelmina Model & Entertainment, Sean Patterson, got all quiet in a 2005/2006 People/Us etc interview when asked if his client Aubry was using Halle Berry to further his career after he was bragging about Aubry’s sudden interest and pay increase from $27K to $30K+/per shoot. Same article as quoting Aubry’s dysfunctional father who let his wife put their kids in foster homes whom Aubry didn’t live with until he was a teenager saying how much he was in love with Halle (yeah her money)…

    He became baby making runner up to Michael Ealy who wanted to marry her and she pulled the ‘I don’t want to be someone’s momma’ excuse why it didn’t work. Ealy moved on and Aubry came along w/those hideous DV ads.

    Halle who’s known for micro-managing every facet of her and treats everything like a business deal-probably got Aubry to agree to help her get pregnant (IVF) for her helping him promote his now failed restaurant and what other perks came along and probably help her go mainstream.

    She did help promote his restaurant, he got the pay increase, the CK, LV, TR, Charisma and a bunch of other gigs while hooking up with Halle…plus the Macy’s commercial, VH-1 exposure, interviews and Halle got Nahla, but the mainstream offers didn’t come in and people didn’t buy into the movie Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Seems like Gabe came out ahead in the deal while Halle didn’t. Halle took passive income producing jobs not just to be an on hands mother but also because the offers other than Revlon, Coty and few others were the only ones coming in. Not bad for someone who only does a few modeling shows a year and few gigs and is lazy playing golf when not working.

    Sure he’ll do right by Nahla as long as the money keeps coming in. So much for him being a quietly reserved Canadian who doesn’t like being in the spotlight, oh I am sorry …not just Halle’s *****.

  23. 98
    don't blame JJ Says:

    Hey gang…don’t blame Jared for doing a poor job on his fact checking. Although, he’s starting to go in the sleazy direction with some of his posts, he’s not used to handling someone like Kim Kardashian plus he’s got a crush on Gabe and Halle’s his faghag. Funny about the KK, because she uses Celeb Buzz as her website….LOL

  24. 99
    CK Says:

    He looked absolutely miserable when he was with Halle.

  25. 100
    ???? Says:

    @CK: She controlled the purse strings…that’s what you get for selling your soul to the devil.They both were miserable…and going through the motions for 4 years. Their arrangement was totally forced. Looks like Kim’s more into him than he is with her.

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