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Nicole Kidman: Football Game with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman: Football Game with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman couldn’t be happier holding her adorable daughter, Sunday Rose, while standing on the sidelines of an NFL football game on Thursday (November 25) in Arlington, Texas.

The mother-daughter duo watched the New Orleans Saints defeat the Dallas Cowboys, 30-27. Not a very Happy Thanksgiving for the Cowboys, unfortunately!

Nicole and husband Keith Urban are set to appear on the Aussie-themed episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, being taped on December 14. They’ll also appear on the November 30 teaser episode.

Bigger pic inside…

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nicole kidman football game sunday rose 01

Credit: Mike Fuentes; Photos: AP Photo
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  • andres

    i lover her

  • memememe

    oh what a surprise – spending yet another holiday away from Isabella and Connor. Does Sunday even know who they are? God knows she spends hardly any time with them. Just so obvious that Katie prefers Suri and Nicole prefers Sunday. Although more shame on Nicole because she’s supposed to be their actual mother.

  • Rachel

    I have a hard time believing that a 2 year old sat through a live football game. Most parents with half a brain wouldn’t bring a child that young to a sports event – that’s what babysitters are for.

  • PIPI

    omg she’s a FREAK. she has ruined her face

  • ModestMouse

    Her lips don’t look inflated any more. Thank god. Now that the botox has worn off, it seems her career is finally back on track.

  • Dani

    Love Sunday’s sweater. Nicole looks beautiful.

  • lol

    hide yo kids, hide yo wife. that face is terrifying

  • Carlita

    obvious fillers in her cheeks. ewwww

  • Rainy Day


    Rachel speak for your own half brain. We have season tickets to the Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Cubs. We brought our kids from three months on (tho not to the really cold Bear’s games) and we were far from alone. People bring their young kids to professional sports events all the time. With our half of brain we are able to figure out when they have had enough and then we take them home.

  • fanny

    Nic, Keith and Sunday are a beautiful family.
    I love them!

  • priscila

    They are always together, that is so beautiful.

  • Jordyn

    Since Sunday’s dad was performing at the half-time show, I think it was a VERY appropriate place to bring her. Bet he loved having her there, too, seeing him up on that big screen in front of all the people.

  • Rachel

    Rainy Day, who pissed in your cornflakes (or perhaps I should say pablum)? A 3 month old, really? Surely you can come up with more age appropriate family activities than that.

  • karma

    Oh Gosh, haters are incredible. They’re not mad because they brought a kid to a football game but because once again, guess what…Keith spent a holyday with THE WOMAN HE LOVES AND THEIR DAUGHTER.
    Deal with it, my God! It’s time to move on, they’re in love. it happened 6 years ago and it won’t end very soon.

  • taco

    And I guess you’re very close to Kidman and Cruise families. Aren’t you…Are you the anonymous source right?
    Get a life moron.

    Nicole looks so pretty here and Sunday looks a lot like her mother now..Cute!

  • Rainy Day


    And who are you to issue a blanket statement that sports are not a family activity? You are the one that says everyone has a half of a brain that brings their kids to professional sports at a young age. Do you think that those of us that do don’t have other family activites going on that are totally age appropriate??? In our house the Bears, Bulls and Cubs are big family activities. And so is ballet, soccer, T-Ball, music and a host of other sports the kids play. Not to mention all the parks, gyms, and other cultural opportunities that Chicago offers.

    And I am sure I speak for many parents who take their kids to pro games–you are the one that doesn’t know what you are talking about.

    But oh gee, I guess every parent who takes their child to a sports event when they are a baby or toddler is risking them turning into a juvenile delinquent because *gasp* they aren’t following your definition of family activities.

    AND as another poster pointed out–Keith sang at half time–so I would say this is very appropriate that she is there. I’m sure they didn’t stick it out for the whole game unless Sunday showed an early proclivity for football.

  • ozangel

    Love this little family! Also to all the “Nic hates her older kids” hey morons it’s a little hard to spend time with them, when their brainwashing father has them traipsing after him all over the world!

    Why can’t you ppl just let this poor woman be happy? She finally has true love, and another child that she’s wanted for so long. Why would you want to begrudge this amazing woman what she has craved for so long?

  • daisy

    Yes, Sunday’s father & Nicole’s husband performed at the halftime of the game (how wonderful Jared/his people to fail to mention that). They were spending the day together as a family. It was very appropriate for Sunday to be there. And considering they got to be in a private suite where she could have room to move the rest of the game a FUN place to be. Kids love sports.

    As for Bella & Connor we have no idea or not if they were there. They may have been in the suite for all we know but that is none of our business.

  • memememe


    I am entitled to state my opnion here, just like everyone else. Sorry if that interferes with your idea that the Kidmans and Cruises are saints.

  • taco

    I wish I could look as stunning as she is with no make up and shaggy hair..But I don’t. Life is so unfair…

  • taco

    No they’re not, but you can’t express an opinion about something you don’t know. You don’t know what there’s behind their life and you judge people without knowing what happened or what is going on.
    That’s it. I think you would find offensive and inopportune if someone expressed an opinion about something of your family without knowing facts, right? So, why it should be different for Tom and Nicole?

  • anna

    She looks gorgeous…And without make up…Amazing womand and actress

  • peaches45

    I’m with you on this one. It drives me crazy when parents bring young children to an event that is clearly for adults.
    One lady had her infant at a phillies game and the weather was unbearable for an adult let alone a baby.
    Then you have to put up with children whinning and crying.
    It makes me want to throw the kids and parents out of a window.

