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Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe -- New Pic!

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe -- New Pic!

Check out this new pic of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe from The Weinstein Company’s new film, My Week with Marilyn.

The 30-year-old actress was terrified of taking on the role of Marilyn, at first.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist, eventually,” Michelle tells UK’s Daily Mail. “Physically and vocally, everything about her is different from me. I’ve kind of gone to school and had teachers to help me understand Marilyn, so I could project an essence of her.”

Last month, we were given a first look of Michelle as Marilyn.

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  • not good choice

    sorry, but I don’t understand why they chose her to play Marilyn… she is not a good choice at all. Scarlett Johanssen or even Rachel McAdams would have been a much better choice. I’ve never really liked Michelle Williams, but she keeps getting all these good roles, I don’t get it. ??

  • M

    I’m sick of wannabes, mediocre talents, and actors no one will remember imitating the legends. No one these days has any charisma or originality; they’re all generic and boring; they have no business emulating anyone legendary.

  • Cee

    that pic alone proves that she’s a miscast in the role

  • Miranda

    I think her casting is going to ruin the film. She’s just not believable as Marilyn at all….

  • Caitlyn

    Should of gotten Britney…she looks like Marilyn

  • pixy

    I agree with you all…Don’t understand why they chose her for Monroe…

  • hannah

    Ugh she couldn’t even gain weight for the role? Marilyn had beautiful curves, Michelle just looks like every other skinny actress in a pencil skirt. AWFUL. They should have found someone unknown who looked like Marilyn to play her.

  • ingrid

    Marilyn is rolling over in her grave.

  • Susan

    I think she’ll do the role justice. She’s extremely talented.

  • D

    Man, I don’t know about this casting choice….but Heath Ledger seemed like a terrible idea for The Joker, and he was amazing, I guess it’s hard to tell until we actually see the film…

  • Halli

    There’s nothing spectacular in her look. She looks very common and ordinary. She just doesn’t have that spark. FAIL

  • Nan

    The angle of these pictures are too weird to make out her face. Marilyn Monroe looks so childlike. Sort of like the murdered child beauty pageant Jonbenet Ramsey.

  • TR

    I predict talent won’t save this portrayal. Monroe’s appeal was in her beauty. When we see Michelle play Marilyn all we’ll remember is how we are short changed of the real deal- an imposter.

    Like the saying goes, Hollywood turns real people into beautiful people. Marilyn was already a screen goddess with a very familiar face. That will be tough to beat.

    I might catch this online if I’m curious. Not in theatres, though.

  • Kimberly

    People are crazy. Michelle Williams isn’t that girl from Dawson’s Creek anymore. She’s bloomed into a beautiful and VERY talented woman. The movie will be fine, hell, it might even be great. She obviously has potential otherwise she would not have been cast.

  • carka

    baaddddd casting,.. at least gain some weight and add boobs..

    what happened to actors changing for the role?

  • Anita

    At 1st I didnt understand the casting; but shes a good actress and the transformation is great. Scarlett Johanson would have been too much of an obvious choice – plus I dont think shes that great of an actress.

  • whatev

    people think this chick is artistic n talented coz she is ugly by hollywood standards and dated a junkie but then again marilyn monroe was just one of the biggest hollywood bleached anorexic-bulimic addict abortive airheaded directors n fellow actors’ wh0res so whateva.

  • Jokergurl

    I like Michelle Williams, she’s a great actress but I think she’s miscast here, she doesn’t have that sensual allure that Scarlett Johanson has, I would have picked Scarlett.

  • t

    ^I don’t know. I think ScarJo would have been the perfect casting choice. She has name recognition, considered to be a sex symbol, looks are compared to Marilyn again and again, curvy in a sea of thin actresses, and talented. I heard Scarlett turned the part down. Failing to cast Scarlett, the producers should have looked for an unknown instead of finding another well known actress to portray Marilyn. Getting the looks right for such a well known and beloved celebrity who is known for her looks is key and there are more than plenty of actresses who imitate Marilyn for a living. Of course, the rest of the cast will be there to fill in the acting/star void…

    Michelle is known to be indie, fashionable, thin, unique in beauty (I wouldn’t say she is classically beautiful- I always thought Joey was more beautiful than Jen). Definitely NOT a sex symbol; she has more women admirers- predominantly fashion watchers.

  • LG

    I agree with all of you who said she is a pathetic Marilyn-wannabe. She is overrated, can’t act, plain looking. She must have slept with everybody making decisions in that movie.

  • anthony

    Going to have to agree with the majority here… besides not being a fan of Michelle in anyway as it is I think she is just totally wrong in every way for this part. Nothing about her say Marilyn to me, there are so many other actresses who would have been a better fit.

  • Jean

    You all are sourgraping. She’ll nab an academy for this one.

  • Emily

    I think she will be ten times better than scarlett johanson. I don’t like her as an actress-she’s very one dimensional. Michelle is a great actress. I think she’ll project the character well.

  • DS

    I think they should have gotten an unknown, someone who LOOKS a Hell of a lot more like Marilyn. Michelle is kind of cute – but she’s not the doll-faced beauty that Marilyn was in her hey-day. She might be a good actress but I’m sorry, she just doesn’t have the right look – not to play “La Monroe.”


    no, no, no, this just isn’t right. love michelle williams but this is kind of creepy….

  • jj1234

    Marilyn at one point of time was considered the epitome of beauty and sexuality. I’m just not seeing it with Michelle.

  • Sean

    LOL!! You gotta be kidding me

  • Rosy

    I find her not enough pulpy.

  • vivien

    I think Michelle will do a great job and she looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe. And those of you who don’t think she is sensual or sexy enough- it’s called acting.

  • Marilyn was Sexy

    @not good choice:
    She gets roles because of Heath Ledger. She was desperate for more
    fame and to have a gorgeous actor as her boyfriend. I have yet to find
    just who she dated before Heath Ledger. I cannot find anyone.
    She definitely trapped Heath Ledger. She was not a good choice at all for playing Marilyn Monroe. If she didn’t get pregnant no one would
    pay any attention to her today. You don’t steal someone’s personal life
    and make them Mr. Mom. Heath Ledger didn’t choose that.
    She wanted to keep Heath Ledger because she never had a sexy guy
    as her boyfriend and she also wanted to become famous like he was.
    He didn’t have any opportunity to enjoy his success on his own without her tied to him.
    She is not beautiful enough to play Marilyn Monroe.
    Someone commented how beautiful and accomplished she has become as an actress since Dawson’s Creek.
    She was not pretty then and she is not beautiful today. She is homely
    and plain. There is no sex appeal with this actress. Marilyn Monroe
    was not a homely plain woman.

  • anne



  • anne



  • Doubtfire

    Blue Vanentine is another Weinstein film Michelle stars in. I’ve seen some pictures of Michelle and Harvey Weinstein. They seem friendly. He has a rep. for sleeping with his leading ladies.

  • 3r3

    @whatev: Ledger WAS NOT A JUNKIE!!!ou fckfaced trolll

    btw @to all:why isnt she asked about heath yet jake is constantly

  • Brittany

    ok so obviously Michelle Williams is good enough to portray Marilyn or she wouldnt have been picked. Yes, everyone has their own opinion about the movie, but who are you to say she is ugly and not a good actress because obviously she is or the “professionals” wouldnt have picked her.

  • Pearl

    Why would you cast a tiny little waif as Marilyn Monroe???!!

  • Neil

    I love MIchelle Williams, but she looks much more like Rita Hayworth than Marilyn Monroe.

  • derp

    Marilyn had BLUE EYES. BLUE. Not diarrhea colored, shit green eyes like this broad

  • Samy31

    Come molti hanno detto, Michelle Williams è brava, ma non ha il fascino naturale e il sex appeal della Monroe. “Nessuno è perfetto…”

  • lauren

    @not good choice:
    i would have been so great as marilyn were so alike were even the saim clothes size!

  • lauren

    @not good choice:
    i would have been so great as marilyn were so alike were even the saim clothes size!

  • Cheri

    It wouldn’t matter if she gained weight or not in order to play this role.. her measurements are all wrong and she probably would gain the weight in all the wrong places. Marilyn’s waist was about 22 inches, that’s how she got all those lovely curves, she had an extreme hourglass figure.. Michelle’s, however, is a 26 inch in the waist… She does not have an hourglass figure at all. I agree.. they should have found an unknown.. one of the impersonators.. someone that spends that much time pretending to be someone will be much better at it then someone who doesn’t.

  • Dan

    @Cee: That comment alone tells us your opinion is to be discounted.

  • Dan

    @derp: Yea. It’s a shame contacts and movie technology have been able to alter human eye color for about 30 years now.

  • Dan

    @pixy: But “all of us” don’t share that skewed, reactionary opinion, so… thanks but no thanks.

  • Chen

    What’s funny is that subsequent photos of WIlliams have made trolls shut their mouths. Oh well.

  • nessa

    I understand that she doesn’t look exactly like Marilyn Monroe, but who does. Even if they chose someone else, people would still be complaining about how the actress doesn’t look exactly like her. But here’s the reality no one will. I love Marilyn, one of my favorite movies is one that she stared in. Michelle isn’t perfect as a marilyn look-a-like, but they could have done worse. For sure I thought it would be Scarlett, but somehow they didn’t think she could play the part.

  • elie7842

    I really don’t understand why they would pick a skinny actress to play this role ( what happened to Christina Hendricks ) she has the perfect Marilyn Monroe body)

  • S

    I think the reason Williams was cast was because the story seems to focus on Monroe’s frailties. Monroe was a mega-bombshell but she apparently was a woman who had a lot of pain inside, very delicate. Williams was probably cast because she was considered to be more versatile at portraying this side of Monroe. Plus, Hollywood ogre Harvey Weinstein is a big-time backer of Williams.
    ScarJo seems like she would have been too obvious a choice. She can push her boobs and butt out and be sexy but she’s not particularly versatile and can’t play all of the colors in a character portrayal like this seems to be.
    I think Naomi Watts was at one time being considered for this role. I think she would have been able to do a decent job. Maybe even someone like Kate Winslet, although she might’ve been too old for the part.
    When something like this is backed by the big guns in Hollywood, they’re not going to do a casting call for an unknown actress to play the lead, no matter if that actress is the next Meryl Streep. It’s too big a financial risk for the studios, so they’ll make the sacrifice of quality and authenticity for a profitable return instead.
    Williams is a cutie. And she does have talent. But sometimes, a person just isn’t suited for the role. It’s not a question of their talent. It’s just not a good fit. Oh well, we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be a pleasant surprise.