  • peaches45

    Baby you can state anything you want because the last time I looked this was America!

  • belou48

    Keith Urban, Sunday’s daddy, performed during the halftime show plus it was Thanksgiving! That’s why Sunday is there. Who does the fact checking here. Nicole doesn’t take Sunday to random sporting events. This was a special occasion.

  • boston61

    I think when certain famous people are very full of themselves and greedy like Nicole the American people enjoy seeing them fall apart.

  • belou48

    What? Nicole isn’t full of herself or falling apart. She’s has a happy life with her family and she and Keith give to many charities.

  • boo

    That picture was taken well before the start of the game. There was no sign of them during the game so they may have stayed on Keith’s tour bus which was parked in the stadium.

  • to boston61

    God!! you are so full of it. since when is Nicole greedy? can’t wait to hear the answer from one who judges all.

  • daisy

    Also for the ones who don’t actually know or care about football, the Dallas Cowboys stadium is domed. Meaning there would be no weather issues inside no matter the weather outside. A child would be very comfortable in there.

  • t

    Nicole is a beautiful woman and she has right for decide when its the right ocassion for go out with her little princess. And how you can say that she dont see her kids anymore? We dont know her and Tom makes a big influence on em. And for your information bella is going to move to nics house in Nashville in December and article reveals that bella and nic talk everyday.

  • GorgeousLady

    Don’t need to worry folks…. about Nicole other kids, next month Bella will decided to move with Nicole, it seems Bella wanted to come and see when Nicole won the oscar :-)

  • hopeso

    Adorable couple they are so happy, i love them………….

  • Joy

    Keith’s performance was GREAT!!!!! I’m a Saints fan so it was a great end to the week (2 wins for them in 1 week). I was actually glad to see them there together as a family.

  • anthony

    She looks amazing and seems to really be a sweet and classy woman. Any negativity about how she raises her family is uncalled for as all the kids seem to be happy and healthy. Other then that it’s no ones business

  • Kev

    Lovely to see her, looking so happy and beautiful.

  • Candy Apple

    Why aren’t you haters paying attention to your own kids? Same old, same old from the E board haters. Go back to your sewers and leave Jared’s place. No hate over here. Nicole looks beautiful and happy. Sunday’s a doll and Keith’s hot. Awesome family.

  • ellie’

    Love Nicole & her beautiful family….

  • boston61

    @to boston61:

    From what I’ve read Nicole is lucky enough to have 300 million+ dollars in the bank. I do not see her feeding the homeless or helping anyone but her plastic surgeon. And she made the money in a country that is not even her country of birth.

  • natashar

    @Candy Apple:

    The E! skeptics are so desperate, so angry, so twisted, so full of hate they don’t care that everyone knows its the same 2 or 3 people posting trash. They don’t even bother to make up real usernames anymore. memememe? LMBO! The free speech argument is nomorefan. If boston61 is anything to by its the crazy wanna be actress skeptic. Sorry haters but Keith Nicole and Sunday were all at rehearsal the day before. Sunday was playing around on the field. The poster above is right, Dallas is domed. But they have and will continue to spin it that Nicole forced her child to stay out in Chicago or Philly winter weather for PR.

    BTW we all know that there’s a board specifically targeting Sunday and Nicole and what a bad parent she is. Like always skeptics have been stealing photos and articles from fansites for their hate site. The same shite’s been happening for 5 years with these broads. They want something horrible to happen to this family. That’s what they are waiting for because they are sick people.

  • natashar


    Save it for the E! negative thread. You people make the same ridiculous argument over and over. Suddenly being American is so important. Well it wasn’t important when Keith Urban, an Australian, got you all hot and bothered.

    Nicole Kidman has donated millions and supported charities for going on decades now. You’re a sad group of pathetic women who can’t let a man go that was never yours.

  • LH

    Such a deformed face from being over-processed. Yes, another holiday without Isabella and Connor. How many years has it been now?

  • boston61


    Americans should put other Americans to work. Anything else is traitorous.

  • freeweb

    Sue back with another JJ postername!

    boston61 you are nutjob.

  • Deni

    Oh shut up you judgmental cow! You don’t know what’s happening in their personal life to know what’s really happening. People kill me when all they do is look at photographs and determine that they know everything that’s happening behind the scenes.

  • Star Fox

    Now you know how TomKat fans feel like, #14.

    No one is traipsing around the world, #17.

    Then stop doing that to Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston, #21.

    That was a tabloid article, #31 and #32! There’s no proof of that!

    Now you know how TomKat fans feel like, #37.

  • Cece

    “And she made the money in a country that is not even her country of birth.”

    Um… she was actually born in the great country called US &A. She was born in Hawaii = she’s an american = her country of birth.

    Nicole looks great with no makeup and messy hair.

  • hoa

    Thanks JJ a lot. I’m happy whenever I see photos of Nic, Keith and Sunday. Thanks JJ for making my day.

  • dao

    Same here. I love this family.

  • boston61

    From what I’ve read Nicole is lucky enough to have 300 million+ dollars in the bank. I do not see her feeding the homeless or helping anyone but her plastic surgeon. And she made the money in a country that is not even her country of birth.
    when the hell are you going to grow up and stop this psychotic jealousy of Nicole’s, and others, success financially, success in their careers, and success in their partnerships. Every time we turn around you are there on this threads, and other threads as well, ranting about what “they” have and you don’t. it’s getting old and it’s getting boring. go talk to someone; may a therapist